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Sisters Thanh also Hânh or catsfaith for YouTube searches

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via <jessicafischerqueen> Protip: Set all the "auto download" switches on "manual" for everything- including "safe companies" like Microsoft itself. Give yourself a chance to be alerted to an update and educate yourself about it (via internet search) before allowing it.

When you download an app, go very slowly through the process. Read every word. NEVER just obey "recommended."

Check (or uncheck) any box that will give you bonus BLOATWARE extra downloads.

Finally- before downloading anything or permitting an official "update" on anything (java, microsoft, google, adobe) Google it first.

Sample search terms:

"Adobe update @#$%ed my computer"

"Is Ed's Video Converter Safe?"

"Do I really need IE 10"?

Find out BEFORE you update or download. Full Member

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   Apr-19-14 jessicafischerqueen chessforum (replies)
Alien Math: Several problems appear from the Heartbleed bug, The DHS website, http://www.dhs/gov , has up-to-date information on Internet security threats to include Heartbleed. “You should go to your bank’s website … and check whether the bank software has been fixed or whether it is ...
   Apr-19-14 Annie K. chessforum (replies)
Alien Math: <Domdaniel> Thanks offered, have a thought today and ask nhi thanh and ten also others, they think with english when talks or typing chat modes appear, are same for <Annie K.> wonders?
   Apr-19-14 playground player chessforum (replies)
Alien Math: Not see The Mummy's Curse yet, are interest to wonder how they transport between areas before next movie, The name Boris Karloff as cast should have been noted as him are very much easy to recognize, wonder how those make the mistake between movie cast
   Apr-19-14 Kenneth Rogoff (replies)
Alien Math: Obamacare website asks users to change passwords after Heartbleed security scare There’s no sign that has been compromised by the Heartbleed security hole, but administrators are still urging users to update their passwords as a precaution. ...
   Apr-17-14 chessforum (replies)
Alien Math: Not joking about JavaRa, any program that can complete remove java, deserves a warning label, as it's such a complete and total remove to scare even the most neutral computers
   Apr-16-14 Domdaniel chessforum (replies)
   Apr-11-14 Thanh Phan chessforum
Alien Math: About OpenSSL. The OpenSSL Project is a collaborative effort to develop a robust, commercial-grade, full-featured, and Open Source toolkit implementing the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL v2/v3) and Transport Layer Security (TLS v1) protocols as well as a full-strength general purpose
   Apr-11-14 Alien Math chessforum (replies)
Alien Math: Page herd notes about Comparison of web browsers ~ Contents 1 General information 2 Operating system support 3 Browser features 4 Accessibility features 5 Accessibility features (continued) 6 Acid Scores 7 HTML5 support 8 ...
   Apr-03-14 LIFE Master AJ chessforum (replies)
Alien Math: For MSIE11 versions, might need to run as Administrator. Others report same problem various notes appear in comments section at low part of page, with some suggestions
   Apr-03-14 twinlark chessforum (replies)
Alien Math: Government pays Microsoft £5.5m to extend Windows XP support The UK government is paying Microsoft £5.5m of taxpayers' money to extend support for the out-of-date Windows XP operating system The government has signed a deal with Microsoft to provide Windows XP support and ...
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  Alien Math: Sometimes news from Hou Yifan games
Notes are not English
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  Alien Math: <jessicafischerqueen> All are well, some time for contact them, phones were sporadic
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  Alien Math: KB2840149 update for Windows 7 released, replaces botched update that caused infinite reboots

Microsoft is making available a new security update, KB2840149, which addresses the security issue that was supposed to have been fixed by the botched update, KB2823324.

"As we previously discussed, we stopped distributing this update when we learned some customers were having issues. The new update, KB2840149, still addresses the Moderate security issue described in MS13-036, and should not cause these issues,"

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  Alien Math: Ubuntu 13.04 (Raring Ringtail) Now Available to Download

Now available to download to desktops and servers, version 13.04 is being billed as the "fastest and most visually polished" build to date.

Canonical said it particularly focused its attention on fine tuning performance on lightweight systems as it gets ready to launch Ubuntu to a range of mobile devices.

Not sure if you want to commit to downloading and installing Ubuntu 13.04? Feel free to give it a test drive in your browser

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  jessicafischerqueen: <China court rules copyright fines for Apple, Chinese court fines Apple $118K over e-book copyright violations The books were apparently uploaded by a third party and sold without the proceeds going to the authors or their publishers.

This week's decision isn't the first time Apple has run into legal trouble over copyright issues in China. This was the second batch of lawsuits filed against Apple by the Writers' Right Protection Union.>

Thanks for this strange news! I'm reposting it here until <Ohio Chess Fan> can put in the punchline to his 'blue knock knock joke.'

Man I really hate Apple. When I clicked on the link to read it, I felt sick jus to be on an apple web page.

Fascinating information though. It seems that the real shape of future copyright on the internet is still to be decided.

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  Alien Math: Adobe Flash Player 11.7.700.197 Beta

Download for Firefox, Safari, Opera: 11.7.700.197 Beta | 16.8 MB (Freeware)

Download for Internet Explorer: 11.7.700.197 Beta | 16.2 MB

Download: Adobe Flash Player Uninstaller | 795 KB

View: Adobe Flash Player Website |

Release Notes

Flash Player Beta Channel Update

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  Alien Math: Navy's X-47B drone completes first carrier takeoff

2,300-year-old Mayan pyramid bulldozed

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  Alien Math: NSA Crypto Revelations: 7 Issues To Watch
1. Back Doors Could Be Abused By Others.
2. Press Reports Omitted Crucial Details.
3. NSA Documents Suggest Crypto Really Works.
4. Networks Are More Vulnerable Than Endpoints.
5. Embrace Well-Vetted Open-Source Tools.

People can protect themselves against casual NSA surveillance, but it's going to require more work. "I still believe that those that are willing to put some effort into maintaining their privacy can, though the level of effort has certainly increased over what I thought it was," Caudill said.

6. Complete NSA Resistance Is Futile.
7. Foreign Businesses Will Think Twice About U.S. Goods, Cloud.

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  jessicafischerqueen: <Hanh> How did you get into <The Tubes>?

Do you like other music of that type as well?

I really appreciated your post at <twinlark> house. That Johnny Alekhine video had been bothering me for a long time, but I had spent so much time putting it together that when I deleted it yesterday it felt like I was shooting my dog.

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  Alien Math: <jessicafischerqueen> Words from Series of Tubes music video are from Alaska ex-Senator, appear to like dance music
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  Thanh Phan: Hear her song?

Ca si Angela Chang! Hanh em gai cua co, ho tim cach cai thien doi voi trang web cua ho, thu thap kyky han thu cung gian du, 'mot cau chuyen ngu ngon ly cho'
hy vong tap hop tu cac ngng tuong tac lien tuc,
ro rang tap hop ca niem hy vong va uoc mo,
they do try, view progress

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  jessicafischerqueen: <Hanh>

Merry Christmas!

And thanks very much for posting that "hide my ass" information again.

Very valuable.

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  Alien Math: Tip for archiving saves of page at

select, next copy page/reply wish to archive, find and paste at Browse History at push Browse History button,

Should appears as,


Wayback Machine doesn't have that page archived.
This page is available on the web!

Help make the Wayback Machine more complete!

Save this url in the Wayback Machine

Want to search for all archived pages under >

push <Save this url in the Wayback Machine> link, page appear archive save at Wayback Machine site

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  Alien Math: Government Takedown Requests Rising, Says Google - But How Much Does This Really Tell Us?

“Increasingly, we live in a censorious climate where people see something they find offensive, and the first thing they do is ask for it to be taken down.

Is there a culture of intolerance towards opinions and things we find offensive, that may not be illegal?”

Premium Chessgames Member
  jessicafischerqueen: <Hanh>

It means we should still depend on paper print media that is still protected by freedom of speech conventions.

Print media reviews and unfavorable analysis of governments can't be "instantly deleted" from a print newspaper or magazine, and can't be deleted without a proper legal court order.

Unlike on the internet, where such censoring for propaganda purposes *can* be done instantly and illegally without court order.

Both the government and copyright holders are abusing the DMCA "take down" tool and various "National Security" take down tools to muzzle dissenting opinions and honest reviews of various products.

Some people over at the "torrent freak" website are speculating that this wave of censorship might cause a "split" internet in which a parallel "dark net" exists to spread free speech and free information. And free movies lol.

Apparently there will be a big showdown soon. It appears that browser based applications that don't depend on an external website and servers may be able to link people together in a parallel internet that can't easily be bullied by Sony or Warner Brothers or the US or Chinese or Russian government.

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  playground player: <Alien Math>, <jessicafischerqueen> Now, now--our glorious leaders always know best. If they say we shouldn't be allowed to know about certain ideas, it must be for our own good. Even the lowliest ass, once he is sworn into public office, becomes an omniscient sage.
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  Alien Math: Various notes,
<Natan Sharansky: How chess kept one man sane>

<As a child he'd been a chess prodigy and, aged 14, he became champion of his native Ukrainian town, Donetsk. >

<Mr. Sharansky was the first of the 25 players to score a victory -- a feat that also won him an electronic chess game. He acknowledged that the field was stacked against the champion. But as a player who once dreamed of becoming world champion himself,

and who won the championship of his native Donetsk at age 15, the victory was obviously sweet.>

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  Alien Math: Horizon (deep piano version) "Ghost 05 OST"
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  Alien Math: Various notes,
The Kings and Queens rapid chess tournament in Yong Chuan, China, was won by the tandem pair of Nigel Short and Zhao Xue, who took the title a full point ahead of their nearest rivals, Yasser Seirawan and Zhu Chen.

Judit Polgar vs Bu Xiangzhi
Judit played two simutaneous exhibitions in Shanghai and Wuxi, with convincing +31=7-2 and +29=5-2 results. She also played a six-game blitz match against GM Bu Xiangzhi, winning it by a big margin of 5:1.

After that Judit spent some days visiting Beijing as a tourist with her husband. The Chinese newspapers were full of her visit.

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  Alien Math: The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Game - 30th Anniversary Edition

A word of warning
The game will kill you frequently. It's a bit mean like that. If in doubt, before you make a move, please save your game by typing "Save" then enter.

You can then restore your game by typing "Restore" then enter. This should make it slightly less annoying getting killed all the time as you can go back to where you were before it happened.

You'll need to be signed in for this to work. You can sign in or register by clicking the BBCiD icon next to the BBC logo in the top navigation bar.

Signing in will also allow you to tweet about your achievements, and for the game to tweet about your achievements too, if it feels like it. ~

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  Alien Math: Star Trek - The Original Series


Premium Chessgames Member
  Alien Math: First computer program loop,

The IBM Automatic Sequence Controlled Calculator (ASCC), called Mark I by Harvard University's staff, was a general purpose electro-mechanical computer that was used in the war effort during the last part of World War II.

The ASCC was developed and built by IBM at their Endicott plant and shipped to Harvard in February 1944.

The Mark I had 60 sets of 24 switches for manual data entry and could store 72 numbers, each 23 decimal digits long. It could do three additions or subtractions in a second. A multiplication took six seconds, a division took 15.3 seconds, and a logarithm or a trigonometric function took over one minute.

The Mark I read its instructions from a 24-channel punched paper tape and executed the current instruction and then read in the next one. It had no conditional branch instruction. This meant that complex programs had to be physically long.

A loop was accomplished by joining the end of the paper tape containing the program back to the beginning of the tape (literally creating a loop). ~

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  Alien Math: Page herd notes about Comparison of web browsers ~

1 General information
2 Operating system support
3 Browser features
4 Accessibility features
5 Accessibility features (continued)
6 Acid Scores
7 HTML5 support
8 Web technology support
9 Mobile Web technology support
10 Plugins and syndicated content support
11 JavaScript support
12 Protocol support
13 Image format support
14 Native multimedia support
15 Internationalization
16 Security and vulnerabilities
17 See also
18 References
19 External links

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  Thanh Phan: Found another good scary movie,

Phim kinh dị-Đường Đến địa ngục-HD720-Thuyết minh

nhac nho sau thoi han dang ky thi tot nghiep het ngay 7.5.2014 thpt khong duoc doi mon tu chon giao duc thuong xuyen

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  Thanh Phan: Stop kicking the trash on the rogoff page, it's unkind and will result in net loss
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