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Richard Taylor
Member since Feb-14-05 · Last seen Oct-21-14
Here are some of my games on Chess games .com -

Richard Taylor

Please discount my games in the recent NZ Champs I was AWOL !!!!!!!!!!


I live in New Zealand. I was born in the 1940s. So I am nearly 65.

I have have a Blog - no Chess there as yet but some may find it interesting - it is called "Eyelight"

Here is an interesting political/ poetical / historical/N.Z - Blog - but it also has history about NZ and many other matters it is run by a good friend of mine


But I have quite wide interests. (In fact I had about 50 or more jobs in my life!) I have only been to Fiji in 1973 and New York in 1993. Both fascinating places in different ways. But most of my life I have lived here in Auckland.

I like all styles of play - sometimes in OTB I enjoy the complexities of double-edged tactical stuff - but also enjoy the 'Karpovian' manouevres in slower games - always learning.

As to a favourite players: all the greats are there - Alekhine, Rubinstein, Keres, Capa, Lasker...Fischer of course, Tal, Botvinnik, Smyslov and many others. I have a penchant for Smyslov's games.

I learned with Reinfeld's books and Capa's 'Chess Fundamentals'. I discovered chess while reading 'Through the Looking Glass' by Lewis Carrol. I was about 9 or 10. I then asked my father.."What is chess..." and he didn't really know so we went to libraries to get books and learnt the game and we both became addicts...but not my brother who was actually really naturally talented at chess and mathematics etc. (Not me. I am a "slogger" and learn slowly). He played soccer instead! He is the sane one of the two boys in my family!

I am not a very highly rated player - I have played in two NZ Correspondence Championships and an International Teams Tournament for NZ about 1986.

Chess is a struggle (but when playing try to feel for your opponent -he/she is also struggling) - it is rarely clear who is winning (we know the obvious positions) - most positions it is best to examine "strengths and weaknesses" - improve the position of pieces and so on. Be confidant but VERY wary while playing. Chess is infinite!

Below is a good link to Australian and New Zealand live events. Link:

>> Click here to see Richard Taylor's game collections. Full Member

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   Oct-18-14 Benzol chessforum
Richard Taylor: <Benzol> How goes it? I am still thinking about whether to play at Xmas in the NZ Champs (it is open this year, but it is $200 to enter). I probably will as it might be the last time I can play in an open (NZ Champs) in Auckland.
   Oct-18-14 Carlsen-Anand World Championship (2014) (replies)
Richard Taylor: Until I saw that canditates match I thought Anand was tuckered out but no one knows, no one can predict, he seemed to play very well there. Also Carlsen isn't having it all his own way with Caruana. So, as Botters came back to punish Tal and Smyslov (one of the greatest in my
   Oct-11-14 Caruana vs Mamedyarov, 2014 (replies)
Richard Taylor: It is great to see Marmedyarov "give it a go" so to speak. I've gone in for extravagant sacrifices like this with only tenuous chances and lost (sometimes after some sharp chess), clearly at the "bunny" level. Maybe he finds the kind or relatively quiet chess that wins ...
   Oct-08-14 Richard Taylor chessforum (replies)
Richard Taylor: Irony is that when I was in the NZED I worked there as well as most of the other stations (OTAHU., MANGERE, HENDERSON etc) also went to Meremere quite a lot working on the comms equipment. Mostly recall working on battery testing at Ellerslie-Penrose. Actually I found it ...
   Oct-03-14 Karjakin vs Caruana, 2014 (replies)
Richard Taylor: It appears that Karjakin's exchange sac was quite sound and it was enterprising for sure. He missed the better continuation 33. Rd5 which seems to go to a draw. Later after his Re5 he blundered with 35 a4 which leads to a sure loss. So perhaps he was in some time pressure. I ...
   Oct-03-14 Levenfish vs Zamikhovsky, 1949
Richard Taylor: Good game by Levenfish!
   Oct-02-14 George Trundle Masters (2014) (replies)
Richard Taylor: <Benzol> All the games are being broadcast live (including the Qualifiers). Some are still going late. Look at Paul Garbett's game against Gary Lane: great combinational defence by Garbett so that despite that his Q was pinned he still forced a draw! Steadman beat ...
   Oct-01-14 Robert Stronach Mitchell
Richard Taylor: Benzol - the bio should talk about his contributions to chess and his role in the recovery of bodies at Antarctica in the tragic Erebus disaster of 1979.
   Oct-01-14 Peter Morten (replies)
Richard Taylor: Leonard Barden still does the Gaurdian weekly problem and the NZ Listener. I look at the Listener one each week. Some interesting problems, pity no games as in the old days...
   Oct-01-14 M Steadman vs K Zelesco, 2014
Richard Taylor: My machine preferred 23. Ng2 keeping the pawn on f7.
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Kibitzer's Corner
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Premium Chessgames Member
  Richard Taylor: <Domdaniel><MostlyAverageJoe> I have access to the 365 data base and the one on here.

Thanks for these others. It happens sometimes when I'm playing an opening book I can't find the game quoted on here. This means a search of these will maybe find some of them. Then they could be added to here and / or used by myself.

I know there is that huge data base the GMs use (Chess Base).

There is another I should get - it is a data base of New Zealand players - compiled by Peter Stuart. I must buy it. Once bought he updates it. Useful especially if players stick to their openings. By and large I do (unless I see the need for surprise, depends on the opponent!)

By the way I just swept my comp.with a Malware thing and it picked up 50 objects which when deleted made my computer go faster.

Premium Chessgames Member
  Jonathan Sarfati: Congrats on tying for the NZ Veterans Champs!
Premium Chessgames Member
  Domdaniel: Hey, Richard ... I see you've become a Marxist, <tendence Groucho>. Congrats. But what became of the 'old you'?
Premium Chessgames Member
  Richard Taylor: <JonathanSarfati> Thanks! I was surprised. I went out to try to get Stuart but missed there - probably attacked and sacrificed too soon and Peter defended well. I really was quite lost against Bernard Carpinter. I also missed a counter against Morrel although he played well.

Of course it is easier than playing when the strong juniors are around! Haven't been able to play as I have car problems etc just now, but aim to play at the NZ Open which Murray Chandler is organising or has done. It is an interesting idea to have the champs open now and then.

Premium Chessgames Member
  Richard Taylor: < Domdaniel: Hey, Richard ... I see you've become a Marxist, <tendence Groucho>. Congrats. But what became of the 'old you'? >

I admire them both although Karl had the tougher life perhaps.

I liked them as a kid but not so much now...but they were good value for sure.

I remember my father reading biographies and one was about the Marx brothers and one about Nixon!

He was English born but liked reading the New Yorker!

Premium Chessgames Member
  Richard Taylor: <DomDaniel> The old RT was too grumpy and old looking!

I should give you a link to my conversation with the Richard Taylors where I interview myself. It was published in a kind of 'radical' lit. journal called Brief a few years ago...

In the interview I am split into thousands rather than the conventional 2!

Premium Chessgames Member
  Domdaniel: <Richard> -- <In the interview I am split into thousands>

As some Shakespearean character (was it Hotspur?) said: "I could divide myself and go to buffets".

To which the answer, I suppose, is "Hey, don't beat yourself up".

Premium Chessgames Member
  Richard Taylor: I don't know that "quote"? but it is good. I read the Henry plays some time ago. Falstaff is the man of course (he's in one of the "in-between" plays.

I had car troubles etc so I didnt get around to either the Waitakare or the Rich Sutton Cup.

(We have been ordering our groceries via the internet and it works well - pay a bit more but it is much easier and less stressful..)

Sorry Dom I thought I was talking to Benzol! Oh well, it's still all true!

My computer video card packed it in and my car and my daughter had another child as well as we were doing a lot of work clearing trees back of my any case I was "off air".

Premium Chessgames Member
  Richard Taylor: <Domdaniel> re that I saw - forget the names or the name - but I'm pretty sure it was the Cambridge Circus - here in Auckland with my father about 1962 or some such time. One skit one of the chaps had a fight with himself! I'm sure those were ones in the Goodies or Monty Python.

When I first saw Monty Python I actually found it quite frightening so I didn't watch it much. Later I came to like some of it.

I did like the Goon Show and later the Goodies etc.
I'm ambiguous about Rowan Atkinson. When as Mr. Bean things go wrong I hate it.

I am a strange person: I watched Serpico several times but what I most liked about that was when the cop would stop for a coffee. As long as he HAD that coffee! But if in a movie someone starts a nice meal or about to have a coffee but then leaves it off or something gets smashed I hate that. I get distracted wanting the person to finish their meal or drink or whatever!

But used to love the Three Stooges and of course the Marx Brothers as a boy.

Premium Chessgames Member
  Domdaniel: Hi Richard ... I just saw your reference to 'Tarzan Presley' by Cox, from a few weeks ago.

It threw up a few random connections:

I met and interviewed Priscilla Presley, aka Elvis's widow, about 20 years ago. She had recently been in one of the Naked Gun movies, and she struck me as an extraordinarily good-looking woman.

I'm surprised, in a way, that Cox's novel had copyright trouble, as there are precedents. 'Elvissy' by Jack Womack is Elvis in an alternate universe. A series of books by SF writer Philip Jose Farmer deals with the origin of, and relationships between, Tarzan, Sherlock Holmes, Captain Nemo, and others.

There's a lot of parasitic literature out there.

Premium Chessgames Member
  Richard Taylor: <Domdaniel> Thanks: I read a book by Priscilla Presley, I don't know why as pop music in general and "stars" doesn't normally interest me. (I see that Presley was indeed quite a good looking man before he got overweight etc - and he knew some hot women for sure!(perks of being who he was)); It did Cox, although he was also interested in books and things otherwise, he worked at the Jewish Museum in Germany (he had worked at Te Papa here). I had read another book he wrote.

I read the book in question, it is good, hard to get hold of, I think they are going to re-issue it with a different title.

I have no problem with taking texts etc and re-using them although I only ever satirically claim them as my own. I have aways liked copying things from books and now I make it part of my ongoing lit. project. But at one extreme there is Kenneth Goldman (who started Ubu Web) who writes 'uncreative writing' which is not quite what I do, my ideas came from some of my own and via say, an essay by Charles Bernstein and other things (some of the ideas of Beuys, Charles Ives ideas of mixing "bad" and good singing (from his father who did this in the bands he ran), some ideas of Zukofsky (the NZ Poet Michelle Leggott did a PhD on him and also wrote a book about his '80 Flowers', Bach's methods of recycling music he had already written, perhaps Wagner's idea of a total work, Z's 'A', Pound and so on. But I had my own take...

Now in Nigel Cox's case the whole thing is more complicated as he wrote a criticism (not wholly hostile) of C. K. Stead who is either hated or admired a lot here, but in the course of his writing he said that Stead (then in his 60s I think)was more or less washed up. Then Cox died of Cancer (tragically at a fairly young age, he had written some novels, worked at a well known book shop called Unity books in Wellington and Auckland (where I am sure I saw him as I called in to get 'Continuum' by the great NZ poet Alan Curnow (who knew Stead well, in fact they lived opposite each other in the same street for years!) - now after he had died, Stead wrote a book about an older writer who had been criticized, but the man who criticized him died of cancer, then the older man - and here is the evil schadenfreude - seduced and then married his wife! He then went on to win great recognition and win many awards in a long life! Into the bargain he got a good payout for the story which won some prize... (Cox's wife was pretty upset by this.)

It was that and a few other controversies that got me interested in Cox, but I had overlooked the book (I'm sure I saw it years ago and just put it aside) but a friend of mine who has an eye out for the bizarre, and / or interesting: purchased a copy. I read a library copy.

Interesting there are precedents. The problem came from the estate of Edgar Wallace not the Presley's.

Not long before I caught up with a lot of this I was talking about copywrite with Jack Ross (a local writer and lit. person) and I mentioned my interest in signing my name to a Frost poem! I had heard an announcer on our 'Concert Program' talking about music based on Frost's poetry, and the trouble a composer got, so I thought I might generate some interest!

Of course the main thing is music.

But Jack had been reading about copywrite (he discovered Kathy Acker [she was sued for "borrowing" other writings for her own works] many years ago and in his work he 'samples', I get to the stage that I sometimes don't or am not sure always what part of what I have done is my own writing. I am interested in the mix of texts and textures, and images and text and all the rest...

I've hear of Farmer. But he obviously hasn't tackled Tarzan, that might be when the ax might fall! I believe there the ruling was no more publication even in here, in NZ.

But you can still buy a copy if you dial up ADD ALL and search for it.

My interest in Cox increased when my friend wanted me to value his own book (he thought the ban meant it was say NZ$300 or something, but it would be about $40 or something or possibly more, but not enough, (he is paying a mortgage as when his mother died she left the house to all 4 children despite the fact that while 2 were in the house on low incomes, the other two had their own homes etc): so then I decided to get a copy from the library inter-loan here.

I dallied with the idea of re-writing the entire book verbatim and publishing it under my own name a la Goldsmith and the author in Borges story who re-wrote Cervantes verbatim, claiming it was different as written at a different time; also in theory it might happen by chance! Or a la Kenneth Goldsmith, who re-wrote and entire copy of the NY Times and published it as part of his project: it is interesting that he finds it often very boring exercise...but he does other strange and innovative works I believe.

Premium Chessgames Member
  Octavia: Hi why did you change your pic? It used to look genuine but now with this coloured hair...

how's your women's team doing in the olympiad? the scots are ok as you can see from here: Ketevan Arakhamia-Grant after all your top woman comes from Sco

Premium Chessgames Member
  Octavia: Ketevan Arakhamia-Grant
Premium Chessgames Member
  Richard Taylor: <Octavia> Hi. I didn't like it and I think people associate Groucho Marx with fun or funny things.

I've lost track of the Olympiad, I couldn't understand how to work out who had played who. I'm not on here much.

Chess limited to playing over the odd master game or say a 3 0 game or two now and then.

Yes, Helen is from Scotland. I only beat Helen once in a Rapid game. Otherwise I lost all the others except for a draw last time I think.

She is not as confident as she needs to be but plays well when she gets going.

That Ketevan is way out of my league I'm afraid. Thanks for dropping by...!

Premium Chessgames Member
  Benzol: <Richard> Are you going to play in the North Shore Open next weekend?
Premium Chessgames Member
  Richard Taylor: <Benzol> Hi. I haven't been able to play in any tournaments as I lack a car, but I am getting one, but it will be too late for that. I will play in a few other things possibly, and hopefully in Chandler's NZ Open which is this year an Open tournament, so I suppose it means you have a chance to get a game with a GM or some IMs or whatever as well as getting wiped out by E. Green's little masters, fully prepared with the latest theoretical ideas and traps etc!! But I'll see how all goes...

I only missed the car for a few things, such as visiting my daughters, and perhaps the odd trip into town. Otherwise we now get almost all our weekly supplies delivered, costs a bit more but even with a car it is very convenient, as you avoid the hoi polloi (the great unwashed) and checkouts etc

Chesswise, just the odd game played over, and some 3 minute games on FICS.

Premium Chessgames Member
  Richard Taylor: Back in business with a Mazda, should be able maybe to play in the Merv and possibly the Open at Xmas.
Premium Chessgames Member
  technical draw: Strange <RT>. My wife just gifted me a Mazda Protege. After about $500 of repairs it's working fine (but I'll just use it for local transportation). My other car is a Mercedes Bent.
Premium Chessgames Member
  Richard Taylor: The old Mercedes Bent! The other car I had they couldn't find and ECU unit anywhere in NZ less than NZ$900 so I sent it to the car meat works for NZ$400...

This one is a Mazda 323, 1997. Seems to go well. The Mitsubishi also used to turn off the dashboard lights so it was a bugger for going out to play at chess clubs in the evening, and suspected it would shut down my lights altogether. I took the dash board panel out and got someone to rewire the circuit but it was more than even if I had got the ECU fixed...

But now I have this. I recall when the Japanese cars came here, they and everything else Japanese was called "Jap crap" but I saw a skit on the BBC, two English men having a duel with pistols which failed to fire, they looked at them and exclaimed: "Ah! No wonder! Made in Britain!"

Years ago...

Sep-16-14  cormier:
Premium Chessgames Member
  Benzol: <Richard> The 1st round games are now up for the George Trundle tourney
Premium Chessgames Member
  Richard Taylor: Hhi Paul. I found them today, they on here as I see you know. For others here:

George Trundle Masters (2014)

Steadman fell into a trap today against the 15 year old Zelsco but kept on doggedly with a counterattack and managed to keep his opponent in time pressure and win.

You can see the games live now, also the Qualifiers. Peter Stuart played a nice game to win today.

Premium Chessgames Member
  Benzol: <Richard> Hope your power is back on now after our recent troubles with the Gavin Street substation. I heard a figure of 4.3 million dollars worth of transactions lost to the Auckland economy just on Sunday alone.


Premium Chessgames Member
  Richard Taylor: Irony is that when I was in the NZED I worked there as well as most of the other stations (OTAHU., MANGERE, HENDERSON etc) also went to Meremere quite a lot working on the comms equipment. Mostly recall working on battery testing at Ellerslie-Penrose.

Actually I found it quite an interesting experience and I took photographs of candles and shadows on my ceiling etc In some ways it was quite beautiful to have no TV and that extra 'layer' of darkness...but glad to get hot water this morning.

They always talk about costs. I don't care about any of that stuff, the power gets paid for and mostly it works well. All power systems can fail at any time.
It was being up-graded which is good. But they cant see every thing. Something else will fail some time...hopefully not in the near future. Stack up on gas cookers, lamps etc!

Oct-21-14  cormier: JERUSALEM (Reuters) - Israeli archaeologists displayed on Tuesday a 2,000-year-old stone block unearthed in Jerusalem that they hope will help shed new light on a Jewish revolt against the Romans
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