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  1. 'Pon my Soul - Philidor Justified
    Pawns smothering, crushing or outfoxing pieces.
    4 games, 1834-2008

  2. Agincourt Kangaroos & Other Quasi-French Opening
    1...e6 is good against any first move by White. The most often seen is 1.d4 e6, offering a transposition to a French or, after 2.c4, a QGD, Dutch, Nimzo, etc. But there are also some interesting and little explored byways, including 2...Bb4+, the Kangaroo. These are some of the byways.
    3 games, 1959-2004

  3. Corkers
    Games played in Cork: site of the EU championship in 2005, an annual Mulcahy Memorial tournament (Jan) and an annual Open Masters, currently in March. I've played in the latter (2006-09) and the former (1975-78, 1981-82, 1989, 2007-10).
    1 game, 2005

  4. DID: Dzindzi (and other) Indians
    The 'original' Dzindzi-Indian Defence (as here) is 1.d4 Nf6 2.c4 e6 3.Nf3 a6, with the idea of ...c5 and generally ...g6/....Bg7. A delayed Benoni, or a Blumenfeld Gambit with the gambit element traded for greater solidity but less rapid development. Roman Dzhindzhikhashvili is also responsible for another defence with the same name, a sort of Leningrad Dutch with Benoni aspects and ...Bxc3+, to weaken and fix White's pawns. Other unusual Indian systems also feature, eg the Dutch Indian and the Queen's Indonesian.
    1 game, 1989

  5. Dom's Flukes
    These are games where I succeeded for totally wrong reasons. It includes both games I 'won' myself, and games from, eg, the holiday puzzle competition where I found the solution by accident. Some say karma or serendipity, I say Flukes.
    3 games, 1946-2001

  6. Double Excelsior
    Both sides send a pawn on an early excursion, capturing their way simultaneously to promotion and a four-Queen game ... several occur in a theoretical Meran line (9.e4 b4 10.e5 bxc3 11.exf6 cxb2 12.fxg7 bxa1Q 13.gxh8Q) but other routes exist, such as mine in an English: e4xf5xe6xd7xc8Q.
    8 games, 1951-1989

  7. Draws/ Remispartien
    Too many players skim over the draws in a database, looking for decisive results. But many great games are drawn. This is just a small personal selection.

    The collection is partly inspired by Wolfgang Heidenfeld's German book on Remispartien.

    9 games, 1945-2009

  8. Dutch Disasters
    10 games, 1929-2008

  9. Fianchetto Frolics
    20 games, 1911-2011

  10. Five Xmas Competition Wins 2008
    Combinations and chemistry are your only men.
    5 games, 1590-2006

  11. Kan Twirl
    A.N. - My Part in his Downfall (with apologies to Spike Milligan)
    3 games, 1988-2006

  12. KIA wars
    1 game, 2017

  13. Krambitz
    Kramnik -- sacrifices, gambits and general mayhem
    7 games, 1994-2011

  14. Modern Reti
    As described by Delchev in 'The Modern Reti: an anti-Slav Repertoire'.
    2 games, 2010-2015

  15. Rara Avis
    Rare Birds and Bipolar Bears
    2 games, 2003-2005

  16. Runaway Viral Otaku Meme Kiblosions
    Kibitzing will eat itself.
    1 game, 2003

  17. Schadenfreude
    One player seriously outranks his opponent, and in this collection there are no upsets. A useful reminder of just how good GMs are, and the sort of damage they can do to an 'ordinary' 1800 player. No huge blunders, just a mismatch from the start. Call it Schadenfreude, but I've been on the receiving end of such massacres too.
    3 games, 1981-1995

  18. Short Back and Sides
    Nigel Short plays the French from both sides.
    1 game, 2010

  19. Sibling Rivalry
    When siblings clash.
    2 games, 2011

  20. Spirit of Saint Nimzo
    Sometimes an otherwise normal grandmaster seems to channel the ghost of Nimzowitsch: this is the evidence.
    18 games, 1939-2012

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