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Welcome to Chessgames! We are and always will be a free site, but you can greatly enhance your experience by subscribing to our premium tier of advanced features for only $US 39/year. The chart below illustrates just a few benefits of Chessgames Premium Membership. (Mouse over the left column for more information on each feature.)

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OPENING EXPLORER [?] limited to Opening of the Day or the first few moves unlimited
GUESS THE MOVE [?] limited to free trial over 15,000 games to play
COMPUTER ANALYSIS [?] 6 second analyses on demand up to 1 hour analysis on our dedicated Stockfish™ server
THE ANALYSIS LABORATORY [?] quick, medium, or deep-analyses of any move, variation, or game—including your own!
LIVE CHESS BROADCASTS [?] dozens of broadcasts annually
TACTICAL EXCERCISES [?] limited to Puzzle of the Day access to past 60 days
REPERTOIRE EXPLORER [?] limited to Player of the Day chose from over 25,000 players
ENDGAME EXPLORER [?] unlimited
TEAM CHESS [?] GM vs World only GM vs World and Team vs Team (approx. 1-2 games a year)
GAME HISTORY [?] 30 day history
PGN DOWNLOAD [?] one game at a time download any search, or the entire archive
CHESSFORUMS [?] one per account
CUSTOMIZATIONS [?] basic turn off advertisements, customize menu, adjust colors, and more
SEARCH KIBITZING [?] unlimited
AVATARS [?] choose from a gallery of thousands
GAME COLLECTIONS [?] up to 8 collections, 101 games each up to 1000 collections, 450 games each

OUR 30-DAY NO-QUESTIONS-ASKED IRON-CLAD GUARANTEE: If you are not completely satisfied with your upgrade to Chessgames Premium Membership, you may cancel your subscription anytime within the first 30 days for a full refund.

WILL I REALLY GET BETTER AT CHESS? Whether you're a beginner or master, we guarantee it. If you study solid openings with the Opening Explorer, you won't find yourself in early problems. And for the middle/endgame, there's no better tool online than Guess-the-Move. Remember: if you get so good that you can accurately guess the moves of grandmasters, then you'll be a grandmaster yourself!

WHAT IF I DON'T HAVE A CREDIT CARD? You can use the Paypal option on the checkout page. You may also mail a check or money order; please see our FAQ for details.

HOW DO I BUY PREMIUM SERVICES FOR ANOTHER MEMBER? That's very kind of you; please see our Give the Gift of Chess page and make someone's day.

The new laboratory feature shreds positions ten times faster than my home PC, and a lot of the time I find my position has already been thoroughly analyzed by other members. Plus it shows me where I went wrong in my own games. Very useful!
— Lars H, Netherlands
I just renewed my premium subscription to Chessgames.com. I have enjoyed using Chessgames.com every day this past year. It is a great value for the money.
— Lynn Rutherford, Chicago
I really love Guess The Move. It's an absolutely fantastic learning device.
— Louis Dorse, USA
You've created and presided over, quite literally, the greatest resource anyone has ever created for the Royal Game. Chess players and students the world around owe you a tremendous degree of gratitude and derive a great benefit from your unequalled database and incredible generosity every day.
— Sean M, USA
I LOVE chessgames.com. Your Opening Explorer is the BOMB...and being able to watch the world championship live is PHENOMENAL!
— Jeshua Erickson, USA
I love chess and just want to steadily improve. Chessgames.com is my favorite web site by far; it has helped my knowledge and improvement.
— Pat B, Nevada
I can not help but sing the praises of Chessgames.com. It is all clear, well thought out and an excellent price. Much of what one encounters, in this day and age, comes nowhere near any of your site. ... A single word to describe your product it would have to be: FAULTLESS!
— Bud D, Wisconsin
I really like this site as I find it helpful and informative. I am very pleased at all the work you all have done.
— Roger Morin, Maine (chess teacher and 1980 co-champion)
Let me take the opportunity to congratulate you for my favorite site in the whole web, in all of the time it's existed! Great work!
— Caetano Waldrigues, Brazil
Your site is by far the best, the most accurate, the most distinctive, the fastest ... while being the easiest for the customer to use and understand.
— Manny Jakel, New York
I am a hack at the game and look at a lot of [chess] websites. Yours is definitely the best. That's the truth. No smoke about it. — Poul Hornsleth, Florida
Let me say again that Chessgames is THE BEST chess site, bar none! We all can't thank you enough!
— Bill Potter, New Mexico
I just don't know how to thank you for all your trouble. You have been a great great help and I appreciate your kindness very much. I just can't wait to renew my membership of the best site on the Internet.
— Theo R, USA

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