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Jul-08-20 Kenneth S Rogoff
Big Pawn: <Optimal Play: I suspect Indians are especially racist in an attempt to distinguish themselves from Africans, so as brownies, the Indians act racist even against light-skinned "blacks". White people are actually the least racist in ...
Jul-08-20 Chessable Masters (2020)
Sokrates: <Keyser Soze:> <...Or almost there..> 1) Kaspararov was world champion for 15 years, Carlsen now 7. 2) <From 1986 until his retirement in 2005, Kasparov was ranked world No. 1 for 225 out of 228 months and 255 months ...
Jul-08-20 L McLaren vs A Ismail, 2017
Brenin: Nice finish! I went for the slower mate by 18 Bxf6. The classiest move was White's B sac 16 Bh3, opening up the file for the R and deflecting Black's Q from defence of f6. Black was doing well until the unwise 14 ... Bb4 and 15 ... c5; ...
Jul-08-20 Kibitzer's Café
Richard Taylor: <arknames> Good post about cats. I like them. I think dogs also feel for their owner if they are treated well. We are losing so many animals and even important insects that we can think about ourselves as being part of a ...
Jul-08-20 Biographer Bistro
Tabanus: And the Wayback Machine. Not to be confused with the time machine. The 15 Women's World Ch's 2000-2020 should now be "squeeky clean" as regards N games, date, round/subround number, and game type. Their official websites are all preserved
Jul-08-20 Reshevsky vs Saemisch, 1920
kbob: Reshevsky was nine years old here.
Jul-08-20 Spassky vs Zsuzsa Polgar, 1988
carpovius: Spassky's famous lost in KG Spassky vs P Motwani, 1987
Jul-08-20 O Frackowiak vs C Hess, 2000
jith1207: Good derivation of pun from Christian Hess Sr. (kibitz #1) Denker vs D MacMurray, 1932 (kibitz #3)
Jul-08-20 Jeremy Lim
perfidious: Ruth used to go with a bat which was 42 oz or so; no wonder he mashed the ball.
Jul-08-20 I Suhin vs Mirosnitsenko, 1979
sea7kenp: I'd say that White's Pawn on e4 had Cyanide in it!
Jul-07-20 S M Iglesias vs L Carrera-Casado, 2001
sea7kenp: Thank you, <Uvulu>. I was wondering why Black didn't, simply take White's Queen on Move 12!
Jul-07-20 D Dubov vs Carlsen, 2020
SpiritedReposte: Because the queen sac is stronger. The resulting position white can do nothing. The d2 knight is a sitting duck pinned every which way. Black can build his attack at leisure while almost any move white makes loses material. Quite ...
Jul-07-20 T Apeldoorn vs R Boonstra, 1988
fredthebear: White had to try 24.Be7+. An alternative forced finish for Black is 23...Qh1+ 24.Kf2 Rxg2+ 25.Ke3 Qh6+ 26.Bg5 Qxg5#
Jul-07-20 P Hair vs S Yee, 2016
saffuna: "Hair-Yee, Hair-Yee, Hair-Yee."
Jul-07-20 Huebner vs Adorjan, 1980
zb2cr: Had to be a stalemate trap, and the most obvious is 66. Kxh4. If Black takes the Rook, White is stalemated. What about other moves for Black's 66th? 66. ... Rc4+; 67. Rg4, Rc5; 68. Rb4 looks drawish. 66. ... Rc3; 67. Rg4, Rb3; 68. Ra4, ...
Jul-07-20 Fischer vs Larsen, 1958
dangerousidea: This is from the Stockfish notes: better is 16...Nd7 17.Bxg7 Kxg7 18.h4 h6 19.g4 Ne5 20.f4 Nc4 21.Qd3 = +0.39 (21 ply) So he had at least an improvement after 15...Rac8. However, Nxd5 would have still be preferable on 15.
Jul-07-20 Wen Yang vs Yu Ruiyuan, 2009
WTHarvey: White wins: [DIAGRAM] 33. ? if 33...g6 34.♕d8 or if 33...h6 34.♖xg8+ mates
Jul-07-20 J Schwarz vs E Schallopp, 1881
Sally Simpson: *** A good fun game. How White had the nerve to play 9.Qg4 then 10.Qe2 is beyond me. I would have let the e5 pawn go with 10.Bd3 rather than retreat my Queen like that (I lost dozens of games by not admitting my previous move may
Jul-07-20 Smejkal vs J S Fischer, 1977
Diademas: I'm guessing there's something wrong with the scoresheet here. Black has an easy mate not only at move 25, but also at move 26 and 27 when he resigned. It's not very plausible that two titled players (Smejkal was a GM at the time) ...
Jul-07-20 Zsofia Polgar vs Taimanov, 2000
WannaBe: <Honza> I ran the computer analysis: 1) +0.97 (40 ply) 42...Re8 43.Qxd5 Rxe7 44.Qd3 Rb7 45.h4 Rb2 46.Kf1 Rh2 47.Ke1 Rh1+ 48.Ke2 Rh2+ 49.Kf1 Rb2 50.Ke1 Rh2 51.Qd5 Bc3+ 52.Kf1 Bf6 53.Qe6 Kh7 54.Qe4+ Kh8 55.Qa8+ Kh7 56.Qe8 Rb2 57.Qe4+ ...
Jul-07-20 Wen Yang vs I Vovk, 2005
WTHarvey: White wins: [DIAGRAM] 24. ? if 24...♕d8 25.♕c3+ ♔b8 26.♖xh3 or if 25...♕c8 26.♗xe5 dxe5 27.♕xe5+
Jul-07-20 Adianto vs D Carless, 1990
wordfunph: Carless careless on defense.
Jul-07-20 H Westerinen vs Adianto, 1988
wordfunph: heart-pounding game!!
Jul-07-20 Ennio Morricone
wordfunph: rest in peace, master Ennio Morricone..
Jul-07-20 Seirawan vs J Meyers, 1976
louispaulsen88888888: 101.Kf4!!(distant opposition) wins.
Jul-07-20 Adianto vs Seirawan, 1994
louispaulsen88888888: Very high class game
Jul-07-20 Janowski vs Rubinstein, 1906
MordimerChess: Ostende 1906 was a completely crazy tournament. 36 players played in the 5-stage competition (nowadays if we see 2 stages: group+ knockout stage - it's the fanciest way to do it). But in old times spectators could enjoy a lot more ...
Jul-07-20 S Mariotti vs E Morricone, 2004
OhioChessFan: "A Morricone Tragedy"
Jul-07-20 Kramnik vs Kasparov, 2000
Olavi: < Clement Fraud: DrMAL> <I'm quite sure Kasparov prepared this opening with usual meticulous care, but seemingly forgot to play the intermediate move 13...a5. > I think it is extremely unlikely either player considered a move ...
Jul-07-20 Morphy vs J McConnell, 1849
pandje: High trees, how exceptional beautiful they are growing above other trees in the mountains- getting always in real life, the hardest storms, and rains, and thunder and sometimes... the sun ☀️, and an eagle 🦅. I admire, ...
Jul-07-20 Van Wely vs Morozevich, 2001
Xeroxx: Wow, great game.
Jul-07-20 Carlsen vs D Dubov, 2020
beenthere240: Carlsen's play looks a tad arrogant.
Jul-07-20 Teichmann vs Leonhardt, 1905
MissScarlett: The point is that Pillsbury's <Inquirer> column (given in C.N. 10248 ) has the same score as the <ACB>, i.e., <17.R-QB>, leaving him at a loss to explain why Teichmann didn't take the Bishop on move 26.
Jul-07-20 M Stolberg vs Smyslov, 1940
woldsmandriffield: A sublime ending. 34..Nc4! was so much better than 34..Nb5 35 Kc2 Rc8 36 Nc5 e5 37 Kd3 and Black's advantage has disappeared. Smyslov utilises his K-side pawn mass to make progress after 34..Nc4, supported by his King. So simple
Jul-07-20 L Uedemann vs E P Elliott, 1902
sudoplatov: Looks like 31...Rae8 is an error. 32.Re6+ followed by 33.Rhe1 should pick up a couple of Pawns or so. The actual 33.Nf3 allows 33...Kh5 with a better defense but White is making progress.
Jul-07-20 Judit Polgar vs E Morricone, 2004
saffuna: The Good, the Bad, and the Resignable.
Jul-07-20 Alberts Melnbardis vs B fon Dens, 1926
jith1207: .... A for Alberts B for Blundens ....
Jul-07-20 N Hald vs Lasker, 1905
MissScarlett: In the <(Nebraska) Sunday State Journal> of November 23rd 1924, in reference to games he'd played using the Danish Gambit, Hald reminisced: <This is not counting one that I played against Dr. Lasker in 1906 when he resided ...
Jul-07-20 Cesar Juan Corte
jith1207: Only 2 draws in 57 games! Ha ha, and Those 2 took 66+ moves and probably 6+ hours to make him agree and accept the offers.
Jul-07-20 Carlsen vs A Giri, 2020
SChesshevsky: <...Why would Black players play this at the top level, particularly if they are hoping for a win?...> Probably some players like the semi-tarrasch as by passing the exchange lines with e3 or Bg5 can allow Black a freer version
Jul-07-20 Ponomariov vs Ivanchuk, 2013
dumbgai: Ivanchuk kept trying to play the French against Ponomariov, and it never worked well for him. Ponomariov vs Ivanchuk, 2002 Ponomariov vs Ivanchuk, 2002
Jul-07-20 B Hu vs S Sloan, 2013
perfidious: An interesting feature of this game is how, when Black gets all the tactics taken away when his opponent does not allow him to go in for such dubious, but tricky lines as the Damiano, he goes clear off the rails.
Jul-07-20 S Sloan vs Zhou Liran, 2018
dumbgai: Not content to play stupid openings with the black pieces, now Sloan wants to play stupid openings with the white pieces too.
Jul-07-20 Tseshkovsky vs Ulf Andersson, 1975
perfidious: Long ago, Timman wrote of how the player who controls the central dark squares in open Sicilian positions usually stands better--this game is very much an exception to that rule. Tseshkovsky plays a fine ending, worthy of his opponent,
Jul-07-20 Korchnoi vs Sax, 1980
Ulhumbrus: This way of declining the Benko gambit (4 Nf3 bxc4 5 Nc3 g6 6 e4 d6 7 Bxc4 Bg7 8 e5) seems useful to know about, if it works.
Jul-07-20 Ljubojevic vs Larsen, 1980
Ulhumbrus: 23 Kb1 seems inconsistent. Why has White played 22 Bd4 if not to remove the N on e5? On 22 Bxe5 Rxe5 23 g6 White's pawns enjoy themselves.
Jul-07-20 Karpov vs Judit Polgar, 2003
plang: 9 e3 is almost as popular as 9 Bf4 but it certainly seems less ambitious. In Hardicsay-Adorjan 1986 Hungarian Team Championship Black had played 12..Rc8 and had gone on to win quickly; Plogar had planned to follow this game but found the ...
Jul-07-20 R Hovhannisyan vs T L Petrosian, 2017
Straclonoor: 54.Kg3!! only move to win in 7-pieces ending! And Hovhannisyan finded it!
Jul-07-20 Larsen vs Spassky, 1983
Straclonoor: <Larsen missed the nice winning combination 33.♖xd3! ♘xd3 34.♘xh5!> Stockfish totally agree with it Analysis by Stockfish 060620 64 BMI2: +- (17.18): 33.Rxd3 Nxd3 34.Nxh5 Rf7 35.Rxf7 Qxf7 36.Qxd3+ Kh8 37.g4 ...
Jul-07-20 Denker vs D MacMurray, 1932
TheaN: A day late but not much less of an instant solve. <14.Rd8+ Nxd8 15.Qe8#>. It's always ever slightly easier with forcing moves.
Jul-07-20 Arthur Towle Marriott
Jean Defuse: ... Fabrizio Zavaratelli - <The Gloomy Fate and Romantic Chess of Arthur Towle Marriott> Description: Biography of prominent Nottingham chess-players (1859-1884). Biography contents 156 ...
Jul-07-20 G Agzamov vs K Lerner, 1983
Straclonoor: 45....Qd5! give Lerner, who had silver medal in previous championship, chance to win one more game in this USSR Championship. He won one more vs. Tal, but Tal withdrew from tournament. Analysis by Stockfish 060620 64 BMI2: -+ ...
Jul-07-20 E E Book vs G G Alexandrescu, 1936
HeMateMe: I'd love to meet even half of the people the Muppets have met.
Jul-07-20 Carlsen vs A Giri, 2020
MordimerChess: Obviously h5 was bad. Nb8 was bad. But Giri had at least two chances to draw the game, nearly the end. 43... Kc5 47... c3 My full video analysis here: Enjoy!
Jul-07-20 A Dunis vs N Sulava, 2002
choumicha: game 6 in Cyrus Lakdawala's "The Modern Defence - Move by Move"
Jul-07-20 Carlsen vs A Giri, 2020
MordimerChess: Must win game for Giri, otherwise, he would be knocked out from the tournament. 24. Qxc6 was a blunder but there are no great moves in the position and it's difficult to save it. My video analysis with fancy mating ideas: ...
Jul-07-20 Hans Tikkanen
perfidious: <HMM>, Kurri usually was centred by Gretzky and had Messier on the left side. Tikkanen was one of those players whom you loved when he wore your jersey and otherwise loathed.
Jul-07-20 I Nepomniachtchi vs A Giri, 2020
MordimerChess: Nepo missed forced win earlier 23. Rh8+ Kxh8 24. Qh4+ Kg8 25. Qh7+ Kf8 26. Bc5+ wins the game Interesting game, full video analysis: Enjoy!
Jul-07-20 Leko vs Anand, 2003
Finnishplayer: This game is analyzed in Dvoretsky's Endgame manual. Anand makes quite a lot of mistakes in this endgame. ...h5 should be played at move 37 or 38.
Jul-07-20 Pachman vs G Ilivitsky, 1956
Retireborn: Thanks to both, have added your variations to my analysis.
Jul-07-20 Vaisser vs A Mutzner, 1988
perfidious: Nothing like a full-point, first-round bye, as this game likely was.
Jul-07-20 J Mieses vs Von Scheve, 1901
KEG: Post IX 45. RxN? "?"--(Alapin) "45. QxQ would offer more resistance." (Alapin) Alapin is correct, but after 45. QxQ NxQ, the ending looks hopeless in the long run for White: [DIAGRAM] After Mieses' actual move, 45. RxN?, the win for Black
Jul-07-20 F Carame vs M Matto, 2004
sea7kenp: 6 ... Nd7 looks a lot like a Helpmate move.
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