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May-07-21 Kenneth Rogoff
chancho: FACT: Sean Spicer was only press sec for about six months... Understandable when you have to lie your ...
May-07-21 Kibitzer's Café
May-07-21 L Van Vliet vs Znosko-Borovsky, 1907
Phony Benoni: I have a note, quoting the Tournament Book, that gives the finish as <36.g4 Kd3 37.g5 Kxe3>, but that is neither instructive nor systematic.
May-07-21 Steinitz - Chigorin World Championship Match (1889)
Petrosianic: <chesssalamander>: <Why did they play game 17? Didn't Steinitz already have the required 10 wins at that point?> Because it wasn't a match to 10 wins. It was Best of 20. In fact all 20 games were played, although games ...
May-07-21 A Mohammadi vs Carlsen, 2001
perfidious: Trawling for losses incurred by anyone aged ten or eleven has got to be the depths of desperation, especially for a poster who fancies himself far beyond mere mortals.
May-07-21 O Bentsen vs Carlsen, 2001
Messiah: Oops! :-)
May-07-21 Jan Turner vs Carlsen, 2002
Messiah: Bang! :-)
May-07-21 Hoi vs Carlsen, 2002
Messiah: Dang! :-)
May-07-21 Keene vs R Eggmann, 1965
perfidious: Had the opening gone 1.c4 c6 2.Nf3 d5 3.g3 g6, this would not have wound up in A07.
May-07-21 M Womacka vs Carlsen, 2002
Messiah: Ouch! :-)
May-07-21 Carlsen vs O Rause, 2002
Messiah: Whoops! :-)
May-07-21 World Championship Candidates (2020/21)
perfidious: <Sokrates> was quite correct in his post, <crapovius>; everyone knows what a grifter and slimepot Ilyumzhinov was.
May-07-21 A Giri vs Kramnik, 2016
Whitehat1963: High-level look at the Opening of the Day.
May-07-21 Chigorin vs Marshall, 1905
sudoplatov: Marshall's other game against Chigorin was also interesting: Marshall vs Chigorin, 1905
May-07-21 Tal vs Lozov, 1952
fredthebear: Here is how Nimzowitsch handled his variation of the defense: Saemisch vs Nimzowitsch, 1923
May-07-21 Lutikov vs V Osnos, 1965
thegoodanarchist: The dangers of not castling.
May-07-21 Jeremy Lim
perfidious: Too much lighter fluid, y'know.
May-07-21 Fischer vs NN, 1964
fredthebear: This video says Bobby Fischer studied the "Magnus Smith Trap" and had an alternative queen trap line should Black play 8...Nh5: Black stops the trap with 6...e6, as Bxf7+ is no longer feasible.
May-07-21 Frankfurt (1887)
Marcelo Bruno: What happened to the game between Burn and Blackburne in this tournament to have only a fragment of it? Is it possible to recover it with a retrograde analysis software?
May-07-21 Ivanchuk vs Leko, 2020
Olsonist: <savage sanctuary: I don't understand. But I sure died. Of laughter. Ivanchuk is 51 and 29 yr-old SMØC calls him "my boy." That's hilarious.> When Magnus was a rising star, Anand invited him along to a dinner. One of his seconds ...
May-07-21 Emanuel Lasker
login: '.. for some reason or another, that Martha [Bamberger/Cohn, his wife] outlived Emanuel. Some sources, however, say she died 1937, i.e. shortly after their arrival in the States. Can anyone confirm or ...
May-07-21 Illescas Cordoba vs P Motwani, 1988
louispaulsen88888888: KtxRP is at least equal yes.
May-07-21 NN vs Zukertort, 1862
Marcelo Bruno: Alfredo Ansur mentions in his book "O jogo real" (2nd edition from 1926) that NN was Rabbi Aaron Alexandre, and this information is contained in the Spanish Encyclopaedia Espasa).
May-07-21 Anand vs Kamsky, 1995
saffuna: Anand discusses 26. Nd1 (second game): "It was only with this move Nd1 that I was able to break this logjam." "Because of the added weight of a candidates match, you don't play just any move, I ...
May-07-21 Aronian vs Anand, 2013
saffuna: Anand discusses this game: "I was drawing a blank, I didn't remember any of the variations...And based on the smallest fragments of memory I had to reconstruct." "This became the current version ...
May-07-21 Dortmund Candidates (2002)
login: Dortmunder Sparkassen Chess Meeting 2002 Auf dieser Seite präsentieren wir Ihnen die Resultate, Tabellen und Partien des Turniers. On this page we show results, standings and games of the ...
May-07-21 Carlsen vs A Mohammadi, 2003
WorstPlayerEver: Black completely missed 11. Nc6 Which contains a mate-in-1 threat btw, but I guess that's "just nothing."
May-07-21 German Khodos
login: Herman 'Hera' Lazarevich Hodos/Khodos '.. born in Rostov-on-Don. In 1958 he graduated with a gold medal from secondary school No. 39 in Rostov. In 1965 he graduated with honors from the Rostov ...
May-07-21 David M Armstrong
Nosnibor: There is another David Armstrong who seems to play in Canada.
May-07-21 Miles vs Browne, 1982
plang: Note that White has to castle first; 17 Bxh7+? fails to 17..Kxh7 18 Qh5+..Kg8 19 Bxg7..f6! 20 Qh8+..Kf7 21 Bxf8..Qe5+.
May-07-21 Shelby Lyman
login: 'Shelby Lyman, 82, Dies ..' '.. So many people called to praise the broadcast, Mr. Lyman told The New York Times in 2008, that “we pre-empted 'Sesame Street,' and we became a five-hour, move-by-move ...
May-07-21 Kasparov vs Karpov, 1984
login: Brrrrrrrrr - '.. Ok we have the move now ..' Cast Our host (1936-2019) Shelby Lyman Voice in Moscow (alive) Jonathan D Tisdall ...
May-07-21 Heinz De Carbonnel
login: Obituary '.. The beginning of the Second World War prevented Heinz from taking his 2.Staatsexamen*. He was drafted into the Wehrmacht and deployed as a medic. In 1944 he was taken prisoner of war, which ...
May-07-21 A Selezniev vs H Fahrni, 1916
beatgiant: <perfidious> <one can't go home again.....> Indeed. Selezniev was interned during WWI, went into exile abroad for a period after it, and went into exile abroad again after WWII.
May-07-21 Podebrady (1936)
login: Poděbrady 1936 from JMSS, South Moravian Chess Association (in Czech) The document contains e.g. annotations by famous Czech chess writer ...
May-07-21 Jules Grevy
login: François Judith Paul Grévy '.. had understood his office as a purely decorative one. He brought himself to give up his personality and be only a principle. He was the reconciliation of the contradiction ...
May-07-21 Robert James Fischer
Petrosianic: <beatgiant: My understanding of the facts: Fischer could have defended the title in 1975 under the same conditions as Petrosian (1965, 1968) and Spassky (1972).> Probably. The 1971 FIDE Congress in Vancouver had voted to make ...
May-07-21 D Armstrong vs M E Goldstein, 1947
Dionysius1: A sorry time to resign, when he was about to queen a pawn with check.
May-07-21 Kurajica vs Fischer, 1970
kingscrusher: The desperado tactic 20.Nxf7 was desperately needed if White wanted any chance of an advantage.
May-07-21 Fischer vs Gligoric, 1970
kingscrusher: White got a massive "free hand" on the K-side after sealing both the Q-side and the center. Very logical and instructive play from Bobby Fischer.
May-07-21 Carlsen vs T R Nielsen, 2001
May-07-21 Viswanathan Anand
Russianborn: So at the end of the day, i'll trust the opinions of kramnik and anand on them having an equal score. 10 vs 10
May-07-21 D Palo vs Carlsen, 2001
Messiah: Dang! :-)
May-07-21 Morten Kjaer Poulsen vs Carlsen, 2001
Messiah: Ouch! :-)
May-07-21 G Kacheishvili vs Carlsen, 2001
Messiah: Whoops! :-)
May-07-21 J W Hunt vs Lasker, 1892
MissScarlett: The <Standard> and <Morning Post> reports of September 26th agree in all details with the <LCF>, except that <Auger> is <Anger>. <Whyld (1998)> has <J W Hunt>, based on <<Chess ...
May-07-21 Mohishunder vs Cochrane, 1855
DaltriDiluvi: <80.Ra8?> was the final mistake of the game. The only drawing move was <80.Rd8+!>.
May-07-21 Clifford Sherwood
perfidious: Another link on the demise of Sherwood and the lady (towards bottom of page): https://bobby-fischer-1970.blogspot...
May-07-21 Alekhine vs Yates, 1923
N.O.F. NAJDORF: <Marmot PFL: Although Fischer’s contemporaries credit him with what Soviet rival Mark Taimanov once conceded to be a “truly encyclopaedic erudition” of the game, they are talking about knowledge of opening theory and endgame ...
May-07-21 Ghitescu vs Fischer, 1970
kingscrusher: Amazing situation of bishop pair vs knight pair. But also the two bishops at move 25 are both x-raying rooks - making b5 amazingly effective as a result.
May-07-21 E Handoko vs Keene, 1979
skisuitof12: Nice game from an interesting opening collection, thanks for compiling.
May-07-21 C Hansen vs Andersson, 2001
Messiah: Nice!
May-07-21 Browne vs Huebner, 1975
GrahamClayton: A hard-fought draw in the first round - no settling into the tournament!
May-07-21 Alex Suhobeck
GrahamClayton: Suhobeck finished =1st with Pal Benko, Alfonso Ferriz Salinas and Walter Browne at the 1975 United States Open, with a 7-1 score, and won the trophy for the best over-50 player.
May-07-21 Kamalakar Raut
GrahamClayton: Raut was an Indian citizen, who had been studying for doctorate in chemistry at the University of Oklahoma, which made it easy for him to enter the US Open tournament. https://century-in-chess.blogspot.c...
May-07-21 Szabo vs Gligoric, 1960
Messiah: Interesting!
May-07-21 Olimpiu Urcan
Messiah: He set his twitter account to be inaccessible by non-invited members. Really sad, I loved his posts.
May-07-21 Destiny Sisior
GrahamClayton: Destiny has three sisters who also play - Angelil, Kyarii and Wakako:
May-07-21 J Banas vs Carlsen, 2001
Messiah: 'Going Full Bananas'
May-07-21 J Heftye vs J Mieses, 1902
Messiah: <wwall: The game was actually played in Kristiania (now Oslo), Norway on September 11, 1902 at the Kristiania Chess Society during an exhibition by Mieses, who was on tour in Scandinavia. The game can be found in the October 1902 issue
May-07-21 Morphy vs A Morphy, 1849
paulmorphy1969: Can any member tell me where this game was published? It is not present in any of these books: Sergeant, Maroczy; Macon Shibut, Regilio Camperros,ecc
May-07-21 T Yilmaz vs Kouatly, 1984
GrahamClayton: An unusual early draw - Yilmaz is the exchange and a pawn down, but his threat to trap the Black queen forces Kouatly to find a clever way to get out of the planned trap.
May-07-21 Bruce Fortado
GrahamClayton: Originally from Akron OH, Fortado has been a Professor at the University of North Florida since 1986, and was Jacksonville city champion in 1994, 1997 & 1998.
May-07-21 Euwe vs Robatsch, 1957
GrahamClayton: The K-side fianchetto employed by Euwe with 3. g3 and 4. Bg2 seems to give him an advantage out of the opening.
May-07-21 Fischer vs Uhlmann, 1970
kingscrusher: Fischer used this variation against Uhlmann in the blitz tournament earlier that year - Fischer vs Uhlmann, 1970
May-07-21 P Romanovsky vs Kan, 1939
GrahamClayton: 34. Bxd1 Qf1#; 34. Qxd1 Qxe3+ 35. Kh1 Qxc3 36. Be4 Qc1 37. Bf3 Qxd1+ 38. Bxd1 Rc1 winning
May-07-21 Fischer vs D Marovic, 1970
kingscrusher: I am not sure I agree with this - it seems odd to have the Queen on c7 and knight on d7. In Chessbase live book, this position does not come up as popular via transposition. An example sequence instead of g6 Say 6 ... e6 7.Bd3 ...
May-07-21 Huebner vs R Eggmann, 1965
Brenin: Curious result: 24 Ne5 seems to give White an advantage.
May-07-21 G Gundersen vs A H Faul, 1928
GrahamClayton: I was doing some informal coaching at the chess club that meets in my local public library every Friday afternoon. I captured a pawn en passant against one of the club members, and they were unaware of that form of capture. I ...
May-07-21 Beliavsky vs Z Izoria, 2005
GrahamClayton: This crucial game occurred in Round 8 - Beliavsky had defeated Hikaru Nakamura and Loek van Wely in Rounds 6 & 7. Izoria finished first with 7.5/9, and took home the $50,000 first prize.
May-07-21 Savon vs Khodos, 1959
Straclonoor: [DIAGRAM] <38....Kh7> toothless move. 38....Bg4! goes to win, 38....Rxd2 as well. Analysis by Stockfish 190321: 1. -+ (-48.95): 38...Bg4 39.Nb6 Qa5 40.Rc3 Rxd2 41.Kxd2 b4 42.Rc2 b3+ 43.Qc3 Qxb6 44.axb3 Qg1 45.Qc4 Bf5 46.Kc3 ...
May-07-21 A S Sergeev vs Dus Chotimirsky, 1930
Straclonoor: [DIAGRAM] Very instructuctive ending! It won for black: 46... b4 47. g6+ Kg8 48. g7 Ne5 49. Kg5 Kxg7 50. h6+ Kh7 51. Kf5 Nc4 52. Ke6 Na3 53. Kd6 Nc2 54. Kc6 Kxh6 55. Kd6 Kh5 56. Kd5 Kg4 57. Ke4 Na3 58. Ke3 Kg3 59. Ke2 Kf4 60. Kd3 ...
May-07-21 Kholmov vs A Belousov, 1974
An Englishman: Good Evening: A thought for poor Belousov. He invents a gambit trying to rehabilitate one of the worst defenses in chess, essays it versus one of the strongest Soviet GMs of the era, takes the loss, and *therefore*... ...the chess ...
May-07-21 Bondarevsky vs Kan, 1939
Straclonoor: Mikhail Botvinnik paid a lot attention to rook endings with 'f' and 'h' pawns. He mentioned in special article 'Rook endings with f and h pawns', published in mid 1950s not only in chess editions but in common media as well, that ...
May-06-21 Ian Nepomniachtchi
vonKrolock: <Albertan: An interview> Half an hour, and a few minutes and seconds, and with subtitles in Russian (just in case)
May-06-21 W Adams vs L S Greene, 1941
Honza Cervenka: 17...Nc3 is lovely move but 17...a4 18.a3 Ra5 19.Be8 Bf6 was objectively better.
May-06-21 E Danieli vs A Colovic, 1999
drollere: <asiduodiego> great post. hope to see more.
May-06-21 Korchnoi vs Short, 1976
HeMateMe: <Orbitkind: It's crazy that Short beat Petrosian and Korchnoi by the age of 12. > Guys from Poughkeepsie and Schenectady beat the adult Bobby Fischer. the hard part is doing it in a tournament...
May-06-21 J Minaya Molano vs Suttles, 1966
WTHarvey: White mates in 3. [DIAGRAM] 31. ? if 31...♔f7 32.♕h7+
May-06-21 A Medina Garcia vs E Walther, 1966
WTHarvey: Turning point in the game: [DIAGRAM] 13. ? if 13...♕f4+ 14.♘d2 isn't any better
May-06-21 Capablanca vs Alekhine, 1927
SymphonicKnight: As few have pointed out; Capablanca does make a notable error in playing 22.Nc3? (~-1.7 Stockfish) instead of 23.Nc5! but as Lasker noted for example 23...Bxc5!? 24.bxc5 Rc8 25.e4 Nf6 26.a4! Rxc5 27.Qb4! Nd7 28.axb5 a5 29.Qe1 ...
May-06-21 N Littlewood vs R Roth, 1966
WTHarvey: White mates in 6. [DIAGRAM] 26. ? if 26...♔g7 27.♖xf8
May-06-21 E Alekseev vs I Krush, 2013
Phony Benoni: Third time's a charm.
May-06-21 E Shaposhnikov vs A Reunanen, 2004
fredthebear: 25.Nf6+? does not work out for White. Even the alternative 25...NxNf6 leaves Black an edge because he controls the half-open a- and b- files. An unsound sacrifice is a common way that the stronger player loses -- overplaying his hand.
May-06-21 R Pruijssers vs Cuenca Jimenez, 2014
chrisowen: Sorry federal it is no?
May-06-21 P G V Andersson vs K B Richardson, 1984
fredthebear: 17...Qa5 and the Black queen escapes; play could have continued reasonably. Keith Bevan Richardson earned the GMC title in 1975.
May-06-21 Bareev vs Fressinet, 2003
plang: 9..e5 had been played in Ponomariov's win over Vallejjo Pons a few months earlier at Linares; 9..Bxc3 had been played recently in the little known game Barsov-Reefat Bangladesh 2003. In that game White had played 10 bxc and Black had gone ...
May-06-21 Rubinstein vs K Treybal, 1925
Gregor Samsa Mendel: In my last note, I meant 26..Rg8 instead of 28..Kh8.
May-06-21 Janowski vs Showalter, 1899
NM JRousselle: These guys did not like to resign, but 3 pieces for a rook...
May-06-21 Zukertort vs Burn, 1886
shallowred: Yeah; too bad, it could have been an interesting game. But Zukertort's blunder shouldn't keep us from learning from Amos. His play after 24.f3 is instructive. 25... Qd5 (nice pin) and 26... Re8 (do you call that a pre-pin?) would have ...
May-06-21 S Megaranto vs Radjabov, 1997
fredthebear: Both players are grandmasters today.
May-06-21 A Rothman vs Denker, 1944
Petrosianic: <whiteshark>: The technical department is in sac mode and says <11.Nxd5!> Then what happens? Looks to me like Black might be able to ride it out.
May-06-21 Fischer vs Stein, 1967
Sally Simpson: That is indeed sad news, I expressed concern a few months back as we had not heard not him for a while and he was a regular and good poster. He will be missed here. Rest in Peace.
May-06-21 Pillsbury vs Showalter, 1899
Jean Defuse: ... The primary source <'The Courier-Journal' (Louisville) 1899.12.24 (SUN), p. 6> give: <22.12.1899> for the 2nd game (played blindfolded) Pillsbury vs Showalter, 1899 <23.12.1899> for the 3rd game: Showalter vs ...
May-06-21 A Stefanova vs N Speck, 2006
Stefan Lukke: I was at this tournament and witnessed this game. Stefanova was furious after resigning. I remember Nick in the analysis room (otherwise known as the hotel Caleta bar), asked by me how she was after the game, telling me "God she was ...
May-06-21 Alekhine vs Capablanca, 1927
SymphonicKnight: A classic game that catapults Alekhine into the lead. After a tumultuous middlegame, after which the game is even, Capablanca makes 4 consecutive mistakes to lose this game: 33...Ne4?! (...Qa5! even) 34...Rc3? (...Nc3! +0.4) ...
May-06-21 B Brinck-Claussen vs C Boutteville, 1966
fredthebear: It's no time for a knight sacrifice, trying to pin on the light squares, leaving h3 unprotected.
May-06-21 P Poschel vs E Levin, 1946
FSR: 22.Nf1 was a smidge inaccurate.
May-06-21 Pillsbury vs Showalter, 1899
Jean Defuse: ... The Courier-Journal (Louisville) 1899.12.24, p. 6: The blindfolded game between 'Pillsbury and Showalter' which was partially described in yesterday's Courier-Journal, was not finished until after 2 o'clock yesterday morning. It ...
May-06-21 Gheorghiu vs Ribli, 1985
floryncd1970: White should play 37.a4!, and if black takes the h2 pawn, then knight to c7 regains the pawn on a6...
May-06-21 Gheorghiu vs Gligoric, 1982
floryncd1970: A terrible clash between two "classical" players of XX century!
May-06-21 Carlsen vs V A Loginov, 2001
perfidious: This pursuit of Carlsen's every taste of defeat has an almost pathological air about it, and seems beneath a poster whose handle indicates a rather more exalted view of himself than this. It is, in its way, still more pathetic than ...
May-06-21 E Schallopp vs Anderssen, 1866
Marcelo Bruno: If 26. … fxe5, White replies with 27. Ng5 followed by mate.
May-06-21 E Schallopp vs Anderssen, 1864
Marcelo Bruno: White threatens mate in a few moves; after Ng5 there's pratically nothing that can save Black's position..
May-06-21 H Caro vs Lasker, 1890
Marcelo Bruno: <syracrophy>: Indeed I have the continuation: 14. Kf6 15. Nd7+ Kg7 16. Nxc8. Source: Ansur, Alfredo. O jogo real, 2nd ed.. (a rare Portuguese from 1926, which was first released in 1907).
May-06-21 Kostic vs J Enevoldsen, 1935
Diademas: Nothing wrong with that, but after let's say 28...Kg7 29.Nh5+ Kh7 it's not banal to spot a way forward. And the move played, 28.Bxc6 wins a piece.
May-06-21 Karpov vs Korchnoi, 1986
beatgiant: <iron john> Even if White gets two moves in a row and plays 58. Rf5 followed by 59. Rxf4, it's still a book draw. Here's a tablebase resource for you
May-06-21 David Howell
Messiah: Dear <alice24>, Thank you for the kind recommendation, but I am afraid I cannot go for it. I am not in the USA, and about one hour ago I received my first AstraZeneca-type vaccination dosage. Most probably the already raging chess ...
May-06-21 B Rytov vs Tal, 1979
perfidious: Botvinnik had a different view on the matter, once writing, according to Terence Reese and Albert Dormer: <If Tal offers you a pawn, take it. If Petrosian offers you a pawn, decline it. If I offer you a pawn, think it over.>
May-06-21 Oskar Oglaza vs S L Narayanan, 2018
DaltriDiluvi: The final mistake of the game was <62.Qc7+?>, after which White did not get another chance. <62.Ke1!> was the only drawing move.
May-06-21 Hug vs R Calvo, 1972
DaltriDiluvi: After <59.a6!> or <59.d4!>, White is winning. After <59.Kb6?>, Black defended perfectly.
May-06-21 D Pruess vs Shulman, 2004
RickAlexander: Very well played by Preuss.
May-06-21 Konstantinopolsky vs L Shamaev, 1938
DaltriDiluvi: Surprisingly (at least to me), 56...Ne5? is the losing move.
May-06-21 S Vainshtein vs H Fahrni, 1916
Stolzenberg: Black played 2. ... b6, but never played ... Bb7. It seems, that he did not understand the opening he chose.
May-06-21 P Avgousti vs C Uzman, 1970
paavoh: What a difference 12. Nf3 or 12.Be3 made... A Monday puzzle, perhaps?
May-06-21 Dzindzichashvili vs C Coudari, 1980
DaltriDiluvi: I wonder if Black lost on time? The final position is a draw if Black blocks the g-pawn with <94...Bf4!> or <94...Bh4!>. It’s worth noting that <92.Kg7!> is the only winning move. It’s more important to help the ...
May-06-21 Carlsen vs Harald Furnes, 2000
Messiah: 'Furnishing The 3rd Rank'
May-06-21 Salov vs Andersson, 1987
iron john: yes rc1,what a move.but black should wait to play it .
May-06-21 J Rappaport
Chessist: Heemsoth's opponent seems to have been this guy:
May-06-21 Nakamura vs Carlsen, 2021
Messiah: Whoops! :-)
May-06-21 V Mencinger vs I Ibragimov, 1994
Messiah: Very nice handling of this complicated structure by Black! I love the strategic richness of this line - even a 2300-2400-ish can get completely lost in the Flohr Forest. Excellent job, aesthetically appealing!
May-06-21 Reti vs Alekhine, 1925
SymphonicKnight: This game has been called Alekhine''s best game, and is truly marvelous, being also a reversed Alekhine's Defense. Tartakower said, "Capablanca has the title, Lasker has the results, but only Alekhine has the style of a real world
May-06-21 T Serra Olives vs O Chernikov, 2011
Messiah: Very nice game, full of difficult decisions on both sides. Definitely worth a look!
May-06-21 Oliver Stork
perfidious: This player delivers the goods.
May-06-21 Maczuski vs Kolisch, 1863
GlennOliver: 13. ... Qh4 and Black is down, but has a playable game.
May-06-21 Euwe vs Smyslov, 1948
FSR: Smyslov's 7-1 lifetime score against Euwe was only the second best score of another world champion against Euwe. The chess god Lasker beat him 3-0.
May-06-21 O Stork vs A Longson, 2019
FSR: Stork delivered in this game.
May-06-21 P Korobkov vs N Aggelis, 2010
fredthebear: 22.Na7!? certainly isn't the first move that comes to mind. If 23...RxNa7, then 24.c6 piles on the pinned b-pawn and threatens to become a passed pawn.
May-06-21 Wilhelm Steinitz
jessicafischerqueen: <Gottschalk> Possibly might you list your source for the game you posted? That might avoid future replication of the error.
May-06-21 S Johannessen vs J Durao, 1966
WTHarvey: White wins (entrapment): [DIAGRAM] 22. ? if 22...dxc4 23.♕e4
May-06-21 S Diaz Carias vs J Cordovil, 1966
WTHarvey: White mates in 2. [DIAGRAM] 30. ? 30...♖xh6 31.♕e5#
May-06-21 B Ivanovic vs Marjanovic, 1982
Straclonoor: Tablebase draw after 62 moves.
May-06-21 P Velikov vs Groszpeter, 1982
Straclonoor: [DIAGRAM] Black missed nice attack here - 22....Re8+!! Analysis by Stockfish 190321: -+ (-8.63): 22...Re8+ 23.Ne5 Rxe5+ 24.Kd4 Re2 25.Kc3 Rxf2 26.Rhe1 f5 27.g3 Rc6+ 28.Kd4 Be4 29.Rc1 Rd6+ 30.Ke5 Rd8 31.g4 Re8+ 32.Kd4 Rd2+ 33.Ke3 ...
May-06-21 Nenarokov vs P Romanovsky, 1925
Straclonoor: [DIAGRAM] The rest of the game is <62....Kf5?? 63.a4 Ke6 64.Ke4 draw> Black could won this pawn ending. 62... Kf6 63. a4 Kf5 64. b3 Kf6 65. b4 Ke6 66. a5 bxa5 67. bxa5 Kd7 68. Kc5 Kc7 69. Kd4 Kb8 70. Kc4 Ka7 71. Kc3 c5 72. Kb3 ...
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