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Jun-05-20 Kenneth S Rogoff
saffuna: A Twitter account that does nothing but copy Trump tweets was suspended for "glorifying violence."
Jun-05-20 Carlsen vs W So, 2020
Carrots and Pizza: Seems like Magnus and So both wanted to cruise to a draw here. The opening is strange. After 8.Rxe5 it's hard to believe that the person playing the white pieces is the greatest chess player in history.
Jun-05-20 Y Porat vs Y Safvat, 1958
Delboy: Beautiful thematic 'queen's indian' attack. Note that 18. ... Qh4 threatened 19. ... Qxh2+ 20. Kxh2 Rh6+. There seems to be a mistake with the score at the end. Maybe the final moves were 26. ... e3 27. Bc3 Rh6+
Jun-05-20 Kibitzer's Café
TommyChess: <<MissScarlett: <Hazz>, you know me, I'm all about peace, love and understanding - we need to engage in settlement talks with the powers-that-be. <Pipes Of Peace - Paul McCartney> ...
Jun-05-20 Schlechter vs Meitner, 1899
Granny O Doul: 28...Qe7 invites an ending where White has a passed a-pawn supported by a piece, and his king closer to the action than its counterpart. It looks to me lost for Black. As noted above, 30...Qe6 was the losing moment.
Jun-05-20 Lindores Abbey Rapid Challenge (2020)
Clemens Scheitz: I see no reasons to oppose any of your suggestions for the world championship or the quicker formats <Sokrates>, in fact 5 minutes is what I play against the computer and 30 minutes is what I used to play at the club, also I
Jun-05-20 D Dubov vs Nakamura, 2020
SChesshevsky: I don't get it. Why does black feel like he has to be so active in these armageddon games when a draw wins? Is it simply whites extra minute? In this tournament didn't Ding play the two knights as black in an earlier armageddon? It's
Jun-05-20 Spassky vs Tal, 1961
rwbean: Also 21. ♖xd5 as mentioned by talwnbe4, or 22. ♖xg7+ not mentioned ... would have been crushing. Looks like 17... h6 would have been equal.
Jun-05-20 Biographer Bistro
Paint My Dragon: <Ermanis> seems to fit with Di Felice and
Jun-05-20 Jeremy Lim
saffuna: The Bears offense couldn't do much against the Rams in that game, scoring only 17 despite the defense getting it the ball often and with good field position. But the Rams simply could not move the ball. (Their QB was Dieter Brock.) ...
Jun-05-20 L Roedl vs L Engels, 1935
Phony Benoni: And not 29...Rxc2, which leads to mate.
Jun-05-20 Joseph William Mellor vs Lasker, 1902
dumptrump: Knowing the source isn't enough for her highness?!
Jun-05-20 Nunn vs H Ree, 1982
Phandaal: The best pun I've seen on chessgames. Bravo!
Jun-05-20 Ragozin vs P Romanovsky, 1927
TheaN: Typical. I looked long enough at what is objectively the best move 18....Rxf2!! (holy ...
Jun-05-20 Steinitz vs Chigorin, 1889
OhioChessFan: It's hard to believe this was a WCC game. I agree with <Tal> that Black's opening was terrible. But it's easy to see the biggest problem. How do you not play 6...cxd4? It's with tempo, and not playing it allows <that ...
Jun-05-20 J Mileika vs Tal, 1954
seneca16: 41... h6 is indeed cute.
Jun-05-20 Smyslov vs Stoltz, 1953
plang: Stoltz's system of 4..d6 and 5..c5 is certainly not very enterprising and is not seen these days. Two rounds earlier Szabo had played the new move 6 dxc against Stoltz and had gone on to win; Smyslov repeated it. Szabo had played 9 a3; 9 ...
Jun-05-20 W So vs Nakamura, 2020
PawnSac: yep. gotta love those advanced pawns
Jun-05-20 R Gomez Camacho vs P Heimbaecher, 2001
Chessonly: Albin Counter Gambit [Free repertoire against d4]
Jun-05-20 A Karu vs Keres, 1931
Chessonly: Albin Counter Gambit [Free repertoire against d4]
Jun-05-20 NN vs P Lewin, 1864
Chessonly: Albin Counter Gambit [Free repertoire against d4]
Jun-05-20 Queen's Gambit Declined, Albin Counter Gambit (D08)
Chessonly: Albin Counter Gambit [Free repertoire against d4]
Jun-05-20 W So vs Nakamura, 2020
PawnSac: Case in point.. the subsequent game: Hikaru Nakamura vs Wesley So Clutch Champions Showdown (2020) (rapid), INT, rd 1, May-27 English Opening: King's English. Four Knights Variation Quiet Line (A28) · 0-1
Jun-05-20 Anand vs J L Hammer, 2013
fredthebear: Crazy f'n game.
Jun-05-20 Paul Keres
MissScarlett: 45th anniversary of Keres's death; funeral footage (no sound):
Jun-05-20 Nezhmetdinov vs Tal, 1957
carpovius: Tal isn't French like Korchnoi))
Jun-05-20 Clutch Champions Showdown (2020)
pixel pusher: Always enjoy Mr. Ashley's commentary.
Jun-05-20 Shreyas Royal vs A Zapolskis, 2019
luzhin: Impressive victory by a ten year old against an IM. Black should have played 33...Nc2, which rounds up one of White's Rooks. But a lovely sustained attack, nonetheless.
Jun-05-20 Kasparov vs Portisch, 1986
gammarus: This game features in Jörg Hickl's book "The power of pawns" (as an example for the weakness of hanging pawns). Hickl celebrates the move 14. a4!, which lures the queen from the defense of the Be7 (Black doesn't want the pawn to advance ...
Jun-05-20 Daniil Dubov
0ZeR0: In one of the post-game interviews with Nakamura on the official chess24 stream during his match with Dubov, he compared Dubov's style and strength to Alexander Morozevich. A fitting compliment indeed.
Jun-05-20 Tal vs J Kozma, 1957
carpovius: And horrible lose to unknown player((
Jun-05-20 Oliver Penrose
Sally Simpson: *** Thanks for correction on that, I was looking for the game (and the Cambridge Open.) The 1952 came from a report on the Edinburgh Congress in 2002. So it is actually 52 years! The game is here: ...
Jun-05-20 Chigorin vs J Mason, 1901
KEG: Post IX 99. Nc3 Rg2 100. Kb3 Rg3 101. Be4 Re3 102. Bd5 Rh3 103. Bc6 The only notable theme at this point is Tchigorin's effort to avoid repeating the position as he tries to keep the game going until he can adjourn again. 103... ...
Jun-05-20 E Zagorjansky vs P Romanovsky, 1943
thegoodanarchist: Arsenievich: An Old Ace.
Jun-05-20 D Moldovan vs M Ionescu, 2001
plang: 12..h6 was played in Vescovi-Markowski Bermuda 2003 (game not included in this database) - White went on to win.
Jun-05-20 Erasmus Olins
Stonehenge: The editor notes: "Milwaukee Journal", August 11, 1960. I don't know what it says there but I'm pretty sure his name was Ermanis.
Jun-05-20 Stella
Jean Defuse: ... Stella = Judy ...
Jun-05-20 K Szczepkowska-Horowska vs N Zhukova, 2017
WTHarvey: Black mates in 3. [DIAGRAM] 33. …?
Jun-05-20 I Livshin vs P Romanovsky, 1956
Caissas Clown: 1-0. Why ?
Jun-05-20 Nakamura vs W So, 2020
Cheapo by the Dozen: Naka played like a patzer. Even at rapid time controls that's pretty rare. Was there anything distracting about the circumstances of the game?
Jun-05-20 J G Witton vs S Crakanthorp, 1902
optimal play: 21...Rxa2? Instead 21...Rxe1+ maintains an even game 22.Qxc8+! Black was presumably anticipating 22.Rxa2? but white wasn’t interested in that. He had a much better idea. 23.Qxe8+! From here to the end is very well played by ...
Jun-05-20 R Durkin vs Fredericks, 1960
perfidious: <FSR>, have to think you are right about that; cannot see things coming off at all well.
Jun-05-20 Kasparov vs S Martinovic, 1980
tessathedog: 25 Nc4!! is a beautiful move. I suppose thinking with a tactical mindset can lead one to it..."The Nd7 is defended only by the Queen. Can I divert the Queen?". This position was an exercise in one of Jusupov's workbooks. I never hit ...
Jun-05-20 N Pogonina vs A Goryachkina, 2018
SChesshevsky: Wow, for all the traveling Pogonina's remaining rook did, seemed to land on every first rank square and even a few eighth rank squares, it didn't appear to accomplish much.
Jun-05-20 Ulf Andersson vs Timman, 1984
wordfunph: "Sometimes, you'e very satisfied with games which end in a draw. Against Ulf Andersson in Bugojno '84, I thought I was lost after an opening mistake. I was just trying to survive in the type of position where he is especially strong. ...
Jun-05-20 Korchnoi vs Tal, 1968
ZonszeinP: Better than de
Jun-05-20 Chistiakov vs Vasiukov, 1957
Straclonoor: Tablebase draw after 51.Rxb8
Jun-05-20 O Girya vs N Pogonina, 2018
SChesshevsky: <WTHarvey> Are you the Harvey who did the Catalan Chess Puzzles book? An interesting and fun book!
Jun-05-20 Timman vs E Torre, 1982
wordfunph: "One win I was very satisfied with, because it was a classical attacking game, was at Tilburg 1982 against Eugenio Torre. I sacrificed two pieces. You know, if you ask a chessplayer about his best games, he thinks first about ...
Jun-05-20 Antoshin vs Chistiakov, 1953
Straclonoor: Tablebase draw after 44.Rxb7
Jun-05-20 George vs Jackson, 1990
fredthebear: George Straight? George released his hit tune "Ocean Front Property" in 1987. * (My way of saying don't take my comments too seriously.)
Jun-05-20 J A Grefe vs Korchnoi, 1979
SChesshevsky: <... it seems that 13. Ke2 was White's losing move...> I don't know about losing but it did prove to make things a lot more difficult. But 13. Bc1 isn't the easiest to play. 13. Ke2 is obviously the most natural and to self pin
Jun-05-20 Korchnoi vs Geller, 1971
Honza Cervenka: 25.Bg5 would have been better.
Jun-05-20 Duchamp vs R Crepeaux, 1925
rwbean: 20. ♕b3 is +15 30. ♖d1 is +10 ... 12 moves have a positive score with ♖d1 and h3 at the top, 30. ♖c1 is 20th in the ranked list then... 32... ♔f7 is mate in 27 35... ♘d1+ is mate in 3 36... ...
Jun-05-20 A Bangiev vs E Eichhorn, 1985
mariofrisini: something is wrong
Jun-05-20 Pillsbury vs Schlechter, 1904
RookFile: I liked 54. Qd5. A Karpov move. White says, nothing bad is happening to me today - I've got my half point, let's see if you can get yours.
Jun-04-20 Korchnoi - Petrosian Candidates Quarterfinal (1977)
tonsillolith: Petrosian was washed up at this point, so it's not a big surprise Korchnoi beat him.
Jun-04-20 Spassky vs Averkin, 1973
tonsillolith: <takchess: The combination starting at Bishop c7 is incredibly slick. I need to look for more of these double attack possibilities> There's a concept called <tewari analysis> in go, which is how I might try to convince ...
Jun-04-20 Marc Yoffie
jerseybob: He beat Benko pretty impressively in a mid-60s weekend swiss, a game that's somewhere in Chess Review.
Jun-04-20 Mikhail Vladimirovich Golubev
MikhailGolubev: My 50th birthday: the Advokatska Tura international match and an amazing chess study
Jun-04-20 Geller vs Korchnoi, 1971
Honza Cervenka: In final position black is utterly lost but he also missed pretty shot 25...Ne4! [DIAGRAM] Of course, the Knight cannot be taken for a fork on c3 and 26.c4 Ndc3+ 27.Kd3 f5 28.exf6 Rxf6 gives black clear advantage.
Jun-04-20 Kavalek vs Mednis, 1978
wordfunph: equal materials but inferior black piece placements.
Jun-04-20 W Adams vs G Kramer, 1946
sea7kenp: I think there was some Cyanide in that c5 Pawn!
Jun-04-20 Korchnoi vs Geller, 1971
Honza Cervenka: <However, a soviet master unknown to me said that notwithstanding time that 37. Re6 was decisive...> 37.Re6 is definitely a serious threat but black can play 36...Kg7 with idea 37.Re6 Rf6.
Jun-04-20 I Dyner vs K Dreyer, 1934
sea7kenp: I am guessing that Black Resigned, because he couldn't stop the loss of a Piece? That would make 7 ... Nxd4 a questionable Move.
Jun-04-20 Morozevich vs H Hamdouchi, 2001
louispaulsen88888888: I stopped after finding Bb4 but a6!! even faster. Like the old saw, when you see a good move look for a better one.
Jun-04-20 Jose Raul Capablanca
CapablancaDisciple: The greatest player of all time. The veritable Mozart of Chess.
Jun-04-20 Reshevsky vs Mednis, 1972
wordfunph: Sammy simplified things, his a and b pawns made the difference.
Jun-04-20 E Torre vs Mednis, 1991
wordfunph: critical moment when GM Torre unleashed 29.Rxb7!
Jun-04-20 Khmelnitsky vs Mednis, 1989
wordfunph: Igor's attack went pffffttt..
Jun-04-20 G Kramer vs Mednis, 1957
HeMateMe: His friends called him 'Home prep nazi'
Jun-04-20 Graham Lee
Cibator: Seems to have gone inactive and suffered a marked drop in grading in the last few years (see ECF Grading Database). Something bad happened?
Jun-04-20 Stein vs Tal, 1961
Retireborn: <carpovius> Thanks. I knew somebody would tell me, if I just waited a couple of years :)
Jun-04-20 Nakamura vs D Dubov, 2020
Atking: I knew already some of these games. I'm not a fan of Alapin system (True that needless to be one of them to try it) but more I analyse this game more I'm convinced that 13.Ng5 have more future than the move choose by Nakamura. In that game
Jun-04-20 S Belavenets vs Simagin, 1937
spektrowski: The first publication of this game, in the 64 newspaper, contains two more moves: 18. Qxe2 Bxe2 19. Rf2 Qe3.
Jun-04-20 I Bukavshin vs U Eliseev, 2015
engineerX: The two opponents both died in the age of 20, within a year of playing this game.
Jun-04-20 Stella vs Staunton, 1855
Captain Hindsight: Probably <Stella's lorikeet> was playing.
Jun-04-20 Tarrasch vs K Satzinger, 1914
Sally Simpson: *** White to Play. [DIAGRAM] Tarrasch at his brilliant best. Tarrasch's chum, Nimzovitch, would have loved the backward Knight move and subsequent Knight's tour (move 14.) [DIAGRAM] Tarrach hops the Knight from c3-d1-f2-g4 and it
Jun-04-20 Nezhmetdinov vs Tal, 1961
carpovius: Tartar wizard
Jun-04-20 Akopian vs A Stambulian, 1991
zenwabi: The final position is the solution to chess tactical puzzle #763 in the 2005 edition of ANTHOLOGY OF CHESS COMBINATIONS, under the tactical theme DEMOLITION OF PAWN STRUCTURE.
Jun-04-20 Chandler vs P Littlewood, 1996
Fischer of Men: I've never seen the King trapped in a box like that before.
Jun-04-20 Michael Francis Stean
Nosnibor: Stean shared first place with Hug in the St Jean de Mouts Master Tournament in July 1973 scoring 7/10.3rd equal were Toth and Preissmann 6.5,5th equal Ghitescu and Hartoch 6,7th Puhm 5,8th Kouatly 4,9th Gereben 3.5, 10th Goldenberg 2.5 ...
Jun-04-20 Spielmann vs Vidmar, 1907
fredthebear: Reversal of fortune. Spielman w/White defeated Vidmar the year before (1906) in the same opening. Spielmann vs Vidmar, 1906 This database shows the two were evenly matched.
Jun-04-20 Chistiakov vs B Vladimirov, 1955
Straclonoor: TB draw after 53 moves
Jun-04-20 J Villena Perez vs G Swathi, 2006
Klaus Peter: Klaus Peter luzhin: On the other hand White could have completely refuted 8...Bxe4 with 9.Qh5+! 9...g6 10. Qe5 Bxd3 11. Qxh8 Qh4+ 12. g3 Qe4+ 13. Kd1 Qxh1 14. Qxg8+ Ke7 15. Qg7+ Kd6 16. Qe5+ Kc6 17. Qb5+ Kd6 18. Qe5+ remis
Jun-04-20 C H Maderna vs E Eliskases, 1955
Straclonoor: This game was in round 3 and Eliskases improved vs. Ivkov vs Panno, 1955 , which was in round 1, - 11....Qc7! instead of 11....Bd7
Jun-04-20 V Hanninen vs J H Donner, 1957
Straclonoor: 8.Bd3 - unsuccessful novelty in that time.
Jun-04-20 Levenfish vs Ragozin, 1934
fredthebear: Destroyed!
Jun-04-20 E Karklins vs E Tate, 1994
Stonehenge: Yes, Tate won according to .
Jun-04-20 Roy Thomas
Nosnibor: I have now discovered that the games played up to 1969 are those of Ronald Thomas and not Roy Thomas. He played in the Cleveland area and was born in 1939.The db therefore requires amendment.
Jun-04-20 Rubinstein vs E Cohn, 1908
Mateo: I am not sure that this endgame is flawless. 54.Bd3?! was unnecessary. White could simply play 54.Ra1 Bxg4 55.Rg1 was simpler. 54.Be4? was bad (a better attemps was 54.Kd4). Cohn played the good 55...Be2 but one move later he should have ...
Jun-04-20 Nakamura vs D Dubov, 2020
MordimerChess: <yiotta> Thank you for kind comment!
Jun-04-20 D Dubov vs Nakamura, 2020
MordimerChess: What a game... both players played for the win. Hikaru because he had no choice as he lost one game already and needed to equalize the score. Daniil because he was afraid of Kamikaze-Naka playing as white. At least that's what he ...
Jun-04-20 Lasker vs Charles Juehne, 1906
jnpope: The game was published in the <St. Louis Globe-Democrat> 1906.02.18, Editorial Section, p15.
Jun-04-20 Gennady Efimovich Nesis
spingo: Perhaps he is also a former Doctor of Optometry in the USA: an ex-OD (US).
Jun-04-20 Harikrishna vs Mamedyarov, 2006
fredthebear: Hear! Hear!
Jun-04-20 D Freeman vs K McDonald, 2011
jith1207: <I hadn't heard of Daniel Freeman until today...> That's because he was <Sneaky>.
Jun-04-20 Efim Bogoljubov
jith1207: <Jeff Popp>: sorry to hear that, may she rest in peace.
Jun-04-20 Filip vs I Ibrahimoglu, 1968
Chesgambit: 29.d5! 28...Nb6 better but still white better black pieces badly Nd7 -Nf6 black can't find any plan but Nb6 still good control d5 25...Nxc4 should better 8...Nb6?! 8...0-0!
Jun-04-20 Ismet Ibrahimoglu
Chesgambit: sources
Jun-04-20 O Girya vs J Eric, 2019
WTHarvey: White wins: [DIAGRAM] 26. ?
Jun-04-20 E Friederich Schrader vs Lasker, 1906
Hans Renette: I want to see that one as well. Let me know if you find it.
Jun-04-20 Tal vs Aronin, 1962
carpovius: Tal had at least 4 checks before to be mated. In a blitz game it can work to survive. Can somebody find more than four before die?
Jun-04-20 O Girya vs O Gritsayeva, 2014
WTHarvey: White wins: [DIAGRAM] 32. ?
Jun-04-20 O Girya vs M Mdivani, 2014
WTHarvey: White mates in 4. [DIAGRAM] 22. ?
Jun-04-20 K Bhakti vs O Girya, 2010
WTHarvey: Black mates in 4. [DIAGRAM] 30. …? 32.♖g4 ♕xf4+ 33.♔e5 f6#
Jun-04-20 Rousseau - Stanley (1845)
jnpope: Sweet. They got around to the correction slips. During a 2016 trip to the JGW Collection I had a few minutes so I photographed every page of <Thirty-One Games at Chess>, Stanley 1846, and compared them to the games we had here and ...
Jun-04-20 Harry Golombek
spingo: <MissScarlett: ...I confess, I've never actually seen someone asleep under a newspaper, but I'm assured it's a thing.> I believe the method is to stuff, or line, one's clothes with the dreaded material. Lying under it is impractical,
Jun-04-20 William Ramsay vs S Crakanthorp, 1903
optimal play: 5.Bxf7+!? was a novelty. 29.Qg4? Better is 29.f5! ± After which followed more inaccurate play by white. After 36...Kg8 either white realised or black announced mate in three 37.Bxe1 Rxe1 38.Rf1 Rxf1 then 39...Rh1#
Jun-04-20 Stuart Rachels
Granny O Doul: I just read the essay noted above, which by the way is now located at . In it, Rachels attributes "I see one move ahead, but it's always the best move" to "Al Jaffe" (not Charles Jaffee); ...
Jun-04-20 I Ivakhinova vs O Girya, 2009
WTHarvey: Bezinga! [DIAGRAM] 38. …?
Jun-04-20 O Girya vs T Gueci, 2013
WTHarvey: White mates in 4. [DIAGRAM] 46. ? w/♘f7#
Jun-04-20 O Girya vs E Vasilenko, 2012
WTHarvey: White mates in 4. [DIAGRAM] 28. ? if 28...♘g5 29.♕h7+ ♔f6 30.♗xg5+ ♔e6 31.♕e7#
Jun-04-20 O Girya vs N Ziaziulkina, 2012
WTHarvey: Ends on a White mates in 4. [DIAGRAM] 45. ? better is 46.♘e4+ ♔e6 47.♘fg5+ ♕xg5 48.♘xg5#
Jun-04-20 Daniel Friedmann
Stonehenge: See and
Jun-04-20 Lasker vs Russell H Ramsey, 1907
spingo: At the end, White will play 34.Kd4; the ♗c6 stops the king from staying near the ♘f4. Black then plays 34...Rg4 and the h-pawn goes, leaving a level position.
Jun-04-20 Tal vs G Becker, 1964
carpovius: 32. Qd3 was a loosing move)))
Jun-04-20 Allies vs Lasker, 1907
MissScarlett: Individually?
Jun-04-20 Van Wely vs G Guseinov, 2007
saturn2: <Predrag3141 After 45 Bc2 d3, 46 Bxd3 is +-. The queenside pawns win> Far from obvious to me after 46.. Nxa4. But at least I know someone reads my posts.
Jun-04-20 C Orbaan vs H Kramer, 1950
fredthebear: Tactically, Black's final move 25...Rf1# is a zwischenzug check (instead of re-capturing the Be5) and it robs the pinned Bg2 on the long diagonal. White pays a severe price for the Nd1 interrupting the back rank coverage.
Jun-04-20 Bogoljubov vs P List, 1927
sachistu: Thanks <hemy>. Unless someone objects, I will submit a correction slip.
Jun-04-20 Reti vs Marshall, 1925
sachistu: According to the tournament book, White played 53.Kf3. After 53...g6 54.Kg4, the same position as the one on this site is reached. Reinfeld devoted some analysis to this ending in BCM, 1940, p.113-114, also giving 53.Kf3. It might seem a
Jun-04-20 Glek vs S Brynell, 2004
plang: 10..Rb8 had been played in Zhang Zhong - Speelman 2002 BLED Olympiad (game not included in this database) and White went on to win after a long battle.
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