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  1. Boden's Mate
    Games that end in Boden's mate.'...
    18 games, 1853-2017

  2. Classical Games
    These are the games that were selected by GM Avetik Grigoryan for his ChessMood course "Commented Classical Games."
    42 games, 1904-2006

  3. Drawing lines
    These are short games (or in a few cases long games that could have been agreed drawn much earlier) that end in a draw as a logical consequence of the position, usually by perpetual check or other repetition of position, or by an agreed draw in a very drawish endgame.
    373 games, 1872-2020

  4. En passant mates
    These are games where a player effected checkmate by capturing a pawn en passant. It's very rare, comparable in rarity to mating by castling. I think it's become more common in recent years since anyone can play thousands of games on the Internet. As far as I know, I am the only person who has managed to achieve this feat twice!
    4 games, 1928-2017

  5. Exchange Sacrifices
    These are games where a player sacrificed a rook for a bishop or knight, ultimately achieving at least a draw.
    10 games, 1908-1992

  6. FSR's favorite games
    72 games, 1851-2016

  7. Games I submitted to
    113 games, 1896-2014

  8. Games I want to study
    29 games, 1928-2020

  9. Games with notation errors
    These are games where the score as given by is apparently wrong.
    70 games, 1897-2019

  10. Great comebacks
    These are games where one player got a losing position early on (for example, by blundering away a piece), but came back to win or draw the game.
    7 games, 1851-2018

  11. Great players lose miniatures
    25 games, 1890-2020

  12. Horrible theoretical novelties
    These are games where someone played a <really bad> theoretical novelty in a well-known position.
    34 games, 1851-2017

  13. Kasparov-Deep Blue 1997
    6 games, 1997

  14. Lilienthal!
    Andre Lilienthal, who died in 2010 at age 99, met or played every world champion except Steinitz, beating Lasker, Capablanca, Euwe, Botvinnik (twice), and Smyslov (four times). According to his biography, he also beat Alekhine "in a serious game," but I haven't seen that game.
    15 games, 1933-1953

  15. Mate by Castling
    These are games where a player effected checkmate by castling (or came close to doing so, in the case of the Honorable Mentions).
    16 games, 1850-2021

  16. Miniatures
    5 games, 1910-2002

  17. Modern - Dzindzi's 4...Bxc3+ 5.bxc3 f5
    31 games, 1984-2012

  18. My favorite puns
    This is a collection of puns I consider particularly memorable (by anyone, not just me).
    31 games, 1913-2015

  19. O-O-O(+) attacking a rook on b2/b7
    These are games in which a player castles queenside, attacking a rook on b2 or b7 with the king. Ideally in doing so the player attacks another piece (usually the king) with the rook, thus winning material.
    15 games, 1884-2020

  20. Open Games
    Various games beginning with 1.e4 e5.
    1 game, 1982

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