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Chess Game Collections
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  1. ARGH!
    Someone loses the game because they made a slip, had distractions to deal with, or otherwise goofed. Most (but by no means all) of the games here are short.

    See also Game Collection: Oops!

    100 games, 1620-2018

  2. Badum-CHING!
    Funny joke games
    4 games, 1908-1995

    11 games, 1919-2019

  4. Chess History
    5 games, 1475-1933

  5. Corvus frugilegus
    34 games, 1834-2019

  6. His Valiant Majesty
    When the King plays an active role.
    10 games, 1858-1994

  7. Holy Chessmen!
    Concerning the Bishops.
    17 games, 1906-2021

  8. Just a minute while I pick my jaw back up.
    Bizarre real games.
    31 games, 1850-2018

  9. Leading Ladies
    The Queen takes center stage (and sometimes Queens plural).
    20 games, 1882-2022

  10. Légal Moves
    Games featuring the Légal trap or a variant thereof.
    15 games, 1750-2021

  11. My Immortal
    "Immortal" games.

    Collection title references both the song by Evanescence and the hilariously-bad Harry Potter fanfic.

    12 games, 1851-2016

  12. My Little Chessboard
    Horses are magic!
    68 games, 1497-2020

  13. Oops!
    Under construction, will be another hundred games with awful blunders.

    See also Game Collection: ARGH!

    83 games, 1867-2022

  14. The Best in Chess
    Games from The Best in Chess (Compiled by Israel Albert Horowitz and Jack Battell from Chess Review Magazine, and published 1965 by E. P. Dutton & Co., Inc.).

    Games are listed in the order in which they appear in the book, and titled by chapter.

    <Games I was unable to find here:>

    From <Chess Brevities>:

    J. E. Bischoff vs. W. K. Estes, no place or date given in book, Norris Gambit, Estes resigned on move 10.

    Schmann vs. R. Teschner, Bad Pyrmont, 1950, French Defense, Teschner mated on move 10.

    Kunin vs. Ochsenhaut, Moscow, 1958, Ochsenhaut resigned on move 11.

    Gene Evans vs. Karl J. Keppler, no place or date given, Evans resigned after Keppler's eleventh move.

    Chulkov vs. Khaveman, Moscow, 1947, Chulkov mated on move 12.

    N. Kampars vs. F Pigl, Austria, 1950, Kampars mated om move 12.

    Morlock vs Kramer, Varna, 1962, Kramer resigned on move 12.

    Saalbach vs. Pollmacher, Leipzig, 1861, Saalbach mated on move 13.

    Lombardy vs. NN, Colby College, Maine, 1961, the Immortal Patzer resigned on move 13.

    From <Chess Titans of the Thirties>:

    F. Chalupetzky vs. Kallos, Gyor, 1932, Chalupetzky mated on move 36.

    From <Chess Traps>:

    T. C. Madigan vs. A. Johnson, date and place unknown, Johnson resigned on move 16.

    Brychta vs. Botur, Prague, 1952, Botur resigned on move 14.

    F. J. Marshall vs. Amateur, date and place unknown, Marshall mated on move 14.

    L. Pachman vs. Fichtl, Czechoslovakia, 1957, Pachman mated on move 15.

    Ervin Haag vs. Egon Varnusr, Hungarian National Championship, 1958, Varnusr resigned on move 20.

    A. Schroeder vs. A. Rudy, Manhattan Chess Club Rapid Transit, 1958, Schroeder resigned after Rudy's 19th move.

    W. J. Shipman vs. A. B. Bisguier, Manhattan Chess Club Championship, 1960, Shipman resigned after Bisguier's 19th move.

    Ruger vs. Herold, Dresden, 1926, Herold resigned on move 14.

    Schuster vs. Hodakowsky, Stuttgary, 1948, Hodakowsky resigned on move 18.

    J. Mieses vs. Chigorin, Ostend, 1906, Mieses mated on move 16.

    Ban vs. Czirjak, Hungary, 1941, Ban mated on move 14.

    From <Master Play of the Forties>:

    Reshevsky vs. Kashdan, Grünfeld Defense, US Championship Playoff in Plattsburg NY, year not given, Kashdan resigned on move 40.

    L. Steiner vs. G. Fuester, Budapest, 1948, French Defense, Fuester resigned on move 24.

    From <Chess Caviar>:

    Donisthorpe vs. Mundell, London, 1892, Three Knights Game, Mundell resigned on move 15.

    Taube vs. Pinotti, Hamburg. 1939, Petroff Defense, Taube mated on move 15.

    B. Sackman vs. J. Ricard, Albany, 1950, French Defense, Ricard resigned on move 15.

    H. Johner vs. S. G. Tartakower, Berlin, 1928, Sicilian Defense, Johner resigned after Tartakower's 15th move.

    J. Zuckertort vs. Amateur, London, 1880, Vienna Game, NN resigned on move 16.

    A. O'Kelly vs. Ahlbach, Postal game, 1938, Sicilian Defense, Ahlbach resigned on move 16.

    Iljagujev vs. Vannerstrom, Czechoslovakia, 1963, Ruy Lopez, Vannerstrom resigned on move 16.

    Nimzowitsch vs. Alapin, Wilna, 1912, Sicilian Defense, Nimzo mated on move 18

    E. Cohen vs. J. Moyse, Louisville, 1946, French Defense, Moyse resigned on move 18.

    Januschpolsky vs. Rovner, Moscow, 1929, Sicilian Defense, Januschpolsky resigned after Rovner's eighteenth move.

    Wicksman vs. R. Kujoth, correspondence game, 1948, French Defense, Kujoth mated on move 19.

    G. Meszaros vs. I. Wessel, Budapest, 1933. Meszaros resigned after Wessel's nineteenth move.

    C. H. O'D Alexander vs. G. Wood, British Championship, 1948, Sicilian Defense, Alexander resigned after Wood's nineteenth move.

    W. Slater vs. Jack Battell, New York (State Championship), 1952, Queen's Gambit Declined, Slater resigned after Battell's nineteenth move.

    Steinmetz vs. Winnelmann, Bremen, 1962, Sicilian Reversed, Steinmetz resigned after Winnelmann's nineteenth move.

    Sosin vs. Nekrasov, Moscow, 1931, Nekrasov resigned on move 20.

    A. Steiner vs. M. Ruwald, Hungary, 1937, Caro-Kann Defense, Ruwald resigned on move 20.

    95 games, 1850-1963

  15. The Soul of Chess
    All about Pawns
    64 games, 1497-2022

  16. This is really odds.
    Odds games.
    9 games, 1750-1890

  17. When All Available Moves Are Blunders...
    ...the position is called zugzwang (pronounced "TSOOKTS-vahng"). If you could pass a turn, the position might be tenable; however, you must move.
    25 games, 1857-2014

  18. ¡Cállese, Don Quixote!
    2 games, 1910-1999

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