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  1. 10-17-1956
    These are the games played on October 17, 1956.
    1 game, 1956

  2. 1873-08-18
    These were all the games played on August 18, 1873.
    1 game, 1873

  3. 1968-11-25
    These are the games played on November 25, 1968.
    1 game, 1968

  4. 2009-04-07
    These are the games played on April 7, 2009.
    1 game, 2009

  5. Boden's Mate
    In these positions, a queen is sacrificed on c6. Black will be forced to recapture with ...bxc6. Then White mates with Ba6. The black king is trapped in a crossfire of the two bishops.
    2 games, 1853-1934

  6. Kingside Attacks
    When either the g-pawn or h-pawn is moved, then the squares around the king are weakened and the defensive pawn structure is loosened. Then the king is vulnerable to attack. Only one (A. Alekhine vs. Poindle) is actually included (strictly speaking) to show the failure of providing safety for the king. Most of these are from Irving Chernev's book, called Logical Chess, Move by Move. Analyse a sample position and you'll see how it looks and why it loosens the defending pawn structure. The king is usually safest there until the g-pawn or h-pawn is moved. This might lead to possibilities of Blackburne's or Anderssen's Mate. That's all I need to explain.
    2 games, 1936-1981

  7. Opera Mate
    These are all positions of the Opera Mate (where White mates with a bishop, supporting a rook, and in the original game (Paul Morphy vs. Duke of Brunswick / Count Isouard), the black king's only potential escape route (f7) is occupied by one of his own pieces.
    1 game, 1858

  8. Takes Takes Bang! Queen Sacrifices
    In these positions, a queen is sacrificed. In Bredoff-Fischer, San Francisco 1957, the reason was to checkmate the enemy king on the back row. The rook on e5 wasn't actually protected: 1...Qxe5! 2. Rxe5 Rd1+! and White resigned after just 1...Qxe5!. White is mated after 3. Re1 Rxe1#.
    2 games, 1873-1957

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