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  1. 1962 Candidates play-off match: Geller-Keres
    This match was played in Moscow in 1962 between Efim Geller and Paul Keres. The match was to determine second place from the Curacao Candidates tournament, which was won by Petrosian. The winner of this match would have second place, and therefore direct entry to the next Candidates tournament, without playing in the Interzonal tournament. It was an eight-game match, with Keres winning by two games to one with five draws.
    8 games, 1962

  2. 1983 match:Andersson-Tal
    Ulf Andersson and Mikhail Tal finished joint-third in the Moscow Interzonal in 1982. Only two players qualified from that interzonal, and this match which was played in Malmo,Sweden was to decide the reserve player for the Candidates matches. This match consisted of six games, and resulted in one win each and four draws.
    6 games, 1983

  3. Akiba Rubinstein (1882-1961)
    14 games, 1906-1929

  4. Capybara's favorite games
    23 games, 1922-2008

  5. capybara's favorite women's games
    8 games, 2004-2009

  6. Endgames: King & pawns
    27 games, 1858-2009

  7. Endgames: pawnless
    71 games, 1882-2008

  8. Endgames: uneven material
    25 games, 1907-2008

  9. England at the Dresden Olympiad
    All the games played by the England teams,both men and women,at the 2008 Olympiad.There is an error in the database with the result of the game Bhatia-Dedijer from round nine,that was a win for black.
    88 games, 2008

  10. Interesting draws
    29 games, 1883-2008

  11. Interzonals 1952: Stockholm
    The 1952 Interzonal was held in Stockholm in September and October 1952. There were 21 players taking part, and the first eight qualified for the Candidates tournament. Kotov finished first with 16.5/20 (+13 =7 -0),Taimanov and Petrosian were joint-second with 13.5,Geller had 13, and the other qualifiers were Averbakh,Gligoric,Stahlberg and Szabo who all finished with 12.5. Just missing out on 11.5 was Unzicker.
    210 games, 1952

  12. Interzonals 1955: Gothenburg
    The Gothenburg interzonal tournament was played between 15th August and 21st September 1955. It was a 21-player round robin, with the top nine players qualifying for the Candidates tournament. The winner was Bronstein with 15/20 (+10 =10 -0), Keres was second with 13.5, Panno had 13,Petrosian 12.5,Geller and Szabo each had 12 and the other qualifiers were Filip,Pilnik and Spassky with 11. Just missing out with 10.5 were Ilivitsky and Pachman.
    210 games, 1955

  13. Interzonals 1958: Portoroz
    This Interzonal tournament was played in Portoroz in modern day Slovenia, in August and September 1958. It was a 21-player round robin, with the top six players qualifying for the Candidates tournament. It was won by Tal with 13.5/20 (+8 =11 -1),Gligoric was second with 13. Also qualifying were: Benko and Petrosian both with 12.5, and Fischer and Olafsson with 12. Just missing out with 11.5 were Averbakh,Bronstein,Matanovic,Pachman and Szabo.
    210 games, 1958

  14. Interzonals 1962: Stockholm
    The 1962 Interzonal tournament in Stockholm was a 23-player round robin, with six players qualifying for the Candidates tournament. The winner was Fischer with 17.5/22 (+13 =9 -0),joint-second with 15 were Geller and Petrosian,and joint-fourth with 14 were Filip and Korchnoi. But there was a three-way tie for sixth place between Benko,Gligoric and Stein, all with 13.5 points. They then played a double round-robin play-off tournament to decide sixth place.Stein won with 3/4, Benko had 2/3 and Gligoric 0/3. The final game between Benko and Gligoric was not played. Stein did not qualify due to a ruling limiting the number of players from one country participating in the Candidates tournament, so the last place went to Benko.
    258 games, 1962

  15. Interzonals 1973 play-off: Portoroz
    The Petropolis Interzonal of 1973 had resulted in a three-way tie for second place, only two of these players would qualify for the Candidates matches. So this tournament at Portoroz was arranged, in which each player played four games against each of the other players. This was won by Portisch with 5.5/8, Polugaevsky had 3.5 and Geller had 3.So Portisch and Polugaevsky took the two remaining places in the Candidates matches.
    12 games, 1973

  16. Interzonals 1973: Leningrad
    The Leningrad Interzonal was played in June 1973.It was an eighteen-player round robin,with the top three players qualifying for the Candidates matches.There was a tie for first place with 13.5/17 between Karpov(+10 =7 -0) and Korchnoi(+11 =5 -1).In third place was Byrne with 12.5,and just missing out with 11 was Smejkal.
    153 games, 1973

  17. Interzonals 1973: Petropolis
    The Petropolis Interzonal of 1973 was an eighteen-player round robin with the top three qualifying for the Candidates matches. The winner was Mecking with 12.5/17 (+7 =10 -0),and there was a three-way tie for second place with 11.5 -Polugaevsky,Portisch and Geller, with Smyslov just behind with 11. There was a play-off later in the year to decide qualification and Polugaevsky and Portisch joined Mecking in the Candidates matches.
    152 games, 1973

  18. Interzonals 1976: Biel
    There were two interzonal tournaments in 1976, with three players qualifying from each one to compete in the Candidates matches. This Interzonal tournament was held in Biel,Switzerland in July and August 1976. Larsen finished in first place with 12.5/19 with 8 wins,9 draws and 2 losses. There was a three-way tie for second place with Portisch,Petrosian and Tal all finishing with 12 points. Just 1/2 point behind were Byrne,Huebner and Smyslov. A play-off tournament was played in Italy, and Petrosian and Portisch qualified for the Candidates matches.
    190 games, 1976

  19. Interzonals 1976: Manila
    The interzonal at Manila was played in June and July 1976, with twenty players. The top three were to qualify for the Candidates matches. Mecking finished first with 13/19 (+8 =10 -1), with Hort and Polugaevsky joint-second with 12.5, 1/2 point clear of Tseshkovsky. The game Gheorghiu-Pachman from round 4 is not in the database, that game was drawn after 18 moves. Also Ribli won his game on default from round 16 against Quinteros. Mecking,Hort and Polugaevsky qualified for the Candidates tournament. Boris Spassky finished joint-tenth with 10 points,but he replaced Fischer in the Candidates tournament.
    188 games, 1976

  20. Interzonals 1976: play-off
    The interzonal tournament in Biel had resulted in a three-way tie for second place. Only two of these could qualify for the Candidates matches, so a play-off tournament was held in Varese, Italy. Every player played each of the others four times, and the top two players would compete in the Candidates tournament the following year. There were only two decisive games; Petrosian with one win and no losses finished first, Portisch with one win and one loss finished second, and Tal with no wins and one loss finished third. So Petrosian and Portisch qualified for the Candidates matches.
    12 games, 1976

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