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Magnus Carlsen vs Stig Tjomsland
Gausdal Classics GM (2002), Gausdal NOR, rd 1, Apr-11
King's Indian Defense: Orthodox Variation. Glek Defense (E94)  ·  1-0



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Kibitzer's Corner
Oct-21-18  Sergash: Stig Tjomsland was born in Norway in April of 1979 and was about to turn 23 when he played this game. In Chessbase, at the beginning of this tournament Carlsen, 11 years old, was rated 2127 vs 2274 for Tjomsland, who is now a FIDE master. The highest rating he has achieved, so far, is 2378 in May 2011.

<2...g7-g6 3.Ng1-f3 Bf8-g7 4.Nb1-c3 0-0 5.e2-e4 d7-d6 6.Bf1-e2! Nb8-a6 7.0-0> King's Indian Defense, Khazakh Variation. My research in Chessbase indicates that this was the first time someone was playing this 2nd move against Carlsen in an official game. Before that game, I could only find 2...c7-c5 with two different continuations by Carlsen:

A) 3.Ng1-f3 c5xd4 4.Nf3xd4 e7-e5 5.Nd4-b5 d7-d5 6.c4xd5 Bf8-c5 7.Nb5-c3 0-0 8.e2-e3 e5-e4 9.h2-h3 Rf8-e8 10.g2-g4 Re8-e5 11.Bf1-c4? (11.a2-13! ⩲ Komodo 9.2 64 bits) Nb8-d7 ⩱ Carlsen vs I Cordts, 2000, 0-1.

B) 3.d4-d5 b7-b5 4.c4xb5 a7-a6 5.f2-f3!? a6xb5 6.e2-e4 Qd8-a5+! 7.Bc1-d2 Qa5-b6?! (7...b5-b4 ⩲ Theo Van de Berkmortel - Klaus Berg (2340), Dieren Open (Netherlands) 1985, round 4, 0-1) 8.Qd1-b3 Bc8-a6 9.Nb1-a3 b5-b4 10.Na3-c4 Qb6-c7! 11.a2-a3 e7-e6! 12.Qb3-e3 Ba6xc4! 13.Bf1xc4= Carlsen vs T Thorhallsson, 2001, draw.

<8.Rf1-e1=> The main line goes 8.Bc1-e3! Nf6-g4 9.Be3-g5 f7-f6! (9...Qd8-e8 10.Nc3-d5! f7-f6! 11.Bg5-h4 ⩲ Brandon Clarke (2014) - David Coates (2047), Blackpool Open (England) 2010, round 4, 0-1) 10.Bg5-c1 ⩲ Hort vs R Nicevski, 1977, 1-0.

Nov-07-18  Sergash: <8...Qd8-e8?! 9.Be2-f1 ⩲> Better seems: 8...e5xd4 9.Nf3xd4 Na6-c5! 10.Be2-f1 Nc5-e6! (Andrew Ho - Martin Valev, World Championship under 12 in St. Lorenzo (Mexico) 1995, round 1, 1-0) 11.f2-f3N Ne6xd4 12.Qd1xd4 Nf6-d7! 13.Qd4-d2!= ΔQd2-c2. Stockfish 9 - 64 bits POPCNT.

<9...c7-c6 10.d4-d5! ⩲> Here also 9...e5xd4!? 10.Nf3xd4 (Yuri Malinin (2398) - Oleg Sukhorukov, Russia Championship 2002 in Sosnovy Bor, round 3, 1-0) Na6-c5N 11.f2-f3 ⩲ Stockfish 9 - 64 bits POPCNT.

<10...Qe8-e7> Here there is 10...b7-b6!? ± Stockfish 9 - 64 bits POPCNT.

<11.Ra1-b1N> A novelty by Carlsen. A useful precaution here is: 11.h2-h3!? ⩲ Stockfish 9 - 64 bits POPCNT.

<11...Bc8-d7?! 12.b2-b4! ±> Depriving a knight from accessing the d7 square. 11...Na6-c7 12.b2-b4 ⩲ seems better. Stockfish 9 - 64 bits POPCNT.

<13.Nc3xd5?! Nf6xd5! 14.e4xd5! Na6-c7 15.Bc1-e3 Rf8-c8 16.c4-c5 ⩲> Better to immediately recapture with the e-pawn 13.e4xd5! ± Stockfish 9 - 64 bits POPCNT.

<16...Nc7-e8?! 17.Qd1-b3 ±> Of course, if 16...d6xc5?? 17.d5-d6 would win a piece. But 16...Bd7-g4! 17.a2-a4! Rc8-d8! (17...Bg4xf3 18.g2xf3 ± Stockfish 9 - 64 bits POPCNT) 18.Bf1-c4 ⩲ Stockfish 9 - 64 bits POPCNT.

<17...h7-h6?!> Better is 17...Qe7-d8! 18.Nf3-d2! Ne8-f6 ± Stockfish 9 - 64 bits POPCNT.

<18.Rb1-c1> Stronger is 18.Nf3-d2! ± Stockfish 9 - 64 bits POPCNT.

<18...Kg8-h7?! 19.Nf3-d2! f7-f5 ± / +-> Missing 18...a7-a5! 19.b4xa5 Ra8xa5 20.Qb3xb7 d6xc5▢ 21.Qb7-b6! Qe7-d8 22.Qb6xd8 Rc8xd8 23.Be3xc5 ± Stockfish 9 - 64 bits POPCNT.

Nov-13-18  Sergash: <20.Nd2-c4?!> More precise is 20.f2-f3! ± Stockfish 9 - 64 bits POPCNT.

<20...Qe7-f6?!> 20...e5-e4! 21.a2-a4 ± Stockfish 9 - 64 bits POPCNT.

<21.Nc4-a5!? f5-f4! 22.Be3-d2▢ ±> Again 21.f2-f3!+- Stockfish 9 - 64 bits POPCNT.

<23.c5-c6?! Bd7-f5 ±> Tempting but better is 23.Na5-c4! b6-b5! 24.Nc4-a5! ± / +- Stockfish 9 - 64 bits POPCNT.

<24.Na5-c4?!> The best move appears to be 24.Na5-b7! Rc8-c7! 25.Bf1-d3 ± Stockfish 9 - 64 bits POPCNT.

<24...Qf6-f7?!> Here, Tjomsland missed 24...b6-b5! 25.Nc4-b2 a7-a6 ± or 25...Ne8-c7 ± Stockfish 9 - 64 bits POPCNT.

<25.Qb3-f3? ⩲> Here, let go that pawn! 25.b4-b5! Qf7xd5 (or 25...Rc8-c7 26.Rc1-d1!+- Stockfish 9 - 64 bits POPCNT) 26.Rc1-d1! Qd5-f7 (or 26...Qd5-g8 27.Bd2-b4!+- Stockfish 9 - 64 bits POPCNT) 27.Bd2-b4!+- Stockfish 9 - 64 bits POPCNT.

<25...g6-g5?? 26.g2-g4!+-> Again, the action should turn around the b5 square: 25...b6-b5! 26.Nc4-a5! a7-a6! (26...Ne8-c7?! 27.Na5-b7! Bg7-f8 28.g2-g4! f4xg3ep▢ 29.h2xg3 ± Stockfish 9 - 64 bits POPCNT) 27.g2-g4! f4xg3ep▢ 28.h2xg3! ⩲ Stockfish 9 - 64 bits POPCNT.

<26...e5-e4?! 27.Re1xe4! Bf5xe4 28.Qf3xe4+ Kh7-g8+-> The lesser evil is 26...Bf5-g6 27.b4-b5! Rc8-c7+- Stockfish 9 - 64 bits POPCNT.

<29.Bf1-d3?? b6-b5!▢ ⩲> Now that he was winning, Magnus loses it all... 29.b4-b5!+- Stockfish 9 - 64 bits POPCNT. A new game starts here...

<30.Nc4-a3? a7-a6 31.Qe4-f3 Ne8-c7=> Time pressure? Loses any advantage left... 30.Nc4-a5! ⩲ Stockfish 9 - 64 bits POPCNT.

Nov-23-18  Sergash: <32.Bd3-e4?! Rc8-e8! ⩱> 32.Bd3-c2!= Stockfish 9 - 64 bits POPCNT Δ32...Nc7xd5?? 33.Bc2-b3+- and of course if 32...Qf7xd5?? 33.Bc2-b3+-

<33.Qf3-d3?!> 33.Na3-b1! Re8xe4! 34.Qf3xe4 Ra8-e8! 35.Qe4-c2! Qf7xd5 36.Bd2-c3! Qd5xc6! ⩱ Stockfish 9 - 64 bits POPCNT.

<33...Re8-e5? 34.Bd2-c3! Re5-e7 35.Na3-b1 f4-f3=> Tjomsland misses the strong 33...Re8xe4! 34.Qd3xe4 Ra8-e8 35.Qe4-d3 Qf7xd5! 36.Qd3xd5+▢ Nc7xd5 37.c6-c7▢ Nd5-e7 ∓ Stockfish 9 - 64 bits POPCNT.

<36.Rc1-e1?? Bg7xc3! 37.Nb1xc3▢-+> Now Carlsen is losing... 36.Be4xf3= Stockfish 9 - 64 bits POPCNT.

<37...Qf7-f4?! 38.h2-h3▢ ∓> Black is winning here: 37...h6-h5! 38.h2-h3 h5xg4 39.h3xg4 Qf7-f4! 40.Kg1-f1 Qf4xg4 41.Qd3xf3 Qg4xf3▢ 42.Be4xf3 Re7xe1▢ 43.Kf1xe1-+ Stockfish 9 - 64 bits POPCNT, Black is winning in this position.

<38...Ra8-f8?? 39.Re1-e3▢ h6-h5! 40.Re3xf3▢ Qf4-c1+▢ 41.Kg1-g2▢+-> The only way for Black to maintain a clear advantage is with 38...a6-a5! 39.Re1-b1▢ a5xb4! 40.Rb1xb4▢ Qf4-c1+! 41.Nc3-d1▢ Ra8xa2 (or 41...Ra8-a3 42.Rb4-b3▢ Ra3xa2 43.Be4xf3▢ Ra2-d2▢ 44.Qd3-g6+! Re7-g7▢ 45.Qg6-b1▢ Qc1xb1▢ 46.Rb3xb1 transposes in the main variation) 42.Be4xf3▢ Ra2-d2! 43.Qd3-g6+▢ Re7-g7▢ 44.Qg6-b1▢ Qc1xb1▢ 45.Rb4xb1 Rg7-f7▢ 46.Bf3-h1 Kg8-g7 ∓ Stockfish 9 - 64 bits POPCNT.

Nov-23-18  Sergash: <41...h5xg4? 42.Be4-h7+! Re7xh7 (no choice, else White would mate in 3 moves) 43.Rf3xf8+▢ Kg8xf8 44.Qd3xh7 +-> Tjomsland probably missed 42.Be4-h7+... The only hope for Black is in 41...Rf8xf3▢ 42.Be4xf3▢ h5xg4▢ 43.h3xg4▢ Qc1-f4▢+- Stockfish 9 - 64 bits POPCNT.

<44...Qc1xc3?! 45.Qh7-f5+! Kf8-e7 46.Qf5-d7+ Ke7-f8 47.Qd7xd6+ Kf8-e8 48.Qd6-d7+ Ke8-f8 49.Qd7-f5+ Kf8-e7 50.d5-d6+! 1-0> Tjomsland was apparently counting on 45.Qh7xc7?? g4xh3+ 46.Kg2-h2 (or 46.Kg2-g1 Qc3-e1+ 47.Kg1-h2 Qe1xf2+ 48.Qh2xh3+ Qf2-f3+ = Stockfish 9 - 64 bits POPCNT) Qc3-e5+▢ = with complete equality Stockfish 9 - 64 bits POPCNT. The lesser evil here is 44...Qc1-f4 45.Qh7-h8+! Kf8-f7 46.Qh8-h5+! Kf7-f6 47.h3-h4! +- Stockfish 9 - 64 bits POPCNT.

In the final position, after 50...Ke7xd6 51.Qf5-d7+ Kd6-e5 52.Qd7xc7+ Ke5-f6 53.Qc7-d6+ followed with h3xg4 leaves Black no hope. Stockfish 9 - 64 bits POPCNT.

Despite the 4 fatal mistakes made by both players that occurred in this game, it is still entertaining to watch!

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