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   Straclonoor has kibitzed 1256 times to chessgames   [more...]
   Dec-13-19 J Borisek vs B Kovac, 2001
Straclonoor: Pawn ending won for white Analysis by Stockfish 091219 64 BMI2: 1. +- (47.96): 52...Kd6 53.Kf3 Ke5 54.h3 g5 55.Kg4 b5 56.axb5 Ke4 57.d6 f3 58.d7 f2 59.d8Q f1Q 60.Qd5+ Ke3 61.b6 Qf4+ 62.Kh5 g4 63.hxg4 Qb8 64.c5 a4 65.b7 a3 66.Qe6+ Kf2 67.c6 Kg1 68.Qe1+ Kg2 69.Qd2+ Kf1 70.Qd1+ ...
   Dec-13-19 Teichmann vs Marshall, 1903
Straclonoor: Marshall could won the game. 36....Nf6? - 36....Ne3! Analysis by Stockfish 091219 64 BMI2: 1. -+ (-7.61): 35...h5 36.Kh4 Ne3 37.Qe6+ Qxe6 38.Bxe6 Ng2+ 39.Kg5 Ke7 40.Bh3 Nxf4 41.gxf4 Rxb2 42.Re1+ Kf8 43.Kxh5 Re8 44.Rd1 Rxa2 45.Bg4 a5 46.Bf3 Rh2+ 47.Kg4 Rh6 48.c4 a4 49.Ra1 Ra8 ...
   Dec-13-19 A Schmied vs Michael Nielsen, 2001
Straclonoor: Pawn ending won for white. Analysis by Stockfish 091219 64 BMI2: 1. +- (5.60): 32...Ke8 33.Kc3 g5 34.Kb4 Kd7 35.Ka5 Kc6 36.Kxa6 Kc5 37.a4 Kxc4 38.Kb6 d5 39.a5 d4 40.a6 d3 41.a7 d2 42.a8Q d1Q 43.Qc8+ Kb4 44.Qc5+ Kb3 45.Qxe7 Qd4+ 46.Kc6 e5 47.Qxg5 Kc3 48.Qg7 Kd3 49.Qxh7 Ke2 ...
   Dec-12-19 Lasker vs Schlechter, 1910
Straclonoor: < 1976 or before, when nobody could copy & paste lines with 50+ plies.> Analysis above is my. I meet Minev's name im some articles about the game in end of 90-s-begin 2000s, but dont remember exactly were the date (1997) mentioned.
   Dec-12-19 Chigorin vs Janowski, 1905
Straclonoor: Chaotic game. Black took advantage in begin, missed it, occurs in lost position, missed it, took won position, goes to draw.... Here is some more analysis in middle game Analysis by Stockfish 051119 64 BMI2: 1. -+ (-5.34): 25.Qe3 Qxe3 26.Nxe3 Rf2 27.Rxf2 Rxf2 28.Rd1 Nf6 29.Kg1
   Dec-11-19 Akopian vs Bezgodov, 1994
Straclonoor: <I don't know what tablebases you use> I meant, black have a lot moves to win including 71....Bd6 of course.
   Dec-11-19 Blackburne vs H Caro, 1898 (replies)
Straclonoor: <61. Qh7+ Kc8 62. Kg2 Be7=> No. White king moves h3, h4, h5, g6 and wins 'f6' pawn.
   Dec-11-19 Burn vs G Marco, 1898 (replies)
Straclonoor: Interesting that after 51.Kg3 only 51....Kf6 goes to win. It's very instructive ending so I wanna add my last long time analysis. Analysis by Stockfish 051119 64 BMI2: -+ (-11.72): 51...Kf6 52.Kh4 Kg6 53.a4 Bd3 54.g3 Be2 55.a5 Bf1 56.g4 hxg4 57.Kxg4 h5+ 58.Kg3 Kg5 59.h4+ Kf5 ...
   Dec-11-19 Schlechter vs Pillsbury, 1896 (replies)
Straclonoor: <Even simpler is 28...Qe2> Small addition Analysis by Stockfish 051119 64 BMI2: -+ (-2.87): 28...Qe2 29.Re1 Qd2 30.Re8+ Kf7 31.Re1 Kg6 32.a4 h6 33.Qf3 Qxb2 34.Qg3+ Kh7 35.Qh3 Kh8 36.Qxf5 Qb3 37.Nc7 Qxa4 38.Qe4 Qa2 39.h3 Bf7 40.f5 Be5 41.Ne6 Bxe6 42.fxe6 Re8 43.Bxc5 Rxe6 ...
   Dec-10-19 Huzman vs Yermolinsky, 1986
Straclonoor: Black had real advantage in middle game. Analysis by Stockfish 051119 64 BMI2: -+ (-4.29): 31...Bxf4 32.Rxf4 Re8 33.Nd3 Rg7 34.Rf2 Ng4 35.Re1 Re3 36.Qxa5 Qd6 37.Rf4 Nxh2 38.Rxe3 dxe3 39.Qxc5 Nf3+ 40.Rxf3 Qxc5 41.Nxc5 Bxf3 42.Ne6 e2 43.Bxe2 Rxg2+ 44.Kf1 Rxe2 45.Nd4 Rxa2 46.Nxf3
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