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Korchnoi - Tal Candidates Semifinal (1968)

Portoroz Candidates Reserve Playoff (1971)

Korchnoi - Portisch Candidates Quarterfinal (1983)
Kasparov - Beliavsky Candidates Quarterfinal (1983)
Smyslov - Ribli Candidates Semifinal (1983)
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Moscow Interzonal Playoff (1985)

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Spraggett - Sokolov Candidates Preliminary (1988)
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Yusupov - Ehlvest Candidates Preliminary (1988)
Timman - Salov Candidates Preliminary (1988)
Portisch - Vaganian Candidates Preliminary (1988)
Hjartarson - Korchnoi Candidates Preliminary (1988)
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Yusupov - Spraggett Candidates Quarterfinal (1989)
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Karpov - Yusupov Candidates Semifinal (1989)
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Yusupov - Dolmatov Candidates Preliminary (1991)
Ivanchuk - Yudasin Candidates Preliminary (1991)
Short - Speelman Candidates Preliminary (1991)
Korchnoi - Sax Candidates Preliminary (1991)
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Anand - Dreev Candidates Preliminary (1991)
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Karpov - Anand Candidates Quarterfinal (1991)
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Short - Karpov Candidates Semifinal (1992)
Short - Timman Candidates Final (1993)


Norway Chess (2017 & 2018), Tsukerman vs Ilyin-Zhenevsky, 1920 (White is Cukierman) (subm. July 2018), Karpov - Kasparov World Championship Match (1984) (1984/85), Andorra Open (2017) (Les Escaldes AND), Korchnoi - Hübner Candidates Final (1980) (1980/81), Korchnoi - Spassky Candidates Final (1977) (1977/78), N Shoup, Spielmann vs Bogoljubov (1932) (vs --> -), M Fedorovsky vs Z Kozul, 2018 (1-0), H Pinkerton, New York (1889) (--> 6th American Chess Congress), Juan Segura Vila (--> Joan, subm. 17/9), Gudmundur Sigurjonsson,

4 Vladas Mikenas games from Finland 1931 and 4 from Kaunas 1938 submitted primo Oct 2018

>> Click here to see Tabanus's game collections. Full Member

   Tabanus has kibitzed 19074 times to chessgames   [more...]
   Oct-17-18 chessforum
Tabanus: , from 2015 concluding that <.. an increasing amount of what once was moderation now falls to normal users ... We report the troll on Twitter, and when they are quickly suspended, we feel extremely gratified — and extremely powerful.>
   Oct-17-18 Kenneth S Rogoff (replies)
Tabanus: <CW> Good reply, thanks! I should learn to appreciate more your cocky comments :) Now let's beat Alkaloid today. Hmm, that will be hard.
   Oct-15-18 Stan Capps (replies)
Tabanus: One game is enough to entertain at his expense.
   Oct-15-18 Kibitzer's Café (replies)
Tabanus: Daniel on "Kind of Blue": crawfb5 chessforum (kibitz #2074)
   Oct-11-18 Vladas Mikenas (replies)
Tabanus: <chi> One often should consult first but sometimes it's more handy just to do a change without asking. I think you'd need to be a full member though. Not sure but I think so.
   Oct-09-18 London (1932)
Tabanus: Germann address books for Augsburg 1950-1955 has "Richard Schädle Eis-Café Kaiserstr. 35". Same name and address is listed as Cafätier and Kondit. in Augsburg 1937-1949.
   Oct-08-18 Tabanus chessforum
Tabanus: <jess> You are smarter than me, which doesn't say a lot. You only have to reach 60+ to get patently patient enough :) (patience)
   Oct-07-18 Susan Freeman chessforum (replies)
Tabanus: <Susan> I'm happy to hear this :) Please recruit as many as you can afford! There are so many things to do.
   Oct-07-18 56th Russian Championship (2003) (replies)
Tabanus: Nice list of games CG, but who won this event? Svidler?
   Oct-06-18 Biographer Bistro (replies)
Tabanus: According to Susan Freeman chessforum (kibitz #100) , we can now make a wish list there of all the games we want to have uploaded.
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Kibitzer's Corner
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Premium Chessgames Member
  Tabanus: Yes <Karpova> was very good and I'm sad that I probably contributed to her/his leaving. Well, USA has 320 mill. people and 3 mill. chess players.

I'm sure we can be replaced.

Premium Chessgames Member

<Tab> Good heavens where did you get that idea? <karpova> told me exactly when she was planning to leave, and why, and it had nothing to do with you or any other <> member.

I was in constant email communication with her for months on end because we were researching, composing and editing each other's drafts for the new WCC entries.

When we finished her last composition for that project, she left. I tried to talk her out of leaving, but failed. Again, she never said anything about wanting to leave because of a <> member.

We were all grateful for all the help you gave us on the project, with your finger on the pulse of Tidskrift fur Schakt and other top secret journals...

Premium Chessgames Member
  Tabanus: <Jess> I'm glad to hear that. I should learn to think better of myself.

I was focused on my own work that time and did not follow yours closely. I also decided for myself not to engage in the WC editing project, in fear of the work load. I noticed it stopped at some point, but don't really know why! I can only guess, you don't need to explain.

Premium Chessgames Member

<Tab> Well I would be willing to take it up again in future, provided I knew well ahead of time that I had the full support of the <new management>.

<Chessical> researched and wrote several drafts for the <Karpov-Kasparov> era that are still sitting there, and several of my <Alekhine> drafts are still sitting there.

The jury might be out a long time on how much, or how little, chess history work will be supported in future. We'll just have to wait and see.

Premium Chessgames Member

Nice ones thanks <Tab>!

Luckily, since (like you) I was born in Helsinki, I can speak the relevant languages. Thanks to my handy keyboard and the GOBBLE translator.

You may appreciate this crosstable from <Helsinki 1936>, since you worked one of the demonstration boards for that event, if I remember correctly...

Premium Chessgames Member
  Tabanus: <Jess> I've been googling <animals without backbones> and their sites and collectors for 20 years now.

Ah, Thorsten Gauffin. I had forgot about him :) Please don't overwork yourself!

Premium Chessgames Member

<Tab> I used to hang out with <Thorsten Muffin> at the cafe on <Helsingfor and Mariosoopa>.

Thanks for helping us with <Petrovs> tournaments!!

I just now saw that all of the pgns for all players are available for Game Collection: Maehrisch-Ostrau 1933 (Petrov's games) .

That means all of the colours are known, but there are no dates or round numbers at 365Chess or Chessbase.

I bet those could be found. Isn't that in Austria? I think there are many Austrian-German chess magazines. Maybe <Goulash Rondau> and <Deutsche Shakblatter> and <Weiner Shakzeitung> for example.

Obviously there is no hurry since we are already preparing three other <Petrovs> tournaments for future <TI> promotion.

There may be good news on that with regard to <Lodz 1938> since all of those games are already in <>, if I'm not mistaken. Anyways I have finished loading rounds 1,2,3, and 15 into the Game Collection: Lodz 1938 and I have also downloaded and saved all of the raw pgns for those rounds in a text file, "just in case"...

Premium Chessgames Member

<*Tactics blow from an inferior position*> was the friendly tip I received when I made that last post.

I am pretty happy because on Sunday I won a long game of chess against a man who must have been 170 years old. But he was a very tough nut. In fact, he looked remarkably like a Walnut. This was intimidating to me...

Premium Chessgames Member
  Tabanus: Phew. Isn't this in Scxazhhistuu also., Národni Listy 3 July 1933 p. 6:

Round 1 July 2:
Zinner - Pirc, Steiner - Petrov, Herzog - Canal, Rejfir - Grünfeld, Foltys - Pitschak, Gilg - Eliskases, Národni Listy 4 July 1933 p. 2:

Round 2 July 3:
Foltys - Gilg, Canal - Pirc, Steiner - Zinner, Rejfir - Herzog, Petrov - Pitschak, Eliskases - Grünfeld

<Cannot find ref. for round 3. Inferred:>

Round 3 July 4:
Petrov – Foltys, Gilg – Grünfeld, Zinner – Pitschak, Rejfir – Pirc, Eliskases – Herzog, Canal - Steiner, Národni Listy 7 July 1933 p. 4 (which also lists round 5):

Round 4 July 5:
Gilg - Petrov, Zinner – Foltys, Canal – Pitschak, Rejfir – Steiner, Eliskases – Pirc, Grünfeld - Herzog, Prágai Magyar Hirlap, 8 July 1933, p. 8: “Mährisch-0strau, julius 7. The fifth round of mährisch-ostrau international chess competition was played yesterday” (= July 6th):

Round 5 July 6:
Steiner - Eliskases, Pirc - Grünfeld, Canal 1 Foltys, Gilg 1 Herzog, Pitschak 0 Rejfir, Petrov adj (?) Zinner, Národni Listy 8 July 1933 p. 6:

Round 6 July 7:
Canal – Petrov, Gilg – Zinner, Rejfir – Foltys, Eliskases – Pitschak, Grünfeld – Steiner, Pirc - Herzog, Národni Listy 9 July 1933 p. 2:

Round 7 July 8:
Zinner – Canal, Foltys – Eliskases, Steiner – Herzog, Pirc – Gilg, Pitschak – Grünfeld, Rejfir - Petrov, Národni Listy 10 July 1933 p. 5:

Round 8 July 9:
Grünfeld - Foltys, Gilg - Canal, Rejfir - Zinner, Eliskases - Petrov, Pirc - Steiner, Herzog - Pitschak, Národni Listy 11 July p. 2:

Round 9 July 10:
Foltys - Herzog, Pitschak - Pirc, Canal - Rejfir, Zinner - Eliskases, Petrov - Grünfeld, Steiner - Gilg, Lidove Noviny, 12 July 1933, p. 3:

Round 10 July 11:
Steiner – Pitschak, Rejfir – Gilg, Grünfeld – Zinner, Foltys – Pirc, Petrov – Herzog, Eliskases – Canal, Národni Listu 12 July 1933 p. 2 (gives also rd. 10 and says last round pairings will be):

Round 11 July 12:
Pitschak - Gilg, Foltys - Steiner, Petrov - Pirc, Zinner - Herzog, Canal - Grünfeld, Rejfir - Eliskases



So you’ve met Albert M Swank finally! He played Fischer you know.

Premium Chessgames Member

<Tab> thanks so much for discovering the correct dates and pairings. That does indeed seem like back breaking work, as you say. I appreciate you effort and help, believe me.

I have stayed up all night checking the pgns and entering them into <Lodz 1938>, and I'm still not finished.

This might be the only one of the four <Petrovs> tournaments we have been preparing that might actually be promoted, since all 120 of the games are already in the <> database.

I am not optimistic about any of the games from the other events being uploaded in the near future, if ever.

The new "management" can't even keep up with the uploads for the current live tournament. They can't- or won't- upload any of the events between the Olympics and the last tournament when <Daniel> was still alive.

Isn't this just a matter of copy and pasting the pgns from the official websites?

We only have one administer working, and he already has a full time job, if I am not mistaken. How can he hold down a full time job and then try to do all of this work for <> as well? How can he even be paid? Nobody in their right mind would devote full time work at a job that can't pay him properly.

If <> does not have the revenue stream necessary to hire even one administrator full time to run this site, this bodes ill for any kind of purposeful or consistent maintenance of the various functions at <>.

In the mean time, why don't they listen to <zanzibar> about his ideas for tweaking the pgns so that they are optimized for uploading in an organized manner? Why don't they listen to <zanzibar> on his ideas to just import <olimbase>, <rusbase>, and <365Chess> to our database? Why don't they listen to <zanzibar's> ideas on "batch pgn uploads"?

The thing is that <zanzibar> is not just talking in generalities. He actually knows how to do these things. He has been developing practical methods to do these things.

If only the new administration had the money, and the sense, to hire <zanzibar> to oversee these operations.

If they did, we could just about organize every game in the database into the <TI>.

Premium Chessgames Member

<Tab> lol thanks for those great photos, very useful. Especially of <The Walnut>. I didn't understand that reference until I saw the photo and then put two and two together...

Premium Chessgames Member

<Tab> At the risk of ruining your week, I just made the crosstable for Game Collection: Maehrisch-Ostrau 1933 and I am entering games into the first round.

I was able to confirm your first round pairings from , but those pairings don't list the colors. The games we have in <> do have the colors, and the complete set of 66 games at 365Chess also have the colors.

This is my question- since we know the pairings and round dates from your primary sources, do we still need to do a <Berger Table> to confirm the colors, or is it safe just to rely on the colors listed in the published pgns?

Premium Chessgames Member

<Tab> I fear you have done more than enough work on this already. I have been up all night entering/checking data, and I need to get some sleep. Later today I will post the question I just asked you on the <Petrovs> page, and/or even in the <Biographer Bistro>.

In my opinion, I think it is necessary to construct a <Berger Table> just to be as thorough as we can be.

I did try last week to figure out how to construct a <Berger Table> from Wikipedia articles but I failed to understand even the basic concepts.

Premium Chessgames Member
  Tabanus: <jess> I have not the slightest idea how to make this Burger table, and would probably have relied on the games in 365Chess. If Phony or hemy could make such a table it would be great, but I don't know what is required. A whole round where the colors are <known>? Or a few games here and there? I can try to help finding colors but need to know what's required.

The tournament book should have the colors. Prizes about 150 USD :(

The Mährish-Ostrau <1923> book is much cheaper (I think that was the 2nd congress, not sure).

I'm walnutting here, but let's be patient with the new management. I think the Olympiad pace is roughly Daniel-level. And they did post that slips and adding games will be faster than ever. We don't know the staff number either, and I suppose Lee (is it?) has to learn everything properly first.

Premium Chessgames Member

Ok <Tab> I will join your walnut expedition.

Yes you are correct- I first need to type out the right colors for at least one round.

I think I will type out round 1 with the colors from 365Chess and then try to get a <Berger Table> on it, just on the chance that it might expose any mistakes in the colors for the rest of the games from 365Chess.

Premium Chessgames Member
  Tabanus: <jess> Wiener Schach-Zeitung August 1933 page 225 has a crosstable, and the following pages has three games:

Premium Chessgames Member
  Tabanus: and following pages with another 3 games.

The dates can be used, e. g. July 3 (= rd. 2) Eliskases with White vs Grünfeld.

Premium Chessgames Member
  Tabanus:, Lidové noviny 16 July 1933, summary of event with <crosstable> and 2 games.

Crosstable matching jfq's.

Premium Chessgames Member

<Tab> Thanks for those most useful sources! I put them all into Game Collection: Maehrisch-Ostrau 1933 now.

I finished entering the pgns from 365Chess and those available from for round one now.

The most important thing is that we have the dates/pairings correct now, and documented, thanks to your hard work.

All I need to do now is finish the data entry round by round and then become a walnut.

You can see that a few walnuts are already rolling around though on the forum...

I hope they don't get cracked open with a walnut vice, and then roasted over a fire, which is what happens to walnuts in Canada....

Premium Chessgames Member

<Tab> Chess history at this website could become dangerous?!??

Here is scientific proof:

Premium Chessgames Member
  Tabanus: <jess> I'm surprised at how thick skin the walnuts have. That's a relief, at least.

Pending, pending..

Premium Chessgames Member

<Tab> patent pending.... Yes it might be a glimmer of optimism after all on the Walnut harvest. <zanzibar> and <Crawfb5> seem to have teamed up for some auspicious posts, both in <z's> forum and in <Susan Freeman's> forum.

Premium Chessgames Member
  Tabanus: <jess> I teamed up there myself, not sure how successfully.

... but now Susan gave a positive answer. Let's hope she will eventually get all the help she needs.

Premium Chessgames Member

<Tab> I share your hope. It strikes me that the best way for me to help usher in this new age of uploads is to shut up about it. I seem to be too impatient and I fear I antagonize the new management.

Therefore, I'm just going to wait and I will not even hint at this topic for the time being, gusting up to forever.

Better minds than mine seem to be at play...

Premium Chessgames Member
  Tabanus: <jess> You are smarter than me, which doesn't say a lot. You only have to reach 60+ to get patently patient enough :) (patience)

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