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Watson's Mastering the Chess Openings I, Ch. 3
Compiled by tyimfi

These are all of the games discussed in John Watson's Mastering the Chess Openings, Volume 1, Chapter 3: "The Significance of Structure".

The games in this chapter are annotated examples that supplement the chapter's extensive pawn structure discussion. These are the chapter subsections:

"A Simple Question: Pawns or Pieces?"
"Isolated Pawns"
"Doubled Pawns and Related Pawn Captures"
"Hanging Pawns"
"Majorities and Minorities"
"The Light-Square Restraint Structure"
"Space and Structure"

For related instruction and game annotations, get the book!

Missing from chessgames DB:
p.47 "Korchnoi-Conquest, Budapest 1996"
p.62 "Glek-Winants, 2nd Bundesliga 1997/8"
p.64 "Morozevich-Bezgodov, Russia Cup (Tomsk) 1998" p.66 "Anikaev-Petrosian, Kiev 1973"
p.77 "Bogoljubow-Kramer, Travemunde 1951"
p.78 "Lee-Taulbut, British Championship (Morecambe) 1981"

p.42, "Isolated Pawns"
Yusupov vs Lobron, 1996 
(E53) Nimzo-Indian, 4.e3, 28 moves, 1-0

p.42, "Isolated Pawns"
Petrosian vs Balashov, 1974 
(E54) Nimzo-Indian, 4.e3, Gligoric System, 28 moves, 1-0

p.42, "Isolated Pawns"
Korchnoi vs Karpov, 1981 
(D30) Queen's Gambit Declined, 43 moves, 0-1

p.43, "Isolated Pawns"
Kramnik vs Anand, 2001 
(D27) Queen's Gambit Accepted, Classical, 39 moves, 1-0

p.44, "Isolated Pawns"
Lautier vs Karpov, 1995 
(E32) Nimzo-Indian, Classical, 47 moves, 0-1

p.53, "Pawn-Chains"
Anand vs Karpov, 2003 
(B12) Caro-Kann Defense, 44 moves, 1-0

p.54, "Pawn-Chains"
Short vs Seirawan, 1990
(B12) Caro-Kann Defense, 60 moves, 1-0

p.56, "Pawn-Chains"
Grischuk vs Ponomariov, 2000 
(B04) Alekhine's Defense, Modern, 27 moves, 1-0

p.56, "Doubled Pawns and Related Pawn Captures"
Geller vs Smyslov, 1949 
(E24) Nimzo-Indian, Samisch, 55 moves, 1/2-1/2

p.57, "Doubled Pawns and Related Pawn Captures"
Portisch vs Fischer, 1967 
(E69) King's Indian, Fianchetto, Classical Main line, 46 moves, 1/2-1/2

p.63, "Doubled Pawns and Related Pawn Captures"
Rublevsky vs Bologan, 2004
(C45) Scotch Game, 23 moves, 1/2-1/2

p.65, "Doubled Pawns and Related Pawn Captures"
Korchnoi vs H Bohm, 1980
(A30) English, Symmetrical, 41 moves, 1-0

p.65, "Doubled Pawns and ... "(Watson's game has 46 moves)
S Hamann vs Geller, 1960 
(E91) King's Indian, 15 moves, 0-1

p.68, "Hanging Pawns"
Seirawan vs Short, 1985 
(E12) Queen's Indian, 54 moves, 1-0

p.69, "Hanging Pawns"
Korchnoi vs Karpov, 1981 
(D58) Queen's Gambit Declined, Tartakower (Makagonov-Bondarevsky) Syst, 43 moves, 0-1

p.75, "The Light-Square Restraint Structure"
Gulko vs C Lakdawala, 2004 
(D19) Queen's Gambit Declined Slav, Dutch, 25 moves, 1-0

p.78, "The Light-Square Restraint Structure"
S Djuric vs Larsen, 1979 
(B01) Scandinavian, 28 moves, 1/2-1/2

p.79, "The Light-Square Restraint Structure"
A Matanovic vs Petrosian, 1959 
(B17) Caro-Kann, Steinitz Variation, 41 moves, 0-1

p.80, "The Light-Square Restraint Structure"
V Iordachescu vs A H Wohl, 2002 
(B04) Alekhine's Defense, Modern, 44 moves, 1-0

p.81, "The Light-Square Restraint Structure"
Spassky vs Petrosian, 1966 
(B18) Caro-Kann, Classical, 91 moves, 1-0

20 games

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