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  1. A History of the King's Indian and the Pirc
    Tracing the historical co-origins and co-lineages of the King's Indian and Pirc Defenses.
    102 games, 1850-1997

  2. A New French Defense Repertoire
    I am building a new French Defense Repertoire built around the Classical French lines beginning 1.e4 e6 2.d4 d5 3.Nc3 Nf6, focusing on the MacCutcheon and the Steinitz variations. I will also be putting up some bibliographic information here. Some of the lines I am focusing on I have also discussed on my blog and I will put links here as well.

    McCutcheon French (1.e4 e6 d4 d5 3.Nc3 Nf6 4.Bg5 Bb4)

    --Jacob Aagaard and Nikolaos Ntirlis, Playing the French, Quality Chess 2013.

    --Dejan Antic and Branimir Maksimovic, The Modern French: A Complete Guide for Black, New in Chess 2012.

    --Cyrus Lakdawala, The Classical French, Move by Move, Everyman Chess 2014.

    --John Watson, "A Confounding Retreat," Dangerous Weapons: The French. Everyman Chess 2007. 12-37.

    --James Eade, Remember the MacCutcheon, Chess Enterprises 1991.

    --W. John Lutes, French Defense, McCutcheon Variation, Chess Enterprises 1991.

    Anti-Steinitz (1.e4 e6 2.d4 d5 3.Nc3 Nf6 4.e5 Nfd7 5.f4 c5 6.Nf3 Nc6 7.Be3 h6!?)

    --Viktor Moskalenko, "Classical French 7...h6/8...g5." ChessBase Magazine #195 (May/June 2020).

    --Michael Goeller, "Black Jet in the Steinitz French," The Kenilworthian February 21, 2013.

    --John Watson, "Waiting and Outflanking," Dangerous Weapons: The French, Everyman Chess 2007, 189-203.

    Anti-Tarrasch (3...b6 and 3...h6)

    --Jeroen Bosch, "Fianchetto in the French Tarrasch." Secrets of Opening Surprises #9, New in Chess 2008. 28-35.

    --Jeroen Bosch, "Let's Wait and See: 3...h6 in the French." Secrets of Opening Surprises #2, New in Chess 2004. 63-71.

    --Gawain Jones, "The 3...h6 Tarrasch." New in Chess Yearbook #136. New in Chess 20202. 45-54.

    --Von Maurits Wind, "Kampf der Systeme: Myers gegen Reti," Kaissiber #35 (December 2009), 16-25.

    --John Watson, "Waiting and Outflanking (3.Nc3 h6)," Dangerous Weapons: The French. Everyman Chess 2007. 189-203.

    Advance, Euwe Variation
    --Simon Williams, Attacking Chess The French, Everyman Chess 2011.

    78 games, 1885-2020

  3. A Simple Chess Opening Repertoire for White
    This is a collection of games from Sam Collins's excellent book, "A Simple Chess Opening Repertoire for White," which presents a complete king's pawn repertoire focused around the isolated queen's pawn (IQP) and related lines -- generally where White plays for dark square control and attack in an open position. This is a very good repertoire for ambitious young players because it teaches an important pawn structure that can arise in a wide range of both d-pawn or e-pawn openings, and it therefore creates the basis for assimilating a wide range of opening ideas. Though I am personally interested in some variations in the book more than others, I have long been interested in the IQP structure and have found much of value in the book on the IQP generally -- as I had from Collins's earlier opening repertoire for White titled "An Attacking Repertoire for White" (which also focused on the IQP but with rather less "simple" lines). Ambitious players would do well to also spend some time studying the isolated queen pawn structure. I would especially recommend finding GM Alexandr Baburin's now classic "Winning Pawn Structures"; the book is out of print and often available only at inflated prices, but a number of .pdf copies can readily be found on the web, including at Scribd. I have also found the book "Isolani Strategy" by Alexander Beliavsky, Oleg Stetsko, and Adrian Mikhalchishin of use, though it is also becoming more rare. For those less interested in books, there are a number of online videos and articles that can be of help as well. One useful resources is titled "1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 White Repertoire Webliography," which links to videos and articles on lines very similar to those discussed by Collins in his 1.e4 e5 repertoire.

    The weakest part of the repertoire is the French Defense, which is based on ideas developed by Denis Yevseev in Fighting the French: A New Concept (nearly 400 pages of dense analysis on this line). Though playable at the amateur level, there are lots of ways for Black to do well if he knows the theory. I would simplify the repertoire more by recommending the Monte Carlo Exchange French with 1.e4 e6 2.d4 d5 3.exd5 exd5 4.c4 (you can find good analysis online). This way White can transpose to familiar territory from the Scandinavian as well after 1.e4 d5 2.exd5 Nf6 3.c4!? with the idea of returning the pawn to 3...c6 (Panov-Botvinnik) or 3...e6 (Monte Carlo Exchange French - Game Collection: French Defense, Monte Carlo Exchange Variation or

    You can also simplify more by playing the Hunt or Chase Variation against the Alekhine (1.e4 Nf6 2.e5 Nd5 3.c4 Nb6 4.c5!?), which can transpose to the c3 Sicilian (though White has other ideas too -- see the game Mazukewitsch - Kandaurov, Tula 1967, for example). And it would be good to learn the main line Panov-Botvinnik against the Caro-Kann -- though that does not simplify White's task - see

    40 games, 1964-2017

  4. Aggressive Stonewall
    2 games, 2015

  5. Albin Counter-Gambit Ideas
    An Albin Counter-Gambit repertoire with some unusual ideas.
    20 games, 1900-2010

  6. Alterman on the Cochrane Gambit
    Games annotated by Boris Alterman in The Alterman Gambit Guide: White Gambits, on the Petroff.
    5 games, 1848-1999

  7. Anti-Caro
    6 games, 2011-2019

  8. anti-English with d6
    3 games, 1996-2010

  9. Anti-Gurgenidze
    6 games, 1978-2010

  10. Anti-Lange
    1 game, 1967

  11. Anti-Ponziani Ideas
    12 games, 1987-2017

  12. Anti-Scandinavian
    5 games, 2001-2009

  13. Anti-Scheveningen
    Based on Dismantling the Sicilian
    7 games, 1985-2017

  14. Anti-Sicilian Repertoire with 2.Nc3
    Some games related to an anti-Sicilian repertoire with 2.Nc3, with transpositions to various lines, including the Chekhover, Carlsen Variation, Tiviakov, Rossolimo, Grand Prix, and Open Sicilian lines.
    68 games, 1904-2019

  15. Axel Smith, Pump up Your Rating
    A collection of games to aid my study of IM Axel Smith's super book, Pump up Your Rating, which is an excellent guide to improving your results. Under construction.
    6 games, 2009-2012

  16. Black Fianchetto in the Open Games
    Black plays g6 in the open game following 1.e4 e5
    66 games, 1861-2018

  17. Byrne Pirc with Bg5
    17 games, 1967-2017

  18. Chameleon
    1 game, 1914

  19. Chigorin Defense (D07) - positional
    Toward a Chigorin repertoire for Black, inspired in part by John Watson's classic Queen's Gambit: Chigorin Defence (Batsford 1981).
    64 games, 1896-2010

  20. Chigorin Defense (D07) - sharp e5 ideas
    23 games, 1912-2017

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