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  1. A little bit less than the best.
    A collection of all these forgotten chess heroes, who wrote history although they're now forgotten. Many of them have splendid results and sometimes interesting records on theirname. It's a shame that most of them are almost forgotten.
    7 games, 1896-1959

  2. All the worldchampions.
    All the worldchampions and one of there games. But, with all worldchampions I mean ALL worldchampions. Correspondance, men, women...
    106 games, 1886-2005

  3. Bad Blunders
    This collection is for all the patzers here. It is always good to realize that strong players can also fail. That they can is sure; just have a look at this games here, where the strongest players (GMs and so)lose by terrible blunders.
    22 games, 1848-2004

  4. Caïssa's dream world
    A collection of games that received a place in history, just because they're beautiful.
    46 games, 1851-2006

  5. Colle's chess masterpieces by Fred Reinfeld
    Originally published:
    Black knight press, New York 1936
    As reprinted by
    Dover 1984
    ISBN 0-486-24757-0
    written by Fred Reinfeld about Edgard Colle (1897-1932). (Games 1,8,13-16,19-23,26-27 and 34 are submitted by me.)
    51 games, 1923-1931

  6. Common opening blunders
    How NOT to play inthe opening.
    9 games, 1883-2004

  7. Endgames-the essential stuff.
    To me, the endgame is the most difficult part of the game. I know it's the same for many people. For them (and for me), I try to collect the most important endgames so that we can study tham easy. I wish you much fun while studying and a good game for the practice of the endgames!
    27 games, 1834-2004

  8. Fischer's rare defeats.
    In this collection I'll show 1 game from everybody who has a + or = score against Fischer. Of course It'll be a game against Fischer
    14 games, 1956-1967

  9. Games I submitted
    The title says it all. See Game Collection: Colle's chess masterpieces by Fred Reinfeld to.
    91 games, 1889-2005

  10. Hypermodern chess: Aron Nimzovich by Reinfeld
    Hypermodern chess: as developed in the games of its greatest exponent, Aron Nimzovich The definitive collection of nimzovich's revolutionary games and their startling unconvential theories. Dover publications, New York 1958
    Fred Reinfeld
    56 games, 1904-1934

  11. Lovely draw's
    This is one of the funniest draw-games ever. Very amusing to see black trying to break the white defence.
    10 games, 1872-1996

  12. Olympiads best games.
    The best games; special prices and others.
    65 games, 1927-1935

  13. People playing their own opening.
    There will be many of them.
    23 games, 1827-1993

  14. Pillsbury winning on f5.
    Pillsbury is maybe the only player ever with a special "lucky square". He was famous for his games, winning with f4-f5. Here are some.
    28 games, 1893-1904

  15. Player of the day: notable game III
    Starts 13/07/2006
    400 games, 1620-2007

  16. Player of the day: notable game IV
    287 games, 1827-2007

  17. Player of the day: Notable game.
    I try to give the most famous or the best game of the player of the day. I start 30/5/2004.
    323 games, 1620-2005

  18. PLayer of the day:notable game II
    the second part, starts 25/04/2005.
    399 games, 1620-2006

  19. Players I know
    4 games, 2000-2001

  20. Steinitz' Rare Defeats.
    Something like my collection "fischer's rare defeats". Everybody that played Steinitz more than once and that has a + or = overall score against him.
    20 games, 1860-1898

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