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To answer any and all questions you may have about CHESS BOOKS.

The answers will be provided by the people who visit here. We welcome book reviews, book links, and conversation about your favorite books.


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The main day to day forum function here will be to offer a space for people to post specific questions about chess books= and to provide a space for the many experts at <> to answer those questions.

If you are particularly interested and knowledgeable about a specific <chess book topic> we will be happy to post a link to your <Profile/forum>.

Here are some <real chess book questions> from recent <> posts- these are exactly the kind of question we wish to provide answers for. The answers, of course, will come from other <> members who happen to know about these topics.

<Has <<<anyone>>> has anyone read "My Best Games of Chess" by Vishy Anand? Is it good? Are there nice stories about his life or early career?>

<Can <<<anyone>>> recommend a book how to deal with Caro-Kann??>

<Can <<<anyone>>> recommend a good book on the Semi Slav??>

<Has <<<anyone>>> here had the chance to read the new edition of fischer's book? i've always wanted to read it, but i hear very scary stories about editorial modifications?>

<Can <<<anyone>>> recommend a book on the KID for an 1800ish player with some knowledge of the ideas in the KID but not a lot of knowledge regarding specific lines??>

All of these questions were posted recently somewhere at <>. The problem is that some were posted at game forums, some at the <Kibitzer's Cafe>, some at <player forums>, and so on. That means that the answers are scattered all over the place. With your help, we can make it easier for everyone to gain easy access to the wealth of information about <CHESS BOOKS> that exists at this site.



This outstanding resource takes you to hundreds of games collections from famous books such as <Mikhail Tal's> "My Life and Games," <Bobby Fischer's> "My 60 Memorable Games," and many, many, many more:

Game Collection: The Chess Book Companion (a meta-collection)



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Premium Chessgames Member
  Jean Defuse: ...

Ostende Internationales Schachmeisterturnier 1937 by Emil Joseph Diemer (pdf)


Premium Chessgames Member
  mckmac: "Pal Benko: My Life, Games, and Compositions" by Pal Benko, Jeremy Silman and John Watson.

<I actually got a copy of it about a week ago as a gift. To be honest, it's my new favorite chess book. The games are high quality, there's interviews with Benko, Larry Evans, and NM Gross. There's also something like 100 pictures, which comes out to a picture every few pages. There's even some pictures of Fischer visiting Tal in the hospital at Curacao, 1962. The book is also filled with anecdotes from Benko. After reading them, he knew practically everyone and has a story for each person. Scattered throughout the book are blurbs about certain players, and Benko says what he thought about them, or tells a story about them. At the end, there's an opening survey from John Watson, where he analyzes Benko's games in depth and breaks them down into each opening. I think what sets the book apart though is the actual writing. Most chess "biographies" are just some games with a paragraph of background, but here, every chapter starts with numerous pages about Benko's life. He tells about how he escaped the army in the middle of the night, about how bad his life became at some points. He actually seems like a real person, compared to most GM's who make their life seem like nothing more than chess. There's even some pictures of Benko with his wife and children. Last but not least, the quality of the actual book is great. The pages are thick, the layout is nice, and the dust jacket is very cool. I've heard that all copies are hardback, so they're bound to hold up. I know that was really longwinded, but in conclusion this book is my new favorite, and I can't put it down.>

<PizzatheHut:March 2004>

Benko vs Taimanov, 1960

Aug-28-19  parisattack: <Mckmac> Truly an outstanding volume! Thanks for bring it to everyone's attention.

I was just going through some old Chess Life volumes (63-65) and saw several of his articles. Excellent material by him, Fischer, Lombardy and others. Makes me realize how far that periodical has fallen over the intervening years.

Premium Chessgames Member
  mckmac: <Parisattack> That, of course, is a repost of a review by the excellent <PizzatheHut> from March 2004. I don't think I made that very clear.

Benko vs Taimanov, 1960

<I’ve been fascinated by chess openings from the time I first learned the game during Christmas break, 1966. I recall being thoroughly enchanted as I worked through Modern Chess Openings, 10th edition by Larry Evans.>

MCO 10 was the first proper chess book I owned. I bought it with a book token won in a novices tournament. I too was enchanted!

Aug-29-19  parisattack: <Mckmac> Some of Evans' sayings have stuck with me for over 50 years:

"French players are a breed apart" and "Blessed with a catchy prefix" (regards the Nimzo-Indian).

I have all the MCOs but of course '10' has a special meaning to me. Really, of the later editions I think it is the best. Evans did a great job!

(The quote was perfectly clear to me.)

Aug-30-19  JimNorCal: What are people's favorite tournament books?
Over the years I've grown to prefer them to Best Games collections. The BG genre sets a standard that's too high for me. Tournament books feel more realistic, recovering from overlooked lines, occasional blunders, games that seesaw back and forth.
Aug-30-19  SaitamaSeason2: Does anyone know the books that have content only discussing about how to utilize an advantage in time (or tempo), space, and material, but please provide the link in PDF version for download?
Aug-30-19  parisattack: <JimNorCal> Of the older tournaments New York 1924 (Alekhine) and Carlsbad 1929 (Nimzowitsch) are favorites.

Evans did a nice job with Vienna 1922. London 1922, also - Maroczy's annotations are short but very good. Botvinnik doing the Soviet Championship 1941 is excellent.

Of the (relatively) more recent I still like the two Piatigorsky Cups. The First is mostly annotated by Reshevsky, the Second has annotations by both players of a game.

Special notice to Karklins' 1964 USSR Zonal, "Modern Grandmaster Chess."

Tournament books are a BIG space! I have around 300 and haven't really scratched the surface! Sadly, many great ones have never been translated into English.

Your favorites?

Aug-30-19  JimNorCal: Thanks for the feedback!
My personal faves so far include
Zurich 1954 (Bronstein)
Hastings 1895 by Colin Crouch
New York 1948 by Kmoch
The second two are not always easy to find.

The expensive but beautiful Caissa Editions books edited by Brandreth have a high level of excellence too.

Aug-30-19  parisattack: I like the Brandreth's also. Lovely books, excellent content, some lessor known tournaments.

Those you listed are great! Zurich by Najdorf makes an good companion to Bronstein.

I had a brief discussion with <Zanzibar> on the Battle Royal book some time back. I have never seen a copy which didn't have a badly chipped DJ.

Aug-30-19  parisattack: <SaitamaSeason2: Does anyone know the books that have content only discussing about how to utilize an advantage in time (or tempo), space, and material, but please provide the link in PDF version for download?>

That covers a lot of strategic ground...everything save 'position.' There are sites to download chess book pdfs (just do a Google search) but be careful of them - especially the torrents. And, of course, copyright issues.

That said, Pachman's Modern Chess Strategy would be a good place to start. Time, space, material - sounds like Morphy's games to me. :)

Aug-30-19  JimNorCal: Oh! That strikes a chord!
What is the best Morphy book?
Aug-31-19  parisattack: Of the older tomes I still like Reinfeld's Morphy's Chess Masterpieces. Of the newer, Morphy: Move by Move -Franco and Morphy: A Modern Perspective - Beim.

A story about the book Paul Morphy and the Golden Age of Chess. I was at a discount store with my Mom (1970s probably) and they had a large table of remainder books for $1.00. I saw a copy of the book HB/DJ so grabbed it and kept looking...I found 11(!) copies of it and bought them all! My Mom didn't care, she already knew I was crazy. :)

Aug-31-19  JimNorCal: Thanks, p/a.
Cool story, too. I bet those books would make swell book prizes for club events
Sep-01-19  parisattack: Actually, I pretty much did just that; gave them to new players, a couple to schools. I think I have three left.

First Book of Morphy also good...

Sep-01-19  parisattack: <Jim> Do you have any 'sleeper' books? Books you especially like but are not particularly well-known?

I was thinking of one today when I saw it - Learn Chess From the World Champions by Levy. WCs analyze their own games. It is a price sleeper, also. Nice hardback Pergamon book, goes for $5-$10.

Keene's Learn From the Grandmasters in a similar style is also a great book and also something of a sleeper. Still around $10, HB/DJ.

Sep-13-19  parisattack: Fischer Book Question

I was browsing Chernev's 'Golden Dozen' book and on the back inside flap it lists other books by Oxford.

One of them caught my eye 'Chess Technique and Bobby Fischer' by Burger. I've never seen or heard of it and not finding on a quick search of the Internet.

I suspect it is the same as 'The Chess of Bobby Fischer' by Burger but of course cannot be certain. Does anyone have a copy of the Oxford tome?

Also - peripheral Q - What do others think of Sam Sloan listing himself as co-author on many of the classic chess books being reprinted by the new (relatively, they did wonderful Go books for many years) Ishi Press?

Grazie for any help!

Premium Chessgames Member
  Count Wedgemore: Hi there, <parisattack>. Looks like 'Chess Technique and Bobby Fischer' and 'The Chess of Bobby Fischer' are two different books, both written by Robert Eugene Burger. But, unfortunately, 'Chess Technique' was, and remains, unpublished. I don't know to which extent it was really a book though, and not just a lengthy article or something. Anyway, all I know is that Edward Winter refers to it as "unpublished" in his index over different stuff referred to in his various 'Chess Notes':

If you scroll down a bit on that page you'll find this entry: <Chess technique and Bobby Fischer by R.E. Burger (unpublished) C.N. 5876>.

Sep-13-19  parisattack: Interesting! Thanks much <Count Wedgemore>.

Odd that Oxford would go as far as advertising it on the cover of another book. Perhaps they got a little ahead of themselves.

Sep-17-19  parisattack: Batsford Books Question

As every British schoolboy knows, Batsford published several series of opening books 1970s-1990s.

Contemporary Opening Series (alias the ‘Batsford Whites’ and the beginning of the British Invasion). Most of these nice HB/DJ books can be had for a song.

Algebraic Opening Series

Tournament Players Series

Tournament Openings (mostly translations from Russian and not in white covers)

Winning With (into the 2000s)

My question regards the Algebraic Series: I have the Colle/London/B-D, Nimzowitsch Attack and King’s Indian 4.e4 in hardback...

Can anyone assert that any/all of the others were issued in hardback? I know the three I do have are HTF now. And/Or offer more information on the Batsford opening books – especially the relationship with Chess Digest.

En Passant – I have lists of what books I have or have seen in these Series – if anyone would like me to post, perhaps help me update them, just let me know.

Sep-17-19  JimNorCal: This is too well known to be a "sleeper" but let me throw in a word of praise for Keene's book on Nimzovich. You can open it anywhere and browse contentedly. A labor of love, and it shows.

There was a slim opening volume by Barden, perhaps Guide to the Chess Openings. I've sadly never had an affinity for opening books (or openings in general) but that book evaded my filters and taught me a lot. I still play the French as Black based on his stirring description of heroic defense ...

Sep-18-19  JimNorCal: And while searching up the book name, this delightful article. NINETY TODAY : LEONARD BARDEN
AUGUST 20, 2019

"Barden has a Morphy number of 3, having drawn with Jacques Mieses in the Premier Reserves at Hastings 1948–49. Mieses drew with Henry Bird in the last round of Hastings 1895, and Bird played a number of games with Paul Morphy in 1858 and 1859."

Sep-19-19  parisattack: <JimNorCal> Good find, great read! Thank you for sharing.

Yes, the Nimzo book is one of Keene's best efforts.

In MCO-10 Larry Evans says, "French players are a breed apart."

Sep-30-19  parisattack: Book Review
The Hippopotamus Defence – Alessio De Santis – New in Chess 2019, Paperback, 320 pages.

Another Hippo tome! This one from the pen and engine of Alessio De Santis, FIDE Master from Italy.

Subtitled, “A Deceptively Dangerous Universal Chess Opening System for Black.” Whew.

The book is cleverly divided into three Sections: Flash, Reflection and In Depth. Basically, topics are covered in more and more depth; I like that idea a lot!

What stands out for me is De Santis’ beginning attempt to categorize setups, motifs, breaks for both Black and White. To do this he discusses in some detail a variety of Semi-Hippos for Black. Some White setups suggest one of a number of Semi-Hippos instead of a Full Hippo.

Although it is not extremely systematized – it is somewhat new territory – the attempt to match the best Setup for Black against White setups is laudatory. He also does this, if even more informally, for various motifs and pawn breaks for each side.

OK, so De Santis is ‘only’ and FIDE Master and there are games with sub-2000 players. I am fine with that as I play mostly sub-2000 opponents. Obviously, this raises the question…why are there so few >2400 games available for comment? You’ll need to draw your own conclusions.

The book is nicely laid out and there are three to four diagrams per page! If the Robatsch or Owens/English are of interest, you should probably have this book as both can lead to Full-Hippos or Semi-Hippos to Black’s advantage.

A Hippo Reader:
The Hippopotamus Rises – Martin
The Hippo System – Briffoz
The Hippopatamus Defence – De Santis

There are also Hippo chapters in Persson’s two books – Tiger’s Modern and the Modern Tiger. Lakdawalwa gives it some space in both 1….b6 Move by Move and The Modern Move by Move, also discussing when a Hippo may be the way to go.

The serious student will also want CG’s own Bill Wall’s Krazy Kat and Old Hippo and The Elshad System by Nemtsev.

Dec-05-19  parisattack: BOOK REVIEW
Opening Repertoire-Modern Defence, Cyrus Lakdawala, Everyman Press 2019.

I was delighted to see this book is not just another Tiger’s Modern tome!

I have played the Robatsch/Modern since the late 1960s and Lakdawala advocates for the three lines I have always played:

Against e4 and not-c4 by White (what I call the Robatsch) he recommends the ‘classical’ d6 and c6 lines against most White setups.

Against the f4 Austrian Attack he recommends a ‘delayed Gurgenidze’ with d6 ->d5 after White’s f4. The Gurgenidze is my ATF variation! The delayed two-step with the queen’s pawn is no big deal. The position is quite closed and more often than not in the Austrian the bishop goes back to f8.

Sadly, this means he doesn’t cover the Old Main Line of c6 and b5 or the Robatsch Poisoned Pawn of c6 and Qb6. I think both of those are very playable against the Austrian with f4.

(As to the Gurgenidze, there is also an ‘advanced’ variation where white tries to save a temp by not playing an early ….Bg7 and …d5 in a single stroke. Of course, this gives White the opportunity to not play f4. Something gained, something lost.)

Against the Averbakh (which I call the Modern) with White’s c4 he recommends a Benoni with …Ne7. I’d call this a Franco-Gunderdam. I have also always felt the Benonis with a delayed …Nf6 or …Ne7/…Nh6 placement have real potential. If this appeals also see Soltis’ Franco-Benoni and Field’s Barcza Larsen Defense.

I am grateful for Lakdawala for promoting these lines. I guess great minds think alike, LOL!

Looking very much forward to spending time with this book.

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