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Member since Aug-11-06 · Last seen Sep-25-16
Note: this absurdly over-written (in both the literary and programming sense) chunk of text has seemingly won a Caissar for Best Profile. I shall try not to burst into tears and throw my shoes at Meryl Streep.

My favourite player is Tony Miles. He is greatly missed.

Some other favourites? OK. Viktor Korchnoi, for all the obvious reasons. Tal, Botvinnik, Petrosian and Smyslov. From the later days of the Soviet school: Romanishin, Vaganian, Lputian, Psakhis and Ehlvest. From the British new wave: Short, Speelman, Williams. From the Russian-Irish wave: Baburin.

A distinct aroma of burning prevails*. Fire and brimstone, probably, or one of the charred and singed chess sets in my possession.

Chessgames Present Hunt Clues Page

Possibly the first chess Czech haiku ever, by Jan 'Honza' Cervenka:

Chceš-li remízu,
musíš hráti na výhru,
cíle tak dojdeš.

* "Why, this is Hell, nor am I out of it."
- Christopher Marlowe

"Down these mean streets ..."
- Phillip Marlowe

"This, too, was one of the dark places ..."
- Marlow (Joseph Conrad)

Update, mid-2013. I've bought a new wooden board and set, and got rid of the burnt ones. Time to move on from conflagrations past.

*Empty Space*

Update, 2013. 'Empty Space' is also a brilliant novel by M.John Harrison, 3rd in the Kefahuchi trilogy.

I don't exist.

Just like the Urban Spaceman.
("I'm the urban spaceman, I'm intelligent and clean/ Know what I mean?/ I'm the urban spaceman, here comes the twist: I don't exist.")

I am deeply suspicious of 'social media'. I don't want my computer to think it knows my 'preferences', and I don't want my personal details passed from hand to invisible hand, or soul to poison soul. But I'm sufficiently open-minded -- or innocent -- to trust in the integrity of, and the good people who run it.

Note: some folk may be more familiar with the kind of bio/profile that goes "Muh name is Peregrine Ng and ah play Bullet at and ah come to CG for thuh crab sandwiches..." ... sort of thing.

This isn't one of those. In fact, it was never really *written* at all ... more like 'left behind' after repeated moves. The fragments that remain intact have withstood years of deletions. Quite like me, really.

"A medium amputates the organ it extends".
- Marshall McLuhan

"I go without saying".
- Me, or somebody like me.

<The Game and Playe of Cheffe ...>

"Chess is a sea in which a shark can persuade a seagull to eat its skin parasites..."

"Chess is the art of cartesian coordinates with obsessive compulsive disorder..."

"Chess is the science of naughty molecules."

"Chess is sport for the disembodied."

"It is what it is."

"Except when it isn't."

<'His calmness, his authority in all circumstances! In a chess game he would win everything, merely by his nerves.' 'But he was not playing chess,' Smiley objected drily.>

(John Le Carré)

I'll say it again, though I can't recall saying it before: < Empathy is essential to any kind of intelligence worth having.> Although I seem to have some kind of attention surplus disorder.

On planet Earth (where most chess games so far are believed to have been played - Science Officer Chamitoff vs NASA Ground Control, 2008 and Soyuz 9 Cosmonauts vs Ground Control, 1970 are among the exceptions):

1. Brian Eno:

"Another green world."

2. William Burroughs:

"I don't want love - I don't want forgiveness - all I want is *outta here* --"

<A Phormer Phrontistery ... Frogspawn ... 20,000 Lashes ... A Phrontistery ... Phrogspawn ... Philoxenia ... Antarctica Starts Here ... Epigamic Ephebes ... Waxwing's Wah-wah Rabbits ... Opposition & Sister Squares ... Cosy Moments will not be Muzzled ...>

A dictionary helps. As does Modern Chess Openings or Fundamental Chess Openings (by Van der Sterren -- good on transpositions). Encyclopedias, whether wiki, text-based or fictional, have their place. But for a good knight's sleep try a bed, futon, hammock or some of my writing. Avoid Gerry McCarthy

"Brutality is out of date."
- Aron Nimzowitsch

"Keep violence in the mind where it belongs."
- B.W. Aldiss

"Combinations and chemistry are your only men."
- Er, <me>?

<"I used to be somebody else, but I traded him in."> M. Antonioni

"Chess is a marvelous piece of Cartesianism, and so imaginative that it doesn't even look Cartesian." - Marcel Duchamp

[reconstruction always in progress, please excuse noise, no refunds, no discounts, no hawkers, no spitting]

So what am I doing here? Simple: I like to play *with* chess...

<Writing, unlike chess, is a victimless crime.>

"J'ai une maladie: je vois le langage."
- Roland Barthes

<More First Person Gibberish>:

Fischer-Dylan Syndrome: <"You can always come back, but you can't come back all the way">.

Favorite Opening: The French, naturellement. After 30-odd years, I think I'm starting to understand its benthic deeps. Well, I had it for a moment ... seems to be gone again.

Basta. Enough chess, it makes my head spin. Anyone who has lingered in my forum (Frogspawn, Philoxenia, 20,000 Lashes, Antarctica Starts Here, usw) knows that much of the conversation isn't about chess at all, or even lingerie. I'm interested in *stuff* -- arts and sciences, shoos and sheeps and ceiling wicks, kibitzers and King Kong vs Gojiro in Dronning Maud Land. I like to make connections. I like people who make connections.

Bad puns, bad languages, bad breathing, bad breeding, psychological insights, literary allusions, surrealist manifestos, or the sound of one hand stentorating. I'm not going to name any of the people who make CG so much fun. You know who you are, O my droogs and Zapkinder.

One last chess snippet. I have never, in my entire life, played either side of a Spanish/Ruy Lopez in a serious game. I'm a Spanish Virgin. There, you knew I was a pervert, didn't you?

<- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

<From <Gravity's Rainbow> by Thomas Pynchon:

"Queen, Bishop and King are only splendid cripples, and pawns, even those that reach the final row, are condemned to creep in two dimensions, and no Tower will ever rise or descend -- no: flight has been given only to the Springer!">

- - - - - - - - - - - - - ->

Whatever you find in books, leave it there.
- John Cale

Know anything about chess? It can be a virtual life work, and what is it to absorb all a man's thought and energy? - William Burroughs

I am not the only one who writes in order to have no face. - Michel Foucault Statistics Page

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CG Librarian chessforum


PGN Upload Utility

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FEN reverser (courtesy of <ajile>):

OlimpBase (courtesy of Wojtek Bartelski, aka User: OlimpBase):

Some *other* databases include:

ChessBookForum chessforum

Chessgames Present Hunt Clues Page

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A statistical analysis by Jeff Sonas (thanks to <BadKnight> for bringing it to my attention):

Game Collection: The Even More Flexible French

FIN de Partie

>> Click here to see Domdaniel's game collections. Full Member

   Domdaniel has kibitzed 27950 times to chessgames   [more...]
   Sep-25-16 Tal Memorial (2016) (replies)
Domdaniel: < I just can't get behind any opening that removes the queens immediately. It's almost as if black is saying "I can draw at will. Prove me wrong."> I reckon the opposite is true. With queens on, then to some extent the position is random, and almost anything can happen. But ...
   Sep-25-16 Kibitzer's Café (replies)
Domdaniel: <ljfyffe> "At least you thought you wanted it..."
   Sep-24-16 Carlsen vs Isaac Wiebe, 2016
Domdaniel: This transposes to the Classical Dutch on move 6, when White plays d4. So it is better classified as a Dutch than as a Reti.
   Sep-24-16 Domdaniel chessforum
Domdaniel: <mckmac> Yeah, Norrie is slang for Northsider. Mainly heard in Cork.
   Sep-19-16 Annie K. chessforum (replies)
Domdaniel: <visayan brain doc> Never mind a thousand years ago -- think of the last 100,000 years. Somehow us myopics demonstrated survival value in the face of ruthless natural selection. We might have blurry vision, but we kept breeding... Hmmm. Maybe we kept breeding *because* we ...
   Sep-15-16 Chess Olympiad (2016) (replies)
Domdaniel: <HMM> Do you really know so little history, chess history or history in general? There was no Alekhine/Botvinnik period in Russian chess. Alekhine (like Nimzowitsch and Bogolyubov) left Russia around 1920. For many years the Soviets treated him as a non-person, rather like ...
   Sep-15-16 Janelle Mae Frayna (replies)
Domdaniel: Oh, come on. Why this obsession about a perfectly ordinary sub-2300 chessplayer? It's not just because she's female and aged 19, is it? How shallow can you guys get? OK, "read my lisp" is funny. But not much else is. And chessplayers (or indeed sportspersons of any kind) who ...
   Sep-14-16 T Kett vs M Schaefer, 2010
Domdaniel: After 18...e5 (!), 19.Rxe5? Ng4+ wins.
   Sep-13-16 John Finan Barry (replies)
Domdaniel: The Barry Attack, a variation of the London System, has no connection with John Barry (or Milner-Barry, or Irish master C. Barry). It's rhyming slang: Barry comes from 'Barry White', which rhymes with sh---, with an evaluation of the line.
   Sep-11-16 Caruana vs A R Saleh Salem, 2014
Domdaniel: And some people say that Caruana isn't so hot at blitz? This is pretty impressive.
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Frogspawn: Levity's Rainbow

Kibitzer's Corner
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Sep-19-16  mckmac: <Domdaniel> Struth! <A stellar result> for real. Sounds like you had two wins and didn't drop a game. Chapeau!!
Premium Chessgames Member

<Matthew> is that you? Well met, on the occasion of <Dom's> triumph!

Premium Chessgames Member
  posoo: da old posoo has only THREE identaties and BRONKOT is not one of them.

I am da most honest man you will ever meet.

Premium Chessgames Member
  Domdaniel: <Ohio> Heh. That limerick is sinful according to at least three belief systems.

Welcome to the sinners' team...

Premium Chessgames Member
  Domdaniel: <posoo> - <I am da most honest man you will ever meet.>

Er, shouldn't that be "da must horniest man yew will ever meat" ... ?

I fear your ability to come up with original speelings is slipping. You are Da Speelman!

Premium Chessgames Member
  Domdaniel: A pic of all four runners-up in the Munster ch'ship --

I'm the good-looking one, of course.

It was pointed out to me afterwards that if I'd played on for a win against Paul Walsh I'd have won the title - not *totally* implausible, as our game went. I'd dropped a pawn for reasonable compensation, found my way to a sort of attack, but contented myself with regaining the pawn instead of pressing for more. I was mainly concerned with not losing, which I suppose demonstrates some inner lack of macho competiveness.

I ended up with three draws as white and two wins as black -- inverted GM strategy?

Premium Chessgames Member
  Domdaniel: <Ohio> There's a novel called 'The Dork from Cork' -- I forget who wrote it, but it was filmed under a more euphonious name ... Frankie Starlight, perhaps. Despite the superficial look of the words, I maintain that 'Dork' and 'Cork' don't actually rhyme...

I know of one Limerick-limerick (not mine) which starts:

As two rustic cats went to Limerick
The brighter hick spoke to the dimmer 'ick ...

Premium Chessgames Member
  Domdaniel: I should point out that the venue for this event was the <McCarthy Suite> of the West County Hotel.

This is known as an omen, I believe.

Premium Chessgames Member
  OhioChessFan: There were two fat coppers from Limerick

A bright Jimmy and a dimmer Mick

You should have heard the invectives

Sail forth from the detectives

As they argued which was the slimmer dick

Premium Chessgames Member
  Domdaniel: <Jess> - <And of course there is no 2...g6 in the OPENING EXPLORER although it seems like a perfectly fine move to me.> Very true - nor is it in the couple of other databases I looked at, though 2...g6 must be a reasonable move. In one tournament years ago I tried 1.e3 (Van't Kruijs, weirdo opening fans!) as White, somehow winning one game in just 12 moves. Then in the crunch last round I played 1.e3 and my opponent said "I thought you might do that" and replied 1...g6. I lost.

The main point of ...g6 is that it discourages white's b3 and Bb2, which is often the plan after both 1.e3 and 1.f4.

I guess 1.f4 f5 is pretty rare - and when it *is* played there are amusing gambits for both sides - e4 for white or ...e5 for black.

Sometimes after a series of unusual moves it's possible to play a quite normal moves that turns out to be a novelty, because the position is almost never reached.

Premium Chessgames Member
  Domdaniel: <Ohio> Great verse, though the syllable count could be improved.

If the middle lines were "You could hear the invectives/ Rise from the detectives" it would scan better, IMO.

I'm quibbling with genius, of course.

Premium Chessgames Member
  OhioChessFan: Of course you should quibble with genius. What else is worth your time? I'll have another quibble at the apple later on.
Premium Chessgames Member
  posoo: Dunnus,

da old posoo NEVER discuses SEXUAL maters in public.

Sep-19-16  mckmac: <Jessica> Well met indeed!

Great to see you are still holding things together here. Still turning an elegant phrase or two, too.

Fair play to <Dom> for chalking one up for the 'old guys'. Quite inspiring really.

Premium Chessgames Member
  Boomie: <A pic of all four runners-up in the Munster ch'ship -->

Confirming my suspicion that Dom is actually Fabulous Furry Freak Brother Phineas, seen here on the right in a rare snapshot from Haight Ashbury when HA was really HA -

Sep-20-16  ketchuplover: Hope your nephew is excelling at chess :)
Premium Chessgames Member
  Domdaniel: I found one game which began 1.e3 f5 2.f4 g6 ... but the players were rated 1267 and 1086, so we won't go there. Just as I would not expect a GM to pay attention to my efforts...
Premium Chessgames Member
  Domdaniel: <ketchup> Thanks. I have *three* nephews in various cities, aged between 6 and 21 -- and all of them play chess, without much direct input from me.
Premium Chessgames Member
  Domdaniel: <Boomie> Heh ... indeed. A definite odour of the Fabulous Furry Old Age Pensioner Brothers.
Sep-22-16  mckmac: <Brother Dom Phineas> Sounds like a Padre in a book by Umberto Eco, or maybe the dude who actually got it right with Carmela Soprano in the tragically lost episode from season five. One of those names that roll.
Sep-23-16  mckmac: A little late for the train to Limerick ...

As two rustic cats went to Limerick
The brighter hick said to the dimmer 'ick
Stay clear of the drunks
They're meaner than skunks
That's all that I know about Limerick

Premium Chessgames Member
  Domdaniel: <mckmac> That sounds accurate.

Scene. Night. Limerick City Centre, at around midnight. I am walking back to my hotel. This is at a time, a few years ago, when the tabloids have taken to calling Limerick 'Stab City'. It got worse before it got better.

I start to walk across a street. A woman on a bicycle approaches. I accelerate, jumping out of her path...

Woman: "Heh. I'm not going to stab yeh."

Me (thinks): Am I so obviously a scared visitor?

This actually happened. Strange place, Limerick.

Premium Chessgames Member
  Domdaniel: I've been reading 'City of Bohane' by Kevin Barry - an amazing novel set in a sort of hyper-Limerick, a fictional Irish city forty years in the future, full of gang warfare, rasta gypsies, Chinese assassins, albino killers, sand-pikeys and Norries... incredible.
Sep-24-16  mckmac: <Domdaniel> What, we ask, is a 'Norrie'? Are they perhaps the followers of Norman or the minions of Norelle? The Urban Dictionary is no help.

Fortunately, there is a chapter from 'City of Bohane' online, and it's a terrific read. Seems that the Norrie's are a gang of bad-ass aggravators who hail from the 'Northside Rises'.

Premium Chessgames Member
  Domdaniel: <mckmac> Yeah, Norrie is slang for Northsider. Mainly heard in Cork.
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