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European Club Cup Tournament

Joran Aulin-Jansson6.5/7(+6 -0 =1)[games]
Lorenz Maximilian Drabke6.5/7(+6 -0 =1)[games]
Daniele Vocaturo6/7(+6 -1 =0)[games]
Pavel Tregubov6/7(+5 -0 =2)[games]
Vladimir Hamitevici6/7(+5 -0 =2)[games]
Vladislav Kovalev6/7(+5 -0 =2)[games]
Afrim Fejzullahu5.5/6(+5 -0 =1)[games]
Viktor Laznicka5.5/7(+5 -1 =1)[games]
Alberto David5.5/7(+4 -0 =3)[games]
Bjarke Barth Sahl5.5/7(+5 -1 =1)[games]
Simone De Filomeno5.5/7(+4 -0 =3)[games]
Richard Rapport5.5/7(+4 -0 =3)[games]
Fethi Apaydin5.5/7(+5 -1 =1)[games]
Denis Khismatullin5.5/7(+4 -0 =3)[games]
Berge Ostenstad5.5/7(+5 -1 =1)[games]
Jan Willem van de Griendt5.5/7(+5 -1 =1)[games]
Tamas Petenyi5.5/7(+5 -1 =1)[games]
Hannes Hlifar Stefansson5.5/7(+4 -0 =3)[games]
Anish Giri5/6(+4 -0 =2)[games]
Avital Boruchovsky5/7(+3 -0 =4)[games]
Ioannis Papaioannou5/7(+4 -1 =2)[games]
Stefan Christensen5/6(+4 -0 =2)[games]
Maxime Vachier-Lagrave5/6(+4 -0 =2)[games]
Andreas Heimann5/7(+3 -0 =4)[games]
Bernhard Lutz5/7(+4 -1 =2)[games]
Sergei Zhigalko5/6(+4 -0 =2)[games]
Vladimir Malakhov5/6(+4 -0 =2)[games]
Christov Kleijn5/7(+4 -1 =2)[games]
Umut Atakisi5/7(+5 -2 =0)[games]
(365 players total; 336 players not shown. Click here for longer list.) Chess Event Description
European Club Cup (2013)

The 29th European Club Cup was played in Rodos Palace Hotel, Rhodes, Greece 20-26 October 2013. Chief arbiter: Sotirios Logothetis. Czech side G-Team Novy Bor (Navara, Wojtaszek, Laznicka, Sasikiran, Hracek, Bartel, Cvek) took the title with 13 match points (+6 -0 =1) ahead of Malachite (Grischuk, Karjakin, Morozevich, Shirov, etc.) and top seeds SOCAR (Caruana, Radjabov, Topalov, Kamsky, Mamedyarov, Wang Hao, Giri, Safarli). (1, 2)

Report by Peter Doggers (with photos): Crosstable:

Previous edition: European Club Cup (2012). Next: European Club Cup (2014). See also European Club Cup (Women) (2013).

(1) TWIC (, (2) Report by Lubomir Kavalek at

 page 2 of 44; games 26-50 of 1,080  PGN Download
Game  ResultMoves YearEvent/LocaleOpening
26. T Paakkonen vs Sasikiran  0-1402013European Club CupB90 Sicilian, Najdorf
27. M Bartel vs P Hokkanen 0-1552013European Club CupE12 Queen's Indian
28. S Kosmo vs R Cvek  ½-½432013European Club CupB48 Sicilian, Taimanov Variation
29. R Pruijssers vs Jobava 0-1412013European Club CupB75 Sicilian, Dragon, Yugoslav Attack
30. S Zhigalko vs M van Delft  1-0412013European Club CupB40 Sicilian
31. S Kuipers vs S Azarov  0-1212013European Club CupC55 Two Knights Defense
32. S Sjugirov vs M Boel  1-0602013European Club CupE06 Catalan, Closed, 5.Nf3
33. F van der Elburg vs Ivan Popov 0-1362013European Club CupA20 English
34. D Kryakvin vs M Van Dommelen  1-0612013European Club CupD43 Queen's Gambit Declined Semi-Slav
35. Harikrishna vs J Wegerle  1-0372013European Club CupC10 French
36. M Schaefer vs Kiril D Georgiev  ½-½472013European Club CupC54 Giuoco Piano
37. M Godena vs T Michalczak  ½-½412013European Club CupC53 Giuoco Piano
38. O Kniest vs D Vocaturo  0-1392013European Club CupE76 King's Indian, Four Pawns Attack
39. D Dvirnyy vs M Gupta  0-1632013European Club CupA15 English
40. A Peschel vs A Valsecchi  0-1362013European Club CupD02 Queen's Pawn Game
41. R Lubczynski vs Sutovsky  0-1302013European Club CupA04 Reti Opening
42. G Guseinov vs N Tripoteau  1-0292013European Club CupB43 Sicilian, Kan, 5.Nc3
43. A Delorme vs V Durarbayli  0-1392013European Club CupA46 Queen's Pawn Game
44. V Rasulov vs Y Aubry  1-0292013European Club CupC00 French Defense
45. B Sorin vs N Abasov  0-1712013European Club CupB15 Caro-Kann
46. Z Mammadov vs A Gallant  1-0492013European Club CupB22 Sicilian, Alapin
47. R Rapport vs D Shengelia  1-0412013European Club CupE30 Nimzo-Indian, Leningrad
48. R Lendwai vs P Tregubov  0-1222013European Club CupD30 Queen's Gambit Declined
49. M Lagarde vs H Ganaus  ½-½502013European Club CupC00 French Defense
50. S Dzierzenga vs A Delorme  0-1402013European Club CupC60 Ruy Lopez
 page 2 of 44; games 26-50 of 1,080  PGN Download
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Kibitzer's Corner
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Oct-25-13  SirRuthless: <spysfi> Nakamura barely escaped Papaioannou's grip today. He was more than happy to take the draw by repetition.

In other news SOCAR was brutalized by Novy Bor today. Navara's endgame technique vs Caruana was something to see. Kamsky and Topalov also lost to Laznicka and Wojtaszek respectively in bloody fighting games. Czech will be celebrating tonight.

Oct-25-13  notyetagm: <SirRuthless: ... <<<In other news SOCAR was brutalized by Novy Bor today.>>> Navara's endgame technique vs Caruana was something to see. Kamsky and Topalov also lost to Laznicka and Wojtaszek respectively in bloody fighting games. Czech will be celebrating tonight.>

Unbelievable: SOCAR'S top 3 boards (Caruana, Kamsky, Topalov) all lost(!!!) on the same day!

Oct-25-13  csmath: Navara's win is an opening and ending jewel. Topalov's loss was shooting himself in the foot with a loaded gun. Kamsky's game is also far from exceptional in any way. Nakumara did some of his bizzare "early queen" opening experiments but his opponent was happy to get a draw.
Premium Chessgames Member
  PhilFeeley: It's certainly not a walkover for SOCAR. Some wild games should keep the commentators busy for months. I expect Daniel King, Mato, and the folks over at Chessbase magazine to have fun with these games.
Oct-25-13  iamsheaf: Radoslaw is playing superb chess, if you look at this games.. he beat topalov and he had a very good position against Carlsen. He also scored a full point against Topalov's second..Seems like his association with Anand has really improved his play.
Premium Chessgames Member
  offramp: In East London the Kray twins used to sellotape coffee tables to people's heads.
Oct-26-13  SimonWebbsTiger: more notorious than the Krays were the Piranha Brothers. Volkmar Dinstuhl was frightened though of a 20 foot hedgehog called Spiny Norman.
Oct-26-13  csmath: Domingues-Topalov game today is a fine ending save by Topalov. Grischuk has beaten Jobava in a highly complex and original "Dragon/Closed" Sicilian hybrid littered with errors by both. Very unusual game, Jobava played in Morozevich style but not good at all. Karjakin played yet another very disciplined Rossolimo and killed Cheparinov in superior ending with outside passer.

Caruana just barely saved the game with Svidler, I think he was lost earlier but they have now theoretical draw.

Oct-26-13  csmath: Caruana-Svidler game is worth analyzing, it is one very interesting ending, Peter probably missed something but the bishop ending was a draw all the way.

Caruana saved the game with a lot of effort.

Oct-26-13  Calar: Novy Bor (Navara, Wojtaszek, Laznicka, Sasikiran, Hracek, Bartel, Cvek) won the event.


Oct-26-13  SirRuthless: G-Team Novy Bor Congratulations. I like to see a team of mostly homegrown players win. I enjoyed Navara's games the most.

In other news Grishuk claws way back to world number 5 on the live list Nakamura to number 4
Caruana to number 6. This will carry over to the November FIDE list. The 3 wild card candidates are literally on top of each other. I think this will help Grischuk's case. Caruana did not have a great event finishing at -1 but it could have been much worse if not for his endgame skills. He needs to take a break. He can recharge and then play well in the ETC in November. Nakamura had a lackluster event but at least he got Svidler and finished +2.

Oct-26-13  Vincenze: What's going on with Topalov and Caruana?
Oct-26-13  Vincenze: Radoslaw Wojtaszek is a 2700+ player. Don't be too surprised this happens occasionally. Caruana v 2700+ Navara and Moro v once 2700+ Laznicka.

There is such a wedge of heavyweight talent just under the icing.

Oct-26-13  badest: <csmath: Navara's win is an opening and ending jewel. Topalov's loss was shooting himself in the foot with a loaded gun. Kamsky's game is also far from exceptional in any way. Nakumara did some of his bizzare "early queen" opening experiments but his opponent was happy to get a draw.> I don't think Topa will lose sleep over that loss. I have a feeling it was a must win game for him, in order for SOCAR not to lose the match (Kamsky was already in a very unpleasant position and so was Caruana).

PS I am not saying this to belittle Radoslaw's achievement. He played a solid game.

Oct-26-13  waustad: It looks like the Norwegians may have a decision to make between Agdestein and Hammer for second board in the next Olympics. +3 here after some other good results this summer make him a viable choice.
Oct-26-13  SirRuthless: Adgestein impressed me in this event from the first game. He found some very nice moves to save the draw vs Caruana in round 1. His performance rating must have been deep in the 2700s. Why is he so underrated?
Oct-26-13  SimonWebbsTiger: the problem is Agdestein is more or less retired. His tourney/match play is similar to Luke McShane.
Oct-26-13  spysfi: Some nice pics from Rhodes ecc 2013:

Premium Chessgames Member
  HeMateMe: ^^Nice photos, dude.
Premium Chessgames Member
  PhilFeeley: Only 7 rounds? Ended too early!

The results above don't match the board prizes:

Check out the women, too. All the board prizes went to Monte Carlo.

Oct-27-13  waustad: <the problem is Agdestein is more or less retired> He mentioned that he was going to be playing more to prepare for the Olympiad and so far it has worked out quite well. Jon Ludwig Hammer has been a part timer too since he is in college and mostly plays during breaks.
Oct-27-13  waustad: In a couple of weeks many of these teammates will be opponents and vice versa in Poland.
Oct-27-13  Jason Frost: Deserving win by Novy Bor. Malachite and SOCAR lost only 3 games total, but in both cases they were in costly situations, with SOCAR losing all 3 vs Novy Bor.
Oct-29-13  Starkraven: Oct-25-13 <> csmath: Nakumara did some of his bizzare "early queen" opening experiments <>

One "z" two "r's" thks, /csmath/... you're velcome..


Nov-20-13  WTHarvey: Here is a collection of 71 critical positions from the men's and women's sections:
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