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New Zealand Championship Tournament

Puchen Wang7.5/9(+7 -1 =1)[games]
Russell John Dive7/9(+6 -1 =2)[games]
Anthony F Ker6/9(+5 -2 =2)[games]
Ben Hague5.5/9(+4 -2 =3)[games]
Paul Anthony Garbett5.5/9(+3 -1 =5)[games]
Michael Steadman5.5/9(+5 -3 =1)[games]
William Xiang Wei Li5.5/9(+4 -2 =3)[games]
Robert Wayne Smith5.5/9(+5 -3 =1)[games]
John Duneas5.5/9(+5 -3 =1)[games]
Gino Thornton5/9(+3 -2 =4)[games]
Gordon Morrell5/9(+3 -2 =4)[games]
Daniel King-wai Lam5/9(+4 -3 =2)[games]
Leonard J McLaren4.5/9(+4 -4 =1)[games]
Scott Yang4.5/9(+2 -2 =5)[games]
Vinod Kumar4.5/9(+2 -2 =5)[games]
Edward Rains4.5/9(+4 -4 =1)[games]
Peter Wykeham Stuart4.5/9(+0 -0 =9)[games]
Benjamin U Lim4.5/9(+3 -3 =3)[games]
Alex Huang4.5/9(+3 -3 =3)[games]
Timothy Rains4/9(+3 -4 =2)[games]
Hao Jia4/9(+3 -4 =2)[games]
Barry Martin-Buss3.5/9(+3 -5 =1)[games]
Helen Milligan3.5/9(+1 -3 =5)[games]
Daniel Hanwen Gong3.5/9(+2 -4 =3)[games]
Marany Meyer3.5/9(+1 -3 =5)[games]
Nathan Goodhue3/9(+2 -5 =2)[games]
Hilton P Bennett3/9(+3 -6 =0)[games]
Leighton Nicholls3/9(+1 -4 =4)[games]
Antonio Krstev2/5(+1 -2 =2)[games]
* (30 players total; 1 player not shown. Click here for longer list.) Chess Event Description
New Zealand Championship (2014)

Played in Auckland, New Zealand 4-12 January 2014. Crosstable (from ):

Pos NAME Rtg T Fed Pts | 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 --- 1 Wang, Pu Chen 2440 IM NZL 7.5 | +W18 +W11 =B4 -B2 +W13 +W5 +B3 +B6 +W7 2 Dive, Russell J 2441 IM NZL 7.0 | =B7 +W12 +B22 +W1 =B3 -W4 +W10 +B8 +W6 3 Ker, Anthony F 2423 IM NZL 6.0 | +B19 +W6 =B5 +W4 =W2 +B14 -W1 -W7 +B13 4 Hague, Ben 2387 FM NZL 5.5 | +W29 +B26 =W1 -B3 +W7 +B2 -W6 =B5 =W9 5 Garbett, Paul A 2339 IM NZL 5.5 | +W16 +B13 =W3 =B8 =W10 -B1 +W9 =W4 =B11 6 Steadman, Michael V 2291 FM NZL 5.5 | +W23 -B3 +W29 =B10 +W8 +B13 +B4 -W1 -B2 7 Li, William (Xiang W 2116 -- NZL 5.5 | =W2 =B17 +W16 =B26 -B4 +W22 +W14 +B3 -B1 8 Smith, Robert W 2348 FM NZL 5.5 | -B12 +W28 +B27 =W5 -B6 +W11 +B26 -W2 +W16 9 Duneas, John 2185 -- NZL 5.5 | -W22 +B24 -W13 +B21 +B20 +W27 -B5 +W10 =B4 10 Thornton, Giovanni A 2202 -- NZL 5.0 | =B15 =W20 +B18 =W6 =B5 +W12 -B2 -B9 +W21 11 Morrell, Gord 2159 -- CAN 5.0 | +W24 -B1 =W14 =B17 +W16 -B8 +W15 =B13 =W5 12 Lam, Daniel King-wai 2100 -- HKG 5.0 | +W8 -B2 +W23 -B13 +W15 -B10 =W17 +W22 =B14 13 McLaren, Leonard J 2326 NM NZL 4.5 | +B25 -W5 +B9 +W12 -B1 -W6 +B27 =W11 -W3 14 Yang, Scott 2150 -- NZL 4.5 | =B20 =W15 =B11 +W22 +B26 -W3 -B7 =W17 =W12 15 Kumar, Vinod 2021 -- IND 4.5 | =W10 =B14 =W17 =B29 -B12 +W19 -B11 =B23 +W26 16 Rains, Edward 2086 -- NZL 4.5 | -B5 +W25 -B7 +W28 -B11 =B18 +W20 +W27 -B8 17 Stuart, Peter W 2118 NM NZL 4.5 | =B28 =W7 =B15 =W11 =B22 =W26 =B12 =B14 =W18 18 Lim, Benjamin U 2109 -- NZL 4.5 | -B1 +W21 -W10 +B30 -B27 =W16 =B19 +W26 =B17 19 Huang, Alex 2103 -- NZL 4.5 | -W3 -B23 +W30 =B25 =W29 -B15 =W18 +W24 +B22 20 Rains, Timothy 1998 -- NZL 4.0 | =W14 =B10 -W26 +B23 -W9 +BYE -B16 -B21 +W30 21 Jia, Hao 1995 -- NZL 4.0 | -B27 -B18 +W25 -W9 +B28 =W23 =B24 +W20 -B10 22 Martin-Buss, Barry 2009 -- NZL 3.5 | +B9 +W27 -W2 -B14 =W17 -B7 +W30 -B12 -W19 23 Milligan, Helen 2062 WFM NZL 3.5 | -B6 +W19 -B12 -W20 =W24 =B21 =B25 =W15 =W28 24 Gong, Daniel Hanwen 2000 -- NZL 3.5 | -B11 -W9 +B28 -W27 =B23 =W25 =W21 -B19 +BYE 25 Meyer, Marany 2062 WIM NZL 3.5 | -W13 -B16 -B21 =W19 =W30 =B24 =W23 =B28 +B27 26 Goodhue, Nathan 2165 -- NZL 3.0 | +B30 -W4 +B20 =W7 -W14 =B17 -W8 -B18 -B15 27 Bennett, Hilton P 2137 CM NZL 3.0 | +W21 -B22 -W8 +B24 +W18 -B9 -W13 -B16 -W25 28 Nicholls, Leighton 1985 -- NZL 3.0 | =W17 -B8 -W24 -B16 -W21 =B30 +BYE =W25 =B23 29 Krstev, Antonio (W) 2103 -- NZL 2.0 | -B4 +W30 -B6 =W15 =B19 -BYE -- -- -- 30 Zhang, William Jiewe 2007 -- NZL 2.0 | -W26 -B29 -B19 -W18 =B25 =W28 -B22 +BYE -B20

 page 1 of 6; games 1-25 of 131  PGN Download
Game  ResultMoves YearEvent/LocaleOpening
1. B Hague vs A Krstev 1-0212014New Zealand ChampionshipC02 French, Advance
2. W Li vs R J Dive  ½-½452014New Zealand ChampionshipC42 Petrov Defense
3. P Wang vs B Lim  1-0722014New Zealand ChampionshipE69 King's Indian, Fianchetto, Classical Main line
4. A Huang vs A F Ker  0-1492014New Zealand ChampionshipB08 Pirc, Classical
5. D Lam vs R W Smith  1-0532014New Zealand ChampionshipB90 Sicilian, Najdorf
6. P Garbett vs E Rains  1-0452014New Zealand ChampionshipB32 Sicilian
7. M Meyer vs L McLaren  0-1592014New Zealand ChampionshipB23 Sicilian, Closed
8. M Steadman vs H Milligan  1-0872014New Zealand ChampionshipE67 King's Indian, Fianchetto
9. V Kumar vs G Thornton  ½-½812014New Zealand ChampionshipE15 Queen's Indian
10. J Duneas vs B Martin-Buss  0-1462014New Zealand ChampionshipE94 King's Indian, Orthodox
11. W Zhang vs N Goodhue  0-1332014New Zealand ChampionshipB01 Scandinavian
12. G Morrell vs D Gong 1-0472014New Zealand ChampionshipA15 English
13. T Rains vs S Yang  ½-½532014New Zealand ChampionshipE50 Nimzo-Indian, 4.e3 O-O 5.Nf3, without ...d5
14. H Bennett vs Hao Jia 1-0252014New Zealand ChampionshipB25 Sicilian, Closed
15. L Nicholls vs P W Stuart  ½-½182014New Zealand ChampionshipB22 Sicilian, Alapin
16. P Wang vs G Morrell  1-0522014New Zealand ChampionshipD30 Queen's Gambit Declined
17. A F Ker vs M Steadman 1-0452014New Zealand ChampionshipC56 Two Knights
18. N Goodhue vs B Hague  0-1392014New Zealand ChampionshipA01 Nimzovich-Larsen Attack
19. L McLaren vs P Garbett  0-1712014New Zealand ChampionshipB40 Sicilian
20. B Martin-Buss vs H Bennett  1-0412014New Zealand ChampionshipB06 Robatsch
21. R J Dive vs D Lam 1-0302014New Zealand ChampionshipA15 English
22. G Thornton vs T Rains  ½-½762014New Zealand ChampionshipA13 English
23. S Yang vs V Kumar  ½-½192014New Zealand ChampionshipD02 Queen's Pawn Game
24. P W Stuart vs W Li  ½-½382014New Zealand ChampionshipA12 English with b3
25. R W Smith vs L Nicholls  1-0252014New Zealand ChampionshipC90 Ruy Lopez, Closed
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Kibitzer's Corner
Premium Chessgames Member
  HeMateMe: No Richard Taylor, this time around?
Premium Chessgames Member
  Benzol: <HeMateMe> Richard played in the open section. See his forum where he mentions some of his games.
Premium Chessgames Member
  Benzol: It was interesting to see Gordon Morrell playing in this tournament. It must be one of the stronger NZ Chp's of recent years.
Premium Chessgames Member
  Richard Taylor: <Benzol> I blew my last game. I thought I was lost so I sacrificed a knight as a way of bailing out but in fact I had a fairly large advantage: it was as if I was hypnotized. I just suddenly lost heart and then I walked off (after a flurry of bad moves by me).

I'll have to say I felt an enormous stress this year. It was almost unbearable. I lost so much confidence I was pleased to win against a 1200 player. But the standard of play was quite low over all in the Major Open compared to previous years.

That said the actual tournament conditions were excellent compared to some others I've been in.

In the Championships:
William Li won quite a nice game against IM Kerr. Leonard McClaren was "torn apart" in a tactical firestorm unleashed by Steadman.

I must have a look at more of the games. There is not much point looking at most of the games in the Major Open (but undoubtedly there are one or two "pearls", but many will be like mine either lost or won by blunders).

I think I'm getting too old for chess and I'll stick to playing over master games etc from now on. I seem to have lost the plot (if I ever had it). I'm in the "last stage of all, is second childishness" as the melancholy Jacques tells everyone in 'As You Like It'....

Premium Chessgames Member
  FSR: The games to which <Richard Taylor> alludes are A Ker vs W Li, 2014 and L McLaren vs M Steadman, 2014.
Premium Chessgames Member
  Richard Taylor: Yes. I have beaten both those players by the way. My first game against William he played the black side of the English Attack (Najdorf). More recently I beat him by playing a more conservative Be2 or Opencensky and he said he "I bored him to death". I used that policy against Tionko (a kind of Maroczy without the exchange of my W B is similar to Carlsen or similar to a Karpov game I saw in Nunn's book 'Understanding Chess Move by Move' W.Li is a good player but a bit uneven.

I'd just told William on FB "Good luck for your game and he won against the IM..." I 'apologized' to Kerr when they were analysing it, he said I could wish him good luck anytime. I think he means to help him win?

Ker's been NZ Champ several times.

Premium Chessgames Member
  Richard Taylor: <Benzol> Morrell told me he had been living in NZ for a bit but he pulled off some good games.

Antonio on the bottom - poor old Antonio. He wasn't his usual self. He played unwisely in Rd 1. I think he has other things on his mind. He's a writer (Sci Fi I think) books are in Macedonian...

It might have been better to keep the 12 Round Robin although I suppose as it is it helps younger players to have a go.

Old Bruce Kay (who beat me in the 2008 Major Open or Reserve as they used to call it) was in the first NZ Champs I watched with my father when I was a boy. It was at the Auckland Bridge Club about 1960 or 61. My father and I had more or less just learned chess and it was exciting. Funny a boy of 12 or 13 could be excited by a chess tournament! My father learned chess when he was about 50 or so, so it was an adventure for him also...

But we soon learned how hard chess was to actually play! It was good in books etc and fascinating reading about the master etc in Edward Lasker's book...the pieces fascinated me.

A terrible but wonderful game!

Premium Chessgames Member
  Richard Taylor: <FSR> Thanks for your comment and confirmation of the games.
Premium Chessgames Member
  Richard Taylor: T Rains vs W Zhang, 2014

This is a nice finish by one of the Rains brothers (Timothy) his opponent could have drawn a move or so before the final blow fell!

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