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🏆 Russian Team Championship (2014)

  PARTICIPANTS (sorted by highest achieved rating; click on name to see player's games)
Alexander Grischuk, Sergey Karjakin, Alexander Morozevich, Ian Nepomniachtchi, Peter Svidler, Leinier Dominguez Perez, Gata Kamsky, Peter Leko, Dmitry Jakovenko, Evgeny Tomashevsky, Alexey Shirov, Nikita Vitiugov, Sergei Movsesian, Maxim Matlakov, Baadur Jobava, Victor Bologan, Vladimir Fedoseev, Vladimir Malakhov, Ernesto Inarkiev, Vladislav Artemiev, Evgeny Alekseev, Andrei Volokitin, Alexander Riazantsev, Kirill Alekseenko, Denis Khismatullin, Aleksey Dreev, Alexander Motylev, Zahar Efimenko, Evgeny Najer, Sergei Rublevsky, Boris Grachev, Igor Lysyj, Daniil Dubov, Alexandr Predke, Vladimir Potkin, Artyom Timofeev, Mikhail Kobalia, Aleksej Aleksandrov, Konstantin Landa, Sanan Sjugirov, Aleksandr Shimanov, Alexey Sarana, Ildar Khairullin, Ivan Popov, Pavel Tregubov, Ivan Bukavshin, Grigoriy Oparin, Andrei Kharlov, Dmitry Kokarev, Pavel Smirnov, Ildar Ibragimov, Alexey Goganov, Pavel Maletin, Dmitry Frolyanov, Olexandr Bortnyk, Ivan Rozum, Aleksei Pridorozhni, Yuri Yakovich, Anton Shomoev, Vitaly Sivuk, Aleksandra Goryachkina, Mikhail Mozharov, Jakov Geller, Sergey Ionov, Jaroslav Prizant, Mikhail Demidov, Sergey Vokarev, Ilia Iljiushenok, Marat Makarov, Artem Chernobay, Bogdan Belyakov, Alexander Cherniaev, Vahe Baghdasaryan, Vladislav Nozdrachev, Pavel Potapov, Sergey Grishchenko, Sergei Beshukov, Sergei Chekhov, Vasily Usmanov, Alexey Mokshanov, Rail Makhmutov, Anatoly Ozgibcev, David Shahinyan, Grigory Palchun, Boris Ofitserian, Mikhail Pogromsky, Sergey Savitskiy, Leonid Nozdrachev, Alexey Kostin, Tigran Simonian, Andrey Okara, Alexander Sergeyev, Alexander Zhurikhin, Andrey Aminov, Viacheslav Rozhkov, Alexander S Klyuev, Georgy Pogosian, Viktor N Parfenov Chess Event Description
Russian Team Championship (2014)

The 21st Russian Team Championships were held in Loo, Sochi between April 7 and April 13, 2014. The tournament was a 7-round Swiss with 13 teams; the teams had six players and one or two alternates. Top seeds Malakhit (Sverdlovsk Oblast) won the title, with 12 match points, scoring five match wins and two ties. ShSM-Nashe naslediye (Moscow) lost 4-2 in a key second-round match against Malakhit but recovered to place second with 11 points, their only other lost point being a last round tie against third-placers St. Petersburg. Universitet (Belorechensk), who tied with Malakhit in round 4, also finished on 10 match points but lost third place on fewer game points.

1st Malakhit (Sverdlovsk Oblast) +9 (6.0) +2 (4.0) +3 (4.0) =4 (3.0) +5 (4.0) =7 (3.0) +8 (4.5) 12 28.5 2nd ShSM-Nashe naslediye (Moscow) +10(3.5) -1 (2.0) +8 (4.0) +11(4.0) +12(5.5) +4 (3.5) =3 (3.0) 11 25.5 3rd St. Petersburg +8 (3.5) +7 (3.5) -1 (2.0) +5 (3.5) =4 (3.0) +9 (5.5) =2 (3.0) 10 24.0 4th Universitet (Belorechensk) +13(3.5) +5 (3.5) +7 (3.5) =1 (3.0) =3 (3.0) -2 (2.5) +12(4.0) 10 23.0 5th Yugra (Khanty-Mansi AO) +6 (4.0) -4 (2.5) +9 (5.0) -3 (2.5) -1 (2.0) bye(3.0) +7 (4.0) 7 23.0 6th SDYuSShOR ShSh (St. Petersburg) -5 (2.0) +13(4.0) -11(2.5) =7 (3.0) bye(3.0) =8 (3.0) +10(3.5) 7 21.0 7th Ladya (Kazan) +11(4.0) -3 (2.5) -4 (2.5) =6 (3.0) +10(3.5) =1 (3.0) -5 (2.0) 6 20.5 8th Politekhnik (Nizhniy Tagil) -3 (2.5) +12(5.0) -2 (2.0) =9 (3.0) +13(3.5) =6 (3.0) -1 (1.5) 6 20.5 9th Zhiguli (Samara Oblast) -1 (0.0) +10(4.0) -5 (1.0) =8 (3.0) +11(4.0) -3 (0.5) bye(3.0) 6 15.5 10th Turbonasos (Voronezh Oblast) -2 (2.5) -9 (2.0) +12(4.0) bye(3.0) -7 (2.5) +13(3.5) -6 (2.5) 5 20.0 11th Moscow Oblast -7 (2.0) bye(3.0) +6 (3.5) -2 (2.0) -9 (2.0) -12(2.0) +13(3.5) 5 18.0 12th Atom (Desnogorsk) bye(3.0) -8 (1.0) -10(2.0) +13(3.5) -2 (0.5) +11(4.0) -4 (2.0) 5 16.0 13th Yamal (Yamalo-Nenets AO) -4 (2.5) -6 (2.0) bye(3.0) -12(2.5) -8 (2.5) -10(2.5) -11(2.5) 1 17.5

Sergey Karjakin (4.0/7), Alexander Grischuk (6.0/7), Peter Leko (5.0/7), Alexey Shirov (4.0/6), Vladimir Malakhov (2.5/5), Alexander Motylev (2.0/3), Igor Lysyj (2.0/3) and Viktor Bologan (3.0/4) played for the winning team.

Detailed results:

Previous edition: Russian Team Championships (2013)

Next edition: Russian Team Championship (2015)

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Game  ResultMoves YearEvent/LocaleOpening
1. S Sjugirov vs Karjakin 0-1662014Russian Team ChampionshipE12 Queen's Indian
2. Grischuk vs I Bukavshin  1-0712014Russian Team ChampionshipA07 King's Indian Attack
3. D Frolyanov vs Leko 0-11172014Russian Team ChampionshipB12 Caro-Kann Defense
4. V Malakhov vs Yakovich  1-0332014Russian Team ChampionshipB53 Sicilian
5. J Geller vs I Lysyj  0-1462014Russian Team ChampionshipC67 Ruy Lopez
6. Bologan vs A Predke 1-0602014Russian Team ChampionshipD37 Queen's Gambit Declined
7. Vitiugov vs P Smirnov  ½-½922014Russian Team ChampionshipD31 Queen's Gambit Declined
8. A Shomoev vs Dominguez Perez  ½-½412014Russian Team ChampionshipB52 Sicilian, Canal-Sokolsky (Rossolimo) Attack
9. Movsesian vs D Kokarev  ½-½402014Russian Team ChampionshipB90 Sicilian, Najdorf
10. P Maletin vs Efimenko  ½-½472014Russian Team ChampionshipE21 Nimzo-Indian, Three Knights
11. I Khairullin vs M Pogromsky  ½-½492014Russian Team ChampionshipD10 Queen's Gambit Declined Slav
12. A Ozgibcev vs Shimanov  0-1562014Russian Team ChampionshipC41 Philidor Defense
13. A Goganov vs Jakovenko 0-1552014Russian Team ChampionshipE15 Queen's Indian
14. Tomashevsky vs I Rozum  ½-½802014Russian Team ChampionshipE54 Nimzo-Indian, 4.e3, Gligoric System
15. Makarov vs E Inarkiev  0-1362014Russian Team ChampionshipA04 Reti Opening
16. Khismatullin vs S Ionov 1-0382014Russian Team ChampionshipD11 Queen's Gambit Declined Slav
17. K Alekseenko vs Rublevsky 1-0872014Russian Team ChampionshipB46 Sicilian, Taimanov Variation
18. A Riazantsev vs V Usmanov  ½-½752014Russian Team ChampionshipD35 Queen's Gambit Declined
19. Morozevich vs S Chekhov 1-0542014Russian Team ChampionshipE62 King's Indian, Fianchetto
20. G Oparin vs Dubov  ½-½392014Russian Team ChampionshipB53 Sicilian
21. B Grachev vs V Sivuk  1-01062014Russian Team ChampionshipD76 Neo-Grunfeld, Nxd5, 7.O-O Nb6
22. O Bortnyk vs E Najer  ½-½272014Russian Team ChampionshipC58 Two Knights
23. I Popov vs M Demidov  ½-½432014Russian Team ChampionshipC12 French, McCutcheon
24. A Kostin vs M Mozharov 1-0492014Russian Team ChampionshipB13 Caro-Kann, Exchange
25. A Chernobay vs Kamsky ½-½922014Russian Team ChampionshipC95 Ruy Lopez, Closed, Breyer
 page 1 of 11; games 1-25 of 251  PGN Download
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Kibitzer's Corner
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Apr-09-14  Arcturar: Yup, Grischuk is totally killing it. He just beat Vitiugov (who is no pushover) and has 3/3.
Apr-09-14  Refused: Vitiugov lost a pawn in the opening. Grischuk was able to hold onto that pawn and converted it. Thus Grischuk has now 3/3 and has passed Caruana, Kramnik and Anand on the live rating list. Thus there he is #3 now.
Premium Chessgames Member
  Everett: Not bad for a poker player.
Apr-09-14  Appaz: Grischuk climbs to #3 in the live rating. Worlds strongest smoker!
Apr-10-14  Conrad93: Can Grischuk break the 2800+ barrier this year?
Apr-10-14  Refused: Grischuk with an easy draw today against Alekseev. Neither side seemed to be in a real fighting mood today.
Apr-11-14  Refused: It looks like Grischuk is going for 4.5/5.
Weird looking opening, and now he has Tomashevsky in the ropes.
Apr-11-14  Refused: Jobava is also enjoying an excellent tournament. Today he was able to beat Svidler.
Apr-11-14  optimuswise: Jobava also in great form! He has 4./5. by beating Jakovenko, Kamsky and Svidled. Impressive!
Apr-11-14  mindanalyzer: Dominguez 4/5 too, #10 in live ratings
Apr-11-14  mindanalyzer: I have no idea why he is playing 3rd board. I don't think that either Svidler or Vitiugov are stronger than him, ... but they know better ... I guess
Apr-11-14  john barleycorn: Peter Leko is overseen. 4/5 with 3 wins and 2 draws is a respectable result.
Apr-11-14  Arcturar: Grischuk's on fire! If he keeps up this pace he might even break 2800! One more win will give him a new personal high, anyways (2792 currently). Really nice play from Jobava (who is having a great year so far) and Dominguez. I like Leinier, and hope he stays in the Top 10 for a while.
Premium Chessgames Member
  plang: Why is Dominguez playing in the Russian Team Championship?
Apr-11-14  john barleycorn: Personal delegate of Fidel to the russian comrades
Apr-11-14  SirRuthless: <johnbarleycorn> Right!
Apr-11-14  mindanalyzer: Because he is getting paid. Why else?
Apr-11-14  jphamlore: Didn't Grischuk say about why he did not play in the last Russian Superfinals that he was playing almost non-stop chess and that they needed to ask him so that he could find an opening in his schedule which he did not have? A break in his schedule and suddenly Grischuk is looking fantastic again.
Apr-11-14  Refused: <jphamlore: Didn't Grischuk say about why he did not play in the last Russian Superfinals that he was playing almost non-stop chess and that they needed to ask him so that he could find an opening in his schedule which he did not have? A break in his schedule and suddenly Grischuk is looking fantastic again.>

If I am not totally mistaken there was a scheduling conflict. The last Grand Prix in Paris and the Russian Superfinals overlapped. And since Grischuk still had some chances to qualify for the candidates (if he had been the sole winner in Paris), he played paris.

My memory might mislead there, though.

But Grischuk was already a bit complaining about the gruesome schedule during one of the post game press conferences in Beijing. So either explanation makes sense.

Apr-11-14  jphamlore: <Refused: But Grischuk was already a bit complaining about the gruesome schedule during one of the post game press conferences in Beijing.>

I think toward the end of last year both Grischuk's and Caruana's games suffered from simply too much high level competitive chess. I am hoping both can take some time away from competition to recalibrate their games and make a strong bid to make the next Candidates.

Apr-12-14  mindanalyzer: My boy (dominguez) is on fire
Premium Chessgames Member
  Everett: Do we have a team winner?
Apr-14-14  Karpova: Malachite won:
Premium Chessgames Member
  Everett: Thank you !
Premium Chessgames Member
  whiteshark: Big cb report with lots of pictures:
search thread:   
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