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Mark Taimanov vs Rafael Vaganian
Analysis (1977) (probably analysis), ?
English Opening: King's English Variation. Reversed Sicilian (A21)  ·  1-0



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Kibitzer's Corner
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Feb-04-07  sambo: Like many others, d6 jumped out at me, though I saw little beyond that.

Anyway, how often does publish the analysis to a game as an entirely different game? I really like it as a matter of fact- it's quite convenient and allows kibitzing on the new lines.

Good puzzle though.

Premium Chessgames Member
  ClassZPlaya: I couldn't give myself full credit today. I chose 25. d6 and calculated the whole line beginning 25. ... Bxe2, but I didn't even consider 25 ... Rad8 and of course the reply 26. Nd7 (!). I thought that play would continue 25. d6 Nxe5 26. Rxe5 Rxe5 27. Bxe5 Rad8 where I thought White would have a clear advantage, but I didn't calculate that out to a win. Is there a better line for White after 26. d6 Nxe5? And if not, is the position after 27 ... Rad8 in my line above winning for White?
Premium Chessgames Member
  fm avari viraf: Full of tactics! I could see 25.d6 where the Rook is en prise. But to find the text continuation is difficult.
Feb-04-07  micartouse: I took stock of the situation and pursued 25. d6! and I knew I was on to something when I saw it opened up Bd5+ threats. I promised myself I'd analyze both 25 ... Bxe2 and 25 ... Rad8. After a half hour found the whole line in the annotation for 25 ... Bxe2.

But then I was too tired to analyze 25 ... Rad8. I'm glad I didn't since I never would have seen 26. Nd7! Way over my head.

Premium Chessgames Member
  Richard Taylor: I also decided on d6 but didn't even think Bd5+ In fact after 25.d6 I completely missed Bxe2 - lol.

I also tried to make 25. Nxg4 work

if Rxe2 26 Nf6 or h6+ but couldn't see anything there so went for d6.

I thought it just won material. Strange position.

Premium Chessgames Member
  kevin86: I did get the first move right!!! However,I completely missedit after that:(

A good game-or should I say good analysis by Taimanov.

Premium Chessgames Member
  penarol: I did not solve it. I saw d6 as a possible first move but i did not see Nd7 to follow.

Anyway, in the line 25...Bxe2 26 Bd5+, Black can play 26...Re6, which leaves the e8 square for the king (so that in the following move Nd7 will not be mate) and also threatening the rook in d1 and Bxf2+ (being a rook up).

In that case, what would be the best 28th move for White (after 27 Bxe6+, Kf8). Perhaps Bxg4 or Nxg4, or...?? Is is enough to win?). Or perhaps white should not capture th e6 Rook immediately?

Apr-19-15  Cheapo by the Dozen: The obvious thought is 25 d6, with the threats of Bxa8 and Bd5+. However, ... Bxe2 takes a rook, threatens the rook that is supporting the advanced pawn. and undefends the f2 pawn as well. Well, let's see.

16 d6 Bxe2
17 Bd5+ Kg7 (the other choices allow immediate mate!) 18 Nxg4+ Kf8
19 Nf6 Red8
20 Nxh7+ Ke8
21 Re1

White will have 2 pieces for the rook.

However, I don't have a good line yet against the answer 16 d6 Bxd6.

Premium Chessgames Member
  al wazir: In the note to black's 25...Rad8, the move 30. Re1 is *not* a check. (There is a black ♗ on e2.)
Apr-19-15  M.Hassan: "Insane"
White to play 25.?
Material identical

25.d6 attacking one Rook and opening diagonal a2g8
<if...Kf8 27.Nd7#>
27.Nxg4+ Kf8
28.Nf6 threatening mate by Nxh2+
29.Rd2 Bb4
30.Nxh7+ Ke7
31.RXe2+ Kd6
White has a slight advantage

Apr-19-15  stst: Black has its B @a6 shooting at White's R @e2, but a double B checking lines in the making for White if the P @d5 can give way, so may go for this R-sac, as an initial line:

25.d6 Bxe2
26.Bd5+ and starts the K hunt

IF (A) 26........Kf8

IF (B) 26........ Kh8/g7
27.Nxg4 dis+ Kf8
28.Re8 .....etc will get back later....

Apr-19-15  diagonalley: wow... what an electric position!... i "guessed" at 25.P-K6 but could not fully justify it... fabulous foresight on the part of taimanov... masterly.
Apr-19-15  kamagong24: chessgames does not have games played in the Manila Olympiad?
Apr-19-15  hadi706: خیلی بازی جالبیه از تایمانوو
Apr-19-15  morfishine: <Richard Taylor> Literally what I was going to post
Apr-19-15  mistreaver: Sunday. White to play. 25.? Insane.
This is a crazy looking position with basically two ideas for white - sacrifice of the e2 rook for knight on g4 and push of d5. But what is the correct move order?
Let's try with:
25 Nxg4!
Now black has two alternatives
A) 25 ... Bxe2
26 Nf6+ Kf7
27 d6 Bxd1
28 Bd5+ Kf8
29 Nxh7 mate
Ok, i went deliberately on f7 in this variation. Let's try with king on f8. 25 ... Bxe2
26 Nf6+ Kf8
and now white isn't in time.
Ok let's shift the move order then
25 ... Bxe2
26 Bd5+ Kf8
27 Nf6 Rd8
28 Nxh7+ Ke8
29 Re1
And i think white is better here, although i could have reached this position earlier as well. B) 25 ... Rxe2
26 d6!
I think here it is more precise since knight on g4 covers f2 26... Rxb2
27 Bxa8 Bc8
28 d7
And i think in the end white is better.
However i am getting bamboozled here with all the possibilities, so i will terminate here. Time to check and see how it really went.
Hmm, first i have to say that 24... Ba6 is losing here, but after 24... Nxe5 25 Rxe5 nothing bad for black is apparent. Secondary, Nxg4 is wrong move, because as i said
25 Nxg4 Rxe2
26 d6 Rd8! (not primitivy Rxb2)
and black is all out of danger and probably even better. And also
25 Nxg4 Bxe2
26 Nf6 Kf7
27 d6 Bxd1
28 Bd5+
doesn't lose because black has
28... Re6
and he even wins.
The game continuation is beautifull, problematic and very efficient. I should have tried better, but it is some comfort that strong grandmaster like Taimanov also failed to notice those nuances over the board.
Premium Chessgames Member
  patzer2: I'm surprised Taimanov's excellent game analysis doesn't mention Black's decisive mistake <24...Ba6?>

Instead, Black can hold an equal position with 24... Nxe5 25. Rxe5 Bg4 26. Rde1 Rf8 = to (-0.39 @ 29 depth, Deep Fritz 14).

P.S.: Got today's initial Sunday puzzle move <25. d6!> but missed the decisive follow-up <26. Nd7!!>

Premium Chessgames Member
  Penguincw: The moves I was hoping black would play are 25.d6 Bxe2 26.Bd5+ Kh8 27.Nxg6# 1-0.
Premium Chessgames Member
  Jimfromprovidence: I saw 25 d6 (with the devestating threat of 26 Bd5+).

As a defense I looked at 25...Nxe5 26 Rxe5 Rxe5 27 Bxe5 (27 Bxa8 looks good as well)

click for larger view

Material is even but black's rook is en prise. Play continues with 27...Rd8 28 d7 Bb5 29 Bh3

click for larger view

Here white's versatile dark bishop threatens both 30 Bf6 or Bc7 and that is the key. One line could go 29...Kf7 30 Bc7 Ba4 31 Rd2.

click for larger view

Black has either 31..Bxd7 or 31...Be7 and both lose material.

Premium Chessgames Member
  agb2002: The material is identical.

Black threatens 25... Bxe2 and 25... Bxf2+ 26.Rxf2 Nxe5.

The first idea that comes to mind is 25.d6, trying to exploit the airy position of the black king and touching the rook on a8:

A) 25... Bxe2 26.Bd5+ Kg7 (26... Kf8 27.Nd7#; 26... Kh8 27.Nxg6#) 27.Nxg4+ Kf8 28.Nf6

A.1) 28... Bxd1 29.Nd7# or 29.Nxh7#.

A.2) 28... Bxd6 29.Nxh7+ (29.Nxe8 Rxe8, but not 29... Bxd1 30.Bxa8 Kxe8 31.Bd5 + - B vs P]) 29... Ke7 30.Re1

A.2.a) 30... Kd8 31.Bxa8 + - [N].

A.2.b) 30... Rac8 31.Rxe2+ with the better ending [N+B vs R].

A.2.c) 30... Kd7 31.Bxa8 as in A.2.a (31... Rxa8 32.Rxe2).

A.3) 28... Red8 29.Re1

A.3.a) 29... Ba6 (or to any other square) 30.Nxh7#.

A.3.b) 29... Bxd6 30.Rxe2 and the double threat 31.Bxa8 and 31.Nxh7# seems to win.

A.4) 28... Rec8 29.Nxh7+ Ke8 30.Re1 Rc2 31.Bxa8 Bb4 (31... Rxb2 32.Bf3 + - [N]) 32.Bc6+ Kf7 (32... Rxc6 33.Rxe2 + -; 32... Kd8 33.Bf6+ Kc8 34.d7+ wins) 33.Ng5+ Kf8 34.Bf6 looks winning (34... Bxe1 35.d7 Rd2 36.d8=Q+ Rxd8 37.Bxd8 + - [N]).

B) 25... Bxd6 26.Nxg4 Bxe2 27.Nh6+ Kf8 28.Rxd6 looks very good for White.

C) 25... Bxf2+ 26.Rxf2 Nxf2 (26... Nxe5 27.Bxa8) 27.Kxf2 and the d-pawn gives White a won ending.

Premium Chessgames Member
  chrisowen: Cosh d5 hocus pocus cot chi go away am ar good entrap sudden victor d7 grip ok in ogle epicure d8 equate d7 errand boy essay d6 eunich extra inter eyelet boot d5 i feel ever bungee to effront d8 bad see to rook effect in see it ie an ive a cream d6 ave cross sax okey e5 in ostentatious again boom bod kaputz it zip in ive ebullient ramble d7 as boot an good do blink odd blank bind ive okay doke revoke in low ash light d6 an do bank band koinus agree d6 first deport angle land d5 in time 24 ...Ba6 as rig affable mission select over ive firm e5 fickle fiddle iffy oh doors a6 enact am ago tease a6 chip again frivolous officer e8 good e5 bad a6 piffled frisbee whiff a6 blows around affable e8 amongst crowd arrives abacus count inceed fact catch accost acutes an angle a6 address aeyther binds affixer cuts ever agile a6 aghast aileron e8 allergy rate e5 avoids amoeba padre a6 another bind e5 good aortas at virus a6 under am reign at king's flap d5 engages g8 when good knight arm g4 take e5 better glide for black applies aretes arrows inter attubes augment e8 avarice squares up an e5 good awooga padre a6 alert d6 axe haven d6 alimony e8 backward it arduous in aim bantered balloons i cap again a6 bad banshees wail baghands bassons up bafflers baggages clam e5 hand equal advantage off re you came light toes d5 clean two points ahead at end of combo d6 marches c8 capture champion padre a6 off back c8 in elevate as ave win d7 iffy oh door bailouts and balances like chamber c8 baroques ti on e5 have barrages battered away e5 gains apply path bap catch cap again dapper gent e5 at paella dish flap parfait her bind again as have in hope paid up happy d6 ave pashmina cloth double step d5 apostle pack lap pal map pam nap pane d5 oap crawl apport paper d6 tiger crouch amp d4 bang e5 have horse appalosa spots apportions appropriate an approve approval i um g4 bless appease rap par pal in drome;

d6 ar why am man have e5 sap pass e5 pat tap vapours e8 trail a6 pave e5 paw g4 an wap at wangle d7 pay day drop load fag hoof flash give gash flow ha goof fang head flush gave spark enough fast back borough fat an dank and able dusty fan da day belongs to white in ever fank e5 dance at dip again long to beast 25.d6 Rad8 join the club jobsworth jog on d6 have good calm job at d6 as caravan of love jocular e8 sentry cojoin d7 jod hopper by jove cuppa joe joffi d6 jojo man joke jocks trap i a6 cram e5 in chow down dojo d5 mojo push jonty joir de vivre d6 cleaned jostle d7 joust joss stick jot of jowls jovial mood joy an oodles an oomph d6 an aorta rove do jaffa bled bed flow be food d7 for thought dangle danger true delight in team dancers an drovers like herd e5 cattle d7 prod diffuse again dabblers ave dabhand dashers deadens decides ive debrief decants case cease and decists am drivers dindins and divots doubts flog e5 dead horseddoggone doorset don'tcha know dugouts an doorway dunce a6 dociles an dunders head cloth diggers an dippers drastic d8 act dossiers an debtors de-wind d7 dexies dayfallive viva dynamos an deft dead flow ced flap offed defluff e8 fine e5 lane effort back bed other bind ive in diffy deffy ankle an dippa flood dank and able while go bands 25 ...Nxe5 26.Rxe5 27.Bxa8 Re8 28.d7 Rd8 29.Bd5+ light dearth of options affable demise od black info ok,

line load as good drive height back dream
path an apply force tense doubts and doors

at lock d5 and lowd scream rook an e2 fallacy e8 again bibbed feed d5 padre i g2 erm clean sight an g8 king's at flap engage pave flow face pin do good depth ever d5 won angle check off in bury backs am g8 angles favor pale face d5 light wins at door-ways 29 ...Kf8 30.Be6 Ke7 31.Be5 Bc8 rook takes at c8 two points ahead an flicks 26.Nd7 Bc4 27.Rxe8+ aortas ledge spark an evermore as in culpa makes way for mushroom as head d7 josh have over batch im entertain as notion inter glides away c5 lane caught off in pocket d7 he effective spark heffa lump c5 off in drop it ok in ogle vets an d7 i learn erstwhile go castles 8e manages each-way am route won keys c5 lush bash heads together bind base at head honchos e8 lab ellucidate engenders

ave in re address 27 ...Rxe8 28.Nxc5 bxc5
29.d7 Rd8 30.Bh3 Be6 31.f3 light emerges at

piece for pawn 2 points ahead

Apr-19-15  offramp: Cool. We're meant to find this in ten minutes after getting out of bed on a Sunday.
Apr-19-15  Cheapo by the Dozen: I never even considered the game defense, because I already failed to find a win after ... Bxd6.
Apr-20-15  stst: A late and quick response:
25.d5 NxN
26.RxN R xR
27.BgxRa Re8
28.d7 Rd8
29.Bf6 Rf8
30.d8=Q RxQ
31.BxR ....
White is up in material... time to check
Premium Chessgames Member
  An Englishman: Good Evening: Seven years ago, the position completely stumped me (check the kibitzing of Feb-04-07). Last night, on the bus going home from a night of drinking, I solved the puzzle immediately without recognizing it. Clearly, White is in serious trouble and must look for desperate moves. Makes me wonder--in my playing career, I arrived at tournament halls totally drunk on three occasions to play a game. I won all three games. Perhaps that explains why I never became a Grandmaster; not enough beer.
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