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Member since Sep-13-07
Elo 2316 .
"Play the board AND the man ! ".
But mostly the board.
Was born in Elsinore,Denmark,1953.And I am still proud of it.As I hope everyone is proud of hers/his startingpoint.

In many aspects life and chess do mirror each other IM experience.As science and belief goes hand in hand.So many "rules of thumbs" and many "exceptions" from the rule. I do agree with Bent Larsen who once said that someone who cannot contain a paradoxe is not using the full capacity of his brain.Actually I am convinced that there are no parodoxes,but perspectives which are more bright or flexible than others...

Though some obviously are borned under more easygoing circumstances than others,I will second our esteemed fellowkibitzer <zarg> who underlines that "luck" is also somehing that we create ourselves. Ourselves,but also together IM experience.
I try to live my life as if Jesus or Buddha knocked on the door , I would wellcome them as friends . And if they didn´t show up, it would be fine anyway. Full Member
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   May-05-21 World Championship Candidates (2020/21) (replies)
moronovich: <Messiah: I hope Nepo will win.> I also hope you will win.Someting.Some day.
   May-03-21 Kenneth Rogoff (replies)
moronovich: <WorstPlayerEver: There is no other day> There is no tomorrow It is always now
   May-03-21 moronovich chessforum
moronovich: See you around too <Check It Out> ! I would say David Howell is a really pleasant host !
   May-01-21 Suetin vs Tolush, 1950
moronovich: "Tolush or not Tolush"
   Apr-29-21 Bill Wall (replies)
moronovich: <Diademas: The most dangerous job in showbiz. <In 1915, Ajeeb, a chess automaton, was set up at Coney Island. One player lost to it and was so angry he took out a gun and shot at the automaton. The unlucky hidden operator, Sam Gonotsky, was killed, which was covered up. In ...
   Apr-29-21 M Brunello vs G Papp, 2016 (replies)
moronovich: It never occured to me either.
   Apr-28-21 Wang Hao vs Nepomniachtchi, 2021
moronovich: <ajk68: Did Wang Hao flag? Or did he just give up? The position favors black, but there is probably a some drawing possibilities out there.> You are right.There still are some drawing chances.At least he could have tried.But he told he got fed up with the position.And now,a
   Apr-26-21 Caruana vs A Giri, 2021 (replies)
moronovich: <Ulhumbrus: 6 a3? moves a pawn in the opening. So does 1.e4 ;)
   Apr-24-21 chessforum (replies)
moronovich: <Diademas> + 100
   Apr-23-21 Magnus Carlsen (replies)
moronovich: But I had a fine shot on my wife the first of April.I told her the new way,as encouraged by the authorities, to say hello on the university (due to covid19 of course), was to blink with the eyes :). No more elbows and feetslappping.
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Prairie Winds & Pints Consumed

Kibitzer's Corner
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Premium Chessgames Member
  moronovich: Good evening my dear !

It has beeen a great day today with a trip to the seaside for the first time in ages.Licking sun and icecream while watching the small ships and boats while the local fishermen were having a chat and a beer.Almost like before the corona and we were grateful to realize, with our own eyes, that society is still working !....

And how about you ? Hopefully your breathing incident was an only one time happening ....So please let me know.

Tonight Hannah wil do one of her favourite dishes.Shrimps with rice and some vgetables.It is delicious and combined with a BBC quiz we should be well equpped to meet the evening.

So all is ok/fine here and I wish all the best for you and please also give some hugs to Maria !

Arrividerci and see you up the road.

Mar-02-21  virginmind: Hi! Yes, by Monday morning all symptoms were gone. I did call the family doctor though and she told me that, since I have both shots of vaccine administered, it most probably was just a common cold, so no need for a test. Great! We should trust the specialists! :)

Oh, how I envy you living by the ocean, it must be marvelous to be able to breathe all the time the sea air, which is so beneficial in many respects. You lucky pair! :)

Hugs returned to both Hannah and you.

Premium Chessgames Member
  moronovich: God evening my dear<virginmind> !

Thanks for dropping by and sorry I have been
lazy and laid back ): Otherwise I am fine and
it is great to hear that the specialists gave you green light ! Great when they can be trusted and it must have been a relief for you,nést pas ?

I can understand that you envy living by the ocean, but who knows when the societes will open up and you and your dear Maria may start to go places again !? What day that would be and the signs are already there as the pandemic seems to slow down.But we still have to be carefull...

Take care down there please and hopefully you will have a fine weekend !

Life is still good and the spring is blooming like always.Right now I am enjoying "Paris-Nice".Do you follow too ?

Many hugs to both of you and also from Hannah !

Mar-27-21  virginmind: Hi, dear <moronovich>, late again, but better than never. Maria had her first shot of Astra Zeneca yesterday and no unpleasant reactions so far. Spring time here, some 12 degrees in Iasi and blue sky. Magnus finished third at the last big tournament, and I will refrain from commenting the noodles episod. He is unusually strong and it's all that matters, for the rest - who's perfect? Yes, he has this and that, ok, it seems we will get over it and stick for what we should care for: his games. Plus, he plays a lot (let's compare him with Fischer, in this respect), therefore, great for us, kibitzers. Of course he's getting on our nerves at times. We comment about it a bit, then life goes on.

I was watching the skating in Stockholm, lately. I didn't follow that Paris-Nice thing. And, of course, played some chess games. I noticed I'm good, of late. But, as a matter of fact, I'm very weak.

All the best for this weekend to Hannah and you.

Premium Chessgames Member
  moronovich: Good evening my dear <virginmind> !

Thanks for dropping by.It is always good to hear from you.And I have just been through some old kibitzing were we and several others at the time in 2013 when Magnus played his first WC.Great walk through memory lane !

Spring has also arrived here today and many people in the neighbourhood are going for a long walk.Feels almost like the good old days when there was no corona ;)/):

And I agree wth you that Carlsen most likely is up to the task again when they play for all the marbles in November.But before that, Caissa has planted the Candidates which is off in almost only one weeks time.I am looking forward to it ! Any predictions from you ?

Glad to hear things are going good with Marias first shot and I hope it continues. We will have ours in a couple of weeks with the older one,me,as the first ;)

Well in my world it doesnt really matter if we are good or not in chess as the pleasure with the game is what counts the most.

On a final note I wish you both a splendid Easter with as much delight as possible !

Hoka Hey and see you up the road.

Apr-03-21  virginmind: Hello <moronovich> and thank you for the wishes, although only Maria is Catholic, I'm Orthodox, so Easter towards the end of the month. It's been cold&rain again but pleasant days may return, they say all April will be like that, changeable. Not much for the news part.
Not even chess, not like it used to be.
But we gotta keep optimism alive.
Good week end!
Premium Chessgames Member
  Diademas: God Påske til deg og dem du har kjær.
Forhåpentligvis den siste høytid vi trenger å ta hensyn til pest og elendighet.
Premium Chessgames Member
  moronovich: Også du og dine ønskes en God Påske !

Ja,og vi håber også det er den sidste højtid med alle disse begrænsninger.

Premium Chessgames Member
  moronovich: Hi <virginmind> !

Sorry for being so late,but o.t.o.h.. I have been busy with a tooth which has got the big treatment at the dentist and it is fiine now and on top of this I have to consider a higher blood pressure.But yesterday my heart was meassured and it was fine !

Otherwise things are ok here, and it is a joy to have Hannah around,also as she is working from home in these times ! The country is gradually opening up and we shall see.... Soon the Candidates are comming up ! Any predictions from you ?

I sincerely wish you and Maria shall have a splendid weekend and that you are keeping the good spirits here under the pandemic ! We are.

Hugs and see you up the road !

Apr-11-21  virginmind: Hi <moronovich>, I'm glad about resolving the tooth problem and of course take care about your blood pressure. There can be a number of causes for it getting high, so best if checking all of them. This weekend we've been to Onesti/Pancesti, a first trip since I don't know when, and it was just fine, weather was great and enjoyed being with the family of Maria. We have been cautious, maybe a bit less as we're both vaccinated and also most of those we've met there. But we've stayed outdoors most of the time. Pancesti air, especially up on a hill in the cemetery, is nothing short of fabulous.

I predict the candidates will be won by Giri, Caruana or Nepomniachtchi, in this order of chances. Unfortunatelly I'll be busy with some legal research and writing, but will do my best to follow the games.

Happy Sunday!

Apr-19-21  virginmind: OK, so here they are! Are you ready? I am. Well, sort of...

I wish them well and nothing to disturb their concentration.

Apr-19-21  virginmind: Oh, and belated Happy Easter, my friend, I just looked back at my posts and noticed I somehow failed to say that, I am sorry. Wish you both Hannah and you all the best!
Premium Chessgames Member
  moronovich: Hi <virginmind> !

Yes we are off and while writing Caruana, seems to be winning after a long tough fight today.So Caru is deep in the running now and I dont think we could have wished for a much better start !

Thank you,for the Easter wishes.It was a fine time and so I hope for you !

Your predictions seem to come through and I sincerely hope you will find a way to cope with your obligations and the Candidates !...

My very friendly doctor who knows me very well has given me a pill for the bloodpressure. I have quite some high hopes in it !

It is a blooming spring time we are experiencing now and we are oblige to enjoy it before the cold returns on wednesday :).

What a treat to have none less than the WC in the stduio today,nest pas !?

Take care and enjoy the chess and give my regards and hugs to you and Maria !

Premium Chessgames Member
  moronovich: ´Just in : OMG : Aleeksenko winning big time.Grischuk is out,just before it all started ):
Apr-20-21  virginmind: Hi <moronovich>, yes and, for a moment, before the tournament, betting on Alekseenko crossed my mind, just for the sake of it...well, he doesn't have a real chance and as it appears neither Grischuk, to get to meet Carlsen this autumn.

It was indeed a very instructive marathon between Caruana and MVL and what better treat to think of than having Carlsen commenting it! So Fabi got his opponent in a well prepared 25 moves opening which showed us all how important is the development in spite of being 3 pawns down (and even a knight later on). What a game!

Thank you for the kind wishes. After some dark&rainy days, great sunshine and even warmth today. But indeed they say next month is going to be bleak, rainier than usual and probably cold. Not my cup of tea.

OK let's see what they have in the bag for us some half an hour. Hugs.

Apr-25-21  virginmind: Giri winning again yesterday, giving chances to my prediction, only to find Nepo spoiling everything...or almost. Two rounds to go. Oh well, at least Fabi won't get to face Magnus, so the champion will have to fight a weaker opponent this November (to his own admission). I hope you're fine.
Premium Chessgames Member
  moronovich: Good morning my dear <virginmind> !

Well,I was just goint to write you and then you came first :)

Here it is sunny and very cold, compared to the season.But it suits me fine and I went to the local store this morning, to lay some bets on the classic bike race "Liege-Bastogne-Liege which I am really looking forward to,also as they are on break in Yekaterinenburg today.

And I am afraid it was a significant better day at the office for Nepo than Giri who seemingly played a brilliant game vs Caruana who rather surprisingly is out of the running.But according to sportmansship and the importance of particularly this tournament, I did´nt approve of Wang Haos resignment in a position which wasn´t 100% lost.Even in the studio they couln´t find an easy win.What do you think ?

I hope you cope best possible with the bleak weather if has started.And are enjoying life as much as possible.

Here things are ok/fine and soon I´ll have my first vaccine,but today the line is too long. Patience,like in chess is aguired ;)

My father passed away some weeks ago,which is fine because he was suffering in a home from dementia.But it also means I had had some contact with 2 halfsiblings (due to the heritage).It was some 35 years ago I met them for the first and only time,so a very pleasant meeting/talk over the phone,that may continue some other time!

Take care my friend.Let us enjoy the weekend and give your self and Maria some hugs !

Apr-25-21  virginmind: Hello, dear <moronovich>, I'm sorry to hear about your father's passing, but as you say, maybe it was better for him considering his suffering. R.I.P.

I did go over Wang Hao-Nepomniaschtchi game and, what can I say, Nepo was a pawn mean that White should have tried for more for a draw? I guess a few more moves would not have hurt, yeah, but I don't know...maybe he saw much earlier what I couldn't and decided it's not worth to prolong it. Anyway, indeed, quite a bit of a surprise with Fabi out of contention. As about Grischuk and MVL...the first hasn't been solid of late, and the latter, most probably a confirmation of his form betraying on him. So it's all between Nepo and Giri, well well...I wonder what Carlsen has to say about it.

Good luck with that bet on the bike race! Enjoy the weekend and hugs to you and Hannah.

Apr-26-21  virginmind: So Nepo is after all...Congratulations to him. He was third in my prediction, but of course I admit he is no doubt deserving of it all. Hm, Nepo. Would he be really weaker than Carlsen in November? Probably. You know, like in that Carlsberg commercial. Hats off to him, after all. With his Sumo fighter (or is it samurai?) coiffure...he may well win the world crown. Will he be able? Oh well, maybe leave it to history statisticians. But we have here odds theorists too.

Anyway, bravo to him! Quite a fighter. Not to mention outstanding talent.

Premium Chessgames Member
  moronovich: Good afternoon dear <virginmind>> 1

Thanks for your condolences. I hope the old man has found a peaceful place.

And yes congratulations to Nepo.Already looking forward to November.A little bit more than half a year.We may need this to put some sunshine into this dark month,n´est pas ?

I hope Nepo will be more samurai than sumo,but we shall see for ourselves ;)

Take care and enjoy your day.For the moment the games look surprisingly interesting !

See you up the road.


Apr-28-21  virginmind: Oh yes, nice games and interesting results. Entertaining candidates overall, with no problems whatsoever. The Russians organised the event very well, as usual.

Quite cold at my place this morning, minus one Celsius. But in a few days we'll jump to 20. It pays to live in a moderate climate, the ups and downs protect us from boredom :)

I see Magnus has won the preliminaries for New in Chess Classic, an online event. Some short draws in the last round though, which made David Howel a bit nervous.

La revedere.

May-02-21  virginmind: Magnus and Hikaru will play the final of New in Chess Classic. Am I wrong or we did get to see more chess at the highest level after, as compared with before the pandemy, albeit mostly played online? At least Magnus gave the impression that he wanted to compensate for the inconvenience the virus brought about, offering both the players and the fans more ocasions to play and follow our beloved game. Not to mention more prizes.

For the rest I'm fine. Hugs.

Premium Chessgames Member
  moronovich: 12.09 is the clock,so it must be : Good afternoon ! :)

Yes Magnus and Hikaru should bode for a classic final.

And I am shure you are right that there are more high class tournamnets here during the pandemic.Also due to Magnus´ instigation and influence,which perhaps can´t be appreciated enough ! So kudos the the brave young(just turned 30)norwegian.

All is well/ok here and on wednesday I´ll have my first vaccine ! So hopefully going to town in the near future.Ill give you one guess.Do I miss it ? ;)

Hope all is fine in Yasi and wish you both the best of weekends !


Premium Chessgames Member
  Check It Out: I didn't catch all of it, but last I saw Nakamura was ahead 1.5 - .5. I checked in later and Naka was scrambling to catch up, then lost.

The broadcast with David Howell as hilarious, with as much emphasis on chlii peppers and karaoke as chess. How did no one choose Dont Stop Believing by Journey as their song?! Anyways, The chess board was so small I had to put on reading glasses to see the pieces.

All in all, a fun time. See you around, friends!

Premium Chessgames Member
  moronovich: See you around too <Check It Out> !

I would say David Howell is a really pleasant host !

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