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Gashimov 2016 Moves Prediction Contest

<Main Focus>: Predicting how many moves in a game for each pairing. tournament page:

Official site: http://

Live games:

Alternative live games:

***Hall of Fame***
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[player]-[player] [result] [# of MOVES]

==4 Different Scoring Methods==

Standard Moves Ranker (1st place-Over[3pts], 1st place-Under [7pts], Exact [10pts])

Bonus Ranker (3rd place-Over[1pts],2nd place-Over[2pts],3rd place-Under [5pts], 2nd place-Under [6pts]

Standard Moves/Bonus Ranker [Add all to together]

1st place Ranker [how many 1st place you have in Standard Moves Ranker]

For example:

<Note: Participants 3, 4, and 5 are predicated on nobody scoring an exact as Participant 2 did. If someone hits an exact, the closest score under and over will score the points for second place.>

Actual Game: [player]-[player] 0-1 45

Participant 1: [player]-[player] 1/2 45
Participant 2: [player]-[player] 0-1 45
Participant 3: [player]-[player] 0-1 44
Participant 4: [player]-[player] 0-1 43
Participant 5: [player]-[player] 0-1 46

Participant 1: No points even though 45 is correct. Results must be correct. If Result is wrong and moves # is get no points whatsoever

Participant 2: 10 pts rewarded for correct Result/moves #

Participant 3: 7 pts rewarded for closest under (1st-Under) to 45 moves

Participant 4: 6 pts rewarded for the 2nd closest under (2nd-Under) to 45 moves.

Participant 5: 3 pts rewarded closest OVER(1st-OVER) to 45 moves.

Again, the description of Participant 3, 4, and 5 are based on there being no exact prediction as made by Participant 2.

<IF> there is an exact or an under closest, the highest scoring over participant will be 2nd over. The second closest over will be 3rd over. The <ONLY> time there will be a first over is if there is no exact or under winner.

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   Oct-26-16 Henry Davis
OhioChessFan: If anyone finds such things interesting, I tried to search out some information for this player. I'm not sure if I ended up on the right Henry Davis, but look down at the bottom of this page: and you'll see the previous sequential id ...
   Oct-26-16 OhioChessFan chessforum
OhioChessFan: Here's my opening entry into finding a username that has gone the longest since their last kibitz while still showing up as visiting the site: Member info: bishop Member since Jan-05-02 Last seen Jul-29-15 Last kibitz: Oct-14-03 Chigorin vs H Caro, 1898 Almost 12 ...
   Oct-26-16 jessicafischerqueen chessforum
OhioChessFan: I have always been impressed with the power of blue link magic, but to find God? Amazing. god Member since Sep-03-02 Last seen Jul-27-09
   Oct-26-16 J van de Mortel vs J Van der Wal, 1993
OhioChessFan: "Mortel's Immortal"
   Oct-26-16 J van de Mortel vs N Mitkov, 2005
OhioChessFan: "Mortel Lock"
   Oct-26-16 Annie K. chessforum (replies)
OhioChessFan: Some advice:
   Oct-26-16 Kenneth S Rogoff (replies)
OhioChessFan: <jfq: I think these modern day "armies" and their "commanders" are weak kneed. You can't be worried about your own casualties> Well, you do, as the weak kneed crowd has become expert at negative spin of war. I guess people didn't need to be told war is hell, but the ...
   Oct-26-16 whiteshark chessforum (replies)
   Oct-25-16 Wesley So (replies)
OhioChessFan: Sorry if you were responding to me <iking> I decided to delete since the Player page should be respected. I hope nobody is tricked by any nonsense.
   Oct-25-16 Kibitzer's Café (replies)
OhioChessFan: I hope he stays busy indefinitely.
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   Dec-13-15 M Vachier-Lagrave vs Adams, 2015 (replies)
   Dec-13-15 Anand vs A Giri, 2015 (replies)
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Moves Prediction Contest

Kibitzer's Corner
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Premium Chessgames Member
  lostemperor: Great, another two bronze for me! Congratulations to the winners in another tough contest! Thanks <chessmoron>, reporter <OhioChessFan> and assist the <Win King> (as oppose to Lost Emperor <;))
Premium Chessgames Member
  User not found: Well I received a personal message last night from someone who spoke to Tony Palmer and he's now saying he believes me! Strange that eh? I won't accept his apology but I'll accept yours, so I'm waiting? Lol. Hope you spent extra time in the confession booth yesterday because this is what you're saying... "It's perfectly normal and okay for 55 year old men to root through little girl's facebook pages and then post them here at chessgames dot com!". That sounds nothing like a Christian to me, ask around what others think about your behaviour too? I don't have to lie especially to some old bore on a chess site. Now please keep your nose out of my business in future, if there's anything you don't believe I've said a) good or b) Ask Mr Freeman.

Take care :)

Premium Chessgames Member
  alfamikewhiskey: Thank you for the efforts in organising! Congratulation to those who medalled.
Premium Chessgames Member
  SwitchingQuylthulg: Thanks to <chessmoron> and <OhioChessFan>, and congratulations to the other medalists!
Premium Chessgames Member
  Penguincw: Nice job by <chessmoron> for running the contest, <OhioChessFan> for making it possible, and <WinKing> for checking the scores.

Congrats to <SwitchingQuylthulg> for yet another triple crown (his 4th). His 22 golds ties him with <WinKing> in this contest, behind only <cm> and Michael Phelps (both have 23). <Switch> also ties <WK> for most gold in the "Total Ranker" with 6. This is all despite missing a round.

Congrats to all the other podium medalists. I would also like to welcome <alfamikewhiskey> and <lostemperor>, who join me (and the inactive <DCP23>) as the only users in the top 25 HOF (in this contest) to have more bronze than gold+silver combined. ;)

<le>'s 2 bronze also surpasses <OCF> for the "King of Bronze" title, at least in this contest.


Hope to see you next time!

Premium Chessgames Member
  wordfunph: congrats to all and thanks to <chessmoron> and <OCF>!
Premium Chessgames Member
  Golden Executive: Thanks <chessmoron> for running the contest and <OhioChessFan> for hosting and commenting!

Congratulations to all the medal winners, particularly to <SwitchingQuylthug> on his triple crown!

See you all next time.

Premium Chessgames Member
  Robed.Bishop: <UNF: Now please keep your nose out of my business in future, if there's anything you don't believe I've said a) good or b) Ask Mr Freeman.>

Now this is rich. Bring your personal problems to the attention of every user here, endlessly, then, after a captive user dares makes a comment that you don't like, tell him to mind his own business.

"Mind your own business" or what? You'll beat him up? Beat me up too for this post?

I know, tell Daniel that I'm being mean to you. I dare you. I double dare you.

Premium Chessgames Member
  Travis Bickle: Yo Mr Presley, now here's genuine Boogie Woogie.

Johnny Rivers - Rockin' Pneumonia & Boogie Woogie Flu

Premium Chessgames Member
  Chessical: <OhioChessFan> - I have now incorporated your corrections into Game Collection: Jaffe - Janowski (2)

Thank you.

Premium Chessgames Member
  OhioChessFan: Thanks for your hard work <Chessical>
Premium Chessgames Member
  WannaBe: This one is for you, my friend:

You can follow/see the original link on my forum. =))

Premium Chessgames Member
  chessmoron: The <Carlsen - Karjakin World Championship (2016)> will be the next prediction contest.
Premium Chessgames Member
  WinKing: Here are the pairings <chessmoron> & <OCF> for the London Chess Classic 2016 coming up in December. It is nice when you don't have to wait till the day of the tournament to get the pairings.

Premium Chessgames Member
  Golden Executive: <chessmoron: The <Carlsen - Karjakin World Championship (2016)> will be the next prediction contest.>


Premium Chessgames Member Hello Ohio: I'm just checking in to make sure that CG is working fine for you (without resorting to IP tricks).

I am watching the old webserver now and see that virtually nobody is requesting pages from it, which tells me that the propagation of the new IP address must be almost entirely complete. I'd hate to think that you're in the tiny sliver of a percent of people who are still locked out.

Premium Chessgames Member
  chancho: GQ - Disco Nights
Oct-20-16  thegoodanarchist: A reply for you in the WC match forum:

Carlsen - Karjakin World Championship (2016) (kibitz #744)

Oct-20-16  thegoodanarchist: <<OhioChessFan> was last in 3 of the 4 Rankers and won no medals, but he did win the highly coveted sportsmanship award, voted on by <OhioChessFan>>

LOL. Congratulations!

Premium Chessgames Member
  chancho: Patrice Rushen - Number One
Oct-22-16  thegoodanarchist: <OCF>

The "Moves Prediction Contests" never really intrigued me until now (I am a fan of WC matches <and> also of Magnus Carlsen, and the next contest contains both).

I would like to participate, but I have a question - do you divide down to the half move?

For example, if I think that Black will resign after White's 27th move, without playing his own 27th move, do I predict 26.5 moves or 27 moves?

I assume it is 27, but want to confirm. Also, similar question for draws - if White offers the draw and Black accepts, Black doesn't play his half move.

Last thing - has it been determined who will play White in game 1?

Premium Chessgames Member
  OhioChessFan: Note for self: Marvin Dekker
Premium Chessgames Member
  OhioChessFan: <tga> whoever makes the last move, White or Black, that move number is the game result, so you will always enter whole numbers, not half moves. I am not aware if the drawing for lots has been done yet per who has White/Black.
Premium Chessgames Member
  OhioChessFan: Bored with the World Series already? We will be hosting the Games Prediction Contest for the World Chess Championship, very soon! Get your game face on as the elite of the elite in the prognostication field, along with non-elite, but great sportsman, <OhioChessFan>, compete in a no holds barred fight to the death for cyber fame and fortune.
Premium Chessgames Member
  OhioChessFan: Here's my opening entry into finding a username that has gone the longest since their last kibitz while still showing up as visiting the site:

Member info:

Member since Jan-05-02 Last seen Jul-29-15

Last kibitz:
Oct-14-03 Chigorin vs H Caro, 1898

Almost 12 years. Very impressive.

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