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Reykjavik Open Tournament

Hedinn Steingrimsson7/9(+5 -0 =4)[games]
Yuriy Kryvoruchko7/9(+5 -0 =4)[games]
Hannes Stefansson7/9(+5 -0 =4)[games]
Mihail Marin7/9(+5 -0 =4)[games]
Alexander Areshchenko6.5/9(+4 -0 =5)[games]
Yury Shulman6.5/9(+5 -1 =3)[games]
Daniele Vocaturo6.5/9(+5 -1 =3)[games]
Thomas Roussel-Roozmon6.5/9(+5 -1 =3)[games]
Milos T Popovic6.5/9(+5 -1 =3)[games]
Luca Shytaj6.5/9(+6 -2 =1)[games]
Sebastien Maze6/9(+5 -2 =2)[games]
Stuart C Conquest6/9(+5 -2 =2)[games]
Nils Grandelius6/9(+4 -1 =4)[games]
Abhijeet Gupta6/9(+4 -1 =4)[games]
Igor-Alexandre Nataf6/9(+4 -1 =4)[games]
Simon Kim Williams6/9(+5 -2 =2)[games]
Sebastian Siebrecht6/9(+5 -2 =2)[games]
Harika Dronavalli6/9(+5 -2 =2)[games]
Robert Ris5.5/9(+4 -2 =3)[games]
Dennis Breder5.5/9(+3 -1 =5)[games]
Henrik Danielsen5.5/9(+4 -2 =3)[games]
Israel Caspi5.5/9(+4 -2 =3)[games]
Silas Lund5.5/9(+4 -2 =3)[games]
Gudmundur Kjartansson5.5/9(+5 -3 =1)[games]
Vinay Bhat5.5/9(+3 -1 =5)[games]
Stefan Kristjansson5.5/9(+5 -3 =1)[games]
Throstur Thorhallsson5.5/9(+4 -2 =3)[games]
Bragi Thorfinnsson5.5/9(+5 -3 =1)[games]
Jon Viktor Gunnarsson5.5/9(+4 -2 =3)[games]
Dagur Arngrimsson5.5/9(+3 -1 =5)[games]
Massimiliano Lucaroni5.5/9(+4 -2 =3)[games]
Michal Meszaros5/9(+4 -3 =2)[games]
* (110 players total; 78 players not shown. Click here for longer list.) Chess Event Description
Reykjavik Open (2009)

The 24th Reykjavik Open was a 110-player 9-round Swiss tournament held at the Reykjavik Museum of Arts in Reykjavik, Iceland, 24 March - 1 April 2009. It was organized by the Icelandic Chess Federation and the Reykjavik Chess Academy. Time control: 90 minutes for the first 40 moves, then 30 more minutes to the end of the game, with 30 seconds added per move from move 1. Players arriving later than 15 minutes after the start at 4 pm (Round 9: 1 pm) would lose the game. First prize: 5.000 USD, 2nd prize 3.000 USD, 3rd prize 1.800 USD. Tournament director: Bjorn Thorfinnsson. Chief arbiter: Gunnar Bjornsson. Number of games played: 491.

Hedinn Steingrimsson won on tiebreak ahead of Kryvoruchko, Stefansson and Marin, all four with 7/9.

Official site:

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 page 1 of 20; games 1-25 of 488  PGN Download
Game  ResultMoves YearEvent/LocaleOpening
1. S Bjarnason vs A Gupta  ½-½262009Reykjavik OpenD91 Grunfeld, 5.Bg5
2. H Stefansson vs O Thorsson  1-0432009Reykjavik OpenE71 King's Indian, Makagonov System (5.h3)
3. S Maze vs G Thorhallsson  1-0282009Reykjavik OpenB50 Sicilian
4. E Moskow vs T Hillarp Persson  0-1452009Reykjavik OpenA14 English
5. Kryvoruchko vs G Halldorsson  1-0462009Reykjavik OpenC03 French, Tarrasch
6. L Ptacnikova vs Shulman 0-1342009Reykjavik OpenC03 French, Tarrasch
7. Areshchenko vs A Karlovich  1-0352009Reykjavik OpenC72 Ruy Lopez, Modern Steinitz Defense, 5.O-O
8. B Sigurdsson vs M Lucaroni  0-1392009Reykjavik OpenD32 Queen's Gambit Declined, Tarrasch
9. E K Einarsson vs L Shytaj  0-1552009Reykjavik OpenA45 Queen's Pawn Game
10. J V Gunnarsson vs P Andrason  1-0222009Reykjavik OpenB31 Sicilian, Rossolimo Variation
11. N Sverrisson vs K Edvardsson 0-1212009Reykjavik OpenB76 Sicilian, Dragon, Yugoslav Attack
12. A Sofrigin vs M Karlsson  1-0232009Reykjavik OpenA39 English, Symmetrical, Main line with d4
13. D E Cori Tello vs S Unnarsson  1-0372009Reykjavik OpenE68 King's Indian, Fianchetto, Classical Variation, 8.e4
14. C Westerberg vs M Hug  ½-½342009Reykjavik OpenB07 Pirc
15. H S Gretarsson vs U Gasanova  1-0412009Reykjavik OpenD35 Queen's Gambit Declined
16. T Thorsteinsson vs T Finnbogadottir  1-0192009Reykjavik OpenD11 Queen's Gambit Declined Slav
17. S Helgadottir vs O Cohen 0-1182009Reykjavik OpenB14 Caro-Kann, Panov-Botvinnik Attack
18. S Palsson vs F Guilleux  0-1252009Reykjavik OpenD85 Grunfeld
19. A Rombaldoni vs J Johannsdottir  1-0172009Reykjavik OpenB42 Sicilian, Kan
20. C Vernay vs G Gudmundsdottir  1-0202009Reykjavik OpenD11 Queen's Gambit Declined Slav
21. D Fridgeirsson vs I Johannesson 0-1252009Reykjavik OpenE73 King's Indian
22. M Carlhammar vs V Eiriksson  1-0422009Reykjavik OpenA05 Reti Opening
23. P Magnusson vs G Gislason  ½-½542009Reykjavik OpenB94 Sicilian, Najdorf
24. G Kjartansson vs S Sigurjonsson  1-0492009Reykjavik OpenA10 English
25. J Cori vs F Benediktsson 1-0312009Reykjavik OpenB12 Caro-Kann Defense
 page 1 of 20; games 1-25 of 488  PGN Download
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Kibitzer's Corner
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Mar-30-09  waustad: The years seem a little confused here. Some say 2009 but many say 2008. Looks like a job for a perl script.
Premium Chessgames Member
  paulalbert: Thanks, <Wild Bill>. We were all confused. So my original comment was correct,but we were talking about different rounds. Paul Albert
Mar-31-09  Wild Bill: <paulalbert:>

You're welcome.

Shulman drew with Kryvoruchko today (Monday, round 7).

Mar-31-09  PhilFeeley: The <CG> table is behind. Check

Thomas is doing well. It looks like he may be on track for a GM norm!

Mar-31-09  PhilFeeley: Anyone else watching the live games? The feed seems to be frozen.
Mar-31-09  PhilFeeley: Live feed is back. Hillarp Persson and Roussel Roozmon seem to be in an even position, although Thomas has a half hour advantage and they're only at move 17.

click for larger view

Hillarp-Persson vs. Roussel Roozmon

Mar-31-09  kramputz: It seems Shulman had a stroke.Did not move for over one hour.
Mar-31-09  PhilFeeley: <kramputz> The feed is down...again :-(
Mar-31-09  PhilFeeley: By the time we get the feed back, the games will be all over. So much for "live" chess!
Mar-31-09  PhilFeeley: According to, most of the games are over. Several top boards are still playing though.
Mar-31-09  PhilFeeley: It looks like Shulman lost, but I don't know how yet.
Mar-31-09  PhilFeeley: According to chess-results, Thomas won! I look forward to the moves...
Mar-31-09  Dredge Rivers: Reykjavik seems like a nice town. They should have a World Championship Match there someday! :)
Mar-31-09  WhiteRook48: what's the current position of the uh... games?
Mar-31-09  PhilFeeley: Games this round are finished, probably in PGN on the website ( Results & pairings here:

Mar-31-09  PhilFeeley: <> updated but they're still behind. See
Apr-01-09  PhilFeeley: Difficult to believe that Roussel-Roozmon is tied for second! He plays the top seed Areshchenko today. What an opportunity!
Apr-01-09  PhilFeeley: Updating <>'s table:

1 Kryvoruchko Yuriy UKR 2604 7,0
2 Marin Mihail ROU 2556 7,0
3 Steingrimsson Hedinn ISL 2547 6,0
4 Areshchenko Alexander UKR 2673 6,0
5 Stefansson Hannes ISL 2563 6,0
6 Maze Sebastien FRA 2579 6,0
7 Gupta Abhijeet IND 2569 6,0
8 Roussel-Roozmon Thomas CAN 2479 6,0
9 Vocaturo Daniele ITA 2445 5,5
10 Shulman Yuri USA 2639 5,5
11 Ris Robert NED 2436 5,5
12 Lund Esben DEN 2421 5,5
13 Caspi Israel ISR 2402 5,5
14 Shytaj Luca ITA 2453 5,5
15 Bhat Vinay S USA 2495 5,5
16 Popovic Milos T SRB 2400 5,5
17 Gunnarsson Jon Viktor ISL 2463
18 Thorhallsson Throstur ISL 2442 5,5

Apr-01-09  Absentee: Impressive play by IM Vocaturo.
Apr-01-09  Prugno: <Absentee> That's right, 19-year-old Daniele scored his second GM norm in this event playing many brilliant games on the way. Here in Rome we discovered his great talent quite a few years ago, but it's good to see the rest of the world is starting to take note as well :-)

If he keeps improving at this rate he will soon be Italy's n. 3 and might even overtake Godena for the n. 2 spot! (Fabiano Caruana is of course the undisputed n. 1).

Apr-01-09  PhilFeeley: ...and Roussel-Roozmon draws Areshchenko to finish with 6.5/9. That should be good for a GM norm!
Apr-01-09  PhilFeeley: Final standings. I don't know if there's a tie-break other than the usual (from

1 GM Steingrimsson Hedinn ISL 2547 7,0
2 GM Kryvoruchko Yuriy UKR 2604 7,0
3 GM Stefansson Hannes ISL 2563 7,0
GM Marin Mihail ROU 2556 7,0
5 GM Areshchenko Alexander UKR 2673 6,5
6 GM Shulman Yuri USA 2639 6,5
7 IM Vocaturo Daniele ITA 2445 6,5
8 IM Roussel-Roozmon Thomas CAN 2479 6,5
9 IM Popovic Milos T SRB 2400 6,5
10 IM Shytaj Luca ITA 2453 6,5
11 GM Maze Sebastien FRA 2579 6,0
12 GM Conquest Stuart C ENG 2531 6,0
13 IM Grandelius Nils SWE 2464 6,0
14 GM Gupta Abhijeet IND 2569 6,0
15 GM Nataf Igor-Alexandre FRA 2533 6,0
16 GM Williams Simon K ENG 2507 6,0
17 GM Siebrecht Sebastian GER 2440 6,0
18 IM Harika Dronavalli IND 2473 6,0

Apr-04-09  kramputz: It seems the final results will be updated in 2010
Apr-06-09  PhilFeeley: So who actually won this thing? And why doesn't <> update their table?
Premium Chessgames Member
  Tabanus: Good question.

The 3 missing games are Hillarp-Persson vs Roussel-Roozmon 0-1 (rd. 8), Harika vs Rombaldoni 1/2 (rd. 8) and Gretarsson vs Ris 1/2 (rd. 7).

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