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Member since Feb-23-05
Hello! My name is Uros and welcome to my forum. If you have time, you can also visit (and contribute to) User: Memorable Quotes.

A Ebralidze vs Ragozin, 1937 (kibitz #3)

Boris Spassky (kibitz #494)

Heikki Westerinen (kibitz #6)

Adrian Mikhalchishin (kibitz #9)

TheAlchemist chessforum (kibitz #2834)

Anatoly Karpov (kibitz #1389)

Robert James Fischer (kibitz #11201)

Tigran Vartanovich Petrosian (kibitz #306)

Rudolf Spielmann (kibitz #43)

Vladimir Lepeshkin (kibitz #4)

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   TheAlchemist has kibitzed 6865 times to chessgames   [more...]
   May-09-23 M Kolesar vs O Sikorova, 1998 (replies)
TheAlchemist: <goodevans: Will we have another Milan-based pun tomorrow when its two big football teams face each other in the Champions League Semi-Final? It's a huge reach, but you could call it even timelier. Unfortunately Slovaks call it ...
   Apr-30-23 Nepomniachtchi vs Ding Liren, 2023 (replies)
TheAlchemist: Amazing, what a finish, what a match. Congratulations, Ding!
   Nov-08-22 D Citra vs R Vaishali, 2016 (replies)
TheAlchemist: Great pun!
   Aug-08-22 European Team Championship (2001)
TheAlchemist: I'd have to dig out contemporary magazines to be sure, but I think it said Black simply left the playing hall and never returned, leaving everyone puzzled (teammates included).
   Jun-26-22 David Moody (replies)
TheAlchemist: Terrible news. Rest in peace, PB.
   Oct-17-21 Keres vs A Sakovski, 1936 (replies)
TheAlchemist: I also forgot to add that both of those are masculine forms, the feminine one would be "šahistka". I was a bit too fast with the reply.
   May-25-21 Ilyin-Zhenevsky vs A Model, 1932 (replies)
TheAlchemist: <OCF> Zheneral?
   Mar-10-21 WannaBe chessforum (replies)
TheAlchemist: Here: ─────────────▐███░░░█████░░░░███░█▌── ...
   Mar-09-21 Albin Planinc (replies)
TheAlchemist: <chancho> Thanks! I wasn't aware of that one, it seems that it's from last year as well. I'll try and find it from somewhere in Europe.
   Mar-09-21 TheAlchemist chessforum (replies)
TheAlchemist: <Z legend 000000001> I suppose I may miss stuff from time to time, but it doesn't mean I approve or endorse everything. I try not to make value judgments unless things spiral out of control, where the original post that sparked the whole thing goes as well. Maybe not the ...
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Kibitzer's Corner
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Premium Chessgames Member
  TheAlchemist: I should call User: Whiterun Guard on you. But to answer your question, laziness, loss of interest, maybe I just don't care enough anymore, I don't know. I do still lurk about daily, more out of habit than anything, I suppose, but not much else.
Nov-02-19  virginmind: Hi! You mean you've lost interest in chess, or in
Nov-18-19  Thief: <TheAlchemist> I'm still in the same spot I was on November 1st. Whiterun Guard didn't come. My bounty is too low for him to bother.
Premium Chessgames Member
  Memorable Quotes: Just for future reference, this is what sparked today's deletions:

Apr-11-20 optimal play: <Apr-11-20 Big Pawn: I'm not buying the death toll numbers. I think there's a very good chance they are inflated.

"Sky Diver Jumps from Plane and Forgets Parachute - Dies from Corona Virus">

Kenneth S Rogoff (kibitz #424238)

Apr-11-20 Diademas: @ <optimal play>

Not sure making fun of the ramblings of an obviously mentally challenged person is what this page was ment for.

Jun-17-20 Big Pawn: Seems this page could use some moderation again.

Jun-17-20 saffuna: <Seems this page could use some moderation again.>

That's right. Someone made fun of <big pawn> again, and we can't have that.

Premium Chessgames Member
  Memorable Quotes: Again, I would urge everyone to keep your personal gripes off of MQ. Thanks.
Premium Chessgames Member
  Memorable Quotes: Also, this is in no way me taking any sides in this debate, I left it as is so everyone can make up their own mind.
Premium Chessgames Member
  saffuna: Fine with me.
Premium Chessgames Member
  perfidious: Thank you for removing that content.
Premium Chessgames Member
  TheAlchemist: Again for posterity:

<saffuna>: <Colonel mortimer> on the Rogoff page:

<Even in defeat Trump is humiliating you. Biden's victory was the ultimate expression of Trump Derangement Syndrome.>

<George Wallace>: There's nothing <memorable> about these quotes from your Rogoff Page arguments. Why bring them here? You've already been accused of spilling the Rogoff stuff over on to the support page, the kibitzer's cafe, and now this page too?

<Keyser Soze>: <george> They are soo butthurt there that they can't help to come here and vent their frustrations. Duly noted.

Heh heh

Premium Chessgames Member
  TheAlchemist: Ugh, just noticed all this too... I suppose I have been neglecting it again...

So, again, copied for anyone interested:

<Check It Out>: <nok:

<cormier: Today I am calling you to a complete surrender to God. Everything you do and everything you possess give over to God so that He can take control in your life as the King of all that you possess.>

Um... no thank you.>

I guess that's asking for a bit too much.

Kenneth Rogoff (kibitz #454368)


<Check It Out> Please take care not to replicate and pass on misattributions.

In this post Kenneth Rogoff (kibitz #454368) <nok> misattributes <cormier> by stripping his post of the quotation marks.

Here is the original post by cormier with quotation marks intact: Kenneth Rogoff

It makes a huge difference, especially in a case like this. <cormier> is citing someone else- probably the Mudgagore or someone like that. It's not <cormier> presenting this as *his* dictum, or imperative.

It's also not "like cormier" to speak in that fashion, which is why my eyebrows shot up the second I saw "his" quote here in the humorous archive forum.


I realize <nok> made the error, but you have now passed his error on to a place where the error will be displayed and enshrined for a long time to come.

<Forum Host>: Please delete this misattribution to <cormier>.

<Check It Out>: <cormier>:

<<<December 15, 2020>

“Today I am calling you to a complete surrender to God.> Everything you do and everything you possess give over to God so that He can take control in your life as the King of all that you possess.”>

<nok: Um... no thank you.>

I guess that's asking for a bit too much.

Kenneth Rogoff (kibitz #454368)

<Check It Out>: <jfq>

There's <cormier>'s full post.


<Check It Out> That's nok's post there, not cormier's post.

<nok's> post misattribute's cormier's original post. This is cormier's original post, which includes the quotation marks- making it clear this was not something <cormier> himself was saying: Kenneth Rogoff (kibitz #454360)

<nok> stripped out the quotation marks from cormier's original post.

<nok's> repost: Kenneth Rogoff (kibitz #454368)

Cormier always puts quotations around quoted material- he often gets stuff from <Madjagore> or other Catholic websites.

When you archived <nok's> post here, you incidentally archived the misattribution. I doubt you noticed this at the time.

I wouldn't have made a fuss about this apart from the tendency of some, particularly those who may enjoy mocking Christians/Christianity, to mock <cormier>, who is a devout <Catholic>. I'm not certain that was <nok's> intent, but I felt obligated at the least to point out the misattribution. I am sure it wasn't your intent.

I appreciate your regular archiving of material here believe me.

If I had another chance I would try to make my original post and sound less like a Karen or someone who was gratuitously crawling up your ass.

*pardon my French


*Wallaby's Balls Sheep Station*

Premium Chessgames Member
  TheAlchemist: Dec-16-20
<Check It Out>: <cormier:

“Today I am calling you to a complete surrender to God. Everything you do and everything you possess give over to God so that He can take control in your life as the King of all that you possess.”

<nok: Um... no thank you.>>

I guess that's asking for a bit too much for a communist.

There, a wee bit of a jab at Christians and communists alike, equal opportunity comedy. And no link to follow up to get the wrong idea about quotation marks and such. No mean-spiritedness intended, just a few laughs for this supposedly humorous forum.


<Check It Out>

Thanks for sorting that out brah!

Misappropriation is a serious problem in history work. I run in to it all the time, so I am forever on the lookout for it.

On <nok>- I have no idea what his intentions were, nor do I care.

Stripping <cormier's> post of the quotation marks was an intentional act.

If <nok> had copy/pasted it, the quotations would have remained intact.

If <nok> had re-typed it, he chose to erase the quotations for some reason. I'm pretty sure I can guess the reason, but I'll leave it at that.

That aspect of the episode is also part of this now accurate historical record.

Premium Chessgames Member
  TheAlchemist: Hmm, so I am for keeping the original post as it is, though I suppose I could re-edit it with the quotation marks? I don't know if it was mean-spirited or not, it seems to be blown out of proportion, but what do I know... It will be archived here regardless. I will think on it. And sorry for being this late again. I could promise I will try to do better, but I know I won't, so I... won't :-)
Premium Chessgames Member
  Check It Out: I thought it was funny at the start but things got out of control. A regrettable chain. Not sure why we would want to save it in a second spot.
Premium Chessgames Member
  TheAlchemist: <Check It Out> Actually you already corrected it yourself, so I left your second post intact, which keeps the reply and uses the original post correctly, which is a good compromise in my opinion.

I copy stuff here so people don't bust my balls about censorship. And maybe having records of all the arguments helps people understand why I don't want this crap over there. In most cases it should be self-explanatory.

And thanks for your contributions, don't let this discourage you. I know it won't, but I had to say it :-).

Premium Chessgames Member
  Check It Out: <TheAlchemist> Thanks for your efforts. Memorable Quotes is a fun aspect of this site.
Premium Chessgames Member
  TheAlchemist: Why???

<Mar-01-21><Z truth 000000001>: Twerps gotta twerp... Ain't dat Z truth!
<Mar-01-21><George Wallace>: <al wazir: Pedophilia doesn't always harm the child.> <Mar-01-21><Z truth 000000001>: Twerps gotta twerp... <Mar-01-21><Z truth 000000001>: Tweps gotta twerp... <Mar-01-21><George Wallace>: <al wazir: Pedophilia doesn't always harm the child.> <Mar-01-21><Z truth 000000001>: Twerpers twerp incessantly...

Honestly, I don't think this is meant as trolling me, but it sure feels like it... Maybe I'm just making it worse by reacting to this.

Premium Chessgames Member
  TheAlchemist: Anyway, a pretty clear example of people pointlessly polluting MQ.
Mar-09-21  Z legend 000000001: <TheAlchemist> not trolling you, but trolls shouldn't go unanswered.

You have to realize <George> started the thread, and gamed the system by deleting his response after I posted.

Really juvenile, but given the lackadaisical moderation, I was going to respond each step.

And when are you going to delete the extremely unfunny joke about Covid and sky-drivers?

<MQ> really should have a no-<Rogoff> policy. In fact, no politics, no religion would be advisable.

Let's face it, the happy days of <MQ> are mostly in the past, I'm sorry to say.


Mar-09-21  Z legend 000000001: diver - driver.

As a joke it's wasn't funny, nor original, nor topical. It had nothing to do with chess, or the <CG> community.

It was a right-wing trope that got copied onto <MQ>, reeking of political bias, and untruth.

And it remained, showing a tacit approval imo.

Mar-09-21  Z legend 000000001: Memorable Quotes chessforum
Mar-09-21  George Wallace: This is a memorable quote if there ever was one.

<al wazir: Pedophilia doesn't always harm the child.>

Premium Chessgames Member
  TheAlchemist: <Z legend 000000001> I suppose I may miss stuff from time to time, but it doesn't mean I approve or endorse everything. I try not to make value judgments unless things spiral out of control, where the original post that sparked the whole thing goes as well. Maybe not the best policy, but it's what I tried to apply consistently until now.

<Let's face it, the happy days of <MQ> are mostly in the past, I'm sorry to say.> Agree. And it's one more reason (but not the main one) I've lost almost all interest in the site, so this explains at least partially the <lackadaisical moderation>. I know I said I would do better, but perhaps it would be better to just pass it on, I don't know who to, though. If all I do these days is to come clean up MQ every now and then, It's really just a waste of time.

Mar-09-21  optimal play: After reading the last few posts I will just re-post a comment I made on my old forum, since nothing much has changed over the last 2½ years:

Oct-17-18 Premium Chessgames Member optimal play: <TheAlchemist> Perfectly understandable.

I think the Memorable Quotes forum is terrific and I fully appreciate your concern about keeping the page free from bickering and insults.

A wide variety of quotes are posted there, with varying degrees of wit and cleverness.

Some I find very funny and clever, others not so much, but as long as the forum remains free from the gratuitous opinions of self-appointed critics, it can be a page which is easily perused by interested members, enjoying one quote after another, without having to wade through acrimony and argument.

My latest contribution was made in good faith, as always, and whatever anyone else thought of it, I consider it rather ignorant and ill-mannered of <Zanzibar> to post his unsolicited snarky judgement.

After Zanzy proferred his unwelcome viewpoint, other members understandably told him exactly what they thought of him; his hypocrisy, his double-standards, and just how he is seen at this website.

I chose not to jump in with my own comments since I don't give a hoot about Zanzy's bellyaching, and didn't want to see the MQ page deteriorate any further.

It seems that just as Zanzy ruined Daniel Freeman's Players page he also wanted to ruin the Memorable Quotes page. Therefore I hold no animosity towards you for your decision to erase all those comments, including my original quote.

I would still like to contribute (what I think qualify as) memorable quotes in the future, and hopefully <Zanzibar> will have stopped stalking me by then, and we won't see a repeat of Zanzy's disgraceful behaviour.

Premium Chessgames Member
  WannaBe: Much like the world, another great idea that get/got abused. I am on your side <TheAlchemist>.

The Caissar is not run this year, last year it ran because I started a spliter forum and <Annie K.> stepped in.

Seems the admins just (really) DON'T GIVE A %^$#(*& anymore. Not like the old days.

Peace. My Friend. Thanks for letting me rant/post.

May-10-23  goodevans: <TheAlchemist> I wasn't sure from your last post whether you were a fan of cycling. I have just a passing interest but had always just assumed that you at least had to be on your bike when crossing the finishing line.

Apparently not as today in the Giro, Cavendish was given fourth despite sliding across the finishing line on his backside!

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