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Member since Feb-23-05
Hello! My name is Uros and welcome to my forum. If you have time, you can also visit (and contribute to) User: Memorable Quotes.

A Ebralidze vs Ragozin, 1937 (kibitz #3)

Boris Spassky (kibitz #494)

Heikki Westerinen (kibitz #6)

Adrian Mikhalchishin (kibitz #9)

TheAlchemist chessforum (kibitz #2834)

Anatoly Karpov (kibitz #1389)

Robert James Fischer (kibitz #11201)

Tigran Vartanovich Petrosian (kibitz #306)

Rudolf Spielmann (kibitz #43)

Vladimir Lepeshkin (kibitz #4)

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   TheAlchemist has kibitzed 6858 times to chessgames   [more...]
   Apr-29-20 A Nokso-Koivisto vs M Lanzani, 1989 (replies)
TheAlchemist: <faulty> It comes from the Super Mario games, where levels would end with said phrase: I think one way it can be interpreted is that Black wasted his time on one side of the board, while decisive things happened on the other one. ...
   Apr-01-20 M Defosse vs Frank, 1977 (replies)
TheAlchemist: Similar are V Litvinov vs Veresov, 1958 , Bellon-Pfleger, Plachetka vs L Zinn, 1974
   Nov-22-19 H Westerinen vs Y Miyasaki, 1972 (replies)
TheAlchemist: From Hayao Miyazaki's movie Kiki's Delivery Service, I think.
   Nov-01-19 TheAlchemist chessforum (replies)
TheAlchemist: I should call User: Whiterun Guard on you. But to answer your question, laziness, loss of interest, maybe I just don't care enough anymore, I don't know. I do still lurk about daily, more out of habit than anything, I suppose, but not much else.
   Oct-16-19 J Flesch vs N Spiridonov, 1964 (replies)
TheAlchemist: 👍 👍
   Jul-22-19 O Sundstrom vs David Holm, 1912
TheAlchemist: Ok, so this is probably because I've seen the meme one too many times, but I immediately though of "The rude Sundstrom".
   Jun-06-19 WannaBe chessforum (replies)
TheAlchemist: I read about it yesterday too, ridiculous. Still, I think it's pretty safe to say many people will buy it regardless, just because it's Apple.
   May-15-19 Van Wely vs Morozevich, 2004
TheAlchemist: Genius pun!
   Jan-18-19 Gerry McCarthy (replies)
TheAlchemist: Very sad news, rest in peace, Dom.
   Nov-19-18 D Khismatullin vs Svidler, 2009
TheAlchemist: Mentioned by Grischuk during the livestream of game 8 between Caruana and Carlsen as a "Brusilov" breakthrough and that he made fun of Denis for years for it.
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Kibitzer's Corner
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Premium Chessgames Member
  TheAlchemist: Yeah, but I've had it before the series even began, so if anything, they copied me :-)
Premium Chessgames Member
  Parachessus: <TheAlchemist> Whereeee areeee youuuu? (I'm in the Cave of Centuries Past with eerie echoes all around).

Thanks for critiquing my doggerel on the poemhunter site, Uros. Much appreciated. What is your rating, you seem to be a very strong chessplayer- you pretty much destroyed me on Queen Alice. Say, are you done with your studies and now gainfully employed?

Premium Chessgames Member
  TheAlchemist: Hey! Long time no see. Heh, seems like ages ago, I have more or less quit since I've finished college for various reasons and even then, I've always done poorly OTB. Well, technically you have the continuous education thing :-), but yeah, it's been 8 years since I started.
Premium Chessgames Member
  Parachessus: By the way, I got a draw against an IM in a simul in 2017!

Scanlon vs. IM David Ross (simultaneous exhibition, 2017)

1.d4 d5 2.c4 c6 3.Nf3 Nf6 4.Nc3 e6 5. Bg5 Nbd7 6.e4 (QGD, Slav, Alekhine variation) dxe4 7.Nxe4 Be7 8.Bxf6 gxf6?! (weird move played just to throw the amateur) 9.Qd2 f5 10.Nc3 b6 11.g3 Bb7 12.Bg2 Qc7 13.O-O-O O-O-O?! (a weird move on my part, abandoning the fianchettoed Bishop) 14.Qe2 Rhe8 15.Ne5 Nxe5 16.dxe5 Rxd1+ 17.Rxd1 Rd8 18.f4 Rxd1+ 19.Qxd1 Qd8 20.Qxd1 Kxd8 (I just wanted queens off to feel safer) 21.Kd2 f6 22.exf6 Bxf6 23.b3 Kc7 24.Kd3 Bc8 25.Ne2 Kd6 26.Nd4 Bd7 27.Nc2 a5 (Stockfish says 27. h5---lol) 28.a3 Be8 29.Bf3 Bg6 30.Nd4 Be8 31.Nc2 h6 32.Nd4 Bd7 33.Nc2 e5 34.fxe5+ Bxe5 35.Nd4 Kc5 36.Nc2 Be8 37.b4+ axb4 38.axb4+ Kd6 39.Nd4 Bd7 40.Ne2 Be6 41.Nd4 1/2-1/2

Only 4 people have drawn him in the last 8 years he has conducted simuls in my area. No one has yet beaten him. He played in an invitational in Saint Louis, Missouri, this year against other IMs and ended up in the middle of the group.

Premium Chessgames Member
  Parachessus: IM Ross allowed us to decide what color we wanted to play. Before the game I asked him a question that has always plagued me and given me many sleepless nights...what direction should the knights face at the start of the game? He said that he points his to the left. I realized that that does conform to the direction they face in chess diagrams.
Premium Chessgames Member
  TheAlchemist: Wow, congratulations, great job (and anecdote :-)). Now that you mention it, it is a logical solution. I think I had mine facing forward usually, but I wasn't too meticulous about it. I remember people that had to place the pieces in the exact center of the square and spent several minutes readjusting pieces before the start (perhaps even the opponent's). I was usually done in about 10-15 seconds, was I being disrespectful to the game? :-)
Premium Chessgames Member
  TheAlchemist: Oh, and I forgot to give kudos for the creative handle.
Premium Chessgames Member
  Parachessus: Thanks, I meant to say that my move 13. O-O-O was weird since you usually castle kingside when you fianchetto your king bishop.

So you sometimes adjust your opponent's pieces? Very bold of you! I am a stickler for perfectly centered pieces myself.

"Parachessus" of course, was inspired by Paracelsus, The 16th century Swiss physician and alchemist and astrologer.

I decided to retire my old "homie" handle since I got a new e-mail account and dropped my old one.

About my folk lyrics--- I wrote some folk lyrics after I visited a local "folk museum" as a fun challenge to see if I could write in that genre for a change. I did well enough that they decided to frame them and exhibit them in the museum! The folk genre is not my favorite by any means.

Premium Chessgames Member
  TheAlchemist: So you're more or less a traveling bard, visiting towns and villages leaving songs in your wake to delight the local populace?

BTW, was that the Casey Jones one?

Premium Chessgames Member
  Parachessus: Yes, I'm still seeking a wealthy patron, a monarch or noble or even a small town mayor to sing my praises to.

Aren't there any legendary Slovenian folk heroes for YOU to compose songs about?

Do you believe the stories that Melania is using a body double? Trump could use one and get in more rounds of golf.

I'm working on a chess comedy routine. I may post it on <City of Moscow>.

Premium Chessgames Member
  TheAlchemist: Copied before deletion, you may continue your conversation here if you so choose. The formatting is so-so, but it should be readable. I forgot to do this a week or two ago, though I'm not sure anything of significant value was lost.

For the umpteenth time, you are all kindly invited to keep your nonsense off of MQ. Thank you for your cooperation.

<Oct-11-18 optimal play>: <Oct-11-18 OhioChessFan: Okay, you can't seem to do me the courtesy of responding to me, so I will move on.>

playground player chessforum (kibitz #15890)

<Oct-13-18 Z truth>: <opty> as usual in any/all <OCF> quotes showing up here to settle the score, there's nothing witty, humorous, or off-beat to be found.

In other words, there's nothing memorable in your post - and this isn't the place for it.

<Oct-13-18 Z truth>: chessforum (kibitz #29488)

<Oct-13-18 Keyser Soze>: < Z truth: <opty> as usual in any/all <OCF> quotes showing up here to settle the score, >

For the last time <zanzibar>: Spare us from you hypocrisy and buy a mirror.

You <<did the same>> with <diceman> few weeks ago and got your feelings hurt when I pointed that out.

Quit lecturing people about how and what to post, ASAP.

<Oct-13-18 TheFocus>: When you picture <zanzy> in your mind, do you see an older David Hogg?

<Oct-14-18 thegoodanarchist>: <TheFocus: When you picture <zanzy> in your mind, do you see an older David Hogg?>

Yes. But he is fat & pimply, wearing a red & white striped t-shirt that has cheez doodles stains on it.

<Oct-14-18 diceman>: <TheFocus:

When you picture <zanzy> in your mind, do you see an older David Hogg?>

Didn't know Boss had a daughter?

<Oct-15-18 zanzibar>: <<opty> as usual in any/all <OCF> quotes showing up here to settle the score, there's nothing witty, humorous, or off-beat to be found.

In other words, there's nothing memorable in your post - and this isn't the place for it.>

<Oct-16-18 rogge>: And you quoting your sockpuppet, that's memorable? LOL!

<Oct-16-18 diceman>: <rogge: And you quoting your sockpuppet, that's memorable? LOL!>

Zanzy squared.

<Oct-16-18 zanzibar>: Sorry rogge, it's not sock-puppetry so much as plain old laziness.

Didn't really have that much time for the poodle pack nipping at my ankles, so I just cut-and-pasted.

Here's a more apropos quote about the sock issue, courtesy of <perf>:

<<zed> has freely acknowledged his alt account, which is not used for malicious purposes, same as <saffuna> has never hidden the fact that he long posted under the handle <Jim Bartle>. Whether or not one agrees with these posters or their views, they have displayed no ill will towards others, very much unlike <free speech>'s original account, which has been in the business of disseminating hatred for years upon years and, regrettably, was given free rein to do so. Even in this last post, the venom and prevarication are plain as day.

All decent people may hope the likes of such maleficence is gone.>

Kenneth S Rogoff (kibitz #352242)

Oct-17-18  rogge: <MQ> is a treasure, sorry for polluting it :)
Premium Chessgames Member
  TheAlchemist: <rogge> Thanks and don't worry about it, I don't remember you ever being a "troublemaker" :-), but I understand the pull of the dark side can be strong :-).
Oct-17-18  rogge: Ha ha, thanks :)
Premium Chessgames Member
  OhioChessFan: Agree with your decision.
Oct-18-18  zanzibar: Oh, you're the moderator?!

Thanks for cleaning/clearing all that up.

Oct-18-18  zanzibar: (Although I'm still a bit squeamish about the Kieseritzky quote. Can't we get another quote added sometime soon?)
Premium Chessgames Member
  TheAlchemist: chessforum (kibitz #31266)

<RE: <Memorable Quotes>

<rogge: Why ask when you know the answer?>

But my dear <rogge>, I don't, at least not with 100% certainty.

I suspect it's <The Alchemist>, but that should be confirmed by <admin>.

In addition, there's several other questions that come to mind...

1) How long has it been moderated in such fashion.

2) Shouldn't there be notice about removed posts.

(E.g. <oppie> knew somehow, but I only noticed by accident)

3) Will there be an appeal process?

E.g. I really think my quote about <Diceman> qualifies rather nicely for <MQ>-land. I'd like to see the rationale for why it doesn't.>

I have always been upfront about MQ being my alternate account and thus me being the manager, it's always been advertised in my profile.

1. Until 2014 I didn't do any moderating because it wasn't needed, i.e. people knew what the forum was intended for (it was conceived as a repository/collection not a discussion forum). I've never explicitly laid down the rules in great detail besides the header in MQ's profile and just assumed it was understood, so that may have been unfair to newer users or those that frequent CG more sporadically. As I've said it was smooth sailing for almost 10 years, so maybe I got a bit complacent :-).

2. I have no obligation to do so, but I will try to copy them here. I have done so a few times already, but have forgotten on other occasions, so I may still be inconsistent on this. It's not a value judgment, though, I have always been deleting off-topic posts because I didn't want it getting flooded by conversations etc., but I've had some rather unpleasant incidents since, so I became a bit more vigilant.

(if you're up for some reading, though fair warning, one user's posts were purged by CG: first thread starts about here: TheAlchemist chessforum (kibitz #3051), second one: TheAlchemist chessforum (kibitz #3317))

3. You can always contact me here if you wish, I'm happy to hear out your concerns. I do acknowledge I can go a bit too far sometimes (e.g. I delete the whole "thread" including the opening post) and things can get caught in the crossfire. I apologize for that, again it's not meant as a value judgment or picking on anyone in particular. And it's certainly not meant as censorship, just keeping things on topic.

Oct-19-18  sceptic: <And it's certainly not meant as censorship, just keeping things on topic.>

No need for you to censor Memorable Quotes. If an Unperson, like <Tiggler> for instance, should ever be mentioned here, then <Sargon> stuffs it down the memory hole faster than you can say "I LOVE BIG BROTHER".

Oct-19-18  zanzibar: <The Alchemist> I just posted over on <>, explaining my confusion.

I better understand now the situation, thanks mostly to your kind explanation.

The fact that the <CG MQ> forum is actually your doing is one of the many wonderful quirks of <CG>! Thanks for sponsoring one of more fun <CG> features.

The fact that I wasn't aware of your moderation is actually a testament to how well a job you've been doing, imo. This feature certainly deserves a mention in my brief history of <CG> series.

I want to keep this post largely positive for the moment, and will stop here. Tomorrow, maybe, I'll come back to mention a (small?) concern I have given this recent episode. No big worries though.

Again, thanks, both for the <MQ> forum, and your helpful explanation given above.

Premium Chessgames Member
  Memorable Quotes: As promised long ago, here are the deleted posts from MQ. Now, kindly take it somewhere else.

<Stonehenge>: <OhioChessFan: I know on Rogoff the Leftists don't like me pointing it out, but they are in fact the intellectual descendants of the Nazi Enablers. How don't they see it?>

Pretty rich, coming from a christofascist.

<moronovich>: No wonder CG is bleeding. You can not build a communite on hate.

<diceman>: <moronovich: No wonder CG is bleeding. You can not build a communite on hate.>

Only a Democrat party.

<Count Wedgemore>: <moronovich: No wonder CG is bleeding. You can not build a communite on hate.>

True. And <Stonehenge>'s post illustrates your point quite clearly. Sad to see there are kibitzers like that, who even uses the Memorable Quotes forum, a forum made for good-natured fun, to post hate-filled comments, name-calling a fellow kibitzer.

<moronovich>: <they are in fact the intellectual descendants of the Nazi Enablers. How don't they see it?>>

Well <Count> if you can not see it, you can not see it.

Oct-31-19  Thief: Why aren't you more active?
Premium Chessgames Member
  TheAlchemist: I should call User: Whiterun Guard on you. But to answer your question, laziness, loss of interest, maybe I just don't care enough anymore, I don't know. I do still lurk about daily, more out of habit than anything, I suppose, but not much else.
Nov-02-19  virginmind: Hi! You mean you've lost interest in chess, or in
Nov-18-19  Thief: <TheAlchemist> I'm still in the same spot I was on November 1st. Whiterun Guard didn't come. My bounty is too low for him to bother.
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