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Scott Thomson

The Perseus Project: The classics in Greek, Latin & English--hyperlinked

A link to a page with downloads from the Venetus A, the oldest complete manuscript of the Iliad, courtesy of Harvard:

From Google Books, a link to Tarrasch's book on the 1908 world championship. I've translated his notes on the game pages.

Lasker's book on St. Petersburg 1909

Tarrasch's <Dreihundert Schachpartien>, which covers his career from the beginning through his match with Chigorin in 1893

Chess-play is a good and witty exercise of the mind for some kind of men, and fit for such melancholy, Rhasis holds, as are idle, and have extravagant impertinent thoughts, or troubled with cares, nothing better to distract their mind, and alter their meditations; invented (some say) by the general of an army in famine, to keep soldiers from mutiny: but if it proceed from overmuch study, in such case it may do more harm than good; it is a game too troublesome for some men's brains, too full of anxiety, all out as bad as study; besides it is a testy choleric game, and very offensive to him that loseth the mate. William the Conquerer, in his younger years, playing at chess with the Prince of France (Dauphine was not annexed to that crown in those days) losing a mate, knocked the chess-board about his pate, which was a cause afterwards of much enmity between them.

--Burton, The Anatomy of Melancholy

"Just because many great chess players were obnoxious jerks, doesn't mean that if you're an obnoxious jerk you're a great chess player."


"You are also a machine, as are Anand, Carlsen, Kasparov, and Fischer. You and the others are just inferior machines. Your idea of beautiful chess is simply faulty chess that is not caught in its faults."


"Alas, before the post mortem the gods have placed the game."

--Phony Benoni

"A chess engine is a great antidote to human optimism."


"[Y]ou have not been mean to me. Being mean to me is accepting my sacrifices and then taking me to a lost ending."

--Sally Simpson

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   keypusher has kibitzed 24824 times to chessgames   [more...]
   Nov-12-19 Grand Prix Hamburg (2019)
keypusher: <talunanIM: Great to see LVM feaces all over his ugly face. the ever try hard wannabe who thinks he is the answer to carlsen crown. nobody likes an ugly dork francaise. merci avoir bonne soirée> Just in case anyone was wondering why the ignore button was invented...
   Nov-12-19 Karjakin vs Caruana, 2019
keypusher: <anjumskhan: Game full of blunders.> Blitz games generally are.
   Nov-11-19 Browne vs Belle, 1978
keypusher: Beauty and the Beast.
   Nov-11-19 Jeremy Lim (replies)
keypusher: < Bobsterman3000: <unferth: <Example article of why Deadspin sucks ass:> sucked, not sucks--it's literally dead after the staff quit en masse & the lone replacement hire was shamed into resigning. but the author of that piece had been on the staff for only a couple of
   Nov-11-19 U Rath vs Larsen, 1978 (replies)
keypusher: Second time that poem's been used for a GOTD recently. Znosko-Borovsky vs Nimzowitsch, 1907 Maybe go with Morrie Rath next time.
   Nov-11-19 keypusher chessforum
keypusher: keypusher: [Event "Challenge from keypusher"] [Site " "] [Date "2019.11.10"] [Round "-"] [White "greenwich"] [Black "keypusher"] [Result "0-1"] [WhiteElo "1534"] [BlackElo "1961"] 1. d4 c5 2. d5 e5 3. e4 d6 4. Nc3 Be7 5. Bd3 Bg5 6. Nf3 ...
   Nov-10-19 Kenneth S Rogoff (replies)
keypusher: <OhioChessFan: It's despicable HuffPo blames Trump for that. Disgraceful, evil, wicked, conscienceless....> Oh, did they? Look, if we start tracking violent interracial crime in the U.S. in here, including violent interracial crime accompanied by racial animus, white people ...
   Nov-10-19 Piket vs Kasparov, 1995 (replies)
keypusher: < Carrots and Pizza: <OhioChessFan: 22...Rd4 is tough to crack. I don't see much.> What about 23.Nf3 ? That attacks the Rook. Where does it go?> 23....Rxd6! and if 24.Bxd6 Qxd6 25.Qxb4 Rc8=.
   Nov-09-19 Karpov - Fischer World Championship Match (1975) (replies)
keypusher: <Fischer on the other hand would surely have got himself back to the peak bodily fitness he displayed in the famous photos taken at the Grossingers resort in 1972.> Uhhh... Any statement involving Bobby Fischer in 1975 should not ...
   Nov-09-19 Kibitzer's Café (replies)
keypusher: < MissScarlett: <Hazz>, if you're thinking about what to buy for Christmas for that special lady who has everything, there's this: <Bobby Fischer - The Final Years: A Personal Memoir> ( or there's <RAVENS: SPASSKY vs. ...
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Kibitzer's Corner
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Sep-12-19  Nisjesram: <Tiggler: <Well , in different phases of life people may want to do different things. May be they want to do something else now.... ..> <Nisjesram> This post ignores the elephant in the room: this site is not the same as it had been for the preceding 15 years.>

Point noted.

Which are the areas where you would want improvement ?

Thank you.


Premium Chessgames Member
  keypusher: < Nisjesram: <keypusher> , a question , if you please : <Bobsterman3000: < keypusher: <My question - if Mueller had indeed found a smoking gun of Trump emailing Putin to say "please have your orthographically-challenged Internet trolls post as many Bernie Sanders speedo memes as it takes to flip the election, and here's $50 bucks to accomplish it" - what do you think Mueller would've done?> Wrapped it in swaddling clothes, and laid it at the doorstep of the House Judiciary Committee.> Exactly!!

In the form of clearly delineated and outlined <recommended charges> - just like Ken Starr did.

That didn't just happen with obstruction (or anything else), obviously.


You did not respond to this post of <bobsterman>. Does that mean you have conceded <keypusher > ?

Thank you . Regards.>

No, I just got busy. We just finished a motion and now there's something else. It's Friday night and I'm taking a break from work to write this.

Maybe I shouldn't get involved in Rogoff discussions unless I can see them all the way through, but that's hard to do.

What struck me on reading Bob's post was that that the Starr Report came out in 1999 and the opinion from the Office of Legal Counsel that a special prosecutor couldn't indict a sitting president, which Mueller referred to in his own report, came out in 2000 -- quite possibly as a reaction to Ken Starr's investigation, which I think is regarded as a low point for special counsels. So, the rules were probably different in 1999, Mueller didn't think he could or should do what Starr did.

But it would take some research to substantiate that point, which I haven't done. So, I've kept silent. Apart from posts that are (hopefully) obvious jokes or sarcasm, I try not to argue in Rogoff unless I think I know what I'm talking about.

Sep-14-19  Nisjesram: Thanks a million , <keypusher> . Much appreciated.


Sep-17-19  Nisjesram: <keypusher> , what you called 'brain cell killing rogoffian argument ' applies to the 'collusion issue ' between <saffuna> -<bobsterman>/<colonel mortimer> as well and I wish someone puts an end to it before more brain cells are killed.

2) <saffuna> considers <bobsterman> partisan and dishonest apparently .

But apparently, he considers you not only non partisan , honest , objective but sharp as well (sharp as in able to see deeply as opposed to seeing superficially)

3) now , as I see it - <saffuna> claimed <collusion has been proven >.

May be <saffuna> did not mean it in the rigorous/literal sense , may be <saffuna> simply meant that there is a lot of evidence ...

4) nonetheless , as I see it , there was not sufficient evidence , Mueller report said

5) and therefore <saffuna> should concede and own up his mess and move on.

6) however , I have not read report - I am not going to spend so much time on American politics...I don't care that much.

So may be I am missing something.

7) so , tell me if you please , <keypusher>. Do you agree with me that :

<<saffuna> should concede and own up his mess and move on.>

Thank you. Regards


Sep-19-19  Nisjesram: Reposted from rogoff

Thank you , <keypusher>. I have had my fill. I wish god gives me strength to take some break from <rogoff> forum and focus on my projects.... .... Thanks again <keypusher> for the voice of sanity and your contributions....they were very helpful.

Your posts were very timely and badly needed



Sep-20-19  Nisjesram: Jambavan Jagori​​ : why do you think you may take 10 more years for enlightenment

Me : 1)because I am an idiot .....
.....compared to ramana/Nisargadatta

Enlightenment is intelligence and love/compassion in action. Love and intelligence , dispassion of Jesus

Hell , I am an idiot compared to even <keypusher> and <johnlspouge>

Look at the intelligence , clarity/depth of thinking of these two. And dispassion too.

And they are compassionate too. Always willing to help. And they have strength/capability to help too

2)I said it may take 10 years or more or less....

...talking to you kills my brain cells. So , I took break from you and morning session was very productive - intelligence , clarity/depth of thinking increased a lot. Dispassion too.

If I have such produactive sessions very frequently if not incessantly , then I may reach mountain top of meditation very fast.

3) within a week , I will send you those 20 posts . If you don't hear from me by 27 Sep 2019 , feel free to get in touch , but stay away from me till then , I need to focus a lot for a week at least , I need to be alone and quiet for a week at least .

Thank you . Regards.


Premium Chessgames Member
  keypusher: kp-whatthefat, gameknot 2007

1. e4 c5
2. Nf3 Nc6
3. d4 cxd4
4. Nxd4 Nf6
5. Nc3 e5
6. Ndb5 d6
7. Nd5 Nxd5
8. exd5 Nb8

7. Nd5 seems like a good way to avoid the heavily booked lines and lead to a quieter, more closed position.

9. c4 Be7
10. Be2 a6
11. Nc3 O-O
12. O-O Bf5

I think this is all book, but ...Bf5 seeems questionable to me. Black wants to play ...f5, and the bishop move doesn't help him do that. On the other hand, where else is the bishop supposed to go?

13. Be3 Nd7
14. Rc1 Rc8
15. Qd2 Bg6
16. b4 h6

Black's last move seems like a waste of time. ...Bg6 is also slow, but seems necessary to get out of the way of the f-pawn.

17. c5! f5?

17...dxc5 18. d6 Bg5 19. Nd5 Bxe3 20. Qxe3 gives White a clear advantage. But now he is nearly winning by force.

18. c6! f4

18...bxc6 19. dxc6 Nf6 (19...Rxc6?? 20. Qd5+) 20. Bxa6 f4 21. Bxc8 Qxc8 22. Bb6 gives White a winning advantage.

19. cxd7 Qxd7

19....fxe3 20. dxc8/Q exd2 21. Qxd8 dxc1/Q 22. Qxf8+ Kxf8 23. Rxc1 wins.

20. Bb6

A piece down with no compensation, Black resigned here. What's that you say? He didn't resign? Hmmm...

20. ... f3!
21. gxf3 Rf4
22. Rfe1? Qh3!

As my opponent pointed out afterwards, the strongest defense is Kh1 and Rg1 followed by Rg2, when White's king is impregnable. This never occurred to me. But I thought I had it all worked out...

23. Bf1 Qxf3
24. Ne2 Rxc1
25. Rxc1?

This loses! White's only hope is 25. Qxc1, where 25...Rg4+ 26. Ng3 Be4 27. Qc8+ Kh7 28. Qxg4 Qxg4 29. Rxe4 staves off mate and leaves White with three pieces for the queen. I avoided this because I thought I had a better defense, but it turned out there was a pretty big hole in it.

My opponent showed me a stronger line for Black afterwards than the one given above that he thought would have ended in a draw, but I don't remember it. <whatthefat>, are you around?

25. ... Rg4+
26. Ng3 Be4!

With dawning horror, I realized that, since my knight was pinned, I had no defense against Qh1#. I played 27. Rc3 and resigned.

Sort of embarrassing to go from a win to being mated by force in six short moves, but still, a pretty funny game, even if the last laugh was on me...

Premium Chessgames Member
  keypusher: NN-kp, gameknot 2006

After 1. d4 Nf6 2. c4 g6 3. Nc3 Bg7 4. e4 d6 5. f3 O-O 6. Be3 Nc6 7. Nge2 a6 8. Qd2 Rb8 9. h4 h5, somebody on gameknot astonished me with 10. Nd5. Has anyone ever seen this before? The game continued 10....e6 (apparently 10...e5 and ...b5 have been played before. 10...e5 doesn't look logical to me since it just invites 11 Bg5.) 11. Nxf6+ Bxf6 12. Bg5 b5 13. g4 (I was convinced I would be mated in a few more moves at this point) 13...hxg4 14. fxg4 Bxg5 15. hxg5 f5?! 16. Qe3? fxg4 17. Qg3? Qxg5 18. Rh4 Rf3 19. Qh2 Rh3! (now Black can relax) 20. Rxh3 gxh3 21. Bxh3 e5?! (a little too relaxed) 22. Bxc8 Rxc8 23. Qh3 Rf8 24. Qe6+ Kg7 25. Qd7+ Ne7 26. Qxc7 Rh8 27. Qxd6 Rh1+ and Black won. Still, I thought 10 Nd5 was pretty frightening.

Premium Chessgames Member
  Diademas: <1. d4 Nf6 2. c4 g6 3. Nc3 Bg7 4. e4 d6 5. f3 O-O 6. Be3 Nc6 7. Nge2 a6 8. Qd2 Rb8 9. h4 h5, somebody on gameknot astonished me with 10. Nd5. Has anyone ever seen this before?>

15 games in the database. Opening Explorer

The only one with the continuation 10...e6 is Murey vs F Wong, 1997

Premium Chessgames Member
  keypusher: <diademas> Wow, thanks, some amazing games in there. If you go by the numbers pretty much nothing seems to work for Black. It's striking that Gunawan wins wonderfully with Black against Tarjan, but after that you find him on the White side. Ernst clobbers's a little surprising that you don't see 10.Nd5 more. I really don't belong on either side of lines like this.

Checking OE, the two most common moves are 10.0-0-0 and 10.Nc1, about equally well represented in the database. But castling scores about 30% for White and Nc1 scores about 70% for White. How often does <that> happen?

Opening Explorer

Premium Chessgames Member
  Fusilli: Hey <keypusher>, for your entertainment:

V.I.Chepizhny 1996
Mate in 3

click for larger view

Difficult. It took me quite a while.

Premium Chessgames Member
  keypusher: <Fusilli> I'm ashamed of you. It only took me two weeks!
Premium Chessgames Member
  Fusilli: <keypusher> lol
Premium Chessgames Member
  Diademas: Hey, got it too. And in less than three weeks!
Premium Chessgames Member
  Fusilli: OK, everybody, let's just confirm:


If 1...Kh6 2.Qg2 Kh5 3.Qg5#

If 1...h6 2.Qxc4 Kg6 3.Qf7#

A beauty, isn't it?

Premium Chessgames Member
  keypusher: <Fusilli> <diademas> Yes, it is! Of course once I finally got it I wondered why it took me so long. I saw the stalemate after 1.Ba2 h6 2.Bxc4 early, and it was also pretty quickly apparent that White couldn't abandon his pawn on h4, so you'd think 2.Qxc4 would have occurred to me by simple process of elimination.

For a long time I was convinced that the first move had to be a queen move for some reason.

Premium Chessgames Member
  Fusilli: <keypusher> Same process here, only that once I saw the mate on f7, I stayed stuck for a while on how to respond to 1...Kh6. Kept seeing only 2.Qg4 with stalemate and not the simple 2.Qg2.
Premium Chessgames Member
  keypusher: {[Event "Challenge from keypusher"]
[Site ""]
[Date "2019.10.25"]
[Round "-"]
[White "greenwich"]
[Black "keypusher"]
[Result "0-1"]
[WhiteElo "1534"]
[BlackElo "1961"]

1. d4 Nf6 2. c4 e6 3. Nc3 Bb4 4. a3 Bxc3+ 5. bxc3 b6 6. e3 Nc6 7. Nf3 Ba6 8. Bd3 Na5 9. Qa4 O-O 10. O-O d5 11. Ne5 Qe8 12. Qxe8 Rfxe8 13. cxd5 Bxd3 14. Nxd3 exd5 15. Ne5 Rad8 16. f4 Ne4 17. Bb2 Nc4 18. Nxc4 dxc4 19. Rad1 Rd5 20. a4 Ra5 21. Ra1 f5 22. Rfe1 Kf7 23. g3 Ke6 24. Re2 Rb8 25. Kg2 Kd5 26. Kf3 b5 27. axb5 Raxb5 28. Ra2 a5 29. Rc2 a4 30. h3 Rb3 31. g4 g6 32. Ke2 Ra8 33. Ra3 Rxa3 34. Bxa3 c6 35. Kf3 Ra7 36. g5 Ra8 37. h4 Nd6 38. Ra2 Nb5 39. Bb4 a3 40. Ke2 Ke4 41. Kd2 Kf3 42. Ra1 a2 43. Bc5 Nc7 44. Rf1+ Ke4 45. Ra1 Nd5 46. Bd6 Nxe3 47. Kc1 Kd3 48. Bb4 0-1

After 45....Nd5

click for larger view

Premium Chessgames Member
  keypusher: 27....Rbxb5 28. Rg1 Ra2 29. Rgg2 a5

32....… a3 33. Bxa3 Nxc3+

33....Rab8 34. Rxb3 cxb3 35. c4+ Ke6 36. Rc1 a3 37. Bxa3 b2 38. d5+ Kd7 39. Bxb2 Rxb2+

34....h5! 35. g5 Rb8 36. Bb4 Nd6 37. Ra2 Ra8 38. Bxd6 cxd6 39. Ra3 Ke4 40. d5 Ra6 41. h4 Ra5 42. Ra2 a3 43. Rd2 Rxd5 44. Ra2 Rd3 45. Rxa3 Rxe3+ 46. Kd2 Rd3+ 47. Kc2 Kxf4

36....Rb7 37. Bb4 Rxb4! 38. cxb4 c3 39. Ke2 Kc4 40. Kd1 a3 41. d5 cxd5 42. b5 Kb3 43. b6 Nc5 44. Rc1 a2 45. h4 Nb7 46. Ra1 Kb2 47. Rc1 a1=N 48. Rxa1 Kxa1

37....Rb8 38. Bb4 Rxb4!, etc.

38. Bxd6! Kxd6 39. e4! fxe4+ 40. Kxe4 a3 <OR> 41.Ra2 Ra5 42.f5!! gxf5+ 43.Kf4 c5 44.dxc5+ Kxc5 45.Ra1 Kd6 (45....Kb5 46.Rb1+ Ka4 47.Rb4#) 46. h5 Ke6 47. Ra2 Kf7 48.Ke3 =

<OR> 40....c5 41. d5 Re8+ 42. Kf3 Kxd5 43.Ra2 Re1 (43....Ra8 44.Ra3 =) 43... Re1 44. Rxa4 Rf1+ 45. Kg4 Rc1 46. Ra7 Rxc3 47. Rxh7 Rc1 48. Rd7+ Ke4 49. Re7+ Kd3 50. Rd7+ Ke4 =

Premium Chessgames Member
  keypusher: 34... h5 35. g5 Rb8 36. Bb4 Nd6 37. Ra2 Ra8 38. h4 Nb5 39. Kd2 a3 40. Be7 Ke4 41. Bb4 c6 42. Ke2 Ra7, zugzwang
Premium Chessgames Member
  Fusilli: Nice positional work, <keypusher>! Once you secured the good knight versus the bad bishop, you are positionally winning. Good job taking the game to that outcome!
Premium Chessgames Member
  keypusher: <Fusilli> I feel like I played pretty well in the early going, but starting with move 27 I made one mistake after another. I’m much better at positional play than at tactics.

“Greenwich” is an old friend but he’s never taken chess too seriously.

Premium Chessgames Member
  keypusher: [Event "Challenge from keypusher"]
[Site ""] [Date "2019.10.31"]
[Round "-"]
[White "keypusher"]
[Black "greenwich"]
[Result "1-0"]
[WhiteElo "1961"]
[BlackElo "1534"]
[TimeControl "1/1209600"]
[Mode "ICS"]
[Termination "normal"]

1. c4 e5 2. Nc3 Nf6 3. g3 Bc5 4. Bg2 c6 5. e3 d5 6. d4 exd4 7. exd4 Be7 8. cxd5 cxd5 9. Qb3 Be6 10. Qxb7 Nbd7 11. Nf3 Nb6 12. Ne5 O-O 13. Nc6 Qc8 1-0

Not at all a normal game for greenwich.

Premium Chessgames Member
  keypusher: 9... Nc6! 10. Nxd5? Nxd5 11. Bxd5 O-O! 12. Ne2 Bb4+ 13. Kf1 (13.Bd2 Bxd2+ 14. Kxd2 Qa5+ 15. Kc1 Bf5 -+ ) 13....Na5! 14. Qf3 Bg4! 15. Qxg4 Qxd5 ∓
Premium Chessgames Member
  keypusher: keypusher: [Event "Challenge from keypusher"] [Site ""]
[Date "2019.11.10"]
[Round "-"]
[White "greenwich"]
[Black "keypusher"]
[Result "0-1"]
[WhiteElo "1534"]
[BlackElo "1961"]

1. d4 c5 2. d5 e5 3. e4 d6 4. Nc3 Be7 5. Bd3 Bg5 6. Nf3 Bxc1 7. Qxc1 Nd7 8. O-O Ngf6 9. h3 a6 10. Qe3 b5 11. Qg5 O-O 12. Nh2 c4 13. Be2 b4 14. Nd1 Nxe4 15. Qe3 Ndc5 16. Bxc4 f5 17. f4 g5 18. fxe5 dxe5 19. Nf2 f4 20. Qc1 Qb6 21. Qe1 Bf5 22. Qd1 Nxf2 23. Qh5 Nce4 24. d6+ Kg7 25. Bd5 Ng4+ 26. Kh1 Ng3# 0-1

6.Bxg5 Qxg5 7.Nf3 Qe7 8.Nd2 Nf6 9.Nc4 ±

11.Qg5?=; 11.a4 b4 12.Ne2 a5 13.Ng3 +0.70 31 ply

12.Nh2? c4 -+

15....Ndc5?!; 15....f5 16.Bxc4 Nb6 17.Be2 (17.Bd3! Nc5) 17....Nxd5? 18.Bc4 Be6 19.Qb3 Nd2 20.Bxd5 Nxb3 21.Bxe6+! Kh8 22.Bxb3 -0.61 37 ply; 17....a5! 18.c4 Nc5 19.f4 exf4 20.Rxf4 g5 -2.13 35 ply

17.f4 g5?; 17....Bd7 18.fxe5 dxe5 19.Nf3? f4 20.Qe1 Qb6 21.Nf2 Rae8 -+; 19.d6+ Kh8 20.Bd5 Rc8 21.Bxe4 Nxe4 22.Nf2 Bb5 ∓; 17....a5; 17....exf4 18.Rxf4 Rb8! 19.Rf1 Qf6 20.Nf2 (20.Nf3? f4 21.Qd4 Qxd4+ 22.Nxd4 Nd2 -+) 20....Nxf2 21.Qxf2 Qxb2

20.Qc1?; 20.Qe1! Nd6 Qxb4=

20....Qb6; 20....Nd6! 20.Be2 Nce4! 21.Bd3 Nxf2 22.Rxf2 e4! -+; 20.b3 e4 -+

21.Qe1; 21.d6+ Kh8 22.Bd5 Bb7 23.Qd1 Rad8 -+

21....Bf5?; 21....Nd6! 22.Be2 e4 -+

22.Qd1??; 22.d6+ Kg7 23.a3! bxa3 24.b4! Nd7 -2.

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