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Karabakh International Tournament

Levon Aronian6/9(+4 -1 =4)[games]
Ashot Gamletovich Anastasian5.5/9(+3 -1 =5)[games]
Hikaru Nakamura4.5/8(+2 -1 =5)[games]
Bartlomiej Macieja4/9(+2 -3 =4)[games]
Ivan Sokolov4/8(+1 -1 =6)[games]
Vassily Ivanchuk4/9(+1 -2 =6)[games]
Karen Asrian4/9(+0 -1 =8)[games]
Alexey Dreev3.5/9(+1 -3 =5)[games]
Bu Xiangzhi3.5/6(+2 -1 =3)[games]
Viktor Antonovich Bologan3/8(+1 -3 =4)[games]

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Game  ResultMoves YearEvent/LocaleOpening
1. Anastasian vs Macieja 1-0552005Karabakh InternationalE12 Queen's Indian
2. Bologan vs Aronian 0-1562005Karabakh InternationalC84 Ruy Lopez, Closed
3. Ivanchuk vs Bu Xiangzhi 0-1452005Karabakh InternationalB90 Sicilian, Najdorf
4. I Sokolov vs Dreev  ½-½282005Karabakh InternationalD52 Queen's Gambit Declined
5. Nakamura vs K Asrian  ½-½452005Karabakh InternationalB12 Caro-Kann Defense
6. Dreev vs Ivanchuk  ½-½212005Karabakh InternationalE77 King's Indian
7. Anastasian vs Nakamura 1-0572005Karabakh InternationalD10 Queen's Gambit Declined Slav
8. Aronian vs I Sokolov ½-½422005Karabakh InternationalD43 Queen's Gambit Declined Semi-Slav
9. Macieja vs Bu Xiangzhi  ½-½462005Karabakh InternationalA20 English
10. K Asrian vs Bologan  ½-½322005Karabakh InternationalC77 Ruy Lopez
11. I Sokolov vs K Asrian  ½-½1062005Karabakh InternationalD35 Queen's Gambit Declined
12. Ivanchuk vs Aronian 1-0402005Karabakh InternationalC77 Ruy Lopez
13. Bologan vs Anastasian  ½-½422005Karabakh InternationalC10 French
14. Bu Xiangzhi vs Dreev 1-0532005Karabakh InternationalD10 Queen's Gambit Declined Slav
15. Nakamura vs Macieja  ½-½382005Karabakh InternationalA36 English
16. Nakamura vs Bologan 1-0482005Karabakh InternationalA28 English
17. Aronian vs Bu Xiangzhi 1-0692005Karabakh InternationalD17 Queen's Gambit Declined Slav
18. Anastasian vs I Sokolov  1-0362005Karabakh InternationalD17 Queen's Gambit Declined Slav
19. K Asrian vs Ivanchuk  ½-½202005Karabakh InternationalC80 Ruy Lopez, Open
20. Macieja vs Dreev  ½-½272005Karabakh InternationalB10 Caro-Kann
21. I Sokolov vs Nakamura  ½-½932005Karabakh InternationalD15 Queen's Gambit Declined Slav
22. Bu Xiangzhi vs K Asrian ½-½1522005Karabakh InternationalE32 Nimzo-Indian, Classical
23. Ivanchuk vs Anastasian  ½-½202005Karabakh InternationalE21 Nimzo-Indian, Three Knights
24. Dreev vs Aronian 0-1402005Karabakh InternationalE12 Queen's Indian
25. Bologan vs Macieja  0-1282005Karabakh InternationalE12 Queen's Indian
 page 1 of 2; games 1-25 of 42  PGN Download
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Kibitzer's Corner
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Oct-21-05  SnoopDogg: <which I would like to correct you, in Turkish not in Azeri means Black Garden.>

My Azeri is not great but I could have swore in Azeri, "Qarabagh" means "qara"-"black" and "bagh" means "garden", so basically we get 'Black Garden'." I would be surprised if the Englishized (correct word?) version "Nagorno Karabagh" would be translated to High, Black Garden as well in Turkish.

<If you are a Jew (which I seriously doubt because most Jews hate Armenian attempts to exaggerate the killings in 1915 in order to equalise it with the Holocaust)>

This is just absurd. Armenians do not exaggerate one of the most horrific genocides at the hands of Turkey to make it equal to the holocaust. Ever heard of Father Armeni?

This is just a side note (and probably shouldn't be in this post) that <iron maiden> probably knows the Armenian band, System of a Down, references in their songs about the Genocide of Armenia such as the 'Father, Father...' part in "Chop Suey!" and the entire song of "P.L.U.C.K." is dedicated to it. They even stage rallies about trying to recognize it in the US I heard, while donating 10,000 dollars and counting to an organization dedicated to just getting this genocide recognized. If just 4 Armenian-Americans donate 10,000 dollars of their money in the US to get it recognized, how badly do you think other Armenians want this recognized and not <Armenian attempts to exaggerate the killings in 1915 in order to equalise it with the Holocaust>.

Oct-22-05  ahmadov: The Armenians claim that 1.5 million were killed and 2 million were deported. The archives of the time prove that only about 1 million Armenians lived in Ottoman Turkey by that time. Independent sources give figures between 600,000-800,000 people, but this was not killings for race but deaths in a war, in which tens of thosands of Turks were killed. The reason why this should not be regarded as genocide because it was not ethnic cleansing but a war. The reason why the Armenians raise such hullabaloo because they have backdoor intention of extracting 50bn dollars from Turkey and claiming some parts of Anatolia. The Armenians depicted part of the territory of Turkey (Agridag) in their coat of arms, which is a further proof of my statement. But as far as I know, Turkey is not going to pay a penny for the Armenians' fake claims. <ARTIN:> After reading some of your posts I have made it clear for myself that you are a chauvinist. I do not want to offend you, but it is what I believe.
Oct-22-05  rochade18: Let's stop this discussion right now, it will bring us no further.

Turkey won't keep that view of events for ever. Did you know that Turkey wiped out Kurdish Identity for almost 70 years? 10 Million Kurds were ignored, neglected, punished because of kurdish origin. We call THAT chauvinism. And it is undeniable.

ARTIN is anything, but not a chauvinist. Defenitely not. And you aren't chauvinist either, just a bit in rage I think. And now let us please come back to chess.

Oct-22-05  ARTIN: Ahmadov, I only care what open-minded people think of me.

Agridag? common, call it by it's biblical name: ARARAT

which by the way is a powerful film

Oct-23-05  12929011: Why does open-mindedness have such a good connotation? Being too open minded is just as bad as being too close minded.
Oct-23-05  shr0pshire: <> just on a technicality, but Hikaru was given the point that Bu Xiangzhi withdrew from for personal reasons. So technically Nakamura got a 5.5/9 and scored in second place.
Oct-23-05  ahmadov: <ARTIN:>Ahmadov, I only care what open-minded people think of me.> When reading this post of yours for some reasons I remembered a joke: An artist painted a portrait of a millionaire, who forgot to pay him for a while. Once he came to the artist and asked why he did not ask for his money. The artist replied: "I do not ask gentlemen to pay me." The millionaire suprised and asked what if he did not come to the artist and remind him about his debt. The artist said: "Seeing you are not paying me for my work I would think that your are not a gentleman, so I would come to you to ask for my money". There is a link between this joke and what your said. One can assume that you call "open-minded" those people who only praise you. <12929011:> Well said.
Oct-24-05  ARTIN: Ignorance is a bliss.
Oct-31-05  Stradivari: ahmadov, the armenian genocide was the first genocide of the 20th century. read other encyclopedias except turkish ones. in case you don't know, turkey is known not to have a free press.

are you ignorant or just a lier. you sound like a liar.

Nov-01-05  ahmadov: <Stradivari:> If you read my profile you can easily find from my favourite players that I am an Azeri. If to apply the same technique to you I can confidently say that you are an armenian. So, what you are writing here does not worry me at all. As for being ignorant, I think Artin was speaking about himself and describing he pleasure when he wrote "Ignorance is a bliss."
Nov-01-05  Stradivari: ok you're just ignorant.
Stradivari was the most famous ITALIAN violinmaker that lived ever (and btw, I am not Italian!). I love your logic. I thought one's favorite player depends on one's style ;) it's quite nationalistic to have no favorite player of other nationality just because he is of different nationality.

You mean what ANY armenian says has no weight for you? What about encyclopedia Britanica? If it says Armenian genocide happened you won't believe it? so every nationality except yours is a liar?

Nov-01-05  Dionyseus: <12929011> <Why does open-mindedness have such a good connotation? Being too open minded is just as bad as being too close minded.>

Can you explain to me why being "too open minded" is a bad thing?

Premium Chessgames Member
  keypusher: <dionyseus> Your brains might fall out.
Nov-01-05  s4life: <keypusher: <dionyseus> Your brains might fall out.> Yup, and you would end up thinking that demons and witches exist and intelligent design is a scientific theory.
Nov-01-05  ARTIN: any theory about the origins of life is a religious theory (including evolution) as the scientific method cannot be applied.
Nov-01-05  Keshishian: Scientific method cannot be applied to evolution?

We make a hypothesis. Gather data, whether it be dna from fossils or wing structure classifications, and make a theory. Process repeats ad nauseum.

And the scientific theory does not necessarily apply as much now as it did when Galileo first came up w/ the idea. Einstein's relativity could not be tested until years later, and he never won the Nobel prize for it (won it for the photoelectric effect instead). If the scientific method must still apply for a theory to be scientific, then you disregard the work of the greatest minds of our time (e.g. Witten, Green, etc...)

Nov-01-05  ARTIN: Stradivari, leave him alone and stop arguing with him. He thinks that everyone who says there was an Armenian Genocide is Armenian.
Nov-01-05  ARTIN: I meant what I said.
Btw, the scientific method is probably due to Bacon, rather than Galileo, but that's irrelevant.

I agree what you say about Einstein. My claim is quite different: Scientific method by its DEFINITION cannot test historical events such as the origin life. By the word evolution, I meant Theory of Evolution, not macro-evolution (in other words I meant micro-evolution, the one that suggests that humans and cows have the same ancestor, and life came from nonlife by spontaneous generation). It is not a scientific theory because you cannot go back in time to check whether that's what happened. Now, in the restriction of predicting the future given a certain species in a certain environment, Theory of Evolution may be a scientific theory. Einstein theory of relativity doesn't claim anything about the past, hence it's falsifiable. Theory of evolution is not falsifiable and the key point is that it will never be falsifiable.

Nov-01-05  Keshishian: Artin, I misunderstood your original claim. Thanks for clearing it up.
Jan-03-06  chessmaster pro: yeah thanks
Feb-28-06  Chessmaster9001: United Nations Security Councuil has resolutions 822 853, 874 and 884 concerning the Nargorny Karabakh situation which indicating that Nagorny Karabakh is a part of Azerbaijan, military occupied by Armenia. Still ACP is intervening the political issues by organazing this tournament, I think FIDE should oficially react to this matter to avoud this illegal actions in the future.

Regarding the so-called Armenian genocide i dont want to react some idiots here talking abt things that never happened. The only part which carried out the genocide policy during Armenian-Azerbaijan conflict is Armenia.

Just check out this web sites

Feb-28-06  Chessmaster9001: also there are some useful links in
Feb-26-07  Jafar219: At this day 15 years ago.
On 25-26 of February 1992 Armenian Army captured Azeri town of Khojaly in northern Karabagh. Over 800 civilians were butchered in cold blood. Khojaly is a settlement of Azerbaijan situated in the strategic point on the road Agdam-Shusha, Khankendi(Stepanakert)- Askeran near the only airport in Karabakh. Its population is more then 7 thousand people.

Jul-28-10  Vakus: <ChessMaster9001> and <Jafar>, your links are a pure, super-puper-primitive, cannibalistic, azeri falsification. Don't be so ridiculous. Don't be ignorant. is not a turkish/azerbaijani resource to post such an obscene crap.

But still, if you want to know the truth (i strongly doubt) about the Khojalu events, here is the link - - the chronicle of unseen forgery and falsification, a real bomb, shamshing the azeri propaganda of lie. Shame on you!

Jul-28-10  Vakus: smashing*
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