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Garry Kasparov vs Neil McDonald
Great Britain (1986)  ·  King's Indian Defense: Orthodox Variation. Positional Defense (E94)  ·  1/2-1/2
To move:
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Kibitzer's Corner
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May-29-10  zanshin: I like the stalemate theme. I like all theme weeks because I recognize they require special effort to arrange. True, not all of them work as well as others, but <CG> is trying to make the puzzles interesting and I applaud them for that.
Premium Chessgames Member
  kevin86: WOW! Even champs can fall for the stalemate rapier! Black gives up queen and rook in two moves to pull the trick.

Trapping Kasparov-like making an unassisted triple play!!

May-29-10  acgneves: This is the week of desperatos... I think at least 4 since last monday!
May-29-10  VincentL: "Very difficult"

I think this starts 54....Rxg3+ (we need to get the move order correct here).

After 55. Kxg3 Qe5+ !

Now 56. Qxe5 is stalemate. Any K move allows 56.....Qxe7 and black wins.

White can decline the rook. 55. Ka2 allows 55.....Qf1 mate.

But if white plays 55. Ka4 the game continues. I don't see any immediate perpetual or stalemate in this line, but white has now lost a bishop and black is, if anything, materially up.

I wrote this last night, but the electricity failed just as I was going to upload. Let's try now.

May-29-10  VincentL: I'm on 6/6 for the week; I don't think I have ever managed 5/7 before, and I doubt that my solving skill has suddenly increased.

I have seen puzzles involving perpetuals and stalemates which were almost beyond a human's capability to solve. But these were studies; perhaps it is difficult to find similar positions from actual play.

May-29-10  gofer: <Once> As you rightly point out, I am a freeloader, so probably shouldn't even raise my head above the parapet, but ...

... of course I respect your opinion. I find your posts amusing, so don't think I am trying to do you a dis-service. I just think that it is likely that in this case we are probably "teaching our Grandmother to suck eggs".

I would imagine that the person who finds these positions finds them even less orginal than we do! God forbid that they have the rating of a GM and groan at the banality of all the Monday positions! Perhaps this week they may have been thinking along the lines of "OMG do I really have to find another stalemate for them. This is completely pointless, knowing that it is a stalemate makes the puzzle 10 times more simple!".

I imagine they relish the occasional opportunity when they get the chance to put in a "spoiler" or "mix things up with a Saturday puzzle posted on a Tuesday" or lay a mid-week trap that foils 30% of the regulars, but these are not what they get to provide day in day out...

P.S. There is only one kibitzer that I personally find difficult to read and that is <chrisowen>. But I take some solace in that I think that perhaps, I may not be alone on that one...

May-29-10  zb2cr: Hi <VincentL>,

If you meant White plays 55. Kh4, several kibitzers have given the line there, including <scormus>, <agb2002>, <TheBish>, <gofer>, and <tarek1>.

May-29-10  arnab: It cannot be prevented.
54. ... ♖xg3+

Only alternative to 55. ♔xg3 is
55. ♔h4 ♖g4+ (or 55. ♔h2?? ♕g1#) 56. ♔xg4 ♕d7+ 57. ♕xd7= stalmate again.

May-29-10  tacticalmonster: 1) White has 2B+1P for a rook in the endgame. A material advantage.

2) Both king have no pawn shelder. Black king is more exposed due to the lack of defending piece.

3) Black rook is under attack while pinning the g3 bishop.

4) White has a powerful passed pawn well supported by the pieces. The queen defends the pawn while 2 B control c6 and c7 square

Plan: Black has no advantage whatsoever so Gary cannot start an attack. He has to look for ways to draw the game.

1) exchange down to R vs 2B or Q vs Q and B. Try to win the passed pawn

2) perpetual check against exposed white king with the major pieces

3) stalemate the black king with Q and 2B while sacrifing Q and R

Candidate: 54 Rxg3+

a) 55 Kxg3 Qe5+! 56 Qxe5 stalemale

b) 55 Kh4 Rg6 56 Qf8+ Kh7 57 Qf7+ Kh8 58 Qxg6 Qf2+ 59 Qg3 Qxc5= (59 Kg4 Qf4+ 60 Kh3 Qh2+ =)

May-29-10  arnab: Culprit: 54. ♗xe4. Right continuation would have been series of checks starting with 54. ♕h4+ to remove the king from possible stalemates, and then comfortably promote the pawn.

Victory was so near... poor Garry! :-(

Premium Chessgames Member
  SuperPatzer77: 54...Rxg3+!!, White's two tries are as follows:

a) 55. Kxg3 Qe5+!, 56. Qxe5 =

b) 55. Kh4 Rg4+!, 56. Kxg4 (only move or else White loses) Qd7+!, 57. Qxd7 =

Instead of 56. Kxg4, 56. Kh3?? Rxe4!, 57. Qf8+ Qg7, 58. Qd6+ Kh7, 59. Qd3 Qg4+, 60. Kh2 Qe2+ (forcing the queen trade and then winning White's last pawn).


Premium Chessgames Member
  chrisowen: Same again standstill. <Gofer> I stick my head above the parapet scratching it off furthering my knowledge of positions. My tunnel vision usually means that there's a rod entrapping my own back. You whistle if I make a howler, no phrase with featured digs should bury your understanding. I shoot from the hip and send a prayer i.e. scattering a daily post and waiting o 15 mins for anyone's reply.
May-29-10  wals: My effort resulted in a checkmate in one by White.

Rybka 3 1-cpu: 3071mb hash: depth 16:

Black, Rook and pawn for two Bishops.

+2.42 35...Kf8. Available,

1. = (0.00): 35...Rb7 36.Qf1 d4 37.Bh6 Qe6 38.c6 Ra7[] 39.Qg2+ Kh8[] 40.Qg5 Qxe8 41.Qf6+ Kg8[] 42.Qxd4 Qg6+ 43.Kh2 Qxh6

2. (0.70): 35...Qxh3 36.Qf1 Qe6 37.Bh5 Rb7 38.Bd4 Qf5 39.Qa1 Rb8 40.Bd1 Qg5+ 41.Kf1 Qh6 42.Qa7

3. (0.80): 35...Rb8 36.Ba4[] h6 37.Qd1 Kh7 38.Bb3 Rg8+ 39.Kf1 Qxh3+ 40.Ke2 Qh5+ 41.Kd2 Qe5 42.Kc2 Rd8 43.Qd4 Qe6 44.Bf4 Qc6 45.Ba4 Qg6

4. (1.84): 35...d4 36.Bxd4[] Rb3 37.Be3 Qxh3 38.Qf1 Qe6 39.Ba4 Rb7 40.Qd1 h5 41.Kh2 Qe5+ 42.Kg2 Qf5

5. (2.00): 35...Qe6 36.Bh5 Rb8 37.Bg4 Qg6

Black, material unchanged, blunder,

+7.25 38...Qe2. best Kxe8 +2.81.

+(#16)40...Qd4. best Rxf2+,+7.21.

White, material unchanged, blunder,

+6.98 41.Bc6+. best Bb5+, +(#17).

Black, Rook for two Bishops, blunder,

+(#15) 49...Kd8. best Kf8, +6.98.

White, two Bishops for a Rook, blunder,

+7.58 50.Qg8+. best Qc7+, +(#16).

+5.12 53.Qe7+. best c6, +7.76.

White, two Bishops and a pawn for a Rook, blunder,

=0.00 54.Bxe4, best Qe6+, +6.38 would have averted the disaster for White.

May-29-10  TheaN: Saturday 29 May 2010

YAY BIRTHDAY hooray for me, damn I'm getting old...


Target: 10:00;000
Taken: 7:15;375

Material: unbalanced endgame, White {Q+2B+P) vs Black ♕+♖

Candidates: <[Rxg3†]> pretty much all the way

This took me too long, to be honest. Knowing the theme, seeing this relatively easy position, I should have seen the key move earlier. Still, I did, so I am happy :). It's obvious Black wants to draw, the Bishops are gonna eat the Black King alive otherwise. That suggests the first move clearly. However, can be convert that to a draw?

<54....Rxg3†> White has in fact three options here, one is certainly not recommended.

<55.Kh2? Qf2† 56.Kh1 (56.Bg2 Qxg2‡ 0-1) Rh3‡ 0-1> errrr, don't.

Accepting the Rook is one part of the puzzle.

<55.Kxg3> can we get this to stalemate. As it is now, the Black King is stalemated. However, with the White King in use we cannot deploy a simple crazy Queen. In fact, we have to lure the White Queen, and you have to see this to see it works.

<55....Qe5†! 56.Qxe5 stalemate 1/2> of course, any King move is possible but that loses the Queen and is also at most drawn for White but it is in fact lost. So that does not work, the Bishop covers the white squares perfectly. White's final option remains, and this one was annoying.

<55.Kh4> typical, because in fact Black goes an exchange up now, but White is threatening a very bad mate in one on h7. How to continue, and this took me a while. But of course, the most obvious move is:

<55....Rg4†> if White goes back, 56....Rg3† repeats and a draw to follow, so White has to accept.

<56.Kxg4> now the coup de grace.

<56....Qd7†!> with the King on g4, the White Queen is only needed for g7. She does so after:

<57.Qxd7 stalemate 1/2> obviously, any King move again loses to QxQ. A bit harder puzzle but in the theme so relatively easy. Time to check whether Kasparov was in fact swindled here.

Premium Chessgames Member
  SuperPatzer77: <TheaN ...<55.Kh4> typical, because in fact Black goes an exchange up now, but White is threatening a very bad mate in one on h7. How to continue, and this took me a while. But of course, the most obvious move is:

<55....Rg4†> if White goes back, 56....Rg3† repeats and a draw to follow, so White has to accept.>

<TheaN> No, 55...Rg4+, 56. Kh3??? Rxe4! Black wins! So, that's why White has to capture the Black Rook at g4 to avoid losing the game with a rook down.


Premium Chessgames Member
  Once: <TheaN> Happy birthday!
Premium Chessgames Member

click for larger view

White to play after Rxg3+
55 Kxg3 is the game line but 55 Kh4!? threatens mate. However 55...Rg4+ forces 56 Kxg4 allowing 57 ...Qd7+ 58 Qxd7 stalemate. The same theme another way round.

Perhaps this was the line <> expected us to find as well in this Saturday puzzle (i.e. not just the game line).

Nov-21-10  Tigranny: Beautiful stalemate trap.
Nov-21-10  Everett: It would be nice if there was a stalemate symbol, instead of "stalemate." We have all these other symbols for nuance after nuance of "advantage" ex. , etc. Figured we can come up with something.

I see, when played out to the stalemate, puts ~~~ into the column. Thoughts?

Feb-23-11  Tigranny: Nice = over + sign idea for stalemate Everett.
Apr-04-11  sevenseaman: Once a leap year kind of thing, 29 Feb.
Apr-04-11  BobCrisp: <Garry>'s comments on this game were unprintable.
Oct-31-12  Operador: I don΄t want the number 1 !
Premium Chessgames Member
  offramp: The symbol for stalemate should be the grille of a Ford Edsel.

In Europe the word pat is used.

Premium Chessgames Member
  offramp: Kasparov v English Juniors. 27th May 1986, coming up to 30 years ago!

20 boards against the BCF Junior Squad at Uppingham Community College. Organizer: Peter Barton. Sponsors: Goldmark Books.

Final score: +11 =6 -3 to Kasparov.

The event lasted "well over 5 hours". That's very vague. ~5 hours would be very fast indeed for 20 games.

Losses to Philip Morris (aged 18), Philip J Rossiter (aged 17) and Mr David Watts (19) of Cantab U.

Two years earlier against similar opposition Karpov score +9 =8 -3.

Kasparov described this game, against McDonald, as "The most interesting game that I have played for three years". BCM 1986 p.280.

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