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Tata Steel Moves Prediction Contest

<Main Focus>: Predicting how many moves in a game for each pairing. tournament page:
Carlsen-Anand World Championship (2014)

Official site:

Tournament live games:

Live games with Rybka analysis (Not active for Tata):

Alternate live games:

***Hall of Fame***
chessmoron chessforum

Last Year's Tournament Results: Tata Steel 2014

<Karposian> Tat14:BonusRnk(1) + StdMv/Bonus(1)

<juan31> Tat14:StdMvRnk(1t) + StdMv/Bonus(2) + 1stRanker(2t)

<SwitchingQuylthulg> Tat14:StdMvRnk(1t) + 1stRanker(2t)

<Golden Executive> Tat14:StdMvRnk(3) + 1stRanker(1)

<WinKing> Tat14:StdMvRnk(2) + StdMv/Bonus(3) + 1stRanker(3t)

<Penguincw> Tat14:BonusRnk(2)

<chessmoron> Tat14:BonusRnk(3)

<NakoSonorense> Tat14:1stRanker(3t)


[player]-[player] [result] [# of MOVES]

==4 Different Scoring Methods==

Standard Moves Ranker (1st place-Over[3pts], 1st place-Under [7pts], Exact [10pts])

Bonus Ranker (3rd place-Over[1pts],2nd place-Over[2pts],3rd place-Under [5pts], 2nd place-Under [6pts]

Standard Moves/Bonus Ranker [Add all to together]

1st place Ranker [how many 1st place you have in Standard Moves Ranker]

For example:

<Note: Participants 3, 4, and 5 are predicated on nobody scoring an exact as Participant 2 did. If someone hits an exact, the closest score under and over will score the points for second place.>

Actual Game: [player]-[player] 0-1 45

Participant 1: [player]-[player] 1/2 45
Participant 2: [player]-[player] 0-1 45
Participant 3: [player]-[player] 0-1 44
Participant 4: [player]-[player] 0-1 43
Participant 5: [player]-[player] 0-1 46

Participant 1: No points even though 45 is correct. Results must be correct. If Result is wrong and moves # is get no points whatsoever

Participant 2: 10 pts rewarded for correct Result/moves #

Participant 3: 7 pts rewarded for closest under (1st-Under) to 45 moves

Participant 4: 6 pts rewarded for the 2nd closest under (2nd-Under) to 45 moves.

Participant 5: 3 pts rewarded closest OVER(1st-OVER) to 45 moves.

Again, the description of Participant 3, 4, and 5 are based on there being no exact prediction as made by Participant 2.

<IF> there is an exact or an under closest, the highest scoring over participant will be 2nd over. The second closest over will be 3rd over. The <ONLY> time there will be a first over is if there is no exact or under winner.

>> Click here to see OhioChessFan's game collections. Full Member

   OhioChessFan has kibitzed 29551 times to chessgames   [more...]
   Feb-26-15 Biographer Bistro (replies)
OhioChessFan: Chess is a scientific game and its literature ought to be placed on the basis of the strictest truthfulness, which is the foundation of all scientific research. Steinitz
   Feb-26-15 Kenneth Rogoff (replies)
OhioChessFan: <twinlark: I don't actually believe you are that callous as to believe that a peace activist standing in front of a bulldozer demolishing Palestian homes deserves to die. > I don't believe that she deserved to die. <The standard of proof for a civil lawsuit is ...
   Feb-25-15 Travis Bickle chessforum (replies)
   Feb-25-15 chessforum (replies)
OhioChessFan: Some unsolicited personal advice: Next time send Snoochies packing, but keep Jasper.
   Feb-25-15 playground player chessforum (replies)
OhioChessFan: That seems the most likely possibility. Some pages will disable picture copy mode. A few will keep you from copying prose, although there's a few back door ways to copy the writing anyway.
   Feb-25-15 Hans Quint
OhioChessFan: Back home we got a taxidermy man. He gonna have a heart attack when he see what I brung him.
   Feb-25-15 Phony Benoni chessforum (replies)
OhioChessFan: Strange that they batted DiMaggio and then pulled him from the game after a walk. Okay, the game was close when he pinch hit, but what in the world?
   Feb-24-15 Annie K. chessforum (replies)
OhioChessFan: Are you trendy?
   Feb-23-15 P Cervenka vs J Pesola, 2005 (replies)
OhioChessFan: <ozu: Haha. . OK I'm back getting puzzles right . . really really want to get through an entire week. > Based on past experience, I recommend a claim of convenient "computer problems" after Friday.
   Feb-23-15 Kibitzer's Café (replies)
OhioChessFan: <WP: Travis Bickle, the new Dylan album is a set of Sinatra-style standards. Dylan's admiration of Frank as a performer is immeasurable. What you will find the two have in common as singers is a genius for impeccable phrasing.> I find in common neither can stay on key. ...
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Moves Prediction Contest

Kibitzer's Corner
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Jan-25-15  chessmoron: ♔ The Medalists ♔ ...cont

♔2♘6♗6 <twinlark> Dor11:1stRanker(3t)//Bilb11:1stRanker(2t)+StdMvR- nk(2t)//Dor12: 1stRanker(3t)//Tat13:StdMvRnk(2t) + 1stRanker(1t)//Cand13:StdMv/Bonus(3) + 1stRanker(3t)//Nor13:StdMvRnk(2) + 1stRanker(2)//Tal13:StdMvRnk(2) + StdMv/Bonus(3t) + 1stRanker(1t)

♔2♘4♗4 <chancho> Cor09:StdMvRnk(3)//Lin09:StdMvRnk(2t) + StdMv/Bonus(2) + 1stRanker(2t)//Tal09:BonusRnk(2)//Cor10:StdMvRnk- (1) + StdMv/Bonus(3) + 1stRanker(1t)//Baz11:1stRanker(3t)//Dor11:1stRan- ker(3t)

♔2♘2♗1 <Where is my mind> Dor09:StdMvRnk(2) + StdMv/Bonus(3t) + 1stRanker(2)//Tal09:BonusRnk(1) + StdMv/Bonus(1)

♔2♘1♗1 <cu8sfan> Cor08:StdMvRnk(1) + StdMv/Bonus(3) + 1stRanker(2)// Lin08:BonusRnk(1)

♔2♘1♗0 <jameskobe> PSpr09:StdMvRnk(2) + StdMv/Bonus(1) + 1stRanker(1)

♔2♘1♗4 <DCP23> Lin09:StdMvRnk(3) + BonusRnk(1) + StdMv/Bonus(1) + 1stRanker(2t)//Pearl09:StdMvRnk(3t) + StdMv/Bonus(3) + 1stRanker(3t)

♔2♘1♗0 <Winter> Lin10:StdMvRnk(1) + StdMv/Bonus(2) + 1stRanker(1)

♔2♘0♗2 <iron maiden> Cor08:StdMvRnk(3) +BonusRnk(1) + StdMv/Bonus(1) + 1stRanker(3t)

♔1♘3♗2 <moulicules> Tat13:BonusRnk(1) + StdMv/Bonus(2)//Nor14:1stRanker(3t)//Sinq14:StdM- vRnk(3) + 1stRanker(2t)//Tat15:BonusRnk(2)

♔1♘3♗0 <juan31> Tat14:StdMvRnk(1t) + StdMv/Bonus(2) + 1stRanker(2t)//Sinq14:BonusRnk(2)

♔1♘2♗0 <sakii> Lin08:StdMvRnk(1) + StdMv/Bonus(2)+1stRanker(2)

♔1♘2♗0 <Thorski> Tal09:StdMvRnk(2t) + StdMv/Bonus(2) + 1stRanker(1)

♔1♘1♗1 <amadeus> Pearl10:BonusRnk(1) + StdMv/Bonus(3) + 1stRanker(3)

♔0♘2♗0 <HeMateMe> LCC11:StdMvRnk(2) + 1stRanker(2)

♔0♘2♗0 <offramp> Tal09:StdMvRnk(2t) + 1stRanker(2t)

♔0♘2♗0 <jessicafischerqueen> Tat11:BonusRnk(2) + StdMv/Bonus(2)

♔0♘1♗1 <kellmano> Dor09:1stRanker(3t)//Tat15:1stRanker(2t)

♔0♘1♗1 <kolobok> Cor10:BonusRnk(3)//Lin10:BonusRnk(2)

♔0♘1♗0 <Barok Espinosa> Bil12:1stRanker(2t)

♔0♘1♗0 <Beholder> Sinq14:1stRanker(2t)

♔0♘1♗0 <blade2012> Sinq14:1stRanker(2t)

♔0♘0♗5 <bubuli55> LCC11:StdMvRnk(3t) + 1stRanker(3t)//Tat12:1stRanker(3)//Dor12:1stRank- er(3t)//Biel12:1stRanker(3t)

♔0♘0♗2 <corbulo> Tal09:StdMvRnk(3) + 1stRanker(3t)

♔0♘0♗2 <rogge> PSpr09:StdMvRnk(3t) + 1stRanker(3t)

♔0♘0♗1 <onesax> Bilb11:1stRanker(3t)

♔0♘0♗1 <whiteshark> Tal13:1stRanker(3t)

Jan-25-15  chessmoron: <Some Observations>

<SwitchingQuylthulg>'s strategy of predicting numbers less than 10 has done wonders for him and gaining a lot of points.

<OhioChessFan> late <Nostradamus>-like exacts impress the heck out of me. However, <lostemperor>'s Exact in the last round nipped <Elvis> of getting a medal for <Moves+Bonus Ranker>

As for me, just scored one point at the last round, got me passed <lostemperor> for a medal for <Bonus Ranker>.

I'm slightly miffed that <kellmano> forgot his last two rounds. He was doing so well here.

Anyways, thanks for participating.

Premium Chessgames Member
  OhioChessFan: ** Final Recap **

Much thanks to <chessmoron> for running the show. Thanks to <Penguincw> and <WinKing> for watching the scoring. Impressive effort by <Switcheroo> who won 3 golds. <Penguincw> took the 4th. This struck me as a very hard tournament but a lot of scoring regardless. It was another shutout for The Menkey this round, so <WoolyBully> saved humanity's honor by passing him. Thanks to all. Hope the next tournament is soon.

Premium Chessgames Member
  juan31: Thank you <chessmoron and OhioChessFan> for the contest and congratulations to the winners.
Premium Chessgames Member
  Penguincw: < Score,UserID
♔ 10, Penguincw
♘ 9, kellmano
♘ 9, SwitchingQuylthulg >

I'm pretty much the only user that actually cares about this "quadruple crown", and I'm really happy that it was <me> that was able to stop <Switch>. :)

Anyway, thanks to <cm>, <OCF> and <WK> for hosting/making sure this contest ran smoothly. Congrats to the winners, especially <Switch> for once again coming close to a quadruple crown.

Milestone wise, congrats to <OCF> for winning his 20th and 21st bronze medals, and <cm> for a bronze medal, moving him past <WinKing> for most runner-up medals overall with 33.

I also have to congratulate myself for breaking 2 streaks, as it was the first in <years> that I not only won gold, but had a tournament where I came away with more than 1 medal. :)

Kinda surprised that there were only 13 medals given out to 7 medalists, but there was no tie for 3rd place in 1st Ranker this time!

P.S. Next tournament please? :)

Premium Chessgames Member
  WinKing: Thanks to <chessmoron> for running & <OhioChessFan> for hosting this fine contest!

Congratulations to all of the medal winners! Special kudos to <SwitchingQuylthulg> for a great finish in this contest picking up a triple crown in the process!

Premium Chessgames Member
  Golden Executive: Thanks <chessmoron> and <OhioChessFan> for the contest.

Congratulations to the winners!

See you guys the next time.

Premium Chessgames Member
  SwitchingQuylthulg: Thanks to <chessmoron> and <OhioChessFan>, and congratulations to the medalists!
Premium Chessgames Member
  wordfunph: congrats to all winners!

thanks to <OCF> and <chessmoron>.

Premium Chessgames Member
  lostemperor: Yes I still got a bronze overall. Congrats to other medalists and thanks <chessmoron> for the work and <OhioChessFan> for sponsoring! :)
Premium Chessgames Member
  bubuli55: Thanks for the games < chessmoron > and < OCF >.

Congratz to the winners:)

Premium Chessgames Member
  kellmano: yes thanks <OCF> and <chessmoron> and apologies for not partaking in the last two rounds, which was down to pure forgetfulness/busyness. I recognise that it might appear rude or ungrateful but I can only plead that I would lose my own head if it were not screwed on and that's just a trait of mine.

Anyhow, apologies.

Jan-26-15  chessmoron: <kellmano> It's not rude or ungrateful at all. I only try to help the participants for better rankings when they are doing so well.
Premium Chessgames Member
  Penguincw: BTW: If anyone wants to view the Gold Medal Leaders, for this contest, I have updated them here: User: Gold Medal Leaders.

If you see any errors (even if it's in formatting or spelling/grammar or whatever), please let me know on my forum. Thanks. :)

Premium Chessgames Member

User: breast

User: milk

User: yummy

User: said

User: the

User: baby

Premium Chessgames Member
  OhioChessFan: Hey, do ya'll remember when I went to meet the President?

Premium Chessgames Member
  Travis Bickle: Yes I remember Elvis. What were you doing with Tricky Dick? ; P

Premium Chessgames Member

<The Esteemed Member from Ohio>

I'll be back soon to answer your latest Knick-Knack joke. Thanks for your friendly and informative posts on divers matters in my forum whilst I've been gone.

I know it's "diverse" but sometimes I like to use the archaic English spelling, primarily to annoy folks.

Feb-02-15  Jack Bauer: Greetings, <Ohio University Shootout> fyi http://kevinspraggettonchess.wordpr... I want my money back! ;)
Premium Chessgames Member

User: patriot

User: sss

User: world

User: champion

User: sss

User: tom

User: brady

User: MVP

Feb-02-15  Mr. President: It was an honor and a privilege to meet you, <Elvis>.
Premium Chessgames Member
  Shams: It's a really antrorse day out here in Seattle.
Premium Chessgames Member
  chancho: Wishbone Ash - Jail bait
Premium Chessgames Member
  chancho: Chuck Garbo & The Soul Finders
Can I Be Your Squeeze
Premium Chessgames Member
  Travis Bickle: Here's what major Screwheads should get!

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