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Sinquefield Cup Moves Prediction Contest

<Main Focus>: Predicting how many moves in a game for each pairing. tournament page:
Sinquefield Cup (2014)

Official site:

Tournament live games:

Live games with Rybka analysis (Not active for Tata):

Alternate live games:

***Hall of Fame***
chessmoron chessforum

Last Tournament Results: Tata Steel 2014

<Karposian> Tat14:BonusRnk(1) + StdMv/Bonus(1)

<juan31> Tat14:StdMvRnk(1t) + StdMv/Bonus(2) + 1stRanker(2t)

<SwitchingQuylthulg> Tat14:StdMvRnk(1t) + 1stRanker(2t)

<Golden Executive> Tat14:StdMvRnk(3) + 1stRanker(1)

<WinKing> Tat14:StdMvRnk(2) + StdMv/Bonus(3) + 1stRanker(3t)

<Penguincw> Tat14:BonusRnk(2)

<chessmoron> Tat14:BonusRnk(3)

<NakoSonorense> Tat14:1stRanker(3t)


[player]-[player] [result] [# of MOVES]

==4 Different Scoring Methods==

Standard Moves Ranker (1st place-Over[3pts], 1st place-Under [7pts], Exact [10pts])

Bonus Ranker (3rd place-Over[1pts],2nd place-Over[2pts],3rd place-Under [5pts], 2nd place-Under [6pts]

Standard Moves/Bonus Ranker [Add all to together]

1st place Ranker [how many 1st place you have in Standard Moves Ranker]

For example:

<Note: Participants 3, 4, and 5 are predicated on nobody scoring an exact as Participant 2 did. If someone hits an exact, the closest score under and over will score the points for second place.>

Actual Game: [player]-[player] 0-1 45

Participant 1: [player]-[player] 1/2 45
Participant 2: [player]-[player] 0-1 45
Participant 3: [player]-[player] 0-1 44
Participant 4: [player]-[player] 0-1 43
Participant 5: [player]-[player] 0-1 46

Participant 1: No points even though 45 is correct. Results must be correct. If Result is wrong and moves # is get no points whatsoever

Participant 2: 10 pts rewarded for correct Result/moves #

Participant 3: 7 pts rewarded for closest under (1st-Under) to 45 moves

Participant 4: 6 pts rewarded for the 2nd closest under (2nd-Under) to 45 moves.

Participant 5: 3 pts rewarded closest OVER(1st-OVER) to 45 moves.

Again, the description of Participant 3, 4, and 5 are based on there being no exact prediction as made by Participant 2.

<IF> there is an exact or an under closest, the highest scoring over participant will be 2nd over. The second closest over will be 3rd over. The <ONLY> time there will be a first over is if there is no exact or under winner.

>> Click here to see OhioChessFan's game collections. Full Member

   OhioChessFan has kibitzed 27924 times to chessgames   [more...]
   Sep-22-14 hms123 chessforum
OhioChessFan: User: hhh User: mmm User: sss User: 123 User: VintAge User: matt User: ted User: elk User: Red User: fan
   Sep-21-14 jessicafischerqueen chessforum (replies)
OhioChessFan: User: Werewolf User: lon User: Don User: Warren User: zzz User: von
   Sep-21-14 Sasikiran vs E Berg, 2008 (replies)
OhioChessFan: <AC> 30...Bxc1 31. Bxc6 and now Qe5+ winning the Rook is threatened. If Black tries to defend the e5 square with Bb2, then Qc5 and the Rook is again under attack. Then White will follow up with Bxb7. Maybe something like 30...Bxc1 31. Bxc6 Bb2 32. Qxc5 Rd2+ 33. Kf3 Rf7 ...
   Sep-20-14 Wesley So (replies)
OhioChessFan: No kidding. Is this from a supposed newspaper writer?
   Sep-20-14 YouRang chessforum (replies)
OhioChessFan: Curses. If it hadn't been the last round, I'd have taken Vallejo. I thought they'd all go through the motions. Congrats to all the winners and thanks to Lurch.
   Sep-20-14 S Fancy vs Abdulrahman A Masrhi, 2014
OhioChessFan: Here's your one chance, Fancy, don't let me down.
   Sep-20-14 chancho chessforum
   Sep-19-14 OhioChessFan chessforum
OhioChessFan: User: haha User: Chancho User: Blue User: links User: Master
   Sep-19-14 Kenneth Rogoff (replies)
OhioChessFan: <Qb4: I would even argue that deciding that everything the Old Testament commands looks good to you, would be a position arrived at by exercising a sense of right and wrong derived from social norms, i.e. the experience of our ancestors. > That isn't the case. I am hardly
   Sep-18-14 Elise Sjottem Jacobsen
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Moves Prediction Contest

Kibitzer's Corner
< Earlier Kibitzing  · PAGE 449 OF 449 ·  Later Kibitzing>
Sep-07-14  chessmoron: ...continued

K4N5B7 <SloVice> PSpr09:BonusRnk(1)//Cor10:1stRanker(3t)//Lin10:1- stRanker(3t)//Pearl10:1stRanker(3t)//Tat11:1stRa-
nker(3t)//Baz11:1stRanker(3t)//Dor11:StdMvRnk(2) + 1stRanker(2)//Bilb11:StdMvRnk(2t) + BonusRnk(1) + StdMv/Bonus(2) + 1stRanker(1t)//Tat12:1stRanker(1t)//Cand13:StdMv- - Rnk(3) + 1stRanker(2)//Dor13:BonusRnk(3t)

K3N4B5 <Ragh> Cor09:BonusRnk(1)//PSpr09:StdMvRnk(1) + StdMv/Bonus(2) + 1stRanker(2)//Tat11:StdMvRnk(3) + StdMv/Bonus(3) + 1stRanker(2)//Baz11:1stRanker(1t)//Dor11:1stRank- er(3t)//Tal11:StdMvRnk(3) + 1stRanker(3)//Dor12:1stRanker(2t)

K3N1B1 <just a kid> Cor09:1stRanker(2t)//Dor09:StdMvRnk(1) + StdMv/Bonus(1) + 1stRanker(1)//Lin10:BonusRnk(3)

K2N5B6 <PinnedPiece> Cor10:1stRanker(3t)//Baz11:BonusRnk(3)//Dor11:Bo- nusRnk(2)//Dor12:StdMvRnk(3) + BonusRnk(3) + StdMv/Bonus(2) + 1stRanker(2t)//Nor13:StdMvRnk(3) + 1stRanker(3)//Tal13:1stRanker(2)//Dor14:StdMvRnk- (1) + StdMv/Bonus(2) + 1stRanker(1)

K2N5B5 <twinlark> Dor11:1stRanker(3t)//Bilb11:StdMvRnk(2t)//Dor12:- 1stRanker(3t)//Tat13:StdMvRnk(2t) + 1stRanker(1t)//Cand13:StdMv/Bonus(3) + 1stRanker(3t)//Nor13:StdMvRnk(2) + 1stRanker(2)//Tal13:StdMvRnk(2) + StdMv/Bonus(3t) + 1stRanker(1t)

K2N3B5 <chancho> Cor09:StdMvRnk(3)//Lin09:StdMvRnk(2t) + StdMv/Bonus(2) + 1stRanker(3t)//Tal09:BonusRnk(2)//Cor10:StdMvRnk- (1) + StdMv/Bonus(3) + 1stRanker(1t)//Baz11:1stRanker(3t)//Dor11:1stRan- ker(3t)

K2N2B1 <Where is my mind> Dor09:StdMvRnk(2) + StdMv/Bonus(3t) + 1stRanker(2)//Tal09:BonusRnk(1) + StdMv/Bonus(1)

K2N1B1 <cu8sfan> Cor08:StdMvRnk(1) + StdMv/Bonus(3) + 1stRanker(2)// Lin08:BonusRnk(1)

K2N1B0 <jameskobe> PSpr09:StdMvRnk(2) + StdMv/Bonus(1) + 1stRanker(1)

K2N0B5 <DCP23> Lin09:StdMvRnk(3) + BonusRnk(1) + StdMv/Bonus(1) + 1stRanker(3t)//PSpr09:StdMvRnk(3t) + StdMv/Bonus(3) + 1stRanker(3t)

K2N0B2 <iron maiden> Cor08:StdMvRnk(3) +BonusRnk(1) + StdMv/Bonus(1) + 1stRanker(3t)

Sep-07-14  chessmoron: ...continued

K1N3B0 <juan31> Tat14:StdMvRnk(1t) + StdMv/Bonus(2) + 1stRanker(2t)//Sinq14:BonusRnk(2)

K1N2B2 <moulicules> Tat13:BonusRnk(1) + StdMv/Bonus(2)//Nor14:1stRanker(3t)//Sinq14:StdM- vRnk(3) + 1stRanker(2t)

K1N2B0 <sakii> Lin08:StdMvRnk(1) + StdMv/Bonus(2)+1stRanker(2)

K1N2B0 <Thorski> Tal09:StdMvRnk(2t) + StdMv/Bonus(2) + 1stRanker(1)

K1N1B1 <amadeus> Pearl10:BonusRnk(1) + StdMv/Bonus(3) + 1stRanker(3)

K0N2B0 <HeMateMe> LCC11:StdMvRnk(2) + 1stRanker(2)

K0N2B0 <offramp> Tal09:StdMvRnk(2t) + 1stRanker(2t)

K0N2B0 <jessicafischerqueen> Tat11:BonusRnk(2) + StdMv/Bonus(2)

K0N1B1 <kolobok> Cor10:BonusRnk(3)//Lin10:BonusRnk(2)

K0N1B0 <Barok Espinosa> Bil12:1stRanker(2t)

K0N1B0 <Beholder> Sinq14:1stRanker(2t)

K0N1B0 <blade2012> Sinq14:1stRanker(2t)

K0N0B5 <bubuli55> LCC11:StdMvRnk(3t) + 1stRanker(3t)//Tat12:1stRanker(3)//Dor12:1stRank- er(3t)//Biel12:1stRanker(3t)

K0N0B2 <corbulo> PSpr09:StdMvRnk(3) + 1stRanker(3t)

K0N0B2 <rogge> PSpr09:StdMvRnk(3t) + 1stRanker(3t)

K0N0B1 <kellmano> Dor09:1stRanker(3t)

K0N0B1 <whiteshark> Tal13:1stRanker(3t)

Premium Chessgames Member
  SwitchingQuylthulg: Thanks to <chessmoron> and <OhioChessFan>, and congratulations to all medalists!
Premium Chessgames Member
  lostemperor: Thanks for another tough contest and congratulations to the winners!
Sep-07-14  Penguincw: Nice job with the medals <chessmoron>. Although some of them are questionable, I won't ask. However, if you do plan to put it on your profile, I do ask you to fix up some formatting that was mostly my fault. :)

In order news, I am now keeping track of the Gold Medal Leaders for this contest. For the stats, see User: Gold Medal Leaders.

BTW: I've just been informed that I have to attend a birthday party on the 14th. I'm still planning to host Round 1, but it will probably be late. However, once again, if someone would like to take the "helm of the ship", be my guest. :)

Premium Chessgames Member
  Golden Executive: <Penguincw: .....What that means is that <WinKing> would have 2 silvers replaced by a mere bronze while <moulicules> would've won a silver instead of bronze, and <Golden Executive> got robbed of a 3rd bronze.>


Lets check the Penguin effect:

I <gained> 1K plus 1B

I <lost> 1N

I <got robbed> 1B

Ok, no problema ;)

Premium Chessgames Member
  Golden Executive: Thanks <OhioChessFan> and <chessmoron> for running the contest and congratulations to all the medal winners!

See you guys and gals next week.

Premium Chessgames Member
  WinKing: <penguincw: In order news, I am now keeping track of the Gold Medal Leaders for this contest. For the stats, see User: Gold Medal Leaders.>

Not bad <penguincw> I like it. Why don't you do that for all three contests.

Premium Chessgames Member
  WinKing: Thanks to <chessmoron> & <OhioChessFan> for running & hosting this contest.

Congrats to all of the medal winners! Special kudos to <Karposian> for hitting a 'Triple Crown'! No easy feat amid all of the HOF'ers that play here - nice work.

Sep-08-14  chessmoron: <Although some of them are questionable, I won't ask.> I don't mind, spit it out <Penguincw>
Premium Chessgames Member
  OhioChessFan: Yeah, spit it out-so long as I don't lose any medals.
Premium Chessgames Member
  wordfunph: <chessmoron> <OCF> thanks for running the contest, till next time.
Sep-08-14  Penguincw: < chessmoron: <Although some of them are questionable, I won't ask.> I don't mind, spit it out <Penguincw> >

Okay then. The only one I see is for <corbulo> (no offense to <corbulo>).

K0N0B2 <corbulo> PSpr09:StdMvRnk(3) + 1stRanker(3t)

I'm not sure if that user even <participated> in Pearl Spring 2009.

OhioChessFan chessforum

OhioChessFan chessforum

Of course, it could mean Pearl Spring 2010, or not.

OhioChessFan chessforum

OhioChessFan chessforum

However, I'm not going to bother with anyone else's medals. :)

Sep-08-14  chessmoron: Good catch. I should meant Tal 2009.
Sep-09-14  chessmoron: I have decided not to do Bilbao. Sorry guys.
Sep-09-14  Penguincw: < chessmoron: I have decided not to do Bilbao. Sorry guys. >

It's alright. :) However, are you available to do Tal Memorial?

Sep-09-14  chessmoron: Where did you see updates of Tal Memorial 2014? <Penguincw>

A very special November WC Match prediction contest between Magnus Carlsen v Vishy Anand will be held on OhioChessFan chessforum.

Premium Chessgames Member
  WinKing: <chessmoron: A very special November WC Match prediction contest between Magnus Carlsen v Vishy Anand will be held on OhioChessFan chessforum. >

Sounds intriguing <chessmoron> can't wait for the details.

Sep-09-14  Penguincw: < chessmoron: Where did you see updates of Tal Memorial 2014? <Penguincw> >

Well the obvious source is It lists it as 9 rounds sometime in October with several 2700+ players. The website they have listed is:, which lists another website, although I don't see how much more useful that is. More updates should come soon.

< A very special November WC Match prediction contest between Magnus Carlsen v Vishy Anand will be held on OhioChessFan chessforum. >

Sounds exciting, looking forward to it. :)

Premium Chessgames Member
  OhioChessFan: Leave my boy alone.

Premium Chessgames Member
  OhioChessFan: It looks like <YouRang> will host a Games Prediction Contest for Bilbao:

YouRang chessforum

Premium Chessgames Member

User: the

User: ohioan

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User: blue

User: links

User: addiction

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  Travis Bickle: Don Rickles character on the German in the tank guarding the gold in the bank... "Maybe he's a Republican"... LOL!!

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User: baby

User: face

User: nelson

User: john

User: dillinger

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User: haha

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