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Jester (Computer)
Number of games in database: 2
Years covered: 2001 to 2006

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(born 1998) France

[what is this?]

Jester is a Java chess program developed for by Stephane Nguyen.

(1) (LudoChess site), (2) Little ChessPartner (includes a list of some other favourite engines).

Last updated: 2018-12-04 04:11:15

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Game  ResultMoves YearEvent/LocaleOpening
1. Jester vs Small-C 1-0212001Massy III French Tourney ComputerC21 Center Game
2. S Sharma vs Jester 1-0362006Casual GameC11 French
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Kibitzer's Corner
Jul-21-05  Caissanist: Jester is a nice little Java chess applet that anyone can play against by going to Not as strong or versatile as the commercial programs that you install on your PC, but it can be a fun way to spend a spare ten or fifteen minutes.
Jul-21-05  arifattar: When the Jester sang for the King and Queen
Jul-21-05  arifattar: In a coat he borrowed from James Dean
And a voice that came from you and me

(For those who didn't get it)

Aug-03-06  fuerst: 1.d2-d4 d7-d5
2.e2-e4 d5xe4
3.Nb1-c3 Ng8-f6
4.f2-f3 e4xf3
5.Ng1xf3 Bc8-g4
6.Bc1-e3 Nf6-d5
7.Nc3xd5 Qd8xd5
8.Bf1-e2 Qd5-e4
9.Qd1-d2 Nb8-c6
10.h2-h3 Bg4-f5
11.Be2-d3 Qe4-e6
12.Bd3xf5 Qe6xf5
13.Ke1-g1 Qf5-d5
14.a2-a3 Ke8-c8
15.Rf1-c1 Qd5-c4
16.b2-b3 Qc4-a6
17.c2-c4 e7-e6
18.b3-b4 Qa6-a4
19.Qd2-c3 f7-f6
20.b4-b5 Nc6-a5
21.Rc1-b1 b7-b6 why didn' he take that pawn?
22.Nf3-d2 Na5-b7
23.Rb1-b4 Qa4-a5
24.Nd2-b3 Bf8xb4
25.a3xb4 Qa5xa1+
26.Qc3xa1 Kc8-b8
27.Qa1-a6 Nb7-d6
28.c4-c5 Nd6-f5
29.g2-g4 e6-e5
30.g4xf5 Kb8-a8
31.c5-c6 Rd8-b8
32.d4xe5 f6xe5
33.Be3-g5 Rh8-f8
34.Nb3-d2 Rf8xf5
35.Nd2-e4 h7-h6
36.Bg5-d8 Rf5-f7
37.Ne4-d6 c7xd6
38.c6-c7 Rf7xc7
39.Bd8xc7 Rb8-b7
40.Bc7xd6 g7-g6
41.Kg1-f2 e5-e4
42.Kf2-e3 h6-h5
43.Ke3xe4 Rb7-b8
44.Ke4-d5 Rb8-d8
45.Kd5-c6 Rd8xd6+
46.Kc6xd6 Ka8-b8
47.Kd6-d7 g6-g5
Aug-03-06  fuerst: 1.d2-d4 Ng8-f6
2.c2-c4 g7-g6
3.Nb1-c3 Bf8-g7
4.e2-e4 d7-d6
5.f2-f4 Ke8-g8
6.Ng1-f3 c7-c5
7.d4-d5 e7-e6
8.Bf1-d3 Nf6-g4
9.Ke1-g1 Bg7xc3
10.b2xc3 Qd8-a5
11.Bc1-d2 Qa5-a6
12.h2-h3 Ng4-f6
13.Qd1-e1 Nb8-d7
14.d5xe6 f7xe6
15.Qe1-h4 d6-d5
16.e4-e5 Nf6-e4
17.Bd3xe4 d5xe4
18.Nf3-g5 h7-h5
19.Ng5xe4 Qa6xc4
20.Ne4-d6 Kg8-h8
21.Nd6xc4 Rf8-g8
22.Qh4-g5 Rg8-g7
23.Qg5-h6+ Kh8-g8
24.Nc4-d6 Nd7-f8
25.Nd6-e4 b7-b6
26.Ne4-f6+ Kg8-f7
27.f4-f5 e6xf5
28.Qh6-f4 Bc8-a6
29.Rf1-e1 Kf7-e7
30.Qf4-f3 Ra8-c8
31.Qf3-d5 Rc8-d8
32.Nf6-g8+ Ke7-e8
33.Qd5-c6+ Rd8-d7
34.e5-e6 b6-b5
35.Ng8-f6+ Ke8-e7
36.e6xd7+ Nf8-e6
37.Qc6xe6+ Ke7-d8
38.Qe6-e8+ Kd8-c7
39.d7-d8D+ resign
Nov-09-06  GeauxCool: I won the following mini. I am white:
JESTER 1.10e by Stephane NGUYEN
(registered for

1.e2-e4 g7-g6
2.d2-d4 Bf8-g7
3.f2-f4 d7-d5
4.f4-f5 d5xe4
5.f5xg6 h7xg6
6.Bf1-c4 Qd8xd4
7.Bc4xf7+ Ke8xf7
8.Nb1-d2 Qd4-b6
9.Nd2xe4 Kf7-e8
10.Bc1-g5 Bc8-e6
11.Bg5xe7 a7-a6
12.Qd1-d8+ Ke8-f7
13.Ne4-g5+ MATE

Jester is a very strong engine, but it likes to fool around by playing a few weak moves. It trains you to take advantage of the weak moves, and combined with its speed, is what makes it fun.

Nov-09-06  GeauxCool: The finish:

click for larger view

Nov-09-06  percyblakeney: 11. ... a6 isn't exactly a GM move by Jester...
Nov-09-06  GeauxCool: <Percyblakeney> 11...a6?? When I saw it, I couldn't believe it. But that's just Jester. Still, winning that mini felt great!

game time: white: 1:12 black 0:28

I wrote a review about Jester on my forum, which is why I decided to post the game here: User: GeauxCool

Jan-19-07  Rubenus: <GeauxCool> Which difficulty? Even I can beat Jester on level one.
Jan-19-07  GeauxCool: <Rubenus> Hello!

Just hit new game and play. Post your game and time after! Good Luck!

Jan-19-07  THE pawn: I have a hard time against him at level 10, but otherwise it's not that strong...
Jan-19-07  GeauxCool: <Rubenus> The mini was won on level 5. That's 1 minute 12 seconds, not 1 hour 12 minutes, so it wasn't exactly a serious one!

<Pawn - Thinks level 10 is tough> Hello! Jester is java-based so its level 10 strength depends on 2 things: computer speed and its 'mood', as written in the forum.

I can't yet fully appreciate its notation style, and wish it was in algebraic, but I especially like its variants, at any level!

Jan-20-07  Ultra: I just put Jester through it's paces. I was White. It gives a good game for a Java engine. Jester played each move in 3 seconds.

1.e2-e4 e7-e5
2.Ng1-f3 Nb8-c6
3.Bf1-c4 Ng8-f6
4.d2-d4 e5xd4
5.Ke1-g1 Nf6xe4
6.Rf1-e1 f7-f5
7.Bc1-g5 Bf8-e7
8.Bg5xe7 Qd8xe7
9.Nf3xd4 Qe7-h4
10.g2-g3 Qh4-f6
11.Nd4xc6 b7xc6
12.f2-f3 Qf6xb2
13.Nb1-d2 d7-d5
14.Bc4-b3 Ke8-g8
15.f3xe4 f5xe4
16.Qd1-h5 Qb2-d4+
17.Kg1-h1 Qd4xd2
18.Ra1-d1 Qd2-a5
19.c2-c4 Bc8-g4
20.Qh5xg4 d5-d4
21.Qg4xe4 c6-c5
(Tss tss!)
21.c4-c5+ Kg8-h8
22.Qg4xe4 Qa5xc5
23.Bb3-c2 Qc5-h5
24.Qe4xd4 Qh5-f3+
25.Kh1-g1 Ra8-d8
26.Qd4-e4 Qf3xe4
27.Bc2xe4 c6-c5
28.Rd1xd8 Rf8xd8
29.Re1-e2 Rd8-e8
30.Be4-d3 Re8xe2
31.Bd3xe2 Kh8-g8
32.Be2-c4+ Kg8-f8
33.Kg1-f2 Kf8-e7
34.Kf2-e3 Ke7-d6
35.Ke3-e4 g7-g6
36.h2-h4 c7-c6
37.a2-a4 Kd6-e7
38.a4-a5 Ke7-e8
39.Ke4-e5 Ke8-e7
40.g3-g4 h7-h6
41.a5-a6 Ke7-d7
42.Ke5-f6 g6-g5
43.h4xg5 h6xg5
44.Kf6xg5 Kd7-c7
45.Kg5-f6 Kc7-b6
46.Kf6-f7 Kb6-a5
47.g4-g5 Ka5-b4
48.g5-g6 Kb4xc4
49.g6-g7 Kc4-b5
50.g7-g8D Kb5xa6
51.Qg8-b8 resign

Jan-22-07  DutchDunce: I got creamed on level one. (hence the last half of my login name) I think Freearcade Chess is more my speed...though I've lost at that too.
Jan-22-07  GeauxCool: Try this <DutchDunce>, it might be what you're looking for., you might also try warming up before your Jester match at the chess tactics server:, uncheck both boxes on the break setting then Start Tactics!
Feb-12-07  Rubenus: I have once won at level 10, but as you see, I took back half of the moves I played!

1.e2-e4 c7-c5
2.Ng1-f3 d7-d6
3.d2-d4 c5xd4
4.Nf3xd4 Ng8-f6
5.Nb1-c3 g7-g6
6.Bc1-g5 Nf6-d7
7.Bf1-b5 a7-a6
8.Bb5xd7+ Nb8xd7
9.Qd1-e2 h7-h6
10.Bg5-h4 Bf8-g7
11.Ke1-c1 g6-g5
12.Bh4-g3 Ke8-g8
13.Nd4-f5 Bg7xc3
14.b2xc3 Nd7-f6
15.Nf5xh6+ Kg8-h7
16.Nh6-f5 Bc8xf5
17.e4xf5 Ra8-c8
18.h2-h4 g5-g4
19.Qe2-e3 Qd8-a5
20.Kc1-b2 Nf6-d5
(Tss tss!)
(Tss tss!)
(Tss tss!)
(Tss tss!)
(Tss tss!)
(Tss tss!)
(Tss tss!)
(Tss tss!)
(Tss tss!)
(Tss tss!)
11.Ke1-c1 g6-g5
12.Bh4-g3 Ke8-g8
13.h2-h4 Bg7xd4
14.Rd1xd4 Qd8-b6
15.h4xg5 Qb6xd4
16.Qe2-h5 Nd7-c5
17.Qh5xh6 Qd4-g7
18.Nc3-d5 Rf8-d8
19.Nd5xe7+ Kg8-f8
20.Bg3xd6 Qg7xh6
21.Ne7-f5+ Rd8xd6
(Tss tss!)
(Tss tss!)
(Tss tss!)
(Tss tss!)
(Tss tss!)
(Tss tss!)
(Tss tss!)
15.Nc3-d5 Qb6xd4
16.h4xg5 e7-e6
17.Nd5-e7+ Kg8-g7
18.Qe2-h5 Rf8-h8
19.g5xh6+ Kg7-f8
20.Rh1-d1 Qd4xe4
21.Bg3xd6 Kf8-e8
22.Ne7xc8 Ra8xc8
23.Qh5-g5 Qe4xc2# (I was mated!)
(Tss tss!)
(Tss tss!)
(Tss tss!)
(Tss tss!)
(Tss tss!)
(Tss tss!)
(Tss tss!)
(Tss tss!)
(Tss tss!)
(Tss tss!)
(Tss tss!)
13.h2-h4 Bg7xd4
14.Rd1xd4 Nd7-c5
(Tss tss!)
(Tss tss!)
(Tss tss!)
(Tss tss!)
(Tss tss!)
(Tss tss!)
(Tss tss!)
(Tss tss!)
7.Bf1-b5 a7-a6
8.Bb5xd7+ Nb8xd7
9.Qd1-e2 Qd8-a5
10.Bg5-e3 Bf8-g7
11.Ke1-c1 Nd7-c5
12.f2-f4 Ke8-g8
13.b2-b4 Qa5-c7
14.Nc3-d5 Qc7-d8
15.b4xc5 d6xc5
16.Nd4-b3 b7-b6
17.Nd5-f6+ Bg7xf6
18.Rd1xd8 Rf8xd8
19.e4-e5 Bf6-g7
20.Rh1-d1 Rd8xd1+
21.Qe2xd1 Bc8-e6
22.Kc1-b1 Ra8-b8
23.Nb3-d2 Be6-d5
24.g2-g3 h7-h6
25.c2-c4 Bd5-c6
26.Qd1-c2 Kg8-h7
27.Nd2-e4 f7-f6
28.e5xf6 e7xf6
29.Ne4-d6 Rb8-d8
(Tss tss!)
29.Qc2-d3 f6-f5
30.Ne4-c3 Rb8-e8
31.Be3-d2 Re8-e7
32.Nc3-d5 Re7-d7
(Tss tss!)
32.Qd3-d6 Re7-d7
33.Qd6xc6 Rd7xd2
34.Nc3-d5 Rd2-b2+
35.Kb1-c1 Rb2xa2
36.Qc6-d7 Ra2-a1+
(Tss tss!)
36.Nd5-e7 Ra2-a1+
37.Kc1-d2 Ra1-a2+
38.Kd2-e3 Bg7-d4+
39.Ke3-f3 Ra2-f2# (I was mated again!)
(Tss tss!)
(Tss tss!)
(Tss tss!)
37.Kc1-d2 Ra1-a2+
38.Kd2-e1 Ra2-a1+
39.Ke1-f2 Ra1-a2+
40.Kf2-f1 Ra2-a1+
41.Kf1-g2 Bg7-e5
42.Qc6xg6+ Kh7-h8

Feb-15-07  Rubenus: Another won game by me, the first one without taking back moves. A miniature showing how dangerous an open h-file can be for a computer.

1.e2-e4 e7-e5
2.Ng1-f3 d7-d6
3.d2-d4 Ng8-f6
4.Nb1-c3 Nb8-d7
5.Bf1-c4 e5xd4
6.Qd1xd4 Bf8-e7
7.Bc1-e3 Ke8-g8 [of course jester meant 0-0]
8.Ke1-c1 Nd7-b6 [8. 0-0-0]
9.h2-h4 Nb6xc4
10.Qd4xc4 Bc8-e6
11.Qc4-e2 Nf6-g4
12.Nf3-g5 Ng4xe3
13.Qe2xe3 Be7-f6
14.f2-f4 Bf6xc3
15.Qe3xc3 Be6xa2
16.b2-b3 h7-h6
17.Kc1-b2 Ba2xb3
18.c2xb3 h6xg5
19.h4xg5 Qd8-d7
20.f4-f5 Qd7-e7
21.Qc3-h3 f7-f6
22.g5-g6 d6-d5
23.Qh3-h7 [#]

Feb-18-07  get Reti: Jester, even on level 10, often blunders if you try to control the center with pawns. A few games, I trapped a whole piece with pawns, and one I trapped the queen! Here is a scotch example: 1. e4 e5 2. ♘f3 ♘c6 3. d4 exd4 4. ♘xd4 ♗c5 5. ♗e3 ♕f6 6. c3 ♘e7 7. ♗c4 b6 8. 0-0 ♗b7 9. f3 ♘e5 10. ♗e2 ♕g6 11. ♘d2 ♔c8 12. ♘b3 d6 13. ♕c2 h6 14. ♖ad1 ♗xd4 15. cxd4 ♘d5?? 16. ♗d2 ♘c6 17. ♖c1 ♘e7 18. d5(winning the knight).
Feb-21-07  alshatranji: I played this program quite a few times, and I think I have a good idea about it. First of ıall, I don't notice a big difference between levels 1 and 10. May be other people have a ıdifferent experience. Second, Jester, in my observation, is very erratic. Sometimes, it ıplays very strongly; at other times, it's not that strong. I can beat it regularly, so I doubt ıit's that strong. Here is a little game in which I beat him a few minutes ago at level 10. ıYou will notice that the level of play is not very remarkable.ı

JESTER 1.10e by Stephane NGUYEN
(registered for

1.e2-e4 d7-d6
2.d2-d4 Ng8-f6
3.Nb1-c3 g7-g6
4.Bc1-e3 Bf8-g7
5.f2-f3 Ke8-g8
6.Qd1-d2 Nb8-c6
7.Ke1-c1 a7-a6
8.h2-h4 Bc8-d7
9.h4-h5 Nf6xh5
10.Ng1-e2 Nc6-a5
11.b2-b3 Na5-c6
12.g2-g4 Nh5-f6
13.Be3-h6 e7-e5
14.Bh6xg7 Kg8xg7
15.Qd2-h6+ Kg7-g8
16.Nc3-d5 Rf8-e8
17.g4-g5 Bd7-f5
18.Nd5xf6+ Qd8xf6
19.g5xf6 Nc6-e7

Premium Chessgames Member
  ganstaman: I played a game against Jester on level 5. Unfortunately, I closed the window before saving the game. Luckily, my memory isn't too bad. Unluckily, my memory isn't good enough. I'm playing black.

1. d4 Nf6 2. c4 g6 3. Nc3 Bg7 4. e4 d6 5. Nf3 O-O 6. Be2 Nc6 7. O-O e5 8. d5 Ne7 9. Be3 Ng4 10. Bd2 f5 11. Qb3

click for larger view

(<At this point, I don't quite remember the move order. This is the best I could come up with, but it doesn't quite seem to make sense. That's not to say that the game has to make sense, but I just don't know. Think you could help me figure out the most reasonable way to get to the next position? Maybe I really am right?>) 11...Nf6 12. exf5 gxf5 13. Bg5 Ne4 14. Nxe4 fxe4 15. Nd2 Bf5 16. Qxb7 Qe8 17. Qxc7 Ng6 18. Rfe1 Nf4 19. Bxf4 exf4 20. Rad1 Be5

click for larger view

(<Ok, I know that this position is right. I kinda like it, too, despite being down two pawns. I think I must have had some win from here, maybe? Any thoughts?>) 21. Bf1 Qh5 22. h3 f3 23. g3 Bxh3 24. Nxe4 Bxf1 25. Qe7 Qh3 26. Qe6+ Qxe6 27. dxe6 Bg2 28. Nxd6 Rf6 29. Rxe5 Rh6 30. Rg5+ Kf8 31. e7+ Kxe7 32. Nf5+ Kf6 33. Nxh6 Kxg5 34. Rd6 Re8 35. Nf7+ Kf5 (<And the game continued with some moves whereby my rook is lost or traded or otherwise kept from white's 1st rank. White wins, 1-0.>)

Feb-27-07  DutchDunce: <geauxcool> Thanx for the link to the supposedly easy chess program. It took me about half a dozen tries, but I finally won when the computer blundered a bishop.

Now, I'm sure you're all wondering, as would all rational beings, what would happen if you highlighted the entire game text and replaced it with the word "FART"? You might think the game would be lost forever, but it turns out, one click of the Undo button and a quick re-move, and your game is good as new. Nice touch.

Jul-19-07  fuerst: In fact the program is very strong when you play a KO game with no take back possibility.It can be blitz, rapid or you can even try a long game-here one has to be a masteror agrandmaster to draw or beat it. I've heard that on a 2 Ghz processor it could reach 2200 elo.
Feb-03-12  bwarnock: Here's a 5-minute game against Jester...

(Note - I lose most of the time against it but it can be beaten...)

JESTER 1.10e by Stephane NGUYEN
(registered for

1.e4 c5
2.f4 e5
3.Nf3 exf4
4.Bc4 Nf6
5.O-O Nxe4
6.Re1 d5
7.Bb5+ Bd7
8.Bxd7+ Kxd7
9.d3 Nd6
10.Bxf4 Nc6
11.Nc3 d4
12.Nd5 Kc8
13.c4 h6
14.a3 g5
15.Bg3 f5
16.Be5 Nxe5
17.Nxe5 Bg7
18.Ng6 Rhe8
19.Nge7+ Kb8
20.b4 cxb4
21.axb4 Bf8
22.Ng6 Bg7
23.Qa4 Kc8
24.c5 Rxe1+
25.Rxe1 Nc4
26.dxc4 Bf8
27.Re8 Bd6
28.Rxd8+ Kxd8
29.cxd6 g4
30.Nf6 b5
31.Qxb5 Rc8

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