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🏆 European Individual Championships (2007)

  PARTICIPANTS (sorted by highest achieved rating; click on name to see player's games)
Sergey Karjakin, Ian Nepomniachtchi, Pavel Eljanov, Vugar Gashimov, Dmitry Jakovenko, Evgeny Tomashevsky, Sergei Movsesian, Radoslaw Wojtaszek, Nikita Vitiugov, Arkadij Naiditsch, Dmitry Andreikin, Baadur Jobava, Viktor Bologan, Vladimir Malakhov, Alexander Moiseenko, Zoltan Almasi, Francisco Vallejo Pons, Andrei Volokitin, Alexander Riazantsev, Alexander Areshchenko, Denis Khismatullin, Loek van Wely, Ivan Cheparinov, David Howell, Sergei Zhigalko, Alexey Dreev, Alexander Beliavsky, Maxim Rodshtein, Alexander Motylev, Zahar Efimenko, Liviu Dieter Nisipeanu, Evgeny Najer, Viktor Laznicka, Emil Sutovsky, Alexander Khalifman, Gabriel Sargissian, Peter Heine Nielsen, Markus Ragger, Yuri Kuzubov, Sergei Tiviakov, Evgenij Miroshnichenko, Sergey Volkov, Kiril Dimitrov Georgiev, Eltaj Safarli, Mikhail Gurevich, Vladimir Potkin, Christian Bauer, Artyom Timofeev, Ivan Saric, Michael Roiz, Artur Yusupov, Mikhail Kobalia, Zurab Azmaiparashvili, Aleksej Gennadyevich Aleksandrov, Konstantin Landa, Mateusz Bartel, Gawain Jones, Igor Kurnosov, Vladimir Epishin, Evgeny Postny, Robert Markus, Csaba Balogh, Vladislav Tkachiev, Konstantin Sakaev, Tigran Levonovich Petrosian, Oleg Korneev, Georg Meier, Igor Khenkin, Jan Smeets, Boris Avrukh, Gadir Guseinov, Sergei Azarov, Giorgi Kacheishvili, Bartosz Socko, Arman Pashikian, Evgeny Romanov, Ildar Khairullin, Rafael Vaganian, Grzegorz Gajewski, Alexei Fedorov, Mikhael Mchedlishvili, Viktor Erdos, Constantin Lupulescu, Andrei Kharlov, Alexander (Nenashev) Graf, Tomi Nyback, Boris Savchenko, Borki Predojevic, Jan Gustafsson, Viorel Iordachescu, Mircea-Emilian Parligras, Zbynek Hracek, Dmitry Bocharov, Robert Kempinski, Karen Asrian, Zaven Andriasian, Rainer Buhmann, Mikhailo Oleksienko, Yaroslav Zherebukh, Pavel Smirnov, Dragan Solak, Friso Nijboer, Ulf Andersson, Zdenko Kozul, Tamas Banusz, Suat Atalik, Tomasz Markowski, Vasif Durarbayli, Dimitrios Mastrovasilis, Yuri Drozdovskij, Alexander Galkin, Sebastien Maze, Branko Damljanovic, Leonid Kritz, Imre Hera Jr, Alberto David, Artashes Minasian, David Baramidze, Tiger Hillarp Persson, Lubomir Ftacnik, Mladen Palac, Aleksander Mista, Tornike Sanikidze, Evgenij Agrest, Dmitry Frolyanov, Dusko Pavasovic, Oleg Romanishin, Matthieu Cornette, Marcin Dziuba, Falko Bindrich, Kaido Kulaots, Erik van den Doel, Vlastimil Babula, Josep Manuel Lopez Martinez, Alexander Huzman, Jan Werle, Vladimir Chuchelov, Ante Brkic, Ashot Anastasian, Sergey Grigoriants, Jiri Stocek, Vitali Golod, Emre Can, Nikola Sedlak, Sasa Martinovic, Vladislav Nevednichy, Thomas Luther, Sebastian Bogner, Valentin Iotov, Igor Alexandre Nataf plus 251 more players

 page 87 of 87; games 2151-2154 of 2,154  PGN Download
Game  ResultMoves YearEvent/LocaleOpening
2151. D Calder vs N Katte 1-0182007European Individual ChampionshipsA43 Old Benoni
2152. H Hanemann vs R Glantz  0-1452007European Individual ChampionshipsB86 Sicilian, Fischer-Sozin Attack
2153. S Pick vs A Kirsch  1-0282007European Individual ChampionshipsA46 Queen's Pawn Game
2154. R Schiefner vs K Hesselbarth  ½-½272007European Individual ChampionshipsC56 Two Knights
 page 87 of 87; games 2151-2154 of 2,154  PGN Download
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Kibitzer's Corner
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Apr-16-07  Rolfo: <Gladiator> You made it, organiser ought to hire you next year..:) Do you think Khalifman were disappointed for some reason?
Apr-16-07  Ragh: Vlad Tkachiev's interview by Frederic Friedel, 4 years ago, highlights some interesting shades of his flamboyant personality..
Apr-16-07  Rolfo: <Ragh> What about this one: "As Tal said it was always too difficult for women to play chess because during the games they are forced to keep silent. Now the games are much quicker and it has become easier to shut up during the games [laughs uproariously]."
Apr-16-07  sitzkrieg: yeah its a good player and he has humor..Rare quality for a chessplayer (of all levels)..
Apr-16-07  slomarko: <As Tal said> it was Smyslow who said that not Tal.
Apr-16-07  Rolfo: Well, the evangelist Paul may have said it, reformer Martin Luther may also have said it, so why not Smyslov or Tal:)
Apr-16-07  slomarko: why would evangelist Paul or Martin Luther said such a thing?
Apr-16-07  Rolfo: I was recollecting some of my lessons at school about these gentlemen's view on women.. (to be silent and to stay at the kitchen, wasn't it?) :)
Apr-17-07  slomarko: they were dumb..
Apr-17-07  Ragh: <Rolfo> May be V.T. actually meant it, even though it was said to be in jest ;) The topic of "why men perform better than women in chess" was debated at length last week at European Individual Championships (Women) (2007) forum (some interesting medical theories there..)

<slomarko> hmm.. Never knew you had a soft spot for the fairer gender.

Apr-17-07  Rolfo: <Ragh> Will take a look, it's a little sensibel theme may be.. Btw, i learnt that Einstein's wife had a great influence on his early work..
Apr-17-07  TheGladiator: <Rolfo> You might want to look up the difference between "sensitive" and "sensible" ... ;)
Apr-17-07  Rolfo: Right, trying to express oneself on a foreign language, there is many traps. I think i leave Smyslov's joke where it belongs , something said long ago..
Apr-17-07  Troglodyte: I'm sure he said it with humor.
Apr-17-07  TheGladiator: Another update on WCC qualification:

Like I posted earlier, 7 places went to the 8 point finishers (29-7 = 22 places left), the next 10 places went to those with best tie-break scores (median BH, BH, wins, progressive) and the remaing 24 players played tie-break matches for the 12 remaining places. But wait - there weren't 34 players at 7,5 points, but 37...

Enter Euro Champs 2006:

1 GM Kozul Zdenko CRO 2606 8,5
2 GM Ivanchuk Vassily UKR 2731 8,0
3 GM Georgiev Kiril BUL 2677 7,5 (3)
4 GM Naiditsch Arkadij GER 2664 7,5 (4)
5 GM Izoria Zviad GEO 2647 7,5 (5)
6 GM Inarkiev Ernesto RUS 2602 7,5 (6)
7 GM Nikolic Predrag BIH 2596 7,5 (7)
8 GM Belov Vladimir RUS 2599 7,5 (8)
9 GM Macieja Bartlomiej POL 2584 7,5 (9)
10 GM Baramidze David GER 2545 7,5 (10)
11 GM Jobava Baadur GEO 2646 7,0
12 GM Miroshnichenko Evgenij UKR 2608 7,0
13 GM Mamedov Rauf AZE 2538 7,0
14 GM Nijboer Friso NED 2584 7,0
15 GM Fressinet Laurent FRA 2633 7,0
16 GM Palac Mladen CRO 2561 7,0
17 GM Balogh Csaba HUN 2576 7,0
18 IM Czarnota Pawel POL 2529 7,0
19 GM Gurevich Mikhail TUR 2643 7,0
20 GM Socko Bartosz POL 2606 7,0
21 GM Berg Emanuel SWE 2539 7,0
22 GM Sakaev Konstantin RUS 2637 7,0
23 GM Gagunashvili Merab GEO 2560 7,0
24 GM Zelcic Robert CRO 2525 7,0

The numbers in parantheses indicate placement after tie-beak matches for the podium - or bronze medal, actually (just like number 1-7 was for the podium this year).

The Euro 2006 also served as qualification for this year's WCC, see

"16 Men and 12 women will be qualified for the next chain of World Cup."

[Complete regulations here:

There were 14 players finishing with 7 points, of which supposedly 6 should qualify to the WCC. However, the home page of the tournament is gone, the WaybackMachine only had incomplete results, and I haven't found the results of the tie-breaks of 2006 for the WCC anywhere else. However, my search _did_ establish that Gurevich qualified from Euro 2006.

The 2006 tie-break results were supposed to be found here:

I used the WaybackMachine and found them here:

And so the following qualified from Euro 2006:
* Finishers 1-10 above
* Gurevich by beating Nijboer 1,5-0,5
* Fressinet by beating Czarnota 1,5-0,5
* Balogh by beating Palac 1,5-0,5
* Gagunashvili by beating Sakaev and Jobava by 1,5-0,5

* Berg OR Miroshnichenko 1-1, no further results, Berg initially beat Zelzic 3-1

* Mamedov OR Socko 1-1, no further results

Apr-17-07  TheGladiator: From the general rules for the WCC from FIDE, we have that Europe has 46 places from continental qualifiers (see The initial 33 qualifying spots, added to the previous 16 already given out, would give 49 places, which Europe at no point has had the right to (so, ECU were wrong in their initial invitation). Alas, the number had to go down, at least to 30 for the Euro 2007...

So, 44 - 7 players on 8 points = 37 - Gurevich - Naiditsch = 35, but there were only 34 non-prequalified players at 7,5 points, and who else of those placed number 18-44 did NOT play tie-break matches? The answer is Sergei Zhigalko - who also apparently is pre-qualified to the WCC 2007. Zhigalko is in because ... (I eventually realized) ... he won BU18 in the 2006 European Youth Championship! Therefore there could be only 29 qualifiers: 16 + 29 + 1 = 46 qualifiers from Europe.

So, the only thing remaining now about continental qualifiers from Europe, is who qualified of Berg/Miroshnichenko and Mamedov/Socko. The rest of the regulations of WCC 2007 is nowhere to be seen, though. What happens to the remaining candidates (Malakhov and Gurevich have qualified)? What happens to the "unsuccessful" Mexico contestants? It's anybody's guess, really...

Apr-17-07  TheGladiator: The FIDE handbook link above got truncated in an editing step, it was meant to say in the first paragraph above.
Apr-17-07  fromoort: Why were players from Israel allowed to participate in the European Championships? It doesn't make any sense.
Apr-18-07  petrovalovski: <fromoort> political reasons, I suppose.
Apr-18-07  sitzkrieg: Prolly has to do with the underdeveloped countries surrounding Israel and the fact that no Israeli would be safe playing in the Middle East-championships, unless it was held in Israel itself. Since israel is by far more civilized (as in the civilized west) then its neighbours it is regulary invited for European sporting and cultural events..
Apr-18-07  fromoort: So it is possible (although it didn't happen this time) that a citizen of a country on another continent (!) becomes European Champion! As I said, this is nonsense. Safety of players, etc. is beside the point.
Apr-18-07  nikolajewitsch: As a matter of fact, Israel is not the only country that regularily sends players or teams to European competitions. Just have a look at the teams playing in the qualification round for the European Football Championship; it includes states definitely not situated in Europe such as Kazakhstan.

Apr-18-07  Troglodyte: Don't Russians always play at the U.S. Championship?
Apr-19-07  fromoort: <nikolajewitsch>: I wouldn't have a problem with Israelis playing in European <competitions>; it is only the European Championship that I have a problem with. Regarding the football situation, I agree, to me it's the same thing. The Kazakhstan team in the European Championship?! Ridiculous.

<Troglodyte>They are ethnic Russians, it is true, but they are citizens of the U.S. now. The citizenship is the issue, not the ethnicity.

If Magnus Carlsen suddenly took Bangladeshi citizenship, then it would make sense if he took part in that nation's championship, otherwise this situation of Israeli players in the European Championship makes as much sense as Magnus playing in the Bangladeshi Championship.

Apr-21-07  percyblakeney: The difference in opponents between the top players was huge. Sakaev's strongest opponent was ranked 94th in the field (Ftacnik, with a 2573 rating), while Pavasovic's last nine opponents all were top 60 and 2600 rated... Cheparinov's strongest opponent was ranked 74th, while Iljin played eight top 70 players.
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