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Jackson Whipps Showalter vs George Hatfeild Gossip
"Juicy Gossip" (game of the day Apr-21-09)
USA-06.Congress New York (1889)  ·  Scotch Game: Schmidt Variation (C45)  ·  0-1
To move:
Last move:

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Given 16 times; par: 40 [what's this?]

Annotations by Wilhelm Steinitz.      [129 more games annotated by Steinitz]

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sac: 26...Qxg3+ PGN: download | view | print Help: general | java-troubleshooting

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Kibitzer's Corner
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Aug-10-14  devere: It's pretty, but not that difficult to see.
Aug-10-14  M.Hassan: "Insane"
Balck to play 23...?
Material is identical


A) 24.gxf3 Bxf3
25.Nd1 to open up row to attack f3
26.hxg3 Rxg3+
27.Bg2 Rxg2+
28.Kh1 Rg3#

B) 23...........Nf3+
24.Kh1 Nxe1
25.Rxe1 Qh6
26.h4 Qd2
27.Qb1 Qxc3
Black has good material advantage.
time to check
I saw 23....h4 but thought it was not necessary. Was it?

Aug-10-14  M.Hassan: Just noticed in my A) line:
28.Kf1 instead of h1
and King escapes, so there is a flaw in my line!!
Aug-10-14  rickycota: What if 24. Ne2
Premium Chessgames Member
  diagonalley: brilliant
Premium Chessgames Member
  FSR: Gossip's Immortal. 23...h4! 24.Bxh4 Nf3+ 25.gxf3 Bxf3+ 26.Bg3 Qxg3+! 27.hxg3 Rxg3+ 28.Kh2 Bxf2 and wins. See my award-winning Wikipedia article for more:
Aug-10-14  1971: I agree with Steinitz last comment, amazing finish!
Aug-10-14  morfishine: Rumor has it I actually saw this game before, but this didn't stop me from persisting with 23...Nf3+


Aug-10-14  technique: <Steinetz: If however 9.h3, a fine variation might have arisen, which was first pointed out in the London Chess Monthly and afterwards ocurred in a match game between Messrs. Delmar (White) and Lipschutz, viz, 9...Nxe5 10.Re1 Qf6 11.Qe2 O-O 12.Qxe5 Qxf2+ 13.Kh1 Bxh3 14.gxf3<typing error; it should be 14.gxh3> Qf3+ 15.Kh2 Bd6, and wins.}>
Premium Chessgames Member
  Once: A little too famous to be a puzzle, but like Morf I couldn't remember whether you play Nf3+ first or h4.

Excellent Wikipedia entry by our very own <FSR>.

Premium Chessgames Member
  Richard Taylor: I didn't bother with this as it looked like there was a nice attack by Black (h4 or Nf3+ or possibly Bf3). (And I thought I would spend too long trying to find moves..) So I just played the game over. After I played it over (I was looking for the Q sac but earlier missed Bxf2 then saw it when following the game)...then I thought I had seen this game before but starting from a later point in the game.

Great game for sure by Showalter.

He had a higher rep. than Marshall for brilliant swindles I was once told...The Lion from Kentucky I believe he was called.

Premium Chessgames Member
  Sally Simpson: No trouble solving today.
I kicked off a column with this very game a few weeks back.

Gossip was so upset about not getting the brillo prize he carried the argument on in his next book 'Theory of the Chess Openings' going so far as to have the position with Black to play his 25th move....

click for larger view

.....stamped on the cover of the book in embossed gold. (pic below).

Aug-10-14  catlover: Thanks, <Patzer2> for the links to the interesting links to bios of Showalter and Gossip. That made this POTD a triple treat -- a beautiful combination and two fascinating biographies.
Premium Chessgames Member
  MarkFinan: The only "Insane" thing about this game is why after h4 white didn't just take the knight.. Or at least kh1. They're both better moves than Bxh4? White has nothing going for him, that queen is in zugzwang anyway. I might have somehow got this if white hadn't taken the pawn on h4. And I like <Sally Simpson> diagram from the 25th move better. I can see there's a mate somewhere whereas with the position from move 23 I can only see that white is losing. ✌
Premium Chessgames Member
  chrisowen: Rite for won good revery call be fly in cutoff

bishop am g3 route cadence down h5 up a h4 dead free dip in flight am too cliffs sight in dig or mind delve,

lane enter riff e5 knight good at f3 and hood wink dislodge bishop at g3 old sucker eg i ment punch a hole a g2 sight should win rain have face off since found rash cuff effects chin fare gain ha roof lance at f3 spikes eg ment quarter back hood clink aim fold glean as a right to do sense know,

ledge knight take care bus in reap a reward it now in attack mode line every cause enter each aka h4 punt horrible for light have leg question of a fashion where to put bishop or take even slims lad,

bind free cascadence bishopp dutiful evade aim h4 or side shuffle arm f4 light gets unstuck and a roll-over tickle g7 and alf g4 plus e5 all combine to finish him off ace mack have heads up smooch over batch I'm of the thought on advance his aims gives fright am i heel manage g7 queen free gift a g2 later or g3 etc hold fire i affix a cut in curry ive a favour as put afraid in fret ok got 23.Rab1 in bad bind a blight and blot of the landscape i prefer tile b5 as the ground to chew up act 23.b5 in accordance much better glide like a bicycle kick rook bin h4 on the card it ardent in aim back blind corner bishop as nowhere to go i bang bill health g7 queen ROI dip can be as the

notion a good sac in the off once free fence at
fly make headway be at e5 and g4 target ok f3

Premium Chessgames Member
  chrisowen: Squares eg the main point a bargain to be had then b5 off in run light should get his counter-play to go roll a bone of contention rook slide tries give queen room and create un-balance although blacks attack comes first by way h4 on his mind baba the elephant shopuld have stay put kind rabbi tickle at g3 sugar run out of room come down back h5 boot hold to account abacus do the math bishop eg as embarass the padre barter as put in h4 or deem aim f4 down the hatch aim in as g3 dowry then catch a batch to cook b5 for me it is brave in bow to his demands right on the brink serious vice error of judgement allow ground band crab together bind b5 lane magi see at g3 brought upon him eat up ground g7 on the brink just h5 as needed it eddy a wave h5 in down rook be affable give band effect flubb

castle over b5 flubb entertain as basic call a bientot harass bind as a beauty ramble give over tickle a b8 monarch bullseye safe at get active i harangue garrelous right rook done on damages a b1 his chance to win h4 taken aim good b5 imbibe more life bought to blink off in basic best b1 feels less right bit down in the dump b5 best effort feeble fence band in boils up a1 takes the biscuit light be the brides vow this time line ebullient rich in character ebony bounce down h5 chubb ecumenial sight bishop wobble a beau worthy of high esteem indeed it edict in hug the rail h5 light vent i sacrifice fable give focus neap e5 tide off bold aim gold to strike up the queen a g7 band for,

free bet try i heaps up spoonful of rook big trouble the bicycle kick b5 taken aback now as aim 23...h4 24.Bxh4 aim hope light could try in flip 24.Bf4 Nf3+ at focus right intention have boot monarch around and win material fine in fact evade via h1 clinch a fang tooth bishop and d4 in knight to chip off the old block mind you jigs not up row bets clear clean brought forth cubs trig would judge 25.Kh1 Bb6 26.Na4 Nd4 27.Qe3 Bf3 28.Bg5 Bxg2+ a good monarch side-steps in fly off piece b6 safe and angle for cleric good hive at f3 as,

win delicate a g2 and knight forks at c2 wins 24...Nf3+ slow birth dawns on the cusp of a mate soon at berth watch in the bow to grit light have low batches left in 0l press 25.gxf3 mate in eight or escape instead to track 25.Kh1 Qh6 wins aim h4 bishop after as clearance of c3 knights lane b5 or an e2 queen force to grab in f3 when ebony wins by material best down to grade 25...Bxf3+ band as right cold hint re dash aid shin role main at f3 never g7 a g2 yes per quip it leaf in try through a line foilable mission unless sac takes place all straight mate now attack in duty ramificate rooks will seal the deal lack jog queen in a good while g7 up ply it was a neck dash high rollover mack,

reenter the centre glide a rove when aim d4 bishop chin down destroys light coverage good to fanfare ok crests 26.Bg3 Qxg3+ rug taken from beneath his feet a oomph dip in got he walk over etc now at gels over-ignoble mission choose left in his wake hind sight suggests take monarch out of the equation and sac queen although big uphill try case back in to the joint shin dig queen at headers 27.hxg3 Rxg3+ am gestate rook emperor g8 dove of will descends rode a black bull saves at josh around got rook in wheel at height crashes g8 in have a ball to bullrush 28.Kh2 Bxf2 29.Bh3 mate in two heart goes tickety boom reenter the centre would tangle a mind re bus kind molten lava cinch ay wire route a hoot clap at h3 doth forsooth shape ha i general slam pop nip in the bud plans mind cadence a oomph fare focus at game red off on,

him as no ducks it uniform appraisal in sac three times vow in dervish off then be at greenacre 29.Re8 forstalls the inevitable mission in a good moot point honour in hopeworth 29...Rxh3+ at het in up and across a big oh shock light gets a mate bestow as upon him shin hog over batch and,

decisive he final stake lance at dawns in aced it edge in left rail hook het up dram but ram dine on bishop flesh a jugular sever jet in mard it down by god blind just to the baulk rook spin off chase a riven cause way filter rook calm dispatch in head all because of run 23...h4 hush in tow have sprung g7 book at the wall it hind stalk cobble monarch a h2 rich define flee horde of bishops infer tile ground huffle give goofhog found hug forth hint tooth down ash h4 teeth in hush am rock fragment old cook score 30.Kxh3 Rh8#

Aug-10-14  jdc2: White doesn't have to play Bxh4 so it's really a "Black wins material or mates" problem. Here's another one, Black to move:

click for larger view

Premium Chessgames Member
  patzer2: <catlover> Your welcome! My thanks to <FSR> for doing the research and writing the wiki article about Gossip at
Premium Chessgames Member
  agb2002: The material is identical.

White threatens 24.b5 c5 25.Na4 with the idea b6 axb6 Nxb6.

The first idea that comes to mind is 23... h4:

A) 24.Bxh4 Nf3+ 25.gxf3 (else 25... Nxh4 wins a piece) 25... Bxf3+ 26.Bg3 (26.Bg2 Qxg2#) 26... Qxg3+ 27.hxg3 Rxg3+ 28.Kh2 (28.Bg2 Rxg2+ 29.Kf1 (29.Kh1 Rh8#) 29... Rxf2+ 30.Kg1 Rg8#) 28... Bxf2 followed by Rh8 and mate soon.

B) 24.Bxe5 Bf3

B.1) 25.Bxd4 Bxg2 (25... Qxg2+ 26.Bxg2 Rxg2+ 27.Kf1 (27.Kh1 Rg3(4..8)#) 27... Rxh2 28.Ne2)

B.1.a) 26.f3 Bxf1+ 27.Kf2 (27.Kxf1 Qg2#) 27... Qg1#.

B.1.b) 26.f4 Bxf1+ 27.Kf2 Qg1+ 28.Kf3 Rg3+ 29.hxg3 Qxg3#.

B.1.c) 26.Bxf6 Qxf6 27.Bxg2 Qf3 28.Kf1 Rxg2 29.Re2 Rg1+ 30.Kxg1 Rg8+ 31.Kf1 Qh1#.

B.2) 25.g3 hxg3 looks winning (26.Bxd4 gxh2+ 27.Kxh2 Qg1+ 28.Kh3 Qh1#; 26.Bxf6 gxf2#).

B.3) 25.Bg3 hxg3 26.Nd1 gxh2+ wins.

B.4) 25.b5 Qxg2+ 26.Bxg2 Rxg2+ 27.Kf1 Rxf2+ 28.Rg1 Rg8#.

C) 24.b5 c5

C.1) 25.Bxh4 Nf3+ as in A.

C.2) 25.Bxe5 Bf3 as in B.

C.3) 25.Na4 c4 26.Qb4 hxg3 26.b6 cxb6 wins a piece and White doesn't seem to have compensation.

Premium Chessgames Member
  MarkFinan: <jdc2: White doesn't have to play Bxh4 so it's really a "Black wins material or mates" problem> That's exactly what I thought! No wonder it's classed as Insane, lol ✌
Aug-10-14  thegoodanarchist: I really appreciated Steinitz' notes, along with the high-level combination
Premium Chessgames Member
  FSR: Thanks for the compliments, <Once> and <patzer2>.
Premium Chessgames Member
  TheBish: Definitely one of the most brilliant sacrificial games I've ever seen. Morphy would have been proud!

While playing Guess the Move for this game, I guessed 18...Bg4 -- instead of 18...Ng4 as played by Gossip, which Steinitz called a waste of time -- and I was penalized a point! Instead I should have been given a full 3 points (as is often done).

Premium Chessgames Member
  TheBish: Correction: I wasn't penalized a point (see my previous note), but was given no points. So you don't always get credit for moves superior to the actual game!
Premium Chessgames Member
  RookFile: This game is good example of how an early push like 7. e5 is a bad idea.
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