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Viswanathan Anand vs Viktor Antonovich Bologan
FIDE World Ch (2000), New Delhi IND, rd 2, Dec-01
Spanish Game: Morphy Defense. Breyer Defense Zaitsev Hybrid (C95)  ·  1-0


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Kibitzer's Corner
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Premium Chessgames Member
  Penguincw: My random guess was 37.g6 hxg6 38.Qh4 gxh5 39.Qxh5+ Kg8.
Premium Chessgames Member
  thegoodanarchist: Really, only 1 page or less of comments on this game? It is more obscure than it deserves.
Premium Chessgames Member
  jith1207: Yep, probably overshadowed by Anand's immortal game even though separated by three years.
Premium Chessgames Member
  diagonalley: hmmmm... material temporarily level but black has a venomous looking passed pawn ... which means white will have to do summat PDQ ... ermmm.... pass... haven't a clue :-(
Premium Chessgames Member
  diagonalley: whoa.... N-KB6 (i'd be interested to know if an engine could defend this)
Jun-27-15  goodevans: <37.Nf6> isn't difficult to find. I settled on it in seconds. <38.g6!> is quite a different matter and well worthy of a weekend POTD.
Premium Chessgames Member
  morfishine: I had <37.Nf6> but certainly not 38.g6

Wonderful combination by Anand


Jun-27-15  mathlover: 38. g6 is the move
Jun-27-15  scormus: seems I'm not the only one who found 37 Nf6 but not he key move 38 g6!
Jun-27-15  scormus: Oh dear, there was me thinking how easy <37 Nf6> was to find and now my engine didn't pick it at d=17, after 10 mins crunching.

When I "played" <37 Nf6> the engine only just managed to find <37 ... Re5> within the 10 mins. For a long time it was choosing <37 ... c2>. But gave a clear advantage to W after <38 g6 hxg6 39 Qh4+ Rh5 40 Nxh5>. A bigger "+" for W after <38 ... fxg6>.

Interesting, it took a long of analysis before the threat of <37 ... c2> could be dismissed. Puts the quality of the game in perspective!

Premium Chessgames Member
  RandomVisitor: After 37.Nf6: needs a deeper run

click for larger view

Rybka 4.1 x64:

<[+2.29] d=16 37...c2> 38.Bxc2 gxf6 39.gxf6 h6 40.Rg1 Rxc2 41.Nxc2 Qe5 42.Qxe5 Rxe5 43.Kf3 Rg5 44.Rxg5 hxg5 45.Rxg5 Bh6 46.Rg1 Nc5 47.Ne3 Nd7 48.Rb1 Kh7 49.Nf5 Ne5+ 50.Kg3 Bxf5 51.exf5 Nd7 52.Rb7 Nxf6

[+2.61] d=16 37...Re5 38.g6 hxg6 39.Qh4+ Rh5 40.Nxh5 Kg8 41.Bc2 Qb6 42.Qd8 Qb8 43.Ne6 Bxe6 44.Qxb8 Nxb8 45.dxe6 gxh5 46.exf7+ Kxf7 47.Rf3+ Ke7 48.Rdd3 Nd7 49.Rxc3 Nc5 50.Bb3 Ke8 51.Bd5 Be7 52.Rf7 g5

Premium Chessgames Member
  patzer2: <scormus> My engine (quad core I7 running Deep Fritz 14) is a bit faster than 10 minutes, but even so the program didn't find 37. Nf6 until it reached 20 depth after about a minute.

Before looking at the game with the computer, my lucky guess at today's Saturday puzzle solution was 37. Nf6 gxf6 38. gxf6 Re5 39. Nf5 (diagram below):

click for larger view

Deep Fritz 14 at this point confirms my guess at 30 depth by announcing mate-in-11 with 39...Bxf5 40.exf5 Re2 41.Rf1 Re3 42.Qxe3 h6 43.Rg7 Bxg7 44.fxg7+ Kxg7 45.f6+ Kxf6 46.Qd4+ Ke7 47.Re1+ Qe2 48.Rxe2+ Kd8 49.Qh8+ Kd7 50.Qe8#

As to the game continuation 37. Nf6! Re5 38. g6!!, which is a much stronger defense, I didn't even consider it in my attempt at solving (37. ?). So little or no credit for me today on this difficult Saturday puzzle.

Premium Chessgames Member
  catlover: I wouldn't have seen 38. g6 in a million years. The resulting position is beautiful, with the knight on F6 just hanging the g6 pawn that can be taken two ways, but each way opens lines to the black king.
Premium Chessgames Member
  patzer2: Black's decisive mistake appears to be <36...c3?>, allowing 37. Nf6! .

Instead, the computer suggestion 36...Nc5! (diagram below)

click for larger view

appears to hold after 37. Nf6! Re5 38. g6 fxg6 39. Nxh7 Kxh7 40. Qxf8 Nd3! 41. Bxd3 Qxd4 42. Bc2 Qb2! 43. Qxd6 Rf7! 44. Rd2 Qc1! 45. Qb4 Qe1! 46. Qc3 Rg5! 47. Rxg5 Rxf2+ 48. Rxf2 Qxc3 49. Rg3 Qd4 50. h4 Bd7 = (+0.10 @ 23 depth and +0.00 @ 24 depth, Deep Fritz 14).

Premium Chessgames Member
  thegoodanarchist: My engine is about 5 years old, Deep Shredder 12. At first, it liked

37... gxf6 38. gxf6 h6.

But after about 8 to 10 seconds it found the crushing 39. Ne6!

39... fxe6 allows 40. f7 with mate in 4.

Premium Chessgames Member
  chrisowen: Maybe f6 light wins a fetch eg mind over b2 an b1

straight port of call h5 angle f6 and blacks at sea am bam ma blow the bridge off re yin and yang c5 have instead of c3 cascadence down in a c2 both am bad though as light has rook slide g1 as won then so,

c3 cascade down i c2 ko verdict rumbles son ar blip h5 in demand sight f6 light wins bum weaver bug f4 arrive f7 angle h6 and wins e8 black has to chuck queen an a3 slide again am blows f8 i should think light ahead be a good while go build f6 eg general aloof envision select mission over ash f4 angles f7 and then e8 when am f3 rook plum source dress an g3 slide success eg ment an f3 when am a3 and bind f8 an check off inter glide away invest pieces again f6 angle first flights am rig riven bless sir right to left over pud airy inter f6 light victory am route f6 at won too ave

looks it was in wave spark save victory am vow we cuff knight over h5 aids headed above f6 very difficult re as on at have food for thought diffuse f8 have serve call am doot bind band pocket ramble give spark kevlar steel vocal point f6 vociferous again lovely slow bash am slovenly inter glide light wins slight of hand snazz it zench again f6 horse man wins am a chubb

engage spaced took tomb
boot a boon am boosh an trove other bind i

ave ho oomph choose choice hot oodles of room oh baby am b1 ooh ave house call c5 instead of a c2 then still light wins

chance at by chaos right rules am c3 a c2 free flubb f6 victor arrive spark g6 into life ive get able mission over select success eg ment quarter f8 back ash fancifuls as ever ave learn the ropes and quagmire around black all ive good monarch h8 am dread harangues around vain vow watch eg win mit ok ave ogle now vet sac pace pave e5 revvers ella dish up i f4 arrive f7 amongst f8 ave kit ok rove pit in move inter glide off brave again came om indeed vets over viktor vamoose f8 inter glide f6 first flowers am plight and be flight rove pocket ramble give at g3 as f3 light wins am fetch f8 sag mind fruitfuls ever ave.

Premium Chessgames Member
  chrisowen: Flow ive learn then dub plate pressure ate up ground and gave governs 8f inter glide light flurry am route for won i be proof lane every good chance an fly cutoff point flubb engage spark afraid horse a6 chin c5,

still bad light slides am d1 rook as g1 over and a plus again so a c2 also cant be a good move although what else cheese cheers again sense vets cruise a wave c5 hone done dove rode code lode and d4 ive dope hope ever have deo meo i c2 lesson learnt too catch my drift a6 bide c5 also vets again bad so black at sea aids a f6 light have h5 oomph often eg liege nt red the script inter glide lane beset am bet dipoff an c3 creep a6 find c5 hive choose bad hobble at het up behemoth aim dead an dutiful crum pivot able at have lecture i do aims believe i c2 bad accomodate also among a6 line c5 and light f6 still wins would suggest an wave i evermore a fan of vishy am fanciful again l0 am g3 slide an f3 at wins a f8 an clink line delve aim cred glean a food givers am be a good while i curious bind fetch eg win am harangue around then h5 corner among f6 at win bud good ghostarm i do an c5 also crudes again under v is have so beset an becks am call i creative gesture at g3 sugar field cane bamboo shoot f6 bullseye a go at alive peg,

down an aid i negligent ramble give spark hone haven ghosts around a line glean aim blow for bind i afraid both a c2 an c5 cant win expect ave ply inter glide off radius ramble ash farm try feed h5 inter better ash f4 queens f7 angles flights again cruise a wave aim bind a bone of contention whether band c5 or c3 cascade down i c2 ko verdict both am be h5 light f6 at wins believe an aid wrack back be castoff a done deal ash fluffer 37.Nf6 had an flusher am hand h5 i nash a nosh down am hunt hint haunt f6 light lane hent up honour ave hope ever ash f4 bad houses f7 lights faction ave inch add wick man dacha f6 dad hope g5 ive church of reason am rave head hades am below fade hook manage spark gad flush f6,

angles g7 take an glorious ascension select mission over e5 better g7 at bid f6 when i retakes angle f6 and luft i h6 monarch slide have hone h1 a c2 and good rook gave spark as wheel am a g2 oh dear black at sea then ha dish dash h5 lane ha dip f6 light favours queen jades flight f7 cavehead had kind lad have mad f4 hash hand a hod carrier f8 amongst families sight over pad hope ever pin f4 quashed rad heel f8 at sad

heavens above da thin pick fat chance f7 hatted floaters again cruise a wave a c2 douche bag also c5 bad then what else invade house f6 at wad flights had yin and yang carte blanche h8 at chin change cages flinch eg win am g3 as ganesh an f3 slides eg ment quarter f8 back ash f4 arms f7 manage festoons a bridge ive get able mission over b1 jatha seek any luck now ave ledge a c2 doesnt matter flurry it does indeed again call hook man hank h5 mash up hood wink ala show boats f6 an earnest photon beam shoot ash f4 quash now as horn h5 shin hunter shanty town hung and varnished whoosh enter riff i see at f6 light wins a fetch an exhonorate an honour and hope ever h5 angle f6 lines flights i fancies a fashion i fastens again fattens there fallacy again fladgel cuffs faceoff f8 inter glide an fantasy i flubber again besetfaction am fledged ive festoon a fluffer tile ground among faghand i fillers in ebb flocker i flatten an famines around inch eases fondues among flipper a strike forlorn as haven fitters inter frugals the notion too be fumbles overt favours and fewests move foot fanta f6 lifts favours ave affable taffy facts footed the bills fetch lovers tiff i fought off an thrift fit ok ave ogles flutes again fleet of foots flint i muffet f7 at wins a fetch i f7 fountain of glory fast feed cream parfait her bind as have terrific hive spark fates fatters f8 inter tuff for enough f7 flout footy lady it's good again arrive f7 anglers f8 i should think go off ghost f6 ghoul borough ive iffy fog f4 flusher f8 at enact bet fang fish flog flinch agile wins trough affable mission over aim dank and dusty sprung g7 coil dusty stuff effect efface off effort effigy

rates flank spaced gg rollover jackpot angle g6 as given reenter am realise 37...Re5 fee getters 37...gxf6.

Premium Chessgames Member
  chrisowen: 38.gxf6 h6 39.Nf5 draw feeler key inter glide off etch amp line at still good rook as wheel ave g1 etc able wire bus wins so forgets the repetition as hive f5 etc have maybe a win at hack back a h1 an c2 when bishop takes a c2 although accost am in a tour murky and given hope a 41.Rdg1 should win though ash ghostarm 38.g6 fxg6 and alf way there had heffalump luft ash hoofender

38...h6 39.gxf7 g5 40.Nh5 Kh7 41.Qf6 Qb7 42.Nc6 Rxf7 43.Nd8 Rxf6 44.Nxf6+ quoff fag an hand gaffer tile ground fag pin quiff faction ave inter glide festoon again bump foot 44...Kg6 45.Nxb7 Kxf6 exchange again choose ahead ash headlongs 39.Nd7 Be7 orb harangues 39...Re8 40.Nxf8 c2 41.Bxc2 Rxc2

42.Nxc2 Qxc2 exchange again choose ahead bar then doot 40.Nxe5 dxe5 41.Qf7 h6 again huffles and shuffles for room eg success eg ment quarter f8 back ave demand aids a 41...Bd7 42.Nf5 has to again chuck queen at a f2+ light wins am 42.Qe8+ bishop back against f8 inter glide an f3 at feel slide an a3 queen as f8 rook plum source dress d6 up on time or betchas f8 tender spot

envision bob and weave queen up at enact f8
arrives fangtooth monarch eg win am batch im f8

like baffle go build f8 barrager to buff cc engine raid level until f6 light gave ship back the bomb ive get able ment band a namby pamby gone rook damage off hog flow da band job mob difficult balls f4 red pebble f7 arrives f8 at enact fruitfuls again learn ive flavours mumble i shape give gog fluffs f7 good back visualised invests want na thin pick fat chance go build ever bain did aid black coot bald

horse f6 light wins a fetch f6 sac i jostle f7 fences floaters referral match honour ave hope ever shadowed again f6 hurl am humdrum bank lesson ar c3 cascadence blip c5 also vet d4 light has low ash ave g1 etc able wire bus a win ma guns skim palm cone cast palms i remember wow rare e5 bad although angle f6 still wins a g1 sac fog back winch castigated foot focus alive no more jonty register each ave bail barge

minds f6 at made f7 any good yes snub c5 alternative change give spark as wheel am g1 offer tile ground over spaced bad fluff i c2 a need vet sense a wave dynamo free choice choose where f6 chosen one am f3 food givers f6 arrives f8 at enact sadness get down the good lord horse f6 light fangs floater ash f4 stuffs f7 arrives f8 an f3 are very much a winch am f8 at win fandangle.

Premium Chessgames Member
  Jimfromprovidence: There is also 37 Nf6 gxf6 38. gxf6 Re5.

click for larger view

38...Re5 prevents 39 Qg5.

But white wins with the great interference move 39 Nf5!

click for larger view

Play it out

Jun-27-15  iamsheaf: Vishy has played a few combinations which easily qualify as tactical masterpieces... Too bad he is getting old and no longer as comfortable playing youngsters
Premium Chessgames Member
  agb2002: White has a bishop and a knight for the bishop pair.

Black threatens c2 after Nb4 or not.

The natural way to continue the attack seems to be 37.Nf6:

A) 37... gxf6 38.gxf6

A.1) 38... Nb4 39.Qg5 Bh6 40.Qxh6 Rg8 41.Rxg8+ Kxg8 42.Qg7#.

A.2) 38... h6 39.Nf5

A.2.a) 38... c2 39.Qg4 and mate next.

A.2.b) 38... Bxf5 39.exf5 (39.Qxf5 Re5 40.Qg4 Rg5 41.Qh4 Rxg3+ 42.Qxg3 c2 43.Bxc2 Rxc2 44.Rg1 Rc1 forces the trade of the last rook an wins for Black) 39... c2 40.Qg4 and mate next.

B) 37... Rd8 38.Nxh7

B.1) 38... Kxh7 39.Qh4+

B.1.a) 39... Kg6 40.e5+

B.1.a.i) 40... c2 41.Bxc2+ Rxc2 42.Qe4+ f5 (42... Kh5 43.Qh7#) 43.gxf6+ Kf7 (43... Kh6 44.Qh4#; 43... Kh5 44.Qh7#) 44.e6+ Kg8 (44... Ke8 45.Qg6#; 44... Bxe6 45.dxe6+ just loses a bishop) 45.f7+ Kh8 46.Qh4#.

B.1.a.ii) 40... f5 41.gxf6+ Kf7 42.Bg6+ Kg8 44.Qh7#.

B.1.b) 39... Kg8 40.g6 fxg6 41.Qxd8 c2 42.Rf3 Rf7 (42... cxd1=Q 43.Rxf8+ Kh7 44.Rh8#) 43.Rxf7 Kxf7 44.Bxc2 + - [R+P vs B].

B.2) 38... c2 39.Qh4 Kg8 (39... cxd1=Q 40.Nf6#; 39... g6 40.Nf6+ and mate next) 40.Nf6+ gxf6 41.gxf6+ Bg7 42.Rxg7+ Kf8 43.Qh8#.

C) 37... Re5 38.g6 (38.Ng4 Re8)

C.1) 38... fxg6 39.Nd7 Re8 40.Nxf8 seems to win decisive material.

C.2) 38... hxg6 39.Qh4+ Rh5 40.Nxh5 gxh5 41.Qxh5+ Kg8 42.e5 (42.Nf5 Bxf5) 42... c2 43.Bxc2 Rxc2 44.Nxc2 Qxc2 45.Rd4 looks winning for White.

D) 37... Nb4 38.Nxe8 wins decisive material.

E) 37... c2 38.Bxc2 gxf6 (38... Rxc2 39.Nxe8) 39.gxf6 looks similar to previous lines.

Jun-27-15  mel gibson: Jun-27-15
Premium Chessgames Member patzer2: <scormus> My engine (quad core I7 running Deep Fritz 14) is a bit faster than 10 minutes, but even so the program didn't find 37. Nf6 until it reached 20 depth after about a minute.

Yes - I have DR4 64 bit running on an i7 quad core.
It took more than 1 minute for computer
to see the move: Nf6.

Usually it solves the daily puzzle in 1 second.

It was hung up for a while on 37. Bc2

before claiming that 37 Nf6 was only slightly better.

1 second 37 Qc1
20 seconds 37 Bc2
60 seconds 37 Nf6 depth 17 score + 0.75

300 seconds
37 Nf6 (score = +2.48) Re8-e5
38 g5-g6 h7xg6
39 Qf4-h4+ Re5-h5
40 Nf6xh5 g6xh5

Isn't it amazing that Anand saw the correct move?

Premium Chessgames Member
  CHESSTTCAMPS: Material is essentially even with black having a bishop pair that is not so strong, because the Bf8 is passive, with limited scope. At first glance, this would seem to be compensated for by the advanced c3 pawn, that can win material with a timely c2. However, white can put his king-side space advantage and advanced knights to good use.

37.Nf6!! establishes white's initiative and encourages black to open the g-file for Rg3.

A) 37... gxf6 38.gxf6 Re5 (to stop Qg5 winning immediately) 39.Nf5! Bxf5 40.exf5 Qe2 41.Qg5 and black can only stop 42.Qg8# with spite checks or 41.Bg7

A.1) 38... h6 39.Bc2! (Nf5? Qe2!) Nb4 40.Nf5! Qxc2 41.Qg4 wins

A.2) 38... c2 39.Qg5 wins.

B) 37... Re5 38.Qh4! gxf6 39.g6! fxg6 40.Qxf6+ Kg8 41.Rf3 Re8 (Be7 42.Qf7+ Kh8 43.Qe8+ Kg7 44.Rf7+ Kh6 45.Qg8 c2 46.Qxh7+ Kg5 47.Nf3#) 42.Ne6! Bxe6 43.dxe6 c2 44.Qf7+! Rxf7 45.exf7+ Kg7 46.fxe8=Q is winning.

B.1 37... h6 38.Qxh6+!! gxh6 39.gxh6 Bxh3+ 40.Kxh3 and the threat of Rg8# can't be met (40... Bg7 41.hxg7#)

Time for review...

Premium Chessgames Member
  CHESSTTCAMPS: Following is a link to the puzzle position:

See if you can beat Crafty's defense. Good luck!

Premium Chessgames Member
  plang: After a draw in game 1 this win clinched the match for Anand in the second round of the World Championship tournament; Anand went on to win the championship. Normally Black plays 14..g6 covering f5; Bologan's 14..c5 is unusual. While 28 Ra4 was a solid move Anand could have posed some difficult questions for Black with 28 Ba4 as 28..Re7 29 Nf5 is strong for White and after 28..Rd8 29 Bc6 the pawn cannot be recaptured.

A very imaginative attack by Anand; voted the 5th best game in Informant 80.

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