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🏆 European Union Championship (2008)

  PARTICIPANTS (sorted by highest achieved rating; click on name to see player's games)
Maxime Vachier-Lagrave, Michael Adams, Etienne Bacrot, Nigel Short, David Howell, Alexander G Beliavsky, Viktor Laznicka, Romain Edouard, Sergei Tiviakov, Igors Rausis, Gawain Jones, Georg Meier, Daniel Fridman, Jan Smeets, Erwin L'Ami, Ulf Andersson, Nigel Rodney Davies, Vasilios Kotronias, Emanuel Berg, Alberto David, David Baramidze, Tiger Hillarp Persson, Jan Werle, Thomas Luther, Stuart C Conquest, Sarunas Sulskis, Normunds Miezis, Wouter Spoelman, Mark Hebden, Daniel Gormally, Matej Sebenik, Alexandre Dgebuadze, Michele Godena, Stewart Haslinger, Stephen Gordon, Simon Kim Williams, Thal Abergel, Keith Arkell, Peter K Wells, Tanguy Ringoir, Pontus Carlsson, Viesturs Meijers, Ketevan Arakhamia-Grant, John K Shaw, Sam E Collins, Colin McNab, Lawrence Trent, Yang-Fan Zhou, Yelena Dembo, David J Eggleston, Emilis Pileckis, Eva Moser, Lorin A R D'Costa, John Joseph Carleton, Robert Ris, Alina L'Ami, Alex Astaneh Lopez, Ali Bitalzadeh, Jovanka Houska, Hannes Langrock, Pablo Garcia Castro, Sergio Estremera Panos, Jeff Horner, Vytautas Vaznonis, Marcel Peek, Monica Calzetta Ruiz, Jack Rudd, Colm Daly, Jovica Radovanovic, Jan Priborsky, Michael J R White, Iozefina Werle, Rafael Rodriguez Lopez, Sotiris Logothetis, Dan Cruz Alvarez de Ron, Mikael Naslund, Povilas Lasinskas, Peter Constantinou, Martin Brown, David James, Charles W Kennaugh, Charles H Storey, Manuel William Weeks, Thomas Kett, David Tebb, John P Redmond, Simon A Fowler, Simona Limontaite, Jonathan Blackburn, Mike J Surtees, Hans Groffen, Christopher Briscoe, Michael J Yeo, Roger G Williamson, Andrew Lawson, David Oates, Patrick J Bennett, Raymond Charles Cannon, Paul G M Lam, Anthony Fox plus 41 more players.

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Game  ResultMoves YearEvent/LocaleOpening
1. B Ewart vs J Radovanovic 0-1332008European Union ChampionshipE70 King's Indian
2. A Stancak vs H Langrock 0-1302008European Union ChampionshipC03 French, Tarrasch
3. J Houska vs J Hawkins  1-0402008European Union ChampionshipE16 Queen's Indian
4. D J Wells vs V Vaznonis  0-1382008European Union ChampionshipC13 French
5. S Collins vs J Fraser-Mitchell  1-0302008European Union ChampionshipC00 French Defense
6. I Campbell vs L D'Costa  0-1332008European Union ChampionshipA46 Queen's Pawn Game
7. R Ris vs D Oates  1-0402008European Union ChampionshipB96 Sicilian, Najdorf
8. R C Cannon vs Y Dembo  0-1652008European Union ChampionshipB62 Sicilian, Richter-Rauzer
9. E Pileckis vs P Cafolla  1-0332008European Union ChampionshipD32 Queen's Gambit Declined, Tarrasch
10. A Wilson vs Spoelman  0-1272008European Union ChampionshipB50 Sicilian
11. K Arakhamia-Grant vs M Tasker  1-0312008European Union ChampionshipB63 Sicilian, Richter-Rauzer Attack
12. R O'Rourke vs C McNab  0-1582008European Union ChampionshipB06 Robatsch
13. J Shaw vs D Bennion  1-0342008European Union ChampionshipC09 French, Tarrasch, Open Variation, Main line
14. J M Turner vs L Trent  ½-½342008European Union ChampionshipB23 Sicilian, Closed
15. N Davies vs E Taylor  ½-½372008European Union ChampionshipA05 Reti Opening
16. S Estremera Panos vs R Van Kemenade  1-0372008European Union ChampionshipE97 King's Indian
17. G Ringoir vs P Garcia Castro  0-1452008European Union ChampionshipC41 Philidor Defense
18. E Moser vs S Potter  1-0402008European Union ChampionshipA00 Uncommon Opening
19. M J R White vs N Benson  1-0262008European Union ChampionshipB01 Scandinavian
20. P Amlani vs A L'Ami 0-1372008European Union ChampionshipB90 Sicilian, Najdorf
21. J J Carleton vs Ali Roy  1-0262008European Union ChampionshipD10 Queen's Gambit Declined Slav
22. R Soikkeli vs A Bitalzadeh 0-1232008European Union ChampionshipB21 Sicilian, 2.f4 and 2.d4
23. C Daly vs E Bentley  1-0482008European Union ChampionshipD06 Queen's Gambit Declined
24. S Burge vs R R Lopez  0-1282008European Union ChampionshipB23 Sicilian, Closed
25. S Logothetis vs O Phillips  1-0422008European Union ChampionshipA00 Uncommon Opening
 page 1 of 28; games 1-25 of 678  PGN Download
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Kibitzer's Corner
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Sep-17-08  PinkPanther: It might be a fancy way of saying he chose to forfeit his round 9 game.
Sep-18-08  zluria: Adams draws again! Or should I say Adrawms? Seriously, what is this? In an open tournament like this, playing a player rated 143 rating points below him, shouldn't Adams at least try to win? What's the matter with him? he drew in 13 moves, still well within theory. Did he come to play chess and try to win the tournament, or mess around?


Sep-18-08  xky: Adams is probably the most recent 2700+ player to lose against the Petroff with white.
Sep-18-08  malthrope: <zluria: Adams draws again! Or should I say Adrawms? [...] Disappointment...>

Definitely unexpected! ~lol~ Here I thought, 'OK - Mickey is gonna repeat a few moves and then play Chess!' *NoT* At least Bacrot finally showed up and Short will certainly try to win. Meanwhile, Werle and Vachier-Lagrave found a way to get out of book! ;)

Sep-18-08  Harvestman: Adams gets a full point in just 25 moves! Unfortunately for the spectators, those 25 moves took him two entire games.

I've no objection to a draw, but that's a bit much for the highest rated player in the tournament, who you would expect to be trying to win the thing. Especially when he had white for 12 of those moves.

Mind you, long tournament. Maybe he's tired.

Sep-18-08  PhilFeeley: Short's position looks a little precarious this morning. He may lose a pawn, starting with 16...exd4
Sep-18-08  Harvestman: Hmm. McNab & Godena drew on move 6. My apologies to GM Adams.
Sep-18-08  Harvestman: Short draws aside, this looks like a fun round. Several very interesting looking games. Short has another one of those 'Pawn structure? What pawn structure?' sort of positions that he enjoys, but which explode in his face now and then.
Sep-18-08  PhilFeeley: Short - Sulskis, round 10:

click for larger view

Sulskis played 16...exd4. Nigel played 17. e5. Sulskis played dxc3, and now I'm wondering if Nigel can take the knight?

Sep-18-08  PhilFeeley: Nope. Nigel played 18. bxc2. I suppose if 18. QxN(c6), he might see 18...bxc2, and then would he really be in trouble?
Sep-18-08  PhilFeeley: Typing mistake. He played 18. bxc3.
Sep-18-08  PhilFeeley: So Werle wins it by drawing Vachier-Lagrave today.
Sep-18-08  PhilFeeley: There's a GM from England, Matthew Turner, who never seems to play in tournaments in Great Britain. The first time I saw him play was at the Arctic Chess Challenge in Tromso ( I wonder why?
Sep-18-08  PhilFeeley: Nigel's position gradually improved. From the diagram above, the play proceeded:

16...exd4 17. e5 dxc3 18. bxc3 Bc5 19. Nxc7 Rbc8 20. Na6 Ba7 21 Bf5 Ne7 22. Bxc8 Nxc8

Sep-18-08  Harvestman: Wow! I leave the games with Short in a messy position at move 16. I return to find he's won it on move 23.
Sep-18-08  PhilFeeley: Very strange, isn't it? He now ties Adams (and others) for second place!
Sep-18-08  Harvestman: Hey Phil, where is everyone today?

Transmission has frozen for me, on the official site and on Playchess.

Sep-18-08  cannibal: Very cool endgame in Meier-Laznicka.
Laznicka won and joins Adams and Short in the tie for 2nd.

Meier could have claimed a draw by repetition earlier, but refused, and then they went through knight endgame, pawn endgame (and what an interesting one!), and queen endgame.

I'm a bit lost with the finish though.

click for larger view

Here after 62.Kh1 Kf2, Meier resigned (Qf6+ Qf3+, or Qh2+ Kf1 and mate). But why not 62.Kh2, at first sight it seems like white has an appropriate check for each of Kf1/Kf2/Kf3.

Sep-18-08  Illogic: <<The effort of winning was too much for 57-year-old Ulf, who has chosen to take a zero-point bye in round nine>, says the round 8 report at the offical site.> Is there something wrong with Ulf? I thought he was just the laziest player to ever live, but is there something more going on?
Sep-18-08  GBKnight: On the subject of Ulf, see the following, from the tournament organiser, David Robertson (taken from the ECF Forum):

"As far as I'm aware, he's OK - up to a point. He'd already claimed a 0.5pt bye in an earlier round, so his claim in Rd 9 couldn't be allowed on that basis. Why the byes? I understand - from Ulf himself, and from others - that Ulf finds the stress of hard games too exhausting. We all know how that feels. But in Ulf's case it appears to be more debilitating these days. At least he knows his limits which is a healthy sign in many respects.

I was advised when we received his entry that he probably wouldn't last the tournament. That was a kind of challenge for me. I decided to do whatever I could to look after him. When he finally showed up at the pre-tournament reception, I had a chat with him and was alarmed to hear that he had found himself some anonymous B&B "about 45 minutes walk away" in a part of Liverpool he couldn't describe. There are several indescribable parts of Liverpool, and I didn't want Ulf near any of them! So I offered him a room in a 4-star hotel with Mickey, Nigel and others. We still couldn't establish where he was staying, so we gave him some cash for a taxi and told him to check in next day. I should add that Ulf had made no approach for conditions or anything when entering. If the meek shall inherit the earth, Ulf will.

To our relief, he did check in. He seems to be a man at ease with the gentle side of life, shunning ego and ostentatious display. He won't be getting an invitation to the Staunton Memorial any time soon, that's for sure. We took him out for dinner last week. He wasn't sure what he wanted, so asked me to order for him. He had no problems devouring everything put in front of him, including the wine. But he took a bye the next day.

I think he will last the tournament now - maybe. He's a lovely peaceful man, but there is an air of vulnerability about him. He does need 'looking after' in some sensitive and sensible manner. We've done our best and I know he appreciates that. One last round win and he'll be in the prizes probably."


Ulf is a true gentleman of chess.

Sep-19-08  brankat: <GBKnight> Thank You so much for the article.
Sep-19-08  JuliusCaesar: Thank you GBKnight for a fascinating and empathic post. I've heard similar stories about Ulf. After decades of nervous tension, it's perhaps not surprising that quite a few veteran GMs avoid competitive chess like the proverbial plague.Take John Nunn, for example. As I recall, he retired from tournament chess for the simple reason that his nerves couldn't stand it any more.
Sep-19-08  Ezzy: Henrique Mecking was a notable world class player who gave up chess in his prime because of nerves. He has started playing recently though.

I was initially very perplexed at why Vachiar - Lagrave agreed a short draw in the last round knowing he would only win about 300 pounds, when a win would have put him on the same points as Adams and Short and would of given him at least 2000 pounds. I found the answer the next day when I looked at who won the prizes. There was a prize of 1600 pounds for the best junior, and 1/2pt would have given him a share of that (800 pounds) if David Howell also drew. He did and they got 800 pounds each.

So Vacher-Lagrave won 800 + 370 + 1170 pounds. Not bad, so why take a risk of losing.

Well done to Werle. His form was not that good during the last few months so this a great victory, and a nice prize of 6000 pounds!

Sep-23-08  ravel5184: This is the star game of the tournament: P Amlani vs A Motoc, 2008
Premium Chessgames Member
  atticuscc: I'm not sure how Amlani found his way into the tournament. It was an Open - but only up to a point. Had I realised how weak he was, I'd have had 'a quiet word'.


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