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Peter Kranzl vs Pavel Blatny
Vienna op (1991), Vienna AUT, rd 7, Oct-??
Ponziani Opening: Caro Gambit (C44)  ·  0-1



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Kibitzer's Corner
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Premium Chessgames Member
  Richard Taylor: I wonder if (earlier) 28. ... Qd2+ wins?

I haven't put it on a computer yet.

Premium Chessgames Member
  Richard Taylor: < patzer2: In the final position, 34. Qxe2 is met by 34...Qxe2 when the Rook can't recapture because of the Bishop's pin.

If 34. Qg1, then Black has an amusing mate-in-three after 34. Qg1 Bxc2+! 35. Ka1 Ba3 36. Rb1 Bb2# (position below)>

Very good! Yes there are some beautiful positions as you show. Another I calculated involved the B on e5 delivering mate and so on...

Premium Chessgames Member
  Richard Taylor: This has been on before but I cant recall it. I sometimes have look at the Sunday one then just play over the game to learn the ideas although I have solved a few of them. Not many though, or not many where I have miscalculated variations etc

It's enough in many case to "get" the ideas and themes...

Jan-26-14  Cheapo by the Dozen: OK. I've looked at the game now, and it seems that both of the rook moves I suggested as Move 31 alternatives lead to the same position, namely the actual game after White's Move 33. Let me try to pick up solving from there.

The obvious try is 33 ... e7. Since 34 Rxd1 leaves White in a deep material hole, the main line is something like

33 ... e7
34 Qh1 Bxc2+

Black is already equal in material, and will soon be at least a piece ahead.


OK. I looked at the game again before posting this, and I was right. :)

Premium Chessgames Member
  An Englishman: Good Evening: This position has been used as a Sunday puzzle before, 25 September 2005. See my comment on that date; still think it's rather amusing.
Premium Chessgames Member
  offramp: Brilliant! Like a jigsaw.
Premium Chessgames Member
  offramp: The game reminded me in a recondite way of Gufeld vs Kavalek, 1962. That one is (in part) lone bishop and passed pawns against two rooks.
Jan-26-14  mistreaver: Sunday. Black to play. 29...? Insane.
Looking at the position, first i wanted to play some sacrifice involving attack on the king, but then a sudden inspiration struck and i saw it:
29... Qd2!
This move either wins, or is a very bad mistake.Let's see white's options: A) 30 Rxd2 cxd2
31 Rd1 e2 and black wins as
32 Qxe2 Bxe2
33 Rxd2 Bb5 leaves him a piece up
B) 30 Rec1 e2 is also decisive
C) There only remains:
30 Rxd2 cxd2
31 Qg1 but then i think that
31 ... Rxe4 (in order to prevent Bc2)
32 fxe4 e2 wins
Time to check and see how it went.
Hmm, i missed the strongest continuation that wins, but my line is also probably good enough, but only requires hard technique and prolonged game. On the other hand, move earlier, while white king was on c1, Qd2 would have won immediatelly.
Jan-26-14  Moszkowski012273: 28...Qd2+ IS a much stronger move.
Jan-26-14  morfishine: I figured 29...Rxe4 was the first move, which is insane enough itself what-with going down 2 exchanges; It then took me awhile to suspect the final crusher was 30...Qd2

I say 'suspect' because I really couldn't reach a forced, winning, final position: there are quite a few ways for White to lose; All I can say is having been unable to find a reasonable continuation for White, 30...Qd2 must be the move


Premium Chessgames Member
  Penguincw: Instead of 30...Qd2, I got 29...Qd2.
Jan-26-14  sfm: It is "Dangers of progressed pawns"-week. Good idea, CG, and so beautiful games.
Jan-26-14  BOSTER: The black queen on d4 in the <POTD> pos. is like a bull in the china store, or Wawrinka in Australian Open.
Premium Chessgames Member
  chrisowen: Line for one e4 every at fad camped in lights half,

at cut a delve aim quad grip it is b3 in should have moved his king to safety since to affable 27.Kc1 holds the fort caged in basically a big plus,

for black once in be freeing pawn jod hopper in d4+... wins by degrees 27.b3 a horrible jam comes after a,

d2 cages in king bold I bag said upright I gab bull shoot add d4 own mea culpa in b3,

good angling bishop dutiful in bounce back koinus agreed be eventful 28...Qd2+ er dob in duck b5 go straight route one for beady eye would to spot a oomph you line delve in blew away a pedal in e4,

bind b5 dooms light but dead in the water was a d2 light at sixes and sevens infer one damage off re you have b5 deep in the pocket service also d6 may,

play a part in together bind king in see one fad e4 at to fly in fluffs am b3 inclined her d4+ crab at,

scuttles 28.Kc1 when b5 still provides stiff resistance until over done king cake walks in the park our energy rates a b1 let down black queen bed d4 since quagmire bus b5 in store black has up his sleeve spark a d3 after kind info ok black rook cook find to his liking a sacrifice first off e4,

I cold edges aid e4 first mecurial move a duffed in,

ja dig bold job to each his own in beck and call...
it now in la bind fetch a rook ah ogles am f4,

across to e4 a free do the math in f4 can be sacrifice in bishop each dead set service at having question of a fashion in jail b5 onus surely to plumping beefcake 28...Qd2 wins I method (3.44) or there about dipoff,

King done great queen strides again fag see evermore rook raelings aim f4 aha good deaf for the world in reckon a cycle d6 or chest queen in a d2 boot b5 aim hand in quest I on to free second port of call b5 un-necessary as man d4 swoops a fog indeed bishop should stay put a4 kind of defeats the point back b5,

A botch to secular get go g2 out of the frame at back being it delicate in delivery am diffused free engages queen it ogle bed band in came rook fluke wakey wake stab biff rook over co-cables a bad call c1 really iffy oh door it book in boggle a mind,

cares eg ment quater succinct a bet deed done king cat a bishop be oh wolf at he door yeah key co-

cradle as pine for c1 b1 abide with me in chow again hole sign off flack for e4 wins I be proof sign under the dotted line to sediments 29...Rxe4 30.fxe4 Qd2 31.Re2 mate in 10 or there abouts again cruise a wave in bed fold baba ji,

care to forsee second wave in one a 31.Rxe3 Qxe3 32.Qf2 Qxe4 material in equal (16.07) bejeezus again recind free for eg I ment in fingers success the fad fed 33.Qf5 Qe1+ squeaky bum time you'd think aped of course it is winning for black an,

The equalizer extends in to calf rook mate affable in craps shoot light has right race off cord 34.Rc1 Qd2 35.Qe6+ say cheese please for one camera king ok,

sidestep if any good reason to continue the gates 35...Kf8 36.Rf1+ bishop wins a feel b5 left rook in wheel beyond bind is over ignoble in be a good while delight for black mate in 20 or so...

Switch inch instigates a length in rowing bold skim palm see one knee bone jerks right re-act rook sign off e4 in er good a d2 then care to folow in manage e2 queen d2 aim in be not so crappy d1+ er hoot and call a c1 too bishop at dug in d3+ sip jack meld having a daccord bad see free to rook steal a march in axed queen done the damage off camped corroborates right rook c2 an e2 wins the day...

Premium Chessgames Member
  agb2002: Black has a bishop for a rook.

The first idea that comes to mind is 29... e2 but after 30.Rcxe2 (30.Rexe2 Qd1+ 31.Rc1 Qxe2 32.Qxe2 Bxe2 33.Rxc3 h5 - +) 30... Bxe2 31.Qxe2 White seems to hold and has an extra pawn.

Another idea is to take advantage of the advanced pawns with 29... Rxe4 30.fxe4 Qd2, threatening 31... Qxe1+ and 31... Bd3:

A) 31.Rxd2 exd2

A.1) 32.Rd1 Bd3+ 33.Ka1 c2 (33... Ba3 34.Rxd2 + -) - +, with the triple threat Be5#, cxd1=Q+ and c1=Q+.

A.2) 32.Qg1 Bd3+ 33.Ka1 Ba3 34.Rb1 c2 - +.

A.3) 32.Qf2 Bd3+ 33.Ka1 Ba3 34.Rb1 c2 - +.

B) 31.Qg1 Bd3 32.Rec1 e2 33.Qf2 (33.Qe1 Bxc2+ 34.Rxc2 Qxe1+, etc.) 33... Bxc2+ 34.Rxc2 e1=Q+ wins.

C) 31.Re2 Qd1+ 32.Rc1 Bd3+ 33.Rec2 e2 34.Qg1 Bxc2+ wins (35.Rxc2 e1=Q+).

D) 31.Rec1 Bd3 32.Qxd2 (32.Qg1 e2 transposes to B) 32... cxd2 33.Rh1 e2 wins.

E) 31.Qxd2 cxd2 32.Rd1 Bd3 33.Kb2 Be5+ followed by ... e2, winning.

Premium Chessgames Member
  agb2002: I made a mistake in my line C, the moves in brackets should say 35.Ka1 Ba3 and mate next.
Jan-26-14  DanielSarmiento: In the game that was played maybe it is also a win for black if move 32. is - Bxe2 instead of Bd3+. Not sure though.
Jan-26-14  gofer: Due to black's excellent bishops and two very advanced pawns I think this is simply a case of giving up another rook for a bishop and then giving up a queen for a rook. The net result is a two connected passed pawns on the 2nd and 3rd ranks that are supported to two agile bishops. The rook and queen are no match for the connected pawns supported by the bishops...

<29 ... Rxe4!>
<30 fxe4 Qd2!>

white has a difficult choice;

a) try to blast his way out (and fail horribly)

31 Rxd2 exd2!
32 Rd1/Rf1/Rg1/Rh1 Bd3+
33 Ka1 Be5!

b) try to out run the pawn on-slaught...

31 Rc1? Bd3

31 Re2? Qd1+
32 Rc1 Bxe2
33 Rxd1 Bxd1
34 Qf1 c2+
35 Kb2 Be5+
36 Ka3 c1=Q+
37 Kb4 Qd2+

35 Qg1? Bd3


Hmmm, 32 Bd3+ seems neater, than 32 Bxe2, but other than that I was pretty okay...

Jan-26-14  PJs Studio: PJs Studio: This puzzle wasn't too bad for a Sunday. Blacks positional advantage is insurmountable. The Be4 holds everything together, so After 29...Rxe4 and 30...e2 white is dead. But 30...Qd2 is better than 30...e2 and of course more attractive. After 30...Qd2 blacks moves play themselves easily. I personally liked blacks choice of 26...cxb3 instead of grabbing the awkward rook on c2. This allowed his light squared bishop and c3 pawn to dominate. Very nicely played game by Kranzel.
Jan-26-14  Patriot: Black is down the exchange but has the bishop pair.

White is very tied down and definitely on defense.

29...Rxe4 30.fxe4 Be5 is the best I could come up with.

This doesn't seem forcing enough though and I've looked at this longer than I wanted to.

Premium Chessgames Member
  Jimfromprovidence: A tough position unveils itself in just a couple of moves.

29...Rxe4 30 fxe4 Qd2! 31 Rxd2 (much the best) 31...exd2.

click for larger view

Even though up a rook and queen vs. two bishops and with white to move, white is lost.

Black threatens 32...Bd3+ with mate next move.

White can play 32 Qxd2 but after 32...cxd2 33 Rd1, below, black wins by checking with the white bishop and then with the black one, forcing the king to a3. (He then uses one bishop to protect the d pawn and the other to drive the rook off of d1).

click for larger view

White can also try a swindle with 32 Qf1?! Black wins if he does not take the queen but instead plays 32...Qd3+!

click for larger view

Jan-26-14  morfishine: <Jimfromprovidence> Very nice! I couldn't find any decent continuation for White and your 32...Bd3+ punctuates the whole hopeless position
Jan-26-14 Striking!
I missed the whole ...Qd2 idea.
Jan-27-14  sp12: How does 30...a4 look for white? The idea is that the black bishop is more dangerous than its rook.

31. Bd3 fxe4 etc may have some possibilities for white

if 31. Qd2 axb5 etc.

Jun-10-15  clement41: Awesome attacking game!
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