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Daniel Fridman vs Arkadij Naiditsch
GRENKE Chess Classic (2013), Baden-Baden GER, rd 6, Feb-13
King's Indian Defense: Orthodox Variation. Aronin-Taimanov Defense (E97)  ·  0-1



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Kibitzer's Corner
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Apr-20-14  Cheapo by the Dozen: I want the answer to be

21 ... N(either)f3+
22 gxf3 Nxf3+

but I don't see how Black can exploit the h-file quickly enough in the face of Kg2/Rh1.

Apr-20-14  Angusxxx: Very nice tactic.What a lot of 'silent moves'.For example: If 22.gxf3 and now Nxf3 23.Kg2 Nh4+ Black only has perpetual check. I like 37. ... d5!! it was the move of the tournament
Apr-20-14  patzer2: Fascinating game, especially following today's Sunday puzzle solution 21...Ndf3+!!

Like yesterday's solution, it's a highly promising best move with a strong attacking initiative and lots of opportunity for the opponent to go wrong. However, like Saturday's solution, it's also not a clear forced win.

Specifically 27. Nd4!=, ignoring the attack on the Bishop and bringing another piece to the King's defense, seems to hold:

Daniel Fridman - Arkadi Naiditsch, GRENKE Chess Classic 2013

click for larger view

Analysis by Fritz 12 (after 27. Nd4 @ 21/50 depth):

1. = (-0.24): 27...Qe8 28.Qd3 Nxf2 29.Kxf2 fxg3+ 30.Ke3 Rh3 31.Rf4 Be5 32.Rg1 Qg8 33.Kd2 Qg7 34.Nf3 g2 35.Qc4 Bxf4+

2. = (0.13): 27...Qf7 28.Rc1 fxg3 29.fxg3 Nf2 30.Rxf2 Rh2+ 31.Kxh2 Qxf2+ 32.Kh1 Qxd4 33.Qxd4 Bxd4 34.b4 Be6 35.Rd1 Bxd5 36.Rxd4 Bxa2 37.Rxd6

Apr-20-14  paramount: BLASTED!!! This is very excellent game. Never saw this since long long time. The onset of the puzzle looks like indiscernible between Ndf3+ or Ngf3+, you need to dig your brain so deeply to certain.

Its like Naiditsch played with machine in his head.

There are probably some weaker moves in between (for example 30...Qf7 is better than Be5), and that kind of move is very risky in the sharp game like this.

Anyway, we have to pick up two thumbs for Naiditsch here and this is very palatial puzzle for Sunday.

Contemplating this puzzle is like get a glass of orange juice in the desert.

Premium Chessgames Member
  Once: I think I am coming round to the twin conclusions that chess isn't really (just) a game, and that a Sunday POTD isn't really a puzzle.

Particularly this one.

It's a fabulous attack - very inventive play by Naiditch with tactic after tactic raining down on the white king. That makes it great to watch, enjoyable to play through, fun to analyse, instructive, astounding ... <scurries away to find Roget's> ...

But (#1) ...

It's not particularly effective as a puzzle. Black invests material that he will not recover for quite some time. My admittedly old and slow Fritz 11 is chuntering through the moves throwing out evals of equality or only a slight edge to either player some ten or more moves after the start of the puzzle.

White wilts under the pressure, and who wouldn't in the face of such ferocity? But I can't help thinking that it could equally have fizzled out into a draw with best play.

It's chess from the 19th century, it's a Viking in a berserker rage, it's the Hulk smashing, it's a Jackson Pollock painting. All very exciting and wonderful but possibly not entirely correct and almost impossible to reproduce. Which brings me back to the conclusion that it's a fabulous game but not really a puzzle.

It's a bit like giving a group of arts student a photograph of the ceiling of the Sistine chapel and encouraging them to do their own version in whatever medium they choose - oils, watercolours, charcoal, Microsoft paint, etch-a-sketch, a New York subway train plus a rucksack full of spray cans ...

But (#2), just like chess from the romantic era, Vikings, Hulk and Pollocks, aren't you especially glad that they exist, even if you lack that certain something needed to emulate them?

One to savour as a voyeur rather than as a participant, methinks.

Apr-20-14  morfishine: No way I got the whole sequence. Logically, first <21...Ndxf3+> otherwise at some time or other, White can play Nxd4 eliminating some pressure

<22.gxf3 Nxf3+> And already I am missing a better move [ie: 22...Qd7] :(

< 23.Kg2 Bg4 24.Ne1 Nh2 25.Qc1 Nxf1>

This game is a good example of how creative and dangerous Naiditsch truly is; Sometimes his play is poor, or downright atrocious, like here vs Harikrishna in Tata Steel 2014: Naiditsch vs Harikrishna, 2014

Yet in the very next game, perhaps fueled by anger, he demolishes Caruana: Caruana vs Naiditsch, 2014


Apr-20-14  erniecohen: A good GOTD misclassified as a poor POTD (at least for move 21), presumably due to the lack of a good pun.
Apr-20-14  schachfuchs: I wonder if already 17...Bc8 was played with the idea of ...Qd7 and any sacrifical attack?!?
Premium Chessgames Member
  playground player: When I try stuff like this, I always seem to run out of pieces to sacrifice before I can bag the enemy King.
Premium Chessgames Member
  perfidious: <pgp> Don't I know it.
Apr-20-14  epicchess: it wouldn't take Naiditcsh that long to find this. Being a 2700+ GM, a move like that would be his first line of consideration. Its impressive, but once you really think about, it isn't so outrageous, since you are only giving up a piece, and 5 pieces start attacking a lone king after it! To anyone about 2300, something like that is a clear sign to start thinking about a sacrifice.
Premium Chessgames Member
  chrisowen: Nh3+ to rain on the parade black activate his saved piece out of trouble it slug in hilight white have to couch in het back and at a very minimum would have to give one away in het upper d7 would like to gain entrance via a hidey g7 hole and attack central pivot abled cage info ok be line it shade in by degree dip in at have haggled kind of it is peakabo ar indeed heidi hi the pin at f3 am fly in gaped hole a heeded rook barrell around too at beefed 26.Kg2 exf4 27.Bh2 f3+ again danced down a central column for what its worth in come out and play black manage to get activity in by increment am fawn in a caught head light never mind aim f4 make way for at e5 cleric would jump in effect black an exchange off down once f4 in come to be,

lifted in xray head am concern 27...Qd8 28.Ne1 it shore in up defence line good glean for black at knight of head to a degree edge g5+ might win a ground fateful find hip in rode (1.62) black gainly employ a good g5 and h6 let all piece flood in to free hunt white king have it all to do a feed go computed 28.Bxf3 Ng5 29.Nf4 Rxh2+ it honour in hope recind aint rook in cub hole to the fray hog the lime light its a great curve ball to be thrown,

at he bind a free hint have to hod carrier portage,

by forced a wave at green gauge would have e5 too carry a fight in flick back right thing to do pile on the bon-fire 30.Kxh2 Be5 now the time it is right in really left him to do a toe poke a little piggy nip arpound in back he egg on every chance in tore about regain material too f4 come off file an emory board it ardent in aim end aground mind e5

shed did f4 fan bar aid in choice to jam dig the high knight off cred to black for waled i be proof in do reflex sits give ha plight put upon him clean off am got steely blade like icicle at dawn upon light king going for a ride could be a jolly band fled over 30...Qf7 (2.54) bad medicine required to hault the flow am told a queen f7 stairway to heaven angleic one come about to break down the back door ever tickle f7 clean it fallow at ground to elavate chin cable wire bug hound blew a wave in tough eminate again fang tooth ja cobble together bind am etc fad knight great hover eg I ment flap down camped f7 hood cad find doctor in dig exhonourated clear alimony water under the bridge to divorce bishop a line aim f4 come off tender fragile for light in head cap black win coup on f7 aim a 31.Kg2 Bxf4 lip foil in head it sand beneath the toe pulled up and ruddy heck about turn a cart wheel let I 31...Qf7 (1.30) for in sale same trick a flight off black bag f4 and go to the wire at h4 and g8+ beyond the pale in hair ball to cough up a knight goof man f4 mind the gap black dine,

Premium Chessgames Member
  chrisowen: A combo re free it signal the end of the jar in head to 32.Rh1 Qg7 33.Kf1 Be6 could try at hent up h3 or deem in a tour eg g4 to crack light even further I had accent idle to plug a hole ide engage in fob off at effect for knight wane by degrees it sits in shallow stance why long line nip efface off crank up the motor to work d5 might prove key in ja good,

a dilemma to have in realize the potential one cycle together band a nearly done deal dang 34.Nd4 Bc4+ in have aorta creep in jed e4 I black knight centre of the universe in switch inch effect chin down a hind leg to carry over im batched to right coil a length in fed a floodpawn after a g7 lie in wait service in a d4 queen a free gift d5 win knight a hood wink to protocol land back it storm in the gate a king f1 the run f1 milly around again manage have good alas it right off you do the math in tow a line cad jumpy cleric bally hoo c4 train around track a check in rich vein of form queen combine garment in c4 thrown down to read a bull in challenge to mate a king f1 lap in jack back to win preen 35.Be2 Nxe4 36.Bxc4 final nail in coffin addendum bell it sight rook in one chap as changed to drop slight slits confide in prey aim dipped 36.Rg1 Qe5 37.Nf3 (0.97) black win a b2 ie one for tot in d4 que exchange up ride at f3 am fickled plugs it snack in ack nick a ledge off re you black heads by 2 points and a dark square bishop old f4 pail bail in focal game foot did at he banjo jangle around in fit spin doctor it he in just ceded be 0l kind myth in pick at fat chance 36...Nd2+ writing on the wall do engage learn the rope you're aped " time to dip dip dip " free good to band have administer the coup de graced advanced creaker ie it sling on d2 ol in at pace off free to damage done in bar kin e1 or donkey in light at e2 a,

gallery of option to knight may dink around bat ie lade to the dale inch im upped to mallet back bud in junior fob effete am included i see bank cadence ogle fobbed in paid down a piddle worth in plied rad it took in a goose hips I exhoop and cropped 37.Ke2 (4.02) or even better glide go do fed blood etc letter 37.Ke1 it still in no good health or shaped in sensed a wave over too bad caged in a key for light a oomph (3.45) i nod a dangle-dervish a vis f4 and d4 trade queen and or mop catch in accolade and plaudits go to black rut zip in zag deintly 37...d5 win

Apr-20-14  Patriot: Material is even.

21...Ndf3+ 22.gxf3 Nxf3+ 23.Kg2

And now 23...Qg5 or 23...Bg4.

23...Bh3+ 24.Kxh3 Qd7+ 25.Kg2 Ng5 seems a strange sequence that may actually win.

Apr-20-14  Patriot: I missed some simple defenses in the 23...Bh3+ line. 24.Kxh3 Qd7+ 25.Kg2 Ng5 26.Qh5 puts matters to a halt.

This is way too insane for me!

Apr-20-14  agb2002: The material is identical.

White apparently tries to get rid of the knight on d4.

The maneuver 21... Ndf3+ 22.gxf3 (22.Kh1 Qf6 - +) 22... Qd7, with the double threat Nxf3+ followed by Qh3 and Rf6-h6 followed by Qh3, looks promising:

A) 23.Be2 Rf6

A.1) 24.Nd5 Rh6 followed by ... Qh3 seems to win.

A.2) 24.f4 exf4

A.2.a) 25.Bh4 f3 26.Bxf3 Nxf3+ and mate in two.

A.2.b) 25.Bg4 Qxg4 26.Qxg4 Bxg4 27.Bh2 (27.Bh4 Nf3+ and 28... Nxh4 - +) 27... Nf3+ 28.Kg2 Nxh2 appears to win a piece (29.Kxh2 Bf3 and mate in two).

A.3) 24.Bh4 Qh3 25.Bxg5 (25.Bg3 Rh6 - +) 25... Rg6 26.Qd2 Bh6 27.f4 exf4 - +.

B) 23.Ne1 Rf6 looks similar to A.

C) 23.Nd5 Nxf3+ wins the queen for two pieces or delivers mate.

Apr-20-14  OldTimr: Good problem. Almost as insane as a chrisowen post.
Apr-20-14  LucB: yes.. almost!
Apr-20-14  schachfuchs: lol
...and we've got 3 chrisowen posts here - so this must have been a 'triple insane' POTD!?
Premium Chessgames Member
  LIFE Master AJ: An amazing game ...

POTD / Sunday / April 20th, 2014.

Black to move, 21... '?'

Apr-20-14  john barleycorn: <schachfuchs: lol
...and we've got 3 chrisowen posts here - so this must have been a 'triple insane' POTD!?>

No, it just became one with the post following yours.

Apr-20-14  Conrad93: I got this puzzle in like five minutes.

These are tactics you learn at the 1400 level...

Apr-20-14  paramount: hahaha....chris owen marks off the difficulty of the puzzle.
Premium Chessgames Member
  LIFE Master AJ: <<It's chess from the 19th century, it's a Viking in a berserker rage, it's the Hulk smashing, it's a Jackson Pollock painting. All very exciting and wonderful but possibly not entirely correct and almost impossible to reproduce. Which brings me back to the conclusion that it's a fabulous game but not really a puzzle.>>

After thinking about it for a while and putzing around with a couple of chess engines, I have to agree with <Once>.

Black could have defended, see the posts by <patzer2> ... (and others).

Premium Chessgames Member
  LIFE Master AJ: It is an amazing combination, but two things stand out, at least IMO:

#1.) No forced win, (with best play).

#2.) With better play, Black could have defended ... and even turned things around.

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