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Member since Jun-06-20 · Last seen Jun-29-22
I am a web developer contracted by<CG> to help maintain the website.
<Feel free to report any bugs here.>

As far as chess, I currently spend most of my free time doing puzzles on Lichess.
I recently made it to the 2400's, playing the random puzzles.
My goal is to make it to 3000 by the end of the year but it's unlikely, I would have to make it to the 2600's by the end of September 2021 to have a chance.

Below, I will keep a list of the tasks at hand.
We haven't decided the order on which the task will be done but we take in account on how long the task might take and how important it is.

1) UTF-8 issue - <Z Truth> stevemcd87 chessforum <Tab> chessforum
<beatgiant> will be leading this issue.

1) Apache Error Log - Review Error log to identify pages that aren't working(Unresponsive store page) and investigate random Internal Server Errors
<beatgiant> will be leading this issue.

3) Missing "notable games" and "notable tournaments" from player - <Jess> stevemcd87 chessforum
We are setting up the old servers to use as a testing platform.
It will help to debug this issue.

4) Random Game Feature: Feature leads to bad links - <Messiah> chessforum

5) Olga "Three time repetition claimable" - Issue occurs at O Roething vs Marshall, 1900 move 34 <MissS> stevemcd87 chessforum

6) Opening Explorer - We need to update the Opening Explorer to recognize newly uploaded games - <MissS> Biographer Bistro <George Wallace> stevemcd87 chessforum

7) Opening Explorer keeps reverting to white pieces when analyzing black pieces - <WannaBe> chessforum


1) Plaintext passwords - Update the way <CG> stores user's passwords, perhaps add a <Forgot Password> link.

2) A page where someone can post a position he/she finds interesting and ask for opinions - <Willber> chessforum

3) Public kibitzing could be applied to the Opening explorer - <kings> chessforum

4) Chess Bookie - I will need to reach out to someone that can better explain this to me. I'd love to try to get this up and running, if there's still a "fan base".

5)Extra filter for Advanced Search: <kingscrusher> chessforum

<My Enhancement Suggestions:>

6) Create an interface for editors to add an image and caption to a player's page. I could think of one person that might like to use it... <Alan>

7) LIVE Chess

8) Add "Opening" column to mobile Event pages - <George Wallace> stevemcd87 chessforum

<Current task:>

<Completed Task>
1) "Pawn and 2 games" - <MissS> stevemcd87 chessforum
2)"A" Directory - <Chessical> stevemcd87 chessforum
3)Date bug - Tweaked the script to ensure it is only updating newly uploaded games.
We will run it once a day, for now.
<Tab> stevemcd87 chessforum
4) Automated Emails is now working
5) <Update>
Enhancement 6: Create an interface for an editor to select <GotD>s.

I appreciate all bug reports and enhancement requests, we will get to them ASAP.
If anyone notices any missing bugs or enhancements, just let me know below.
Feel free to make any suggestions of priority, I'm interested in what the users would like to prioritize.
A big thanks to all the contributors!

>> Click here to see stevemcd87's game collections. Full Member

   stevemcd87 has kibitzed 259 times to chessgames   [more...]
   Jun-20-22 stevemcd87 chessforum (replies)
stevemcd87: <Stone> I cleared/archived your previous uploads. Let me know if that helps.
   Jun-19-22 chessforum (replies)
stevemcd87: <Stone> Thanks for the help, It should be working the first try from now on. There was a slight setback but Live Games are coming soon🤞😬🤞
   Jun-02-22 Wang Hao vs Giri, 2022 (replies)
stevemcd87: Though it was a draw, black wins due to the Armageddon rule
   Feb-20-22 Biographer Bistro (replies)
stevemcd87: You may need to do a hard refresh (ctrl + shift + r)
   Feb-15-22 FIDE Grand Prix Berlin (2022) (replies)
stevemcd87: <My money is on Nakamura, all Nakamura needs to do is say candidates few times before the game and Aronian will crumble.> Or the alternative... Longer Clip for those who are not familiar with Waterboy: ...
   Feb-09-22 Nakamura vs Grischuk, 2022 (replies)
stevemcd87: <saffuna> Feel free to explain your issue at my forum, I'll look into it... It works for me🤷‍♂️. Please provide your device and browser, sometimes it helps resolve the issue - User: stevemcd87
   Dec-26-21 S Ter-Sahakyan vs Carlsen, 2021 (replies)
stevemcd87: Who should we follow next round? Feel free to voice your opinion
   Nov-30-21 Carlsen vs Nepomniachtchi, 2021 (replies)
stevemcd87: <Big moment today - will the site crash again?> I hope not🤞. So far, so good.
   Nov-28-21 Nepomniachtchi vs Carlsen, 2021 (replies)
stevemcd87: <Stone> I've been working on the Live game since Grand Swiss, when I read your message. This work around has me spending a majority of my time managing the server rather than working on the new feature. I was only able to spend 4hrs out of a 9hr day on the New Live Games ...
   Nov-15-21 Caisso chessforum (replies)
stevemcd87: <Caisso> Please take a look at <Tab>'s comment ( stevemcd87 chessforum ) regarding 23rd European Women's Team Championship (2021) Re Opening Explorer: <Caisso> has nothing to do with the this feature. My goal is to have it automated. <Chessical> I have
(replies) indicates a reply to the comment.

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Premium Chessgames Member
  MissScarlett: <I confirm that is the same result I get. I ran across this issue some time ago, and began to submit <[ECO "000"]> in pgns for odds games.>

I don't think it's an issue for odds games where the pawn array isn't disturbed - never had a problem uploading P+1, knight/rook games. The ECO allocator can handle these, but P+2 confuses it. But adding the <[ECO "000"]> tag is still useful, because it saves one having to manually change it.

Premium Chessgames Member
  Stonehenge: <Due to 'null moves', please update the 'PGN Viewer:'(below) to 'pgn4web', to view this game>

AC--Q-00010 CFC ch rd1 (2003).

AC--Q-00010 (2003).

Premium Chessgames Member
  MissScarlett: What you wittering on about? Speak no riddles.
Premium Chessgames Member
  MissScarlett: I need to take back what I said - P+2 games can be uploaded without trouble. The problem comes if the game is edited to include a null move in the opening. If the ECO isn't 000 when this occurs, then the system short-circuits.
Premium Chessgames Member
  Stonehenge: <What you wittering on about? Speak no riddles.>

I think Steve fixed those games without telling anyone :)

May-19-22  Z free or die: The real riddle is wth does <AC--Q-00010>" mean?!
Premium Chessgames Member

<z> I was thinking exactly the same thing, but I was afraid to say anything.

Why, you might ask. Excellent question.

I was, and remain, scared that <AC--Q-00010> is an association of chess cyborgs dedicated to the erasure of any remaining human element to chess.

May-20-22  Z free or die: <RE: null moves>

How hard would it be to add null moves to <chess.js>?

Not very, I suspect - so why doesn't it have them already?


Premium Chessgames Member


I uploaded this game some months ago, and the alert <Stonehenge> has discovered it won't play on any of our viewers.

It's a "pawn and move" affair. Did we end up finding a protocol for uploading these successfully so they will play?

Here is the game:

F Amelung vs G Schneehagen, 1856

[Event "Move Odds game"]
[Site "?"]
[Date "1856.12.13"]
[EventDate "?"]
[Round "?"]
[Result "1-0"]
[White "Friedrich Amelung"]
[Black "G Schneehagen"]
[ECO "000"]
[WhiteElo "?"]
[BlackElo "?"]
[Source "Baltische Schachblatter No.2 p.101"]
[PlyCount "40"]
[SetUp "1"]
[FEN "

click for larger view


1... e5 2. e4 Bc5 3. Bc4 Nf6 4. d3 d5 5. exd5 Nxd5 6. Nf3 f6 7. O-O g5 8. Nxe5 Be6 9. Qh5+ Ke7 10. Re1 c6 11. Nc3 Nd7 12. Bxd5 Nxe5 13. Rxe5 cxd5 14. Qe2 Qd6 15. Bxg5 fxg5 16. Re1 Kd7 17. Rxe6 Qf4 18. Re7+ Bxe7 19.Qe7+ Kc8 20.Nxd5 Qb8 (White announced mate in 6) 1-0


I inserted () parentheses on the annotation, because these kibbutz boxes will not recognize the specialized "annotation parentheses."

May-21-22  Z free or die: We went over this on <JFQ>/s forum, but gor others, I'll repeat:

<Null moves>, same as other moves, are recorded as moves in the PGN, with the distinction that a null move uses the notation <--> instead of something like <e4>, etc.

So, the raw PGN should begin like this:

< 1. -- e5 2. e4 Bc5 > ... etc ...

In SCID, one can record a null move on the board by playing KxK which would otherwise be an illegal move (except in certain forms of blitz, etc).

(Hmm, are there any gui's out there that allow king capture, in blitz or otherwise?)

Premium Chessgames Member
  stevemcd87: <Jess>
The FEN was wrong also.
It had <ppppp1pp> for the 7th rank, I updated it to <pppppppp>.
You can tell by <6... f6>, the pawn is needed.
The game now works on pgn4web:
F Amelung vs G Schneehagen, 1856
May-22-22  Z free or die: Now that we're past the mechanics of <null moves>, I realize I don't understand what is going on here....

To wit, pawn and move games, usually have the stronger player being Black, with Black's f-pawn removed. So a typical PGN would go along these lines:


[White "fish"]
[Black "champ"]
[FEN "rnbqkbnr/ppppp1pp/8/8/8/8/PPPPPPPP/RNBQKBNR w KQkq 0 1"]

1.e4 -- 2.d4 {etc.}


This game:

F Amelung vs G Schneehagen, 1856

as it currently stands, is not an odds game, but merely a colors-reversed game.


Premium Chessgames Member
  Stonehenge: <Steve>

Can you remove the photo here: Alexander McDonnell?

That's not Alexander McDonnell the chess player.

I tried to remove the caption but I get this message (and that's not the first time):

EACCES: permission denied, open '/home/chessgames/www/'>

May-25-22  Z free or die: RE: photos

Normally I argue for the liberal side, i.e. allowing permissive norms for things like adding photos.

However, I think there should be something like notice of updates, additions, and deletions in the Bistro.

A lockout latch might also be considered for cases where it is commonly know that no photo or portrait of a player is known, e.g. for the above case.


Premium Chessgames Member
  stevemcd87: <MissS: chessforum>

It seems the dupe filter only checks for duplicates on the given year, the players are not taken into consideration. It will not catch a dupe from a different year.
A work around to force games that are flagged as a dupe will be to change the year or add <KxK> to the score(<Z> gave me the idea - stevemcd87 chessforum ).

Premium Chessgames Member
  stevemcd87: Also, a volunteer—petemcd85—helped look into the "Three time repetition claimable" issue and believes he found the problem. It seems to be working so I made the update to Olga, you may need to do a hard refresh(ctrl + shift+ r) for the update.
He will now be looking into the "null moves" issue.

<Z: How hard would it be to add null moves to <chess.js>?
Not very, I suspect - so why doesn't it have them already?>

<Z>, feel free to point in the right direction

Premium Chessgames Member
  MissScarlett: <petemcd85> A relative?
Premium Chessgames Member
  MissScarlett: <It seems the dupe filter only checks for duplicates on the given year>

Bizarre. Can it be rectified?

Jun-01-22  Z free or die: <<steve> - <Z>, feel free to point in the right direction>

I looked a little bit at the code over at (?)github(?). It does look fairly doable.

Do we have a test harness for <chess.js> outside a browser? In other words, a stand alone testbed.

I'm a bit rustyt at JS, but it seemed readable, and amendable.


Premium Chessgames Member
  MissScarlett: <Steve>, can you clear the pun queue list? I managed to nominate a fresh game in the hope it would do so, but it merely tacked it onto the end.
Premium Chessgames Member
  Stonehenge: Can you delete two correction slips - remnants of the Great Outage:

Game - GLMH46SQ1



and process Chessical's games. I think no one else can.

Premium Chessgames Member
  stevemcd87: Editors should now be able to upload Chessical's games. Let me know if you run into an issue
Premium Chessgames Member
  Stonehenge: After two weeks of no problem regarding stevemcd87 chessforum (kibitz #1019), yesterday it came back again.

Two more hints: control-f to find stuff doesn't work anymore and my laptop fan starts to make noise.

Premium Chessgames Member
  stevemcd87: <Stone> I cleared/archived your previous uploads. Let me know if that helps.
Premium Chessgames Member
  Stonehenge: I've had the same problem already twice after that.

<The button below will update the player's page when "Number of games in database:" doesn't match the actual number of games in the database.>

I hope you can fix the automated process. Same goes for <Last FIDE rating>.

See for example Machteld van Foreest.

<Last FIDE rating: 2161>.

It's actually 2295.

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