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Kings Tournament

Fabiano Caruana5/8(+3 -1 =4)[games]
Wang Hao4.5/8(+2 -1 =5)[games]
Liviu Dieter Nisipeanu4/8(+1 -1 =6)[games]
Teimour Radjabov3.5/8(+0 -1 =7)[games]
Ruslan Ponomariov3/8(+0 -2 =6)[games] Chess Event Description
Kings Tournament (2013)

The 7th Romgaz Kings Tournament was a double round robin played in Bucharest, Romania 7-16 October 2013. Official site: Photo of winner: Crosstable:

1 Caruana ** 0 1 1 1 5 2 Wang Hao 1 ** 0 1 4 3 Nisipeanu 0 1 ** 4 4 Radjabov 0 ** 3 5 Ponomariov 0 0 ** 3

Previous event: Kings' Tournament (2012).

 page 1 of 1; 20 games  PGN Download 
Game  ResultMoves YearEvent/LocaleOpening
1. Radjabov vs Ponomariov ½-½312013Kings TournamentD43 Queen's Gambit Declined Semi-Slav
2. Nisipeanu vs Caruana 0-1572013Kings TournamentD90 Grunfeld
3. Ponomariov vs Nisipeanu  ½-½362013Kings TournamentC42 Petrov Defense
4. Wang Hao vs Radjabov  ½-½362013Kings TournamentD32 Queen's Gambit Declined, Tarrasch
5. Nisipeanu vs Wang Hao 1-0422013Kings TournamentE47 Nimzo-Indian, 4.e3 O-O 5.Bd3
6. Caruana vs Ponomariov  ½-½412013Kings TournamentC42 Petrov Defense
7. Wang Hao vs Caruana ½-½472013Kings TournamentD85 Grunfeld
8. Radjabov vs Nisipeanu  ½-½1162013Kings TournamentE32 Nimzo-Indian, Classical
9. Caruana vs Radjabov 1-0302013Kings TournamentB30 Sicilian
10. Ponomariov vs Wang Hao  ½-½472013Kings TournamentC42 Petrov Defense
11. Ponomariov vs Radjabov  ½-½542013Kings TournamentB30 Sicilian
12. Caruana vs Nisipeanu  ½-½442013Kings TournamentD30 Queen's Gambit Declined
13. Radjabov vs Wang Hao  ½-½462013Kings TournamentD10 Queen's Gambit Declined Slav
14. Nisipeanu vs Ponomariov  ½-½522013Kings TournamentE59 Nimzo-Indian, 4.e3, Main line
15. Wang Hao vs Nisipeanu  ½-½302013Kings TournamentC42 Petrov Defense
16. Ponomariov vs Caruana 0-1462013Kings TournamentA07 King's Indian Attack
17. Caruana vs Wang Hao 0-1482013Kings TournamentC42 Petrov Defense
18. Nisipeanu vs Radjabov  ½-½322013Kings TournamentB22 Sicilian, Alapin
19. Radjabov vs Caruana ½-½192013Kings TournamentD16 Queen's Gambit Declined Slav
20. Wang Hao vs Ponomariov 1-0592013Kings TournamentD42 Queen's Gambit Declined, Semi-Tarrasch, 7.Bd3
 page 1 of 1; 20 games  PGN Download 
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Kibitzer's Corner
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Oct-16-13  SirRuthless: <Calar> Tell that to the Russians. Personally I think he should play a mini-match with Nakamura for it. They are 3.5 rating points apart on the live list and Nakamura is +3 vs Caruana this year with a couple of draws and no losses. The Russians will probably give it to Svidler or Grischuk.
Oct-16-13  DanteAlighieri: Caruana-Nakamura would be a great match! Who could sponsor it? Maybe Rex Sinquefield?
Oct-16-13  csmath: Russian organizer will chose Russian player, no doubt just like Italian organizer would chose Caruana or American would chose Nakamura.

The problem here is with FIDE if they give this event to Khanty-M. It is too far, too remote, and away from public eye. I do not understand how can that help to promote the event but I guess they have no money otherwise.

Event in Khanty-M without Carlsen (likely), without Nakamura, without Caruana and with 50% of Russians will not attract any attention apart from hardcore chess afficionados.

I have nothing against Khanty-M but they should start organizing supertournament (create their own event ...say Kasparov "Memorial") rather than getting FIDE events repeatedly.

Oct-16-13  SirRuthless: Looks like Wang Hao has found something... Good to see him winning games again. Two big wins against staunch defenders.
Oct-16-13  SirRuthless: <csmath> Why do they keep getting FIDE events? What political element in FIDE continues to provide them hosting rights to major events and why do they do it?
Premium Chessgames Member
  parmetd: scary that because Ivanchuk and Ponomariov have done so poorly rating wise recently that eljanov is ahead on the ukranian list (as spot 1). no insult to him, just last time he held the number one spot for month it was after an amazing surge of 50+ points on his own accord before he regressed to the mean.
Oct-16-13  HSOL: SirRuthless: If I'm not mistaken Khanty-Mansiysk is the capital in the Russian republic where the FIDE president at least was president, so basically it's the home city of the FIDE president.
Oct-16-13  Karpova: <HSOL>

Elista is the capital of Kalmykia.

Oct-16-13  virginmind: Well, congratulations to Caruana. Also, good display by Nisipeanu, considering his rating. I didn't expect Ponomariov to place last though.
Oct-16-13  AsosLight: <<csmath:>I have nothing against Khanty-M but they should start organizing supertournament (create their own event ...say Kasparov "Memorial") rather than getting FIDE events repeatedly.>

Given the fact that mr. Kasparov is still alive, and hope for quite awhile, seems a little difficult to organize a Kasparov Memorial, but setting an annual "Kasparov the politician, Memorial" seems perfectly fine :))))))

Oct-16-13  The Last Straw: Oh my god. What is happening to Ponomariov?
Oct-16-13  csmath: Pono blundered against Caruana and then he had a "luck" to run into Wang Hao playing inspired game.

Better question for Pono is how is it possible that such an aggressive player makes a streak of 20+ games without a single win. That is "remarkable."

Oct-17-13  Kikoman: Congratulations GM Fabiano Caruana! :D
Oct-17-13  ex0duz: ex0duz: <parmetd: scary that because Ivanchuk and Ponomariov have done so poorly rating wise recently that eljanov is ahead on the ukranian list (as spot 1). no insult to him, just last time he held the number one spot for month it was after an amazing surge of 50+ points on his own accord before he regressed to the mean.>

Isn't SuperMariov rated 2756(max 2768)~ and Eljanov is only 2706(max 2755)~? How can Eljanov be ahead of him ratings wise? And 2756~ is not bad for Ponomariov.. or anyone. I mean, it's only 12 rating from his all time high..

Lastly, i think Caruana is turning into Wang Hao's customer.. same as Nakamura.

Maybe the chinese has something vs these young 'americans'. He also has a respectable score vs Carlsen when compared with Naka. He started out slow/badly, but made up for it with wins in the last two rounds vs the strongest competitors in the tourney.

Nisipeanu did better than i expected, and Radjabov did roughly how i thought he would. Hopefully he's back on the right track now and doesn't lose too many more rating points.

Grats to Caruana though, another tourney under the belt for him. He's quickly becoming a very reliable/solid player that's always a threat at every tournament. But he really needs to win a game vs Wang Hao sometime soon.

<Classical games: Wang Hao beat Fabiano Caruana 5 to 0, with 3 draws.>

EDIT: Granted, Wang Hao has had white 7 out of those 8 games.. heh. But still, someone of Caruana's skill and strength should not be losing 5/8 games, even if he had black all 8 games(the 1 game he had white, he still lost). Anyone know what's going on here? Is it something psychological? Because Wang is chinese and young, same as Magnus perhaps to Naka?

Least games between them are mostly decisive and not boring draws, but i guess Wang Hao's style is pretty much always "fighting!!" as the Koreans would put it.

Oct-17-13  SirRuthless: Styles make fights.

There is probably also a psychological element to their respective head to head records as well. Perhaps after so much beatings through history, the scarring builds up and players can not play their best chess vs certain opponents.

Caruana was very nearly won vs wang hao in their last encounter but found a way to choke. Nakamura just needed a draw vs elfand in their last encounter but found a way to play into gelfands pet opening and lose a critical game with white pieces

Caruana just choked against nakamura in their last encounter

Nakamura is definitely scared of carlsen at this point even if he won't admit it(he shouldn't)

Oct-17-13  SirRuthless: My point is <ex0duz> that:

1)styles make fights at this level even more than absolute strength.

2)past experience can and does influence a player's future play vs opponents.

Oct-18-13  ex0duz: I completely agree SirRuthless.

I don't know if i should have this conversation here or somewhere else(anyone know where this belongs, or if there's already a thread for it somewhere).. but yeah. Do you guys have a list of who's who's customer?

Like Naka is Carlsens, Caruana is Wang(Hao's), Anand is Kasparovs, etc etc?

Of course there are heaps, so maybe just stick to your top 5 or 10 max, and keep it up to date and modern(perhaps even limited to just current/active players). Thanks guys.

Oct-18-13  Billy Vaughan: <Calar: Radjabov - Caruana was early draw ended in <perpetual chess.>>

Perpetual chess, huh? Is that what people are talking about when they say they want longer matches!? Too much of a good thing, you know...

Oct-18-13  Kinghunt: <ex0duz> I can't give you a full list, but I can tell you Naka's relationship against Carlsen isn't very unique. For comparison...

Carlsen-Nakamura: +7 -0 =13 (68%)
Carlsen-Topalov: +5 -0 =3 (81%)
Carlsen-Radjabov: +5 -0 =9 (68%)
Carlsen-Dominguez: +4 -0 =2 (83%)
Carlsen-Gelfand: +4 -0 =4 (75%)

All stats are from 2009-2013. So while Nakamura may have more straight losses than anyone else to Carlsen, he actually does better percentage-wise than a bunch of others. (Based on rating alone, Carlsen is expected to score about 64% against most of these guys, who are all roughly 100 points below him.)

Oct-18-13  ex0duz: Kinghunt: you make a very good/interesting point about their expected score vs their results in % as opposed to just number of losses.

I guess a real customer is something like Wang-Caruana which is +5-0=3..

And while Topa and Dominguez might be worse off % wise, i guess we just remember/count the losses which is why Naka tends to stand out more as having a bigger psychological problem vs Carlsen than Topa/Dominguez etc. I don't think we even think that Topa/Dominguez even HAVE a psychological problem vs Carlsen(well, at least not like Naka.. and if those two have a "psychological problem" vs Carlsen, then i guess EVERYONE has a problem vs him lol). So yeah, i dunno if i would call that a psychological problem, but for Naka, i definitely would call it that. Am i being biased? It certainly feels like i am.. HOWEVER, perhaps i'm missing something too that would justify me thinking this way(like perhaps from interviews i get the feeling that he does have psychological problem vs Carlsen).

OK, now that i looked at it again, i will say that Topa and Dominguez are both definitely customers of Carlsen since they have more losses than draws, and they have not even won a single game off Carlsen.

Maybe i don't really feel this way because everyone is Carlsens customer so it doesn't feel like anything special. That just shows how good Carlsen is though.. to make people like Topa your customer with +5-0=3(exactly the same score for Wang Hao - Caruana)

Maybe it has to do with them playing that unofficial 50 game rapid/blitz match in their hotel rooms after the end of some round/tourney they were playing. I think Naka lost that one(like got psychologically crushed, since at the time he was supposed to be online/blitz king too). Are we all being biased, or where did we get the idea from that Naka has always been Carlsens customer? Is it because Naka is like Carlsens 'biggest rival' so we pay more attention to their games/results? If he's not Carlsens biggest rival on the board, then off the board Naka is probably Carlsens biggest rival. What do you guys think?

Maybe i should post this in Naka's profile forum but oh well. This tourney is already over anyway.

Oct-18-13  SirRuthless: In their last few encounters nakamura has worn a hat and a pair of Ray-ban sunglasses. If he needs "tokens" like that to play carlsen then he definitely has a psychological problem. Opponents he has a good record against like


He tend to play well throughout the game.

Wang Hao

He tends to play worse from the first move.

I also think Carlsen gives extra effort to crush the "annoying american" and takes pleasure is beating him yet again.

Premium Chessgames Member
  ChemMac: Didn't Nakamura win an exhibition match against Carlsen a few years ago, when I guess Carlsen was not yet Carlsen? That was either in Norway or Denmark (close enough!) and must have made young Carlsen annoyed. Nakamura wins many games from combinations that opponents do not see, but Carlsen does.
Oct-19-13  kellmano: Great tournament for Radjabov. Only one defeat and not plain last.

Must be very painful to be in such a bad run of form. Quite hard to argue it's bad form really, as it has been so long.

Nov-07-13  FSR: <Kinghunt: ... Carlsen-Gelfand: +4 -0 =4 (75%)

All stats are from 2009-2013.>

Makes Anand's world championship overtime win against Gelfand (+1 =10 -1 in regulation, +1 =3 -0 in rapid) look pretty lame, doesn't it?

Their lifetime record: <Classical games: Viswanathan Anand beat Boris Gelfand 7 to 6, with 40 draws.>

I will be very surprised if Carlsen doesn't clean Anand's clock.

Nov-19-13  amosianboy: The worst was Shirov to Kasparov.
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