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Robert James Fischer

<All I want to do, ever, is just play <<<chess>>>>

Given to the world at age 17- Leipzig Olympiad:

Fischer vs Tal, 1960

White to play--

click for larger view

<Here lies one whose name was writ in <<<chess>>>>


<Fischer Biography> by Kingscrusher:








1. The church:

2. The grave and headstone:

3. Bobby Fischer Memorial Desk and Photograph:




1. <Bobby Fischer: a Chess Biography>

2. <Anything to Win- the Mad Genius of Bobby Fischer>

3.<Fischer-Spassky 1972>

4. <Bobby Fischer Biography in pictures and music>

5. <Dick Cavett Interview>

6. <Actual film footage of Spassky Trapping Bobby's Bishop in Game One>

7. <Bobby on "I've got a Secret">

8. <CBC Interview of Bobby Fischer>

9. <Amsterdam Hotel Press Conference>- FIDE president Max Euwe and Bobby announce the match at Reykjavik

10. <Dominic Lawson host as chess returns to BBC radio after half a century- Leonard Barden partnered Bobby Fischer in 1964>



1. BOBBY FISCHER Sports Illustrated

2. THE WONDER MATCH by Michael Paterniti

3. BOOK REVIEW: "Russians v. Fischer"

4. YOUNG FISCHER- An Appraisal of His Chess Strength

by Eyal Segal Eyal chessforum (kibitz #4940)

5. CHECKMATE by Bobby Fischer (Capatal)



(<Eyal Segal> is multiple winner of the CAISSAR AAWARD for <Best Analyst>, so be sure to click on all of the games links in this article in order to see Eyal's analysis of interesting points and highlights in each of the 20 Fischer brilliancies in this collection)

jessicafischerqueen chessforum


9. BOBBY FISCHER 1943-2008 By Chandler

10. LIFE IS NOT A BOARD GAME by Peter Nicholas and

11. FISCHER-CASTRO, HAVANA 1966? NOT! by Michael





16. FISH TO FISCHER by Richard Fireman



By GM Lubomir Kavalek



BOBBY FISCHER <GAMES> annotated by

User: Kingscrusher!!!!

<KINGSCRUSHER on <<<FISCHER>>>, KINGSCRUSHER on <<<FISCHER>>>, over 100 video annotations!!!>




1.Candidates Tournament 1959:

Two games analyzed by Kingscrusher--


2. Bled 1961: by Canstein--

3. Short Very Rare Film Clip-- Fischer and Tal at the chessboard:


<Sean G Godley Analyzes Bobby Fischer masterpieces>

1. Fischer v Sherwin (1957)

2. Fischer v Larsen (1958)

3. Fischer v Geller (1961)

4. Unzicker v Fischer (1962)

5. Fischer v Fine (1963)

6. Robert Byrne v Fischer (1963)

7. Evans v Fischer (1965)

8. Nikolic v Fischer (1968)

9. Petrosian v Fischer (1970)

10. Fischer v Addison (1970)



1. Portoroz Interzonal (1958)

2. Bled-Zagreb-Belgrade Candidates (1959)

3. Stockholm Interzonal (1962)

4. Curacao Candidates (1962)

5. Sousse Interzonal (1967)

6. Palma de Mallorca Interzonal (1970)

7. Fischer - Taimanov Candidates Quarterfinal (1971)

8. Fischer - Larsen Candidates Semifinal (1971)

9. Fischer - Petrosian Candidates Final (1971)

10. Fischer - Spassky World Championship Match (1972)




Third Rosenwald Trophy (1956)

Article about the 1956 Rosenwald Tournament and the "Game of the Century"

57th US Open (1956)



58th US Open (1957)

US Championship (1957/58)



Portoroz Interzonal (1958)

US Championship (1958/59)



Bled-Zagreb-Belgrade Candidates (1959)

Mar del Plata (1959)

Santiago (1959)

Zurich (1959)



Buenos Aires (1960)

Buenos Aires (1960)



Bled (1961)

Fischer - Reshevsky (1961)



US Championship (1963/64)



Havana (1965)



Second Piatigorsky Cup (1966)



Skopje (1967)



Netanya (1968)

Vinkovci (1968)



Buenos Aires (1970)

Game Collection: Fischer's Blitz Games at Herceg Novi, 1970

Rovinj/Zagreb (1970)

USSR vs. Rest of the World (1970)



Fischer - Spassky (1992)

Kupreichik vs Vaisser, 1984 Game Collection Voting

User: WCC Editing Project

Kenneth Rogoff

Vladimir Petrov

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   jessicafischerqueen has kibitzed 39089 times to chessgames   [more...]
   Nov-13-17 jessicafischerqueen chessforum (replies)
jessicafischerqueen: <Paint My Dragon> Arghh my memory is terrible. This is an edited re- post, now that I've actually remembered. The original post had an anecdote from a few years back but I realized I didn't remember it correctly enough for it to make sense even: <Sy Stubbins>
   Nov-12-17 Boomie chessforum (replies)
jessicafischerqueen: *Snohomish*
   Nov-12-17 Travis Bickle chessforum
jessicafischerqueen: <tbonesteaks> I just came back from <Hozza's> place and saw you posted <Morrisey>? I didn't know you liked him but it's not surprising since he's excellent. Here is official video of my favorite Morrisey track:
   Nov-12-17 harrylime chessforum (replies)
jessicafischerqueen: <tbon> Morrisey is awesome brah and that's an awesome track- well chosen. Just yesterday during the <England-Germany> "friendly" match the camera kept panning to where Morrisey's old partner <Johnny Marr> was sitting. ##################### ...
   Nov-09-17 Richard Taylor chessforum (replies)
jessicafischerqueen: <Dr. Power> <1) I don't really want to understand the full context.> You better believe you don't. <2) Please donate the Burritos to the nearest hungry-looking person.> Will do. I will mail them to my noted Hispanicked friend <Teem>. He's ...
   Nov-07-17 playground player chessforum (replies)
jessicafischerqueen: <Lee> I just got back from your forum and you have a whole pile of recent content- interesting array of topics too. You appear to be in a good mood and on form as well, which is excellent. I'm not surprised to learn that <Elvis Presley> chose your website to ...
   Nov-06-17 twinlark chessforum (replies)
jessicafischerqueen: *Capricornia, Australia*
   Oct-10-17 morfishine chessforum (replies)
jessicafischerqueen: <What does Grassley Knoll about the assassination?> ahhh ahaha One of your best, my dear <Morf>. AHAHAHAHA
   Oct-09-17 Kibitzer's Café (replies)
jessicafischerqueen: <Big Jim sports camper, he's the king of the road, won't you help him unload..> Yes Jim OJ was extremely funny in the NAKED GUN opus and nothing can take that away from us- not even OJ himself.
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Tottenham 2017-2018 Champions

Kibitzer's Corner
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Premium Chessgames Member

<Travis> Brilliant Doors track I never heard that before. It was reminding me of music which I couldn't remember but I just found it- <Kurt Weil>, who wrote music with <Berthold Brecht> for his plays.

Then I remembered Jim loved <Kurt Weil> and had actually recorded one of his songs here:

Premium Chessgames Member

<tbonn, Germany> And another track I never heard before- you certainly know your tunes especially Beatles eh?

I wonder what the lads got up to in Australia after the shows.

Nov-10-17  Paint My Dragon: The <Gay Caballero Cup> sounds a blast. That would be a much camper tournament than the EFL Cup, and even a slightly toothless Tottenham would stand a chance of success, as long as they remember to moisturize and press their socks nicely. But yes, I understand your frustration. What will it take to push on to the next level? I think <Pocket Man> is the right guy, he just needs to engender some more belief, get another run of results going and hope that Man City switches to Australian Rules. As a Man U fan, I probably hope for the latter more than most.

You’re right of course. <Broadway Danny> is definitely in the same class as <Johnnie Walker> and badly needs games right now. A bit tough on <Ben Dover> though, who has performed admirably so far this season. And <Moose dumb bell> too. I’d certainly prefer him in the team to <Moose’s sis’ is loco>, whose manager seems to indulge rather than show any great faith in. Maybe the Moose herd needs trimming.

<Dino de Llorentiis> certainly should have subbed for the absent <Kane>. Clearly, Pocket Man has not read his Maslow and Herzberg, or he would know that players need more than top dollar pay, hotel room hookers and christmas light turn-ons to keep them motivated.

It seems <Southgate> will name <Herr Dryer> captain tonight for the friendly against Germany. He must have read my last post and no doubt my consultancy fee is already in transit. I will use it to buy tickets for the Gay Caballero Cup.

Premium Chessgames Member

<Saint Sy of Flagon>

Yes I think <Pocket Chess> is the man of the hour. Let's see if he can make man of the decade.

<Sissoko> is the worst EPL pick since <Memphis> (remember him?). The noted footy pundit <Harry Lime> once said that <Sick of Sosoko> was underperforming because he was too busy "taking baths in French champagne."

I tell you that <Moose Dumbell> is just as hard to get off the ball as <Eden Fire Hazard> and that's saying something. I vote <Moose> as the most underrated midfielder in the league.

Yep hopefully <Pocket Chess> reads your posts and gives <Danny Boy, the Pipes the Pipes are Calling> a good 5 starts out of 5 weeks so we can see him up and down the wing at full pelt again. He showed some grand flashes of pace against <Palace> but you can see his engine will require some warming up.

Seriously though this "cup" that <Spurs> just booted by trotting out a 5th string starting 11 against <West Ham>? The "Carabao Cup" what the hell is that?

Does the winner get to go for a vacation in Jamaica amirite.

Nov-11-17  Paint My Dragon: Oh heck, <Memphis> … did you have to remind me? Tennessee’s worst export … ever. Actually, he has been dynamite in the Dutch and French leagues, but is completely unsuited to the physicality of the EPL. [Apologies if the word “physicality” offends – it doesn’t bother me, but I know there are those who curse its usage]. <Arjen Robben> was in the same mould as Memphis – another slick performer away from the EPL. Meanwhile, Man U continue to be dogged by mediocrity on the wings. Young and Darmian both suck, while the promising <Luke Shaw> has incurred <Jose>’s wrath and so is condemned to cleaning boots until they sell him off. That only leaves Valencia on the right side. Thankfully, he’s not too bad.

Yes, the ‘Carabao Cup’ is indeed the latest incarnation of the EFL Cup, or simply ‘League Cup’ as it was originally known. I think I read somewhere that the sponsor represents a Thai energy drink, so Jamaica may be ruled out. A less generous offer of complimentary tickets to see the <Ladyboys of Bangkok> may be the reason that some clubs aren’t taking it too seriously.

Premium Chessgames Member

<Saint Sy> aha so then it's really true you are a <Red Devil>. I'd have thought that given your geographical coordinates you'd be a <Fulchester United> supporter, but <Man U> is certainly a good choice.

I like watching them too, but I'm not a big fan of <Jose Merano Sheep Wool's> philosophy. Too nitpicky and defensive, though he's certainly a huge improvement on <Louis the Gall of him>, who just about single handedly destroyed 300 years of Manchester United history by putting everyone, including the players, asleep.

Don't get me wrong- I love <Jose Merano Sheep's Wool> as a person. He's never so happy as when he's feeling miserable, which is a much harder trick to pull off than you might think. Also, how can you not love a man who gets banished to the upper stands on a regular basis? The best part of those (frequent) episodes is the bailiff taking away his cell-phone, which is part of the punishment for "dissent." AHAHAHAH I love <Jose> you couldn't invent such a person.

I never google footy topics because I'm afraid I'll see "spoilers". I watch the games or match of the day highlights a few days or sometimes a week after they are played, because I download them to watch later.

So I'm not going to google now- instead I will ask you sir- what happened to <Tarzan Ibrahimovic?> Is he still on <Man U> reserve with that injury, or has he taken a job elsewhere? I will watch the <Sweden v Italia> qualifier tomorrow. Will I see him on the pitch?

I'm trying to watch the <Blighty v Charles Krauthammer> friendly right now but I keep falling asleep.

Honestly I wish they would just do away with friendlies altogether. If I wanted to watch a "friendly" I would support poetry readings or lawn bowling instead of football. It's not a real football match if they don't haul at least three men off the field in a stretcher.

Premium Chessgames Member

<Saint Sy>

Yes you're certainly right about <Ironing Board Robben>. When not plagued by chronic injury, he flourished running up and down the wing for "Peppy" <Guardiola> at <Bayern>. As did his partner <FRONK Ribery> on the other wing, though sadly he is also plagued by recurring injury.

They were magnificent together.

I wonder why <Man U> didn't go for a big ticket wingback? Maybe they should have outbid <Man City> for <Kyle "the traitor" Walker>. Or tried to buy <Danny Rose>.

I was so mad at <Kyle Walker> but at the end of the day you can't really blame the footballer. Also <Jack Trip Wire> has been grand this year- his crosses are often stellar and produce goals. At present I don't think <Spurs> are really missing <Walker>.

It may help, as I believe you pointed out some days ago, that <Spurs> had a spare <Kyle Walker>, and he even plays the exact same position. What were the odds? Scientific proof:

Nov-11-17  Paint My Dragon: Yes, too many Mooses and Kyle Walkers. It’s confusing, like my football allegiances. I have followed the fortunes of Man U (first love), Forest (Stuart Pearce era), Spurs, Newcastle and as you correctly remembered, Fulchester United. That’s what comes of having lived in various parts of the country (and reading comics).

No, I don’t think <Tarzan> is recovered yet, but he is still a Red and has learned from <Schweinfever> before him that opening hospital wards pays very well and ingratiates you with the fans. I sometimes feel that <Merino Sheep> would be less tolerant if their wage bills were coming from his own pocket, but like you, I have a lot of time for him, with his wry, mischevious mannerisms and snappy temperament. Such a lovable clown – the <Viktor Korchnoi> of footy. I also love how he squares up to people on the touchline, despite his physical stature being that of a minnow.

I believe we <MUFC> did try to buy a big ticket wingback, and <Broadway Danny Rose> was mentioned in dispatches, but nothing came of it.

I deliberately didn’t discuss the Blighty game in case you were saving it for later. There were decent performances from <Tripwire>, <Lofty Creek> and <Pickford> in an otherwise flat, non-spectacle. I agree, these friendlies are just barely watchable. At least we were spared any involvement by the video assistant referee <VAR> system. The Brazil game on Tuesday might be better – for sure, there will be fewer excuses without world champion opposition.

Nov-11-17  crawfb5:
Premium Chessgames Member

<Big Football>

Thank you!

This is how stupid I am. When I looked at the excellent <Paul Bunyansliga> link you provided, it looked familiar.

You sent that to me before amirite and I guess I was too lazy/stupid to bookmark the site. I have now!

On other news, years ago we compared our monitor sizes. I bragged I had a 48 inch screen and you informed me you had a 50 inch?

Mine just imploded after 6 (six) years' service and I have replaced it with a 52 inch, solely to be bigger than yours.

You're not jealous are you?

I don't want you to be jealous.

Premium Chessgames Member

<The Smiths> There is a Light

Premium Chessgames Member

<Saint Sy>

I'm the same- Traditionally I supported <Liverpool> mainly but in recent years it's more <Tottenham>. Also I support <Stoke City> (because of Crouchy) and <Newcastle United> very recently because they brought back <Jonjo Book Shelvey>, who I used to watch on <Swansea City> who I also follow. I like Wales and I like Welsh football and I supported them during the European Championship.

Yes <Trippier> did indeed perform well and I think he still has upside. I don't think the pundits expected him to perform as well as he's doing this year at <Spurs>.

All that said, I have to say there is no "English" Club side I don't enjoy watching. I put that in quotations because nowerdays the top English Clubs don't have any fckn Englishmen on the squads.

However, I was stunned by <Gareth "Bale" Southbrook's> decision to start <Tammy Abraham>.

This is the first time a woman has ever played for the men's team amirite.

Now if only <Larissa Gay> were English they could get two women into the squad!

Premium Chessgames Member

<Saint Sy of Flanagan>

Oh and I appreciate your delicacy vis a vis SPOILERS. I have just one more match to watch and I'm fully caught up- <Chelsea v ManU>.

I just saw <Man City> thoroughly vanquish <Arsenal>, and it reminded me of last season when <Spurs> beat <Man City> in their first encounter.

<Arsenal> gaffer <El Poilo Peligroso> can't be faulted on his historical gaffing record, but it was squarely his fault <Arsenal> failed to threaten. To beat <Man City> you have to throw all caution to the wind and play on the front foot, all cannons loaded and a high line with a high press. That is precisely how <Spurs> beat them last season, and that is precisely why <Arsenal> looked like a bunch of sick nuns against them.

<El Poilo Peligroso> needed to do two things to be competitive in this match:

1. Bench that lazy <Messy Oizil> and keep him there until he shows he's willing to put in a shift.

2. Start all the cannons from the opening whistle- <Sanchez>, <Decorative Tea Cozette>, and <Laurence Olivier Giroud>. Not wait until half time like he did.

IIRC, <Man City> had won their first 8 (eight) matches last season when <Spurs> beat them, and City went off form straight after. That was the most magnificent game I've seen <Spurs> play, and they'll have to show they can do that on a regular basis before they get any hardware.

Prediction: <Arsenal> never gets any more hardware under <El Poilo Peligroso>. Not even the <Gay Caballero Cup>.

Premium Chessgames Member
  saffuna: Article from 1999 in The New Yorker by Salman Rushdie describing his fanatical support of Tottenham Hotspurs:

May be behind the paywall.

Premium Chessgames Member
  saffuna: <IIRC, <Man City> had won their first 8 (eight) matches last season when <Spurs> beat them, >

What's the date of that game?

Premium Chessgames Member

<Jim> Well met, and thank you brah. I may go pass the paywall by buying a prescription. <The New Yorker> is a fine magazine.

Here are highlights from the game in question, Feb 14, 2016.

<Spurs> love letter to <Man City>:

Nov-13-17  Paint My Dragon: <Wenger> is a dangerous chicken? I might be confused.

Indeed, that Spurs victory over City was pivotal last season and it’s imperative that someone now steps forward and borrows from your playbook. However, I worry that <Top Sante>, De Bruyner, Aguero and chums are all looking superhuman this season. City’s fluidity and creativity in front of goal is going to be hard to resist.

<Tammy> does sound very wrong for a boy’s name, especially when his real name is Kevin! His schoolmates clearly picked him out something that would cause maximum embarrassment and it stuck …

Time for an audiovisual aid:

But yeah, some miserable ENG performances, including <Abraham>. Gareth went a bit ‘new cap’ loopy and I’m surprised the Germans didn’t turn us over. I suspect the <real> England first XI will still echo the last Euros – certainly, I’d want <Lallana> back (and he is now close to fitness). I’d also like to see <Wilshere> and <Oxlade> if they can both keep their act together. On the other hand, I would say it’s time to axe Hart, Sturridge, Walcott and Welbeck in order to accommodate the likes of Trippier, Loftus-Cheek, and Pickford. Strikers are more difficult – <Kane>, Rashford, and who else? Only Vardy I guess.

Some impressive names in my <Fantasy League> this year – Neville Wears Prada, Game of Throw-ins, Murder on Zidane’s Floor, Smack My Bilic Up … I can’t remember when there was such a bumper crop.

Premium Chessgames Member

lol <Greg Davies> well chosen- I'd never heard of him before:

"Baghdad" is genius for a nick name.

Premium Chessgames Member

Yes <Commit Arson Bengal Tiger> is a dangerous chicken because his gaffing suffers from a lack of daring-do, and yet he has still garnered a respectable amount of hardware.

He's a frustrating gaffer in that regard, bit of both I should think. Chicken (cowardly), yet still dangerous on back class.

I don't think he's a "fit" for <Arsenal> any more though.

I did make a mistake though- I couldn't remember his name and confused him with <Manual Labor Pellegrini>.

I think.

Premium Chessgames Member

Oh and also I couldn't agree more with your comment about the <EPL> "physicality."

This is the main reason <Lazy Ozil> can start for the World Champions but can't make any impact on determined <EPL> opposition.

He has an impressive number of assists in the <EPL> but these were mainly collected from weak teams, or strong teams who felt lazy that day.

I have so much more respect for players who are willing to put in a shift, and willing to make and take a good tackle- they will form the back bone of any successful <EPL> club.

Premium Chessgames Member

<Paint My Dragon>

Arghh my memory is terrible. This is an edited re- post, now that I've actually remembered. The original post had an anecdote from a few years back but I realized I didn't remember it correctly enough for it to make sense even:

<Sy Stubbins> (actual famous American card trick expert and con man)

This, exactly: <On the other hand, I would say it’s time to axe Hart, Sturridge, Walcott and Welbeck in order to accommodate the likes of Trippier, Loftus-Cheek, and Pickford. Strikers are more difficult – <Kane>, Rashford, and who else? Only Vardy I guess.>

If England had any sense they would hire you.

Your <Fantasy League> sounds interesting- you guys pick gaffers and footy pundits as well?

I can identify <Zidane> and <Slave-name Bilic>, but the other two are more difficult. Do you mean <Gary Neville>? He is the crabbiest, and therefore best, pundit in the business, for my money.

Premium Chessgames Member
  Travis Bickle: Hey Ho, Jessthe5thBeatle, besides your link of 'Everyday Is Like Sunday' by Morrissey & 'The Last of the International Playboys' I think this may be my favorite Mo tune.. Check it out Teacha... ; P

MO - Late Night, Maudlin Street

Nov-13-17  Paint My Dragon: Haha, I'm still picturing <Wenger> strutting the touchline as a dangerous chicken. You would get a painful peck from that beak.

Yes, <Gary and/or Phil Neville>; they were brothers/players for MUFC but are mostly pundits these days. Game of Throw-ins = Game of Thrones. These are just daft team names that people have invented. If you're not familiar with Fantasy Leagues, then a visit to:

will be your best introduction. It requires registration (what doesn't?) but is 100% free. You could probably join late and get in some practice ahead of next season. In fact the "Join A League" button/function will probably put you in a league with other late joiners, so it will still be fun. Basically, you pick a team name, then a squad worth up to £100 million, then week by week select your best XI and hope that they perform to your expectations. Each player gets awarded points depending on goals scored, assists, clean sheets etc. There are weekly transfer possibilities and your captain (changeable) gets double points. The rules aren't too daunting and are well explained. Give it a go and you will be a <well oiled machine> come the start of next season.

I am currently placed 187,222 in the league, which is less shabby than it sounds, given that there are about 5.4 million players!

Nov-14-17  Paint My Dragon: <Head of Languages>

More from the wit and storytelling of Greg Davies:

And check out his TV shows Taskmaster and Man Down (the first series with Rik Mayall playing his Dad is particularly funny) if you get the chance.

Premium Chessgames Member
  thegoodanarchist: <He has an impressive number of assists in the <EPL> but these were mainly collected from weak teams, or strong teams who felt lazy that day.>

Put it on his headstone: Played well against the strong but lazy folk

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