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Veselin Topalov vs Vassily Ivanchuk
"Over the Top" (game of the day Jul-14-2016)
Linares (1999), Linares ESP, rd 13, Mar-09
Zukertort Opening: Sicilian Invitation (A04)  ·  0-1


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Given 38 times; par: 30 [what's this?]

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sac: 18...Nxe2 PGN: download | view | print Help: general | java-troubleshooting

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Kibitzer's Corner
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Jan-31-15  rodantero: After 14...e4 black is winning already.
Aug-01-15  yurikvelo:

this game multiPV

Premium Chessgames Member
  Penguincw: Hmm, white is up a pawn.

I completely missed this puzzle, but that's because I simply treated it as an OTB game, and not a game where I have to find some crazy solution.

If this position were to appear OTB, I'd get rid of the bishop pair and get my rooks active. Ex. 18...Nb3 19.Rb1 Nxc1 20.Qxc1 Rc8 22.Rb4 Bd5 23.Bxd5 Qxd5, you know, those types of moves.

Premium Chessgames Member
  diagonalley: the final attack is simply stratospheric... sadly <diagonalley> is on terra firma :-(
Premium Chessgames Member
  An Englishman: Good Evening: Classic Spielmann--oops, er, I mean, Ivanchuk at his best. What made this puzzle esp. difficult consists of the fact that Black has a lot of not-bad moves such as 18...Bh3 at his disposal. But after asking oneself "What would Rudolf have done?" the solution becomes both clear and unclear. Clear in that the first two moves are easy to see. Unclear in that this had to have been a speculative sacrifice and you have to trust yourself to find the right moves until the end.
Sep-26-15  INFINIT8: I saw the knight sacrifice immediately and only debated to myself whether to go ahead or use Bd5 for some kind of leverage. I chose using the knight because it kicks away your enemy's shield so to say and brings him in closer for the kill.
Sep-26-15  greenfield67: The funny thing is, many players of moderate strength would play 18...Nxe2. Lots of weaknesses for White, good chances to grab the bishop back through a pin on the e file; this type of attack generally works out well in practice. But to see the move as a possible variation after the pawn sac, and to actually calculate it to a win - now that's a hell of a thing...
Premium Chessgames Member
  Once: It is indeed one hell of a thing. But do we know that Ivanchuk calculated this out to a win?

18...Nxe2 is one of those moves that we can play on general principles. Black has sacrificed a pawn in return for better development. He needs to take advantage of that better development before white catches up, castles, develops his Bc1 and gets his rooks into play.

Fearsome calculation or excellent judgement or a bit of both? Either way, it's impressive but I don't think we should assume that Chuky worked it all out to the end.

Premium Chessgames Member
  agb2002: Black has a bishop and a knight for the bishop pair and a pawn.

White is about to castle, assuming it still is legal (<> I think the web page should give a hint about the respective castling options, at least whenever pertinent).

The first idea that comes to mind is 18... Nxe2, exposing the white king:

A) 19.Kxe2 Qh5+

A.1) 20.Bf3 Bc4+ looks disastrous for White.

A.2) 20.f3 f5 with a strong attack. For example, 21.Bxb7 Bc4+ 22.Kf2 Rfe8 23.Be3 f4 24.gxf4 Qh4+ 25.Kg2 Rxe3.

A.3) 20.Kf1 Rd1+ 21.Kg2 Bh3#.

A.4) 20.Kd1 Q(R)d1#.

A.5) 20.Ke3 Rfe8 looks very bad for White.

B) 19.Qb4 Nxc6 20.Bf3 (20.Qxa5 Rd8#; 20.O-O Qxb4 21.axb4 Nxe4 22.Re1 Bd5 wins a bishop) 20...

C) 19.Qxe2 Qxc3+ wins decisive material.

D) 19.Bg5 Qxg5 followed by Rfe8 looks very good for Black.

I can't dedicate more time to this puzzle today.

Premium Chessgames Member
  Once: <agb2002) That's an interesting point. I always assume that puzzles work on the basis of castling being allowed unless it is clear that is impossible. Presumably CG has no easy way of saying whether castling is allowed or not so they avoid positions where it would be ambiguous?

On a sidenote, I suspect that CG has many games/ positions that it would like to feature as a POTD, but which they can't use for some reason - for example because there is more than one winning move or because castling rights are unclear.

Premium Chessgames Member
  patzer2: Here's my look at the game and the Saturday puzzle (18...?) with the Opening Explorer (OE) and Deep Fritz 14:

<1. Nf3 c5 2. c4 Nc6 3. d4 cxd4 4. Nxd4 e6 5. g3 Bb4+> Here I like 5... Qb6 = as in Ivanchuk vs Grischuk, 2011 or Karjakin vs Grischuk, 2014..

<6. Nc3 Qa5 7. Ndb5 d5 8. a3> Here Fritz prefers 8. Bf4 when play might continue 8...e5 9. Bd2 d4 (Not 9... dxc4? which allows 10. a3! Bxc3 11. Nd6+ Kf8 12. Bxc3 and improves over 9...dxc4? 10. Nd5 = as in T Engqvist vs T Wedberg, 2001) 10. Nd5 Bxd2+ 11. Qxd2 Qxd2+ 12. Kxd2 Kf8 13. Bg2 =.

<8... Bxc3+ 9. bxc3 Nf6 10. Bg2?!> This move concedes the advantage to Black, and this is the only game in which it was played in the OE.

Stronger is 10. Nd6+! when play might continue 10...Ke7 11. cxd5 Nxd5 12. Bd2 Nb6 13. c4 Qe5 14. Bf4 Qc3+ 15. Bd2 Qe5 16. Bf4 Qc3+ 17. Bd2 Qe5 = with a draw by repetition.

<10... O-O 11. Qb3 dxc4 12. Qxc4 e5 13. Nd6 Be6 14. Qd3 e4 15. Nxe4 Nxe4 16. Bxe4 Rad8 17. Qc2 Nd4 18. Qb2 Nxe2!!> This strong move solves today's Saturday puzzle.

<19. Kxe2 Rfe8!> This appears to be the strongest winning follow-up.

However, Black can also win with 19... Bc4+ when play might continue 20. Kf3 Rde8! 21. Re1 (21. Bxb7? Bd5+ 22. Kg4 Rb8 ; 21. Be3 Rxe4 22. Kxe4? f5+ 23. Kf4 Qc7+ 24. Kf3 Qc6+ 25. Kf4 Qe4+ 26. Kg5 Qg4#) 21... Rxe4 22. Rxe4 (22. Kxe4 Re8+ ) 22... Qd5 23. Qd2 Bd3 24. g4 Qxe4+ 25. Kg3 Be2 26. Qf4 Qh1 27. Ra2 Qg1+ 28. Kh3 f5 29. Rxe2 Qf1+ 30. Kg3 Qxe2 (-2.95 @ 23 depth).

<20. Qb4> This makes the win a bit easier for Black.

Though it still loses to strong play, White can put up more resistance with 20. f3 f5 21. Bxb7 Bc4+ when play might continue 22. Kf2 Re2+ 23. Qxe2 Bxe2 24. Rb1 (24. Kxe2? Qxc3! ; 24. Be3 Bd3 25. Rhd1 Qc7 26. Ba8 Qc4 27. Bb7 Rd7 ) 24... Qxc3 25. Bf4 Bd3 26. Rhc1 Qxa3 27. Rd1 a5 28. Rb5 Rd7 29. Rd5 Qb2+ 30. Rd2 Qxb7 31. R5xd3 Rxd3 32. Rxd3 a4 (-4.09 @ 21 depth).

<20... Qh5+ 21. f3> If 21. Bf3 then 21...Bc4#.

<21... f5 22. g4 Qh3 23. gxf5 Bxf5 24. Qc4+ Kh8 25. Re1 Rxe4+ 0-1>

White resigns in lieu of 26. fxe4 (26. Qxe4 Bxe4 ; 26. Kf2 Qxh2+ 27. Kf1 Bh3#) 26... Bg4+ 27. Kf2 Qxh2+ 28. Ke3 Qg3#.

P.S. My Saturday solution was 18...Nxe2!! 19. Kxe2 Bc4+ , but I missed much of the Fritz follow-up to 19...Bc4+.

Sep-26-15  wooden nickel: <agb2002: ... White is about to castle, assuming it still is legal (<> I think the web page should give a hint about the respective castling options, at least whenever pertinent).> I agree, although it might be awkward to illustrate... we certainly don't want to peek at the game ahead of time and risk spoiling the puzzle! ... didn't get spoiled today, I enjoyed the text move, also when White doesn't accept, it's a bit tricky.
Premium Chessgames Member
  morfishine: Ivan chucks a piece for a winning attack
Premium Chessgames Member
  kevin86: Black sacrificed a piece to expose white's king...and the attack followed.
Sep-26-15  houtenton: <agb2002><once> in these cases I open the game before I try to solve the problem, wait one second until the position appears with sufficient self-discipline not to look downwards. (adjust your pc-screen so that only the chessboard and the rule under it are visible now, if necessary). Remember the number of the move, go back to the beginning (<<) and follow the game until the critical move. Now you know if you can still castling, what was the previous move and other advantages. Is this an idea or am I underestimating you?
Premium Chessgames Member
  morfishine: <Once> I have to disagree with this statement: <...Either way, it's impressive but I don't think we should assume that Chuky worked it all out to the end> Of course he did. Seirawan once claimed he saw 29-moves ahead; here, its a mere 8-moves. I can even see that far, depending on how many beers I've had :)


Premium Chessgames Member
  Jimfromprovidence: My move was 18...f5, but I could not do anything with it.

I tried 18...Nxe2, but I could not find a way to break through after 19 Bd2.

click for larger view

Premium Chessgames Member
  chrisowen: Yee ha got it in ive at scream away invests,

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if you clean up suffice e8
fickle flinch ave swell i knew lip pies vies

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every am glad chance lines dipoff angle efface am dug each quad ears aim diligent i co factor ash deem i be an i harangue 18 ... Nxe2 19.Kxe2 Rfe8 20.Qb4 i et tu brutes ables have uniform appraisal am gobs top boggle and gobble cob ive gain do big go bet fob give hog back e8 nest slide wins able to gib one vets have jog back job give go back mob gave bang boogie bop borges and ave bogs am down got back govern band go wobble box give boy gash bog ave off ive ebb an etc eat at eel egg as eak eli am epi ear centre at eve an ewe sheep eyed it envision ave nebula nest cane neck,

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an decadent decade and to docile am dove of piece enter and mops away am cobwebs advance at his advantage off re you feel bind as live gain did am dab hand then 24.Kg1 Rxb2 material equal black has much better position am riven gain bolt 20.Qh5+ lines holds wink again able houses around lane huffle go build aids honour and hope at hive inter glide off i had hoof eg save hills and hastes again am i 21.f3 f5 22.g4 hush gangs aim glean able then as lean aids rove bet gives away invests am glide off gorge then am of 22.Kf2 fxe4 23.Qxe4 light pawn ahead black dominates and can infiltrate easily am route won free flurry on edict have go he 22 ... Qh3 23.gxf5 Bxf5 24.Qc4+ fine cajole aid cream off colds again truth aim creed on edge vet black has calls win canal corridor black monarch eg wins safety ramble give at huff 24 ... Kh8 25.Re1 mate at 14 roughly am beat path high door as put inter glide off an job at hand done rep et tu brutes have uniform appraisal be reticence ogle at ebb and fold of fines 25.Kf2 Qh4+ cage holds again aid honor and hope at hive let heads won as haven change see ko low ave learn ash huffs am dangle then as rig rope at hovel ash aim rove at enters 26.Ke3 Bxe4 27.Qxe4 Rxe4+ dove of peace light has again only choice vetted on edict have give away inter glide queen off and mate at eleven or bet john doe move at foldaway 28.fxe4 vent elegy rates encircle at has won queen then am beset 25 ... Rxe4+ cage evict and evolve easy win engage for ligt resign as mate aint far away around sixteen i think lush intold an glide off band yin and yang inch out time an dane ja ship co shape ditto ok vet bath fane f5 hide fences ment slim jim black fat chance wins dupe cog house ha vehicle moves skim palm cone thin hive wads palms i remember an gas hip stencil light at sea pit to vent vows pin rich dupe sad piece wins chance inch engage i i captain badge budge e6 padre feel like f5 at wins aid cast against light free foot black until dawn can gain width queen roll h5 oust again batch an e8 am dip e4 valve alink e6 padre for wins right castle for ebb queen five piece combo vine castle wins am bin came oaf foal f5 cave free fallow ground i now see knight at first then h5 aids f5 murky at h3 trade link f5 line at rod it's avow amen monarch h8 safe castles and inch have lad down e8 wins

Premium Chessgames Member
  Rookiepawn: <Jimfromprovidence: My move was 18...f5, but I could not do anything with it. I tried 18...Nxe2, but I could not find a way to break through after 19 Bd2.>

Thought the same, but what about 18... Nxe2 19. Bd2 Qe5. Not that I calculated long variants, but after 20. f3 Nxg3 Black gets two pawns for the N and White's position is anything but easy. Besides, against other moves the threat f5 is always there.

After 19 Bd2 Qe5 I'd rather play the Black side anytime. That's why I think White needs to take the N and cling to material otherwise imho it is clearly inferior.

Jul-14-16  Bravehorse: Seems like after 19. Bd2, black can just simply cling onto the knight with 19... Bc4. The simple threat of Re8 is invincible.
Premium Chessgames Member
  kevin86: White's exposed king is about to be rounded up by black's forces.
Premium Chessgames Member
  ajile: <patzer2: <8... Bxc3+ 9. bxc3 Nf6 10. Bg2?!> This move concedes the advantage to Black, and this is the only game in which it was played in the OE.

Stronger is 10.Nd6+!>

I was also puzzled when White didn't play this move <10.Nd6+> which misplaces Black's king.

Jul-14-16  psmith: <Jimfromprovidence> Stockfish gives the cool move 19. Bd2 Qe5!
Premium Chessgames Member
  kingscrusher: Nice one!
Dec-24-16  Saniyat24: Wow, what a game...what formation they reach after just 14-15 moves! A very memorable match between two attacking players....and what a move is Ivanchuk's 18...Ne2...simply fantastic!
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