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M Marin 
Mihail Marin
Number of games in database: 480
Years covered: 1985 to 2015
Last FIDE rating: 2580 (2568 rapid)
Highest rating achieved in database: 2616
Overall record: +138 -82 =260 (55.8%)*
   * Overall winning percentage = (wins+draws/2) / total games
      Based on games in the database; may be incomplete.

With the White pieces:
 English, 1 c4 e5 (34) 
    A29 A22 A20 A21 A26
 English (29) 
    A13 A10 A15 A14 A11
 King's Indian (27) 
    E63 E77 E94 E67 E62
 Queen's Pawn Game (26) 
    A46 A41 D02 A40 D05
 Grunfeld (18) 
    D87 D86 D91 D94 D92
 Semi-Slav (14) 
    D47 D45 D48 D43
With the Black pieces:
 Pirc (35) 
    B07 B09 B08
 Modern Benoni (29) 
    A57 A56 A64 A62 A68
 Ruy Lopez (29) 
    C80 C77 C82 C69 C97
 King's Indian (17) 
    E97 E64 E94 E66 E92
 Ruy Lopez, Open (17) 
    C80 C82
 French Defense (13) 
    C16 C01 C07 C15 C00
Repertoire Explorer

NOTABLE GAMES: [what is this?]
   Y Shulman vs M Marin, 2009 0-1
   M Marin vs A Merry, 2014 1-0
   A Chudinovskikh vs M Marin, 2008 0-1
   D E Cori Tello vs M Marin, 2012 0-1
   M Marin vs J M De La Villa Garcia, 1987 1/2-1/2
   J Akesson vs M Marin, 2004 1/2-1/2
   M Marin vs Q Ducarmon, 2015 1-0
   M R Petersen vs M Marin, 2015 0-1
   M Marin vs Dreev, 2009 1-0
   H Danielsen vs M Marin, 2009 0-1

NOTABLE TOURNAMENTS: [what is this?]
   Politiken Cup (2015)
   Reykjavik Open (2009)
   Reggio Emilia (2008)
   Spanish Team Championship (Honor Division) (2012)
   PokerStars IoM Masters (2014)
   European Team Championship (2015)
   Manila Interzonal (1990)
   EU-ch 4th (2003)
   Bled Olympiad (2002)
   European Individual Championship (2008)
   European Team Championship (2011)
   Chess Olympiad (2012)
   Italian Team Championships (2012)
   European Individual Championship (2015)
   13th European Individual Championship (2012)

GAME COLLECTIONS: [what is this?]
   Mihail Marin's English Opening Wins by ICBM

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(born Apr-21-1965, 50 years old) Romania

[what is this?]
GM Mihail Marin is a noted author who wrote Secrets of Chess Defence (Gambit Publications, 2003), Secrets of Attacking Chess (Gambit Publications, 2005), Learn from the Legends: Chess Champions at Their Best (Quality Chess, 2004) and The English Opening vol. 1-3 (Quality Press, 2009-2010), among others. He was Romanian champion in 1988, 1994 and 1999 (=Constantin Ionescu).

Wikipedia article: Mihail Marin

 page 1 of 20; games 1-25 of 480  PGN Download
Game  ResultMoves Year Event/LocaleOpening
1. M Marin vs Suba 0-135 1985 Romania (ch) 40/709E44 Nimzo-Indian, Fischer Variation, 5.Ne2
2. M Marin vs Anand ½-½59 1986 OakhamE94 King's Indian, Orthodox
3. Beliavsky vs M Marin  ½-½35 1987 SzirakB93 Sicilian, Najdorf, 6.f4
4. M Marin vs Ljubojevic  0-134 1987 SzirakD36 Queen's Gambit Declined, Exchange, Positional line, 6.Qc2
5. M Marin vs Flear  1-074 1987 Szirak iztD94 Grunfeld
6. Petursson vs M Marin  0-138 1987 Taflfelag-PolitehnicA56 Benoni Defense
7. M Marin vs Ulf Andersson  ½-½11 1987 Szirak (Hungary)E21 Nimzo-Indian, Three Knights
8. M Marin vs Portisch  0-142 1987 SzirakE42 Nimzo-Indian, 4.e3 c5, 5.Ne2 (Rubinstein)
9. K Mokry vs M Marin  ½-½40 1987 Warsaw zt-AB90 Sicilian, Najdorf
10. G Milos vs M Marin  ½-½35 1987 Szirak (Hungary)A49 King's Indian, Fianchetto without c4
11. W Schmidt vs M Marin  0-135 1987 Warsaw zt-playoffA56 Benoni Defense
12. M Marin vs Velimirovic  1-030 1987 Szirak InterzonalA04 Reti Opening
13. L Hazai vs M Marin  ½-½17 1987 WarsawB93 Sicilian, Najdorf, 6.f4
14. S Bouaziz vs M Marin  ½-½46 1987 Szirak iztB87 Sicilian, Fischer-Sozin with ...a6 and ...b5
15. M Marin vs Petursson  ½-½44 1987 It BucharestD34 Queen's Gambit Declined, Tarrasch
16. M Marin vs Jansa  1-034 1987 Warsaw zt-AA41 Queen's Pawn Game (with ...d6)
17. M Marin vs W Schmidt  ½-½26 1987 Warsaw zt-AD91 Grunfeld, 5.Bg5
18. L Christiansen vs M Marin  ½-½32 1987 IztA57 Benko Gambit
19. M Marin vs J M De La Villa Garcia  ½-½40 1987 Szirak iztA52 Budapest Gambit
20. Adorjan vs M Marin  ½-½25 1987 IztE64 King's Indian, Fianchetto, Yugoslav System
21. Salov vs M Marin  ½-½57 1987 IztA56 Benoni Defense
22. M Marin vs Joel Benjamin  ½-½61 1987 izt, Szirak 44/695 (Marin,M)E46 Nimzo-Indian
23. M Marin vs D Allan  1-039 1987 Szirak iztD38 Queen's Gambit Declined, Ragozin Variation
24. Nunn vs M Marin 1-027 1987 Szirak (izt) 44/269 (Nunn,J)B80 Sicilian, Scheveningen
25. M Todorcevic vs M Marin  1-043 1987 Szirak InterzonalA49 King's Indian, Fianchetto without c4
 page 1 of 20; games 1-25 of 480  PGN Download
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Kibitzer's Corner
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Aug-26-06  Albertan: Marin is a Benoni Defense practioner and expert of this defense. In the 1994 Moscow Olympiad he defeated GM Akopian using the Benoni.Here is the game score:

[Event "Moscow olm"]
[Site "Moscow"]
[Date "1994.??.??"]
[Round "10"]
[White "Akopian, Vladimir"]
[Black "Marin, Mihail"]
[Result "0-1"]
[ECO "A64"]
[WhiteElo "2630"]
[BlackElo "2520"]
[PlyCount "108"]
[EventDate "1994.??.??"]
[EventType "team"]
[EventCountry "RUS"]
[Source "ChessBase"]

1. d4 Nf6 2. Nf3 e6 3. c4 c5 4. d5 d6 5. Nc3 exd5 6. cxd5 g6 7. g3 Bg7 8. Bg2 O-O 9. O-O Re8 10. Nd2 a6
11. a4 Nbd7 12. h3 Rb8 13. Nc4 Ne5
14. Na3 Nh5 15. e4 Bd7 16. g4 b5
17. axb5 axb5 18. Nc2 b4 19. Ne2 Nf6 20. g5 Nh5 21. f4 Nc4 22.Rb1 Bb5 23. b3 Na3 24. Bxa3 bxa3 25. Nxa3 Bxe2 26. Qxe2 Ng3 27. Qd3 Nxf1 28.Rxf1 h6 29. gxh6 Bd4+ 30. Kh1 f5 31. Nc4 Qf6 32. e5 dxe5 33. fxe5 Bxe5 34.d6 Bd4 35. Bc6 Red8 36. Re1 Qh4 37. Re6 Kh7 38. Qf3 Qxh6 39. Re7+ Kh8 40. Re1 Qh4 41. Re2 Kg7 42. Re7+ Kf6 43. Bd5 Re8 44. Rf7+ Kg5 45. Nd2 Re1+ 46. Nf1 Qf4 47.Qxf4+ Kxf4 48. Bc4 Kf3 49. Ra7 Ra1 50. Re7 Rh8 51. Be2+ Kf2 52. Kh2 Bf6 53. Re6 Bg5 54. Rxg6 Bf4+ 0-1

May-02-07  pazzed paun: does anyone yet own "beating the open games" and also "A Spanish opening repertoire for black?'" by M.M.? Any reviews yet?
Premium Chessgames Member
  Interbond: In British Chess Magazine's May reviews you can find a short review of "Beating the open games". And you can find sample pages n_10.html
Nov-08-07  jperr75108: Carsten Hansen reviews both in his "checkpoint" column this month at Both seem to be very favorable reviews
Premium Chessgames Member
  whiskeyrebel: Jeremy Silman has reviews of these two books up at his website. Marin is a skilled writer. He seems particularly strong when it comes to getting concepts across. His prose is way stronger than many if not most chess my humble opinion.
Dec-22-07  protean: "Learn from the Legends - Chess Champions at their Best" is an excellent book. It won's Book of the Year for 2005.
Premium Chessgames Member
  whiskeyrebel: My library has it on order..I can't wait. SOCD and SOAC were both great. I'll work my way happily through the 1...e5 books eventually even though I'm a dedicated Caro Kann player.
Nov-08-08  Karpova: On pages 72 to 76 from Marin, Mihail: "Learn from the Legends - Chess Champions at their Best", 2nd edition, Quality Chess, Gothenburg 2006 the following endgme is being discussed:

[Event "?"]
[Site "Eforie"]
[Date "1988.??.??"]
[Round "-"]
[White "Valentin Stoica"]
[Black "Mihail Marin"]
[Result "0-1"]
[FEN "

click for larger view

"] [SetUp "1"]

33.Qc8+ Kb6 34.Qd8+ Kb7 35.Qd5+ Qxd5 36.exd5 Re2 37.d6 Kc8 38.Rd5 Rc2 39.d7+ Kd8 40.a4 b4 41.Rd1 c4 42.h4 cxb3 43.Kh2 b2 44.Rb1 Kxd7 45.Kg3 Ke6 0-1

Does anyone have the complete game score? I looked up and but there are only two draws between the two good friends.

Nov-08-08  Chessdreamer: <Karpova> MyChessDatabase ( has the complete game score.

[Event "Eforie"]
[Site "Eforie"]
[White "Stoica, Valentin"]
[Black "Marin, Mihail"]
[WhiteElo "2440"]
[BlackElo "2480"]
[Date "1988.??.??"]
[Result "0-1"]
[ECO "C80"]

1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.Bb5 a6 4.Ba4 Nf6 5.O-O Nxe4 6.d4 b5 7.Bb3 d5 8.dxe5 Be6 9.Nbd2 Nc5 10.c3 d4 11.Bxe6 Nxe6 12.cxd4 Ncxd4 13.Ne4 Be7 14.Be3 Nf5 15.Qc2 O-O 16.Rad1 Nxe3 17.fxe3 Qc8 18.Rd3 c5 19.Nd6 Qb8 20.b3 Ra7 21.Rfd1 Rd8 22.Nxf7 Kxf7 23.Rxd8 Nxd8 24.Qxh7 Qb6 25.Rf1 Qh6 26.Nd4+ Ke8 27.Qg8+ Kd7 28.Nf5 Qe6 29.Rd1+ Kc6 30.Nxe7+ Qxe7 31.Qxd8 Qxe5 32.e4 Re7 33.Qc8+ Kb6 34.Qd8+ Kb7 35.Qd5+ Qxd5 36.exd5 Re2 37.d6 Kc8 38.Rd5 Rc2 39.d7+ Kd8 40.a4 b4 41.Rd1 c4 42.h4 cxb3 43.Kh2 b2 44.Rb1 Kxd7 45.Kg3 Ke6 0-1.

Nov-08-08  Karpova: <chessdreamer>
Thank you very much!
Premium Chessgames Member
  whiteshark: Three times Romanian champion (1988, 1994, 1999), the GM from Bucarest has played for a good nine times with the Romanian national team in Chess Olympiads and qualified for two Interzonal Tournaments (Szirak 1987 and Manila 1990). Marin is the author of three highly appreciated books (of which the Italian version of “Learn from the Legends”, entitled “Sulle spalle dei Giganti” and published by Caissa Italia Editrice, won in 2006 the prize “Alvise Zichichi” as Best Chess Book of the Year) and two DVDs on opening theory. Since 2005 he is also the second of Judit Polgar, which he assisted during the World Championship in San Luis. Among his victories let’s recall: Predeal (1988), Stara Zagora (1990), Andorra (1991), Manresa (1993 and 2004), Badalona (1995), Ciocaltea Memorial (1998 and 1999), Sitges (1999). He is playing for the second time in the “Torneo di Capodanno” after his début in last year's Jubilee Edition.

= = = (Italian for Beginners) = = =

Tre volte campione di Romania (1988, 1994, 1999), il Grande Maestro di Bucarest ha rappresentato per ben nove volte il suo paese alle Olimpiadi e ha partecipato a due Interzonali (Szirak 1987 e Manila 1990). Č autore di tre libri accolti con grande favore dalla critica (di questi “Sulle spalle dei Giganti – Caissa Italia Editrice” ha vinto il Premio "Alvise Zichichi" per il miglior libro di scacchi dell'anno 2006) e di due CD-Rom sulle aperture. Dal 2005 č anche il secondo di Judit Polgar, che ha assistito anche in occasione del Campionato mondiale di San Luis. Tra i tornei vinti ricordiamo: Predeal (1988), Stara Zagora (1990), Andorra (1991), Manresa (1993 e 2004), Badalona (1995), Memorial Ciocaltea (1998 e 1999), Sitges (1999). Seconda partecipazione al Torneo di Capodanno dopo l’esordio lo scorso anno nell’edizione del Giubileo.

Jan-13-09  Karpova: I finished the Game Collection: "Learn from the Legends" - Mihail Marin

I may expand it a bit in the future but overall it's finished now. There are also 3 or 4 new games in it.

Premium Chessgames Member
  Tabanus: Romanian rapid champion 2009 (yesterday), ahead of IM Gabriel Mateuta:

Premium Chessgames Member
  wordfunph: 1990 Manila Interzonal Tournament: During introduction, after Gurevich name was announced by Campomanes, Mihai Marin thought that he was the only Mihail left. Indeed, he stood up instantly, and Campomanes explained with a smile: "No, Tal!" Later, when his name was announced, Marin was rewarded with the most generous applause of the evening!
Jun-22-10  theagenbiteofinwit: The second and third volumes of his Quality Chess series on the English are supposed to be coming out July. I can't wait.
Premium Chessgames Member
  GrahamClayton: Here is an interview with Marin:

Oct-03-11  Cemoblanca: He looks like Robert Downey Jr.! ;0) >>>
Mar-18-14  Vogelweide: I have The "Secrets of attacing chess" and "Learn from the legends" Awesome books!
Premium Chessgames Member
  waustad: I just saw he's playing in the poker games: PokerStars IoM Masters (2014)

His name rang a bell because i just read an article about him a few hours ago:

The picture is probably a few decades old.

Premium Chessgames Member
  TheFocus: <The draw by stalemate looks like a spot of discontinuity in the otherwise harmonious universe of values. To save a game by letting yourself be so completely humiliated as not being able to make a move looks rather undeserved> - Mihail Marin.
Mar-27-15  Petrosianic: Well, he's wrong. It only seems that way if you allow yourself to forget the goal of the game.

And FWIW, in a stalemate, the stronger seeming side is usually the one who ends up humiliated. So, doubly wrong.

Premium Chessgames Member
  TheFocus: I once watched a high schooler, who should have won the state high school championship tournament, get carried away by trying to promote as many pieces as he could. He had a great material advantage over his opponent, several pieces in fact, when suddenly, he overlooked that he had allowed stalemate.

The color drained from his face. He finished in second place.

Aug-02-15  virginmind: Finishing first in a tie of 9 players with 8/10 at Politiken Cup 2015, at 50 years old!
Premium Chessgames Member
  soldal: In fact, he finished eighth in a tie of 10 players:

Aug-03-15  virginmind: Right, yesterday I was looking at the (incomplete) standings given by Actually, even today they give him first in a tie of...11 players. They will probably soon rectify.
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