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Cider House for Orphaned KIDS
Compiled by fredthebear

This is a collection split. It likely will sit as is for 2020. Some games have been removed.

Catalan Opening
1. d4 Nf6 2. c4 e6 3. g3 d5

Catalan Opening (Classical Line)
1. d4 Nf6 2. c4 e6 3. g3 d5 4. Bg2 dxc4 5. Nf3 Be7

Catalan Opening (Closed Variation)
1. d4 Nf6 2. c4 e6 3. g3 d5 4. Bg2 Be7 5. Nf3 O-O 6. O-O

Catalan Opening (Open Variation)
1. d4 Nf6 2. c4 e6 3. g3 d5 4. Bg2 dxc4

Grünfeld Defense
1. d4 Nf6 2. c4 g6 3. Nc3 d5

Grünfeld Defense (Classical Line)
1. d4 Nf6 2. c4 g6 3. Nc3 d5 4. Nf3 Bg7 5. Qb3 dxc4 6. Qxc4 O-O 7. e4

Grünfeld Defense (Exchange Variation)
1. d4 Nf6 2. c4 g6 3. Nc3 d5 4. cxd5 Nxd5 5. e4

Grünfeld Defense (Neo-Grünfeld)
1. d4 Nf6 2. c4 g6 3. g3 Bg7 4. Bg2 d5

Grünfeld Defense (Prins Variation)
1. d4 Nf6 2. c4 g6 3. Nc3 d5 4. Nf3 Bg7 5. Qb3 dxc4 6. Qxc4 O-O 7. e4 Bg4

Grünfeld Defense (Reversed)
1. Nf3 d5 2. g3 c5 3. Bg2 Nc6 4. d4

Grünfeld Defense (Smyslov Variation)
1. d4 Nf6 2. c4 g6 3. Nc3 d5 4. Nf3 Bg7 5. Qb3 dxc4 6. Qxc4 O-O 7. e4 Bg4

Zukertort Opening: Symmetrical (A04) 1/2-1/2 Bamboozling
Portisch vs Tal, 1964 
(A04) Reti Opening, 39 moves, 1/2-1/2

KID (A04) 1/2-1/2 Saving a lost position w/a spearhead
S Novikov vs Ehlvest, 2004 
(A04) Reti Opening, 43 moves, 1/2-1/2

Reti/Catalan vs QGD Tartakower's Def; Defend + w/a Discovered +
I Zemtsov vs S Repin, 2007 
(A06) Reti Opening, 24 moves, 1-0

Solitaire Chess by I. A. Horowitz, p. 41
Szabo vs E E Book, 1948 
(A14) English, 24 moves, 1-0

Casino de Barcelona, Barcelona ESP 2007 (Brilliant)
Krasenkow vs Nakamura, 2007 
(A14) English, 28 moves, 0-1

King's Indian - One of several from 1879 in Leipzig; R vs N EG
A Schwarz vs Paulsen, 1879 
(A16) English, 78 moves, 0-1

Anglo-Indian Def. Nimzo-English Opening (A17) 0-1 Black Q romps
Epishin vs Romanishin, 1991 
(A17) English, 68 moves, 0-1

Colle-Kolty vs KID (A48) 0-1 Black has the better Bishop
V L Wahltuch vs Euwe, 1922 
(A48) King's Indian, 54 moves, 0-1

Indian Game: Wade-Tartakower Defense (A46) 1-0 Shove pawns
Susan Polgar vs Ljubojevic, 1987 
(A46) Queen's Pawn Game, 46 moves, 1-0

Indian Game: Knights Variation (A46) 0-1 Fab Finish!
Santasiere vs Ed. Lasker, 1931 
(A46) Queen's Pawn Game, 33 moves, 0-1

JRC quite extraordinary
F Duz-Khotimirsky vs Capablanca, 1925 
(A48) King's Indian, 48 moves, 0-1

Torre vs unusual KID (A48) 0-1Passive W Rooks lose
Miles vs Gulko, 1987 
(A48) King's Indian, 48 moves, 0-1

Torre vs KID, early exchanges (A48) 0-1 More aggressive K wins
Taimanov vs Gulko, 1976 
(A48) King's Indian, 65 moves, 0-1

Indian Game: Odd London System (A48) 0-1 Tigran Attacks!
Kotov vs Petrosian, 1952 
(D02) Queen's Pawn Game, 29 moves, 0-1

Barry Attack vs Gruenfeld (A48) 0-1 Black controls dark squares
Ganguly vs G Sargissian, 1996
(D02) Queen's Pawn Game, 39 moves, 0-1

Two Knts vs Kside Fio/ Gruenfeld (A48) 1-0 Attacks on f7, h2
Hebden vs McShane, 1998 
(A48) King's Indian, 22 moves, 1-0

Zukertort Opening: Grünfeld Reversed (A49) 1-0 GK exposes K
Kasparov vs Deep Blue, 1996 
(A49) King's Indian, Fianchetto without c4, 73 moves, 1-0

White was good to move 20
G Grasser vs Kudrin, 2009 
(A49) King's Indian, Fianchetto without c4, 36 moves, 0-1

Indian Game: Pyrenees Gambit (A50) 0-1 Mate threat on h-file
Kasparov vs W Cotrina, 1993 
(A50) Queen's Pawn Game, 37 moves, 0-1

KID, Double Fianchetto Attack (A54) 0-1 WWII battle
S Belavenets vs Bronstein, 1941 
(E64) King's Indian, Fianchetto, Yugoslav System, 24 moves, 0-1

Gruenfeld. Russian. Hungarian Var (D97) 1-0 Castle-mate
Anand vs Svidler, 1999 
(D97) Grunfeld, Russian, 31 moves, 1-0

Mindboggling final combination after 23...Rde7
Geller vs Smyslov, 1965 
(D87) Grunfeld, Exchange, 31 moves, 1-0

Comprehensive Chess Course V2, Mating combination p. 58
V Goglidze vs Botvinnik, 1935 
(D90) Grunfeld, 29 moves, 0-1

IQP space advantage gives White a 5(!)-piece mating attack
Botvinnik vs M Yudovich Sr., 1933 
(D96) Grunfeld, Russian Variation, 23 moves, 1-0

Indian Game: Anti-Grünfeld. Alekhine Var (D70) 1/2-1/2 WC #15
Alekhine vs Bogoljubov, 1929 
(D70) Neo-Grunfeld Defense, 45 moves, 1/2-1/2

Gruenfeld Defense (D80) 0-1 Deadly Bishops take aim
Alatortsev vs Flohr, 1939 
(D80) Grunfeld, 18 moves, 0-1

23.Bxf7+! is a nice shot, securing an EG advantage
Kasparov vs Sax, 1982 
(D86) Grunfeld, Exchange, 38 moves, 1-0

Neo-Grünfeld Defense: Exchange 6.e4 (D72) 1-0 Kside attack
Euwe vs Robatsch, 1957 
(D72) Neo-Grunfeld,, Main line, 33 moves, 1-0

The epic K march! Iron Tiger scratches win out of nowhere
Petrosian vs Botvinnik, 1963 
(D94) Grunfeld, 48 moves, 1-0

Neo-Grünfeld Def. Exchange 6.e4 (D72) 0-1 Flawed early version
Reti vs Euwe, 1928 
(D72) Neo-Grunfeld,, Main line, 54 moves, 0-1

Game 19 in Fischer's
A Gudmundsson vs Fischer, 1960 
(D95) Grunfeld, 27 moves, 0-1

One of the strangest games between these two greats.
Karpov vs Kasparov, 1986 
(D82) Grunfeld, 4.Bf4, 32 moves, 1-0

Gruenfeld Defense: Modern Exchange (D85) 0-1 Control the center
Fedorowicz vs Shamkovich, 1980 
(D85) Grunfeld, 27 moves, 0-1

Euwe = "erver"; it's not pronounced like "you"
Euwe vs Alekhine, 1935 
(D81) Grunfeld, Russian Variation, 45 moves, 1-0

A very pretty ending by Geller!
Geller vs A Kapengut, 1971 
(D85) Grunfeld, 25 moves, 1-0

Gruenfeld Defense: Brinckmann Attack (D82) 1-0 Rooks Rock AA
Euwe vs Alekhine, 1935 
(D82) Grunfeld, 4.Bf4, 41 moves, 1-0

"The Game of the Century"
D Byrne vs Fischer, 1956  
(D92) Grunfeld, 5.Bf4, 41 moves, 0-1

WC 1986 Gruenfeld Def. Russian. Smyslov Var (D98) 1-0 Bad P adv
Karpov vs Kasparov, 1986 
(D98) Grunfeld, Russian, 31 moves, 1-0

Gruenfeld Defense: Exchange Var (D85) 0-1 White Q is trapped
Shaked vs Kasparov, 1997 
(D85) Grunfeld, 20 moves, 0-1

The game that broke Fischer's 20 game win streak
Petrosian vs Fischer, 1971 
(D82) Grunfeld, 4.Bf4, 32 moves, 1-0

WC; Black was the aggressor but had time trouble
Karpov vs Kasparov, 1987 
(D87) Grunfeld, Exchange, 38 moves, 1-0

Fischer's only loss in the 1970 Siegun Olympiad
Spassky vs Fischer, 1970 
(D86) Grunfeld, Exchange, 39 moves, 1-0

Alekhine wins Grunfeld in first WC match with Euwe
Euwe vs Alekhine, 1935 
(D81) Grunfeld, Russian Variation, 44 moves, 0-1

Gruenfeld Def. Russian. Prins Var (D97) 1-0 Black Q never moves
Piket vs Kasparov, 1995 
(D97) Grunfeld, Russian, 41 moves, 1-0

Winning on the h-file vs Grünfeld Exchange
Polugaevsky vs Kudrin, 1989 
(D86) Grunfeld, Exchange, 24 moves, 1-0

The better posted Q wins the ending
Petrosian vs Filip, 1953 
(D80) Grunfeld, 42 moves, 1-0

g15-Petrosian takes lead for good!
Petrosian vs Botvinnik, 1963 
(D81) Grunfeld, Russian Variation, 58 moves, 1-0

Gruenfeld Defense: Modern Exchange Variation (D85) 0-1 12 moves
Mikhalchishin vs Romanishin, 1981 
(D85) Grunfeld, 12 moves, 0-1

Spassky fires off a kingside attack
Spassky vs Timman, 1977 
(D86) Grunfeld, Exchange, 25 moves, 1-0

Gruenfeld Three Knights Petrosian System (D91) 1-0 Back n forth
B Nagy vs B Dueno, 1966
(D91) Grunfeld, 5.Bg5, 40 moves, 1-0

Gruenfeld Def. Exchange. Spassky Var(D87) 0-1Gone with the Wind
M van der Werf vs Nijboer, 2001 
(D87) Grunfeld, Exchange, 37 moves, 0-1

Gruenfeld Brinckman Attk (D82)1/2-1/2 Short brawl of the queens
F L Vaughan vs C Purdy, 1945 
(D82) Grunfeld, 4.Bf4, 13 moves, 1/2-1/2

Gruenfeld Modern Exchange Var (D85) 1-0Central agression pays!
L E Johannessen vs Nakamura, 2002 
(D85) Grunfeld, 31 moves, 1-0

Gruenfeld Defense (D80) 1-0 Rob the pin backfires
Gligoric vs K Langeweg, 1971 
(D80) Grunfeld, 12 moves, 1-0

Gruenfeld Def. Modern Exchange Var (D85) 1-0 Q grabs pawn
I Polovodin vs L Maslov, 1984 
(D85) Grunfeld, 12 moves, 1-0

Gruenfeld Def. Three Knights Petrosian System (D91) 1-0 in 12 m
Mamedyarov vs V Belov, 2003 
(D91) Grunfeld, 5.Bg5, 12 moves, 1-0

Pacific Northwest Championship, Tacoma WA 1949
Dake vs J Schmitt, 1949 
(D70) Neo-Grunfeld Defense, 18 moves, 1-0

Neo-Grünfeld Def Delayed Exchange (D75) 1-0 Bs Tango w/Rs
Kotsur vs Bologan, 2004 
(D75) Neo-Grunfeld, Nxd5, 7.O-O c5, 8.dxc5, 44 moves, 1-0

Neo-Grünfeld Exchange (D71) 1-0 In the spirit of the romantics
F Parr vs G Wheatcroft, 1938 
(D71) Neo-Grunfeld, 30 moves, 1-0

Indian Game: Anti-Grünfeld. Alekhine Variation Leko Gambit (D70
Stefansson vs Krasenkow, 2004
(D70) Neo-Grunfeld Defense, 69 moves, 0-1

Gruenfeld Defense: Three Knights Variation. Petrosian System (D
C G Poch vs A Planinc, 1971 
(D91) Grunfeld, 5.Bg5, 27 moves, 0-1

25 ... Be6-c8! and the White a6-queen has NO RETREAT!
Kharlov vs Krasenkow, 1997 
(D85) Grunfeld, 25 moves, 0-1

Gruenfeld Defense: Modern Exchange Var (D85) Bxf7+ mating combo
Z Izoria vs T Luciani, 2005 
(D85) Grunfeld, 22 moves, 1-0

Gruenfeld Defense: Modern Exchange (D85) 1-0 Majestic Endgame!
I Novikov vs Tukmakov, 1984 
(D85) Grunfeld, 60 moves, 1-0

Gruenfeld (D80) 0-1 Remove the defender w/check
Aronian vs Svidler, 2006 
(D80) Grunfeld, 24 moves, 0-1

Gruenfeld Exchange Var (D85) 0-1 A surprize queen trap
N Michaelsen vs Bacrot, 2000 
(D85) Grunfeld, 42 moves, 0-1

This is like being pardoned at the 11th hour
Nakamura vs J Fluvia Poyatos, 2007 
(D80) Grunfeld, 43 moves, 1-0

Gruenfeld Modern Exchange Variation (D85) · 1/2-1/2
Shulman vs Shirov, 2007
(D85) Grunfeld, 26 moves, 1/2-1/2

Neo-Grünfeld Def. Goglidze Attack (D70) 1-0 Arabian Mate Awaits
Fine vs Dake, 1933 
(D70) Neo-Grunfeld Defense, 37 moves, 1-0

Gruenfeld Def Modern Exchange Var (D85) 1-0 Pile on pin to win
Ding Liren vs Ni Hua, 2009 
(D85) Grunfeld, 35 moves, 1-0

Neo-Grünfeld Defense: Goglidze Attack (D70) 1-0 Brilliant!
Khismatullin vs I Kurnosov, 2011 
(D70) Neo-Grunfeld Defense, 31 moves, 1-0

A briliant N sac at move 27. Ne6+ for a lasting initiative
M Rodshtein vs Zhou Jianchao, 2011 
(D74) Neo-Grunfeld, Nxd5, 7.O-O, 38 moves, 1-0

Better think twice before aligning queen with king
Andres vs F M Wren, 1933 
(D76) Neo-Grunfeld, Nxd5, 7.O-O Nb6, 17 moves, 0-1

Gruenfeld Defense: Exchange (D85) 1-0 Just capture everything
V Laznicka vs Kulaots, 2012 
(D85) Grunfeld, 28 moves, 1-0

Anti-Grünfeld. Alekhine Var Leko Gambit (D70) 1-0 Undermine!
J L Hammer vs R Yankovsky, 2012
(D70) Neo-Grunfeld Defense, 19 moves, 1-0

The White king finds relief by the Black king
I Cheparinov vs Sutovsky, 2013 
(D85) Grunfeld, 33 moves, 1-0

(D70) Neo-Grunfeld Defense, 56 moves, 1-0
Carlsen vs E Inarkiev, 2014 
(D70) Neo-Grunfeld Defense, 56 moves, 1-0

Very interesting pawn play all 3 phases; w/immunity
Gelfand vs Grischuk, 2014 
(D83) Grunfeld, Grunfeld Gambit, 66 moves, 0-1

Gruenfeld Defense: Russian. Byrne (Simagin) Variation (D97) 1/2
Wojtaszek vs Giri, 2015
(D97) Grunfeld, Russian, 30 moves, 1/2-1/2

Neo-Grünfeld Def: Exchange Var(D71) 0-1Black controls open file
Koltanowski vs Keres, 1955 
(D71) Neo-Grunfeld, 41 moves, 0-1

Gruenfeld, Russian. Hungarian Var (D97) 1/2-1/2 Q vs 2 Rs EG
Navara vs Giri, 2016 
(D97) Grunfeld, Russian, 42 moves, 1/2-1/2

Neo-Grünfeld Defense: Goglidze Attack (D70)1/2-1/2 Q+Bs vs Q+Ns
Giri vs Caruana, 2016 
(D70) Neo-Grunfeld Defense, 96 moves, 1/2-1/2

This POTD is just too famous
Kasparov vs Karpov, 1985 
(E21) Nimzo-Indian, Three Knights, 25 moves, 1-0

g1-Botvinnik draws first blood
Petrosian vs Botvinnik, 1963 
(E34) Nimzo-Indian, Classical, Noa Variation, 40 moves, 0-1

Notes from various sources
R Byrne vs Fischer, 1963  
(E60) King's Indian Defense, 21 moves, 0-1

Annotated in My 60 Memorable Games
F Olafsson vs Fischer, 1959 
(E93) King's Indian, Petrosian System, 40 moves, 0-1

A "kitchen sink" game
Alekhine vs Mendelevic, 1930 
(E43) Nimzo-Indian, Fischer Variation, 32 moves, 1-0

game 21 in Fischer's
Letelier vs Fischer, 1960 
(E70) King's Indian, 23 moves, 0-1

(E75) King's Indian, Averbakh, Main line, 43 moves, 0-1
Larsen vs Fischer, 1966 
(E75) King's Indian, Averbakh, Main line, 43 moves, 0-1

Modern main line of KID/Petrosian/Keres
Kramnik vs Kasparov, 1994 
(E93) King's Indian, Petrosian System, 40 moves, 1-0

Most impossible-looking Rook move in chess history?
Geller vs Euwe, 1953 
(E26) Nimzo-Indian, Samisch, 26 moves, 0-1

Conceding space w/out compensation
Petrosian vs Fischer, 1959 
(E40) Nimzo-Indian, 4.e3, 31 moves, 1-0

A textbook KID hack-attack
Korchnoi vs Kasparov, 1991 
(E99) King's Indian, Orthodox, Taimanov, 31 moves, 0-1

a strategic howler of major proportions
Seirawan vs Kasparov, 1989 
(E75) King's Indian, Averbakh, Main line, 43 moves, 1/2-1/2

"Well done burger"
Remlinger vs K Burger, 1987 
(E41) Nimzo-Indian, 58 moves, 0-1

No time to breath! Black strike & strike, like Ali in his prim
Korchnoi vs B Djurasevic, 1956 
(E30) Nimzo-Indian, Leningrad, 25 moves, 0-1

Savory and humorous little-known game
Tal vs Kupreichik, 1969 
(E67) King's Indian, Fianchetto, 40 moves, 1-0

Sacrifices in order to achieve connected passed pawns
Lilienthal vs Ragozin, 1935 
(E24) Nimzo-Indian, Samisch, 47 moves, 0-1

Two great players, two great writers, great match
Reti vs Nimzowitsch, 1928 
(E38) Nimzo-Indian, Classical, 4...c5, 57 moves, 0-1

28.bf6:!! a brilliant move putting the black queen out of play
Rubinstein vs Nimzowitsch, 1928 
(E32) Nimzo-Indian, Classical, 43 moves, 1-0

30.Nf4 will win the exchange
Petrosian vs I Nei, 1983 
(E46) Nimzo-Indian, 29 moves, 1-0

Double threat of a discovered check
Chernin vs Polgar, 1990 
(E71) King's Indian, Makagonov System (5.h3), 29 moves, 0-1

KID Accelerated Averbakh Variation (E70) 0-1
E Zagoryansky vs Stein, 1956 
(E70) King's Indian, 50 moves, 0-1

pieces always cooperate like notes in a symphony
Tal vs R Skuja, 1955 
(E67) King's Indian, Fianchetto, 43 moves, 1-0

KID Saemisch, Panno Formation (E83) 1-0 Qside tactics
J Gallagher vs N Ambrosini, 2001 
(E84) King's Indian, Samisch, Panno Main line, 23 moves, 1-0

Black's speculative knight sacrifice does not work out
W Schmidt vs M Skrzypnik, 2001 
(E98) King's Indian, Orthodox, Taimanov, 9.Ne1, 41 moves, 1-0

King's Indian Defense: Normal Variation (E70) · 0-1
R Bates vs A J Mestel, 2001 
(E70) King's Indian, 38 moves, 0-1

NID Huebner. Rubinstein Var (E42) 1-0 Clear-cut strategic play
Kramnik vs Leko, 2001 
(E42) Nimzo-Indian, 4.e3 c5, 5.Ne2 (Rubinstein), 51 moves, 1-0

KID Petrosian. Normal Def (E93) 1-0 Notes by IGM Raymond Keene
Petrosian vs Stein, 1961  
(E93) King's Indian, Petrosian System, 39 moves, 1-0

KID Saemisch Variation (E80) 1/2-1/2 Fortress; No Breakthrough
A Petrosian vs L Hazai, 1970 
(E80) King's Indian, Samisch Variation, 55 moves, 1/2-1/2

"Zenithal Hourly Rate"
Gligoric vs Stein, 1962 
(E70) King's Indian, 57 moves, 0-1

Another King's Indian from 1879
A Schwarz vs Paulsen, 1879 
(E76) King's Indian, Four Pawns Attack, 36 moves, 0-1

Schwarz beats the King's Indian
A Schwarz vs Paulsen, 1879
(E77) King's Indian, 66 moves, 1-0

KID Bayonet Attack Sokolov's Line (E97) 1/2-1/2
Kramnik vs Gelfand, 1997 
(E97) King's Indian, 66 moves, 1/2-1/2

White's king makes a run for it, White controls key open lines
Harikrishna vs Nisipeanu, 2004 
(E32) Nimzo-Indian, Classical, 35 moves, 1-0

Black comes out worse no matter how he recaptures
Gligoric vs C Pritchett, 1967 
(E55) Nimzo-Indian, 4.e3, Gligoric System, Bronstein Variation, 17 moves, 1-0

Larsen's improvement over Spassky; fine long range attack
Larsen vs R Garbarino, 1993 
(E30) Nimzo-Indian, Leningrad, 30 moves, 1-0

White does a superior job opening and controlling the file
W Schmidt vs J Galonska, 1995 
(E98) King's Indian, Orthodox, Taimanov, 9.Ne1, 41 moves, 1-0

KID 4 Pawns Attk. Florentine G (E77) 1-0 P pinned mate square
M Keller vs H Jaser, 1977 
(E77) King's Indian, 31 moves, 1-0

Rf1xf5 destroys the pawn structure and allows Qh5
Glek vs Lanka, 1997 
(E61) King's Indian, 33 moves, 1-0

Now that's some kind o' sharp shootin'!
Oll vs Shaked, 1997 
(E64) King's Indian, Fianchetto, Yugoslav System, 35 moves, 1-0

Brilliant combatative win; 4 sacs nab Q & permanent penetration
A Cherepkov vs Korchnoi, 1959 
(E29) Nimzo-Indian, Samisch, 30 moves, 0-1

Troubling Black knights
Keres vs Botvinnik, 1941 
(E34) Nimzo-Indian, Classical, Noa Variation, 22 moves, 0-1

The king's knight is an important defensive piece removed
Browne vs Ljubojevic, 1978 
(E53) Nimzo-Indian, 4.e3, 23 moves, 1-0

Nice play in the endgame by Ponomariov in R+4P v. R+3P.
F Vallejo Pons vs Ponomariov, 2003 
(E17) Queen's Indian, 53 moves, 0-1

King's Indian Defense: Pomar System (E72) 1-0 Pile on the pin
Kotov vs Barcza, 1952 
(E72) King's Indian, 31 moves, 1-0

Turner has a 2+ 0-=1 against Fischer
A Turner vs Fischer, 1956 
(E68) King's Indian, Fianchetto, Classical Variation, 8.e4, 53 moves, 1-0

King's Indian Defense: Six Pawns Attack (E77) 0-1 Various pins
H Mueller vs H Johner, 1934 
(E77) King's Indian, 46 moves, 0-1

KID Fianchetto. Yugoslav Var Advance Line (E66) 1-0
Euwe vs Yanofsky, 1958
(E66) King's Indian, Fianchetto, Yugoslav Panno, 37 moves, 1-0

KID Classical Fianchetto (E67) 1-0 passed f-pawn march
Euwe vs K Skold, 1950 
(E67) King's Indian, Fianchetto, 32 moves, 1-0

KID Petrosian Var. Keres Def (E93) 1/2-1/2 One open file
Hort vs B Pietrusiak, 1964
(E93) King's Indian, Petrosian System, 42 moves, 1/2-1/2

Ivanchuk vs Bologan, 1996 
(E80) King's Indian, Samisch Variation, 42 moves, 1-0

KID: Normal / Benoni (E70) 0-1 W pawns fall like ripe apples
Szabo vs Fischer, 1960 
(E70) King's Indian, 24 moves, 0-1

The Road to Chess Mastery by Max Euwe - Tactical themes
Euwe vs V Nestler, 1950 
(E60) King's Indian Defense, 25 moves, 1-0

KID Fianchetto. Karlsbad (E62) 1-0 Interesting final position
Euwe vs C B van den Berg, 1954 
(E62) King's Indian, Fianchetto, 34 moves, 1-0

KID Immediate Fianchetto (E60) 1-0 R traps N on the rim
Euwe vs T D van Scheltinga, 1948
(E60) King's Indian Defense, 41 moves, 1-0

Golden games of Brazil
Eliskases vs T Borges, 1946 
(E67) King's Indian, Fianchetto, 38 moves, 0-1

14...h5 and 15...Ne8 fail to solidify black's position.
Neverov vs Khalifman, 1985 
(E98) King's Indian, Orthodox, Taimanov, 9.Ne1, 40 moves, 1-0

KID Orthodox. Positional Def. Closed (E95) 0-1 Overworked pawn
B Jonsson vs Lombardy, 1984
(E95) King's Indian, Orthodox, 7...Nbd7, 8.Re1, 49 moves, 0-1

New opening idea with an associated new strategy
Najdorf vs Gligoric, 1953 
(E98) King's Indian, Orthodox, Taimanov, 9.Ne1, 48 moves, 0-1

Game 24: Fire on the Board by Alexey Shirov
Shirov vs Piket, 1990 
(E97) King's Indian, 41 moves, 1-0

five pawn chain vs five pawn chain-queen is victim
Susan Polgar vs Z Kiss, 1980 
(E87) King's Indian, Samisch, Orthodox, 36 moves, 1-0

K's Indian Defense: Fianchetto. Panno Var (E63) 1-0Magical Mate
Quinteros vs Tukmakov, 1973 
(E63) King's Indian, Fianchetto, Panno Variation, 42 moves, 1-0

KID Orthodox Variation. Bayonet Attack (E97) 1-0
Hjartarson vs Shaked, 1997 
(E97) King's Indian, 48 moves, 1-0

KID Orthodox. Classical System Neo-Classsical Line (E99)
Vescovi vs Shaked, 1997 
(E99) King's Indian, Orthodox, Taimanov, 42 moves, 1-0

King's Indian Defense: Normal Var (E70) 0-1 Long range attack
O Moiseev vs Simagin, 1951 
(E70) King's Indian, 30 moves, 0-1

KID Petrosian Variation. Keres Defense (E93) 0-1 Juniors
B Harper vs K Spraggett, 1972
(E93) King's Indian, Petrosian System, 41 moves, 0-1

KID Classical Fianchetto (E67) 1/2-1/2 Maroczy Bind
Polgar vs Shirov, 2002 
(E67) King's Indian, Fianchetto, 63 moves, 1/2-1/2

KID Orthodox (E91) 1-0 Pin bites
Fedorowicz vs J L Watson, 1979
(E91) King's Indian, 24 moves, 1-0

King's Indian Defense: Orthodox (E94) 0-1 Rivals
Larsen vs F Olafsson, 1953 
(E94) King's Indian, Orthodox, 38 moves, 0-1

KIDS Saemisch Variation. Normal Defense (E81) 0-1 Photo
Morozevich vs Svidler, 2005 
(E81) King's Indian, Samisch, 55 moves, 0-1

KID Fianchetto. Yugoslav Advance (E66)1-0 Opposite color Bishop
Carlsen vs Morozevich, 2007 
(E66) King's Indian, Fianchetto, Yugoslav Panno, 68 moves, 1-0

Traditional KID against the Saemisch.
Wang Yue vs I Cheparinov, 2007 
(E87) King's Indian, Samisch, Orthodox, 54 moves, 0-1

K's Indian Def Six Pawns Attack (E77) 1-0 Heavies on the 6th
Yermolinsky vs P Hummel, 1999 
(E77) King's Indian, 37 moves, 1-0

How to play against Bayonet Attack
Ivanchuk vs Radjabov, 2009 
(E97) King's Indian, 41 moves, 0-1

KID Saemisch. Steiner Attack (E80) 1-0 Two on the mating square
Tolush vs V Ciocaltea, 1953 
(E80) King's Indian, Samisch Variation, 30 moves, 1-0

KID Immediate Fianchetto (E60) 0-1 Fantastic finish by Giri
Topalov vs Giri, 2015 
(E60) King's Indian Defense, 40 moves, 0-1

D Kuljasevic vs E Perelshteyn, 2009
(E94) King's Indian, Orthodox, 38 moves, 1/2-1/2

S Volkov vs Nakamura, 2004
(E92) King's Indian, 64 moves, 1/2-1/2

A Avdeev vs I Drozdov, 2001
(E94) King's Indian, Orthodox, 49 moves, 0-1

D Frolyanov vs Wang Hao, 2011 
(E94) King's Indian, Orthodox, 40 moves, 0-1

S Nikolov vs D Bojkov, 2005
(E94) King's Indian, Orthodox, 47 moves, 1-0

Jakovenko vs D Bojkov, 2010 
(E94) King's Indian, Orthodox, 64 moves, 1-0

KID Orthodox Variation (E94) 0-1 Q+ will fork LPDO Rook
C F Ekeberg vs Carlsen, 2003 
(E94) King's Indian, Orthodox, 42 moves, 0-1

King's Indian Defense: Orthodox (E91) 1-0 in 12 moves
Najdorf vs J Rubinetti, 1965 
(E91) King's Indian, 12 moves, 1-0

Nice sacrifices by black (an 11- year-old boy)
A Hoffman vs Nakamura, 1999 
(E61) King's Indian, 35 moves, 0-1

King's Indian Defense (E61) 0-1 White's Q is trapped
Smyslov vs Gligoric, 1959 
(E61) King's Indian, 18 moves, 0-1

King's Indian Def: 4Pawns Attack (E76) 1-0 Central breakthru
M Cebalo vs Z Kozul, 2005 
(E76) King's Indian, Four Pawns Attack, 61 moves, 1-0

KID Orthodox Positional Defense Closed Line (E94) 0-1 B skewer
Vladimirov vs Chekhov, 1975 
(E94) King's Indian, Orthodox, 11 moves, 0-1

KID Saemisch Variation. Normal c5 sac line (E81) 1/2-1/2
Korchnoi vs Polgar, 1992
(E81) King's Indian, Samisch, 83 moves, 1/2-1/2

Game 105 in 107 Great Chess Battles: 1939-1945 by Alex Alekhine
Barcza vs Bogoljubov, 1942  
(A08) King's Indian Attack, 45 moves, 1-0

English, Agincourt Def. Catalan Def Accepted (A13) 1-0Qside pop
Stein vs Dzindzichashvili, 1971 
(A13) English, 25 moves, 1-0

English, Agincourt Def. Catalan Def (A13) 1-0 N zwischenzug!?
Alekhine vs Milner-Barry, 1938 
(A13) English, 52 moves, 1-0

English, Anglo-Indian Def. K's Knt Var (A15) 0-1 Waiting works
Kharlov vs M Kobalia, 2004 
(A15) English, 66 moves, 0-1

English Opening: Symmetrical (A30) 1/2- Accurate anticipation
Filip vs T D van Scheltinga, 1963
(A30) English, Symmetrical, 30 moves, 1/2-1/2

Horwitz Def (A40) 1-0 Grab 2 Ps, lose time w/Q, vulnerable f7
Kasparov vs Timman, 1987 
(A40) Queen's Pawn Game, 16 moves, 1-0

Trompowsky Attack; mutual Kside fios (A45)1-0 UNDERMINE the def
Hodgson vs N Davies, 1991 
(A45) Queen's Pawn Game, 36 moves, 1-0

Indian Game: Wade-Tartakower Def (A46) 1-0 Impressive Attack
Keene vs Minic, 1975 
(A46) Queen's Pawn Game, 28 moves, 1-0

Pseudo-Q's Indian. Marienbad System (A47) 1-0 Q sac, Dbl Rs, N
Levenfish vs S Gotthilf, 1924 
(A47) Queen's Indian, 38 moves, 1-0

G86 in My Best Games of Chess: 1908-1937 by Alexander Alekhine
Alekhine vs G A Thomas, 1923 
(A53) Old Indian, 40 moves, 1-0

This two move finish is the secret...Exchange (sac), Dbl Attack
Grischuk vs Caruana, 2014 
(A62) Benoni, Fianchetto Variation, 39 moves, 0-1

Comprehensive Chess Course V2, Game 90P captures open new lines
Gruenfeld vs Torre, 1925 
(A90) Dutch, 13 moves, 0-1

Game 74 in Aleksei Suetin's book Das Schachgenie Botwinnik
H Steiner vs Botvinnik, 1946 
(A90) Dutch, 28 moves, 0-1

Catalan/Chigorin Var (D02) 1-0 2 minors vs rook ending
Fischer vs A Di Camillo, 1958 
(D02) Queen's Pawn Game, 69 moves, 1-0

IM Jeremy Silman's "How to Reassess Your Chess" p. 144-146
Csom vs Korchnoi, 1965 
(E60) King's Indian Defense, 16 moves, 0-1

KID Normal. King's Knight Variation (E60) 1/2-1/2 7 moves
Csom vs Nunn, 1981
(E60) King's Indian Defense, 7 moves, 1/2-1/2

This isn't a Benko gambit, it's a KID gone wrong.
Navara vs Radjabov, 2007 
(E60) King's Indian Defense, 34 moves, 0-1

Carlsen's First Game as World Champion
Carlsen vs Gelfand, 2014 
(E60) King's Indian Defense, 37 moves, 1-0

KID Immediate Fianchetto (E60) 1/2-1/2 Q+ perpetual
Topalov vs Caruana, 2015 
(E60) King's Indian Defense, 44 moves, 1/2-1/2

Indian Game: West Indian Def (E61) 0-1 Double Pin
Bareev vs Kasparov, 1991 
(E61) King's Indian, 19 moves, 0-1

KID Fianchetto. Simagin Var (E62) 0-1 Cramped into Zugzwang
Quinteros vs Panno, 1968 
(E62) King's Indian, Fianchetto, 34 moves, 0-1

KID Classical Fianchetto (E67) 0-1 Sacrificial exposure
K Grigorian vs A Planinc, 1965 
(E67) King's Indian, Fianchetto, 26 moves, 0-1

KID Normal Variation (E70) 0-1 Turn a threat into a pin
S Johannessen vs Tal, 1964 
(E70) King's Indian, 15 moves, 0-1

KID Normal. Deferred Fianchetto (E72) 0-1 Mutual promotions
H Bohm vs P Biyiasas, 1980 
(E72) King's Indian, 61 moves, 0-1

KID Averbakh. Benoni Advance (E75) 0-1 W castled the wrong way
E Magerramov vs Kasparov, 1982 
(E75) King's Indian, Averbakh, Main line, 16 moves, 0-1

King's Indian Def. Saemisch (E80) 1-0 Check to a double threat
Sliwa vs Uhlmann, 1956 
(E80) King's Indian, Samisch Variation, 15 moves, 1-0

KID Saemisch. Steiner Attack (E80) 0-1 Zwischenzug rocks
M Hochstrasser vs A Volokitin, 2006 
(E80) King's Indian, Samisch Variation, 32 moves, 0-1

KID Saemisch. Panno (E84) 0-1 Penetration makes a difference
Ehlvest vs Smirin, 2003 
(E84) King's Indian, Samisch, Panno Main line, 55 moves, 0-1

K's Indian Def Zinnowitz Var (E90) 0-1 Panno's passer prevails
Najdorf vs Panno, 1957 
(E90) King's Indian, 64 moves, 0-1

King's Indian Defense: Orthodox. Glek Defense (E94) 0-1
Gelfand vs Radjabov, 2010 
(E94) King's Indian, Orthodox, 30 moves, 0-1

KID Orthodox. Modern System (E97) 0-1 Devestating Kside attack
Larsen vs Fischer, 1971 
(E97) King's Indian, 33 moves, 0-1

KID Orthodox. Aronin-Taimanov Defense (E97) 1-0 Create a passer
G Garcia Gonzalez vs Quinteros, 1982 
(E97) King's Indian, 51 moves, 1-0

KID Orthodox Bayonet Attack (E97) 0-1 Another Kside pawn roller
Sosonko vs Kavalek, 1979 
(E97) King's Indian, 35 moves, 0-1

KID Orthodox Bayonet Attack (E97) 0-1 The pin changed things
V Kulkarni vs D P Singh, 2006 
(E97) King's Indian, 28 moves, 0-1

KID Orthodox Bayonet Attack Sokolov's Line (E97) 0-1The Q ruled
T Thamtavatvorn vs Kotronias, 2006 
(E97) King's Indian, 38 moves, 0-1

KID Orthodox Bayonet Attack Sokolov's Line (E97) 0-1Back ranks
Goloshchapov vs Bologan, 2006 
(E97) King's Indian, 40 moves, 0-1

KID Orthodox Bayonet Attack (E97) 0-1 Deflection of Q
P R Green vs D Gollogly, 1978 
(E97) King's Indian, 28 moves, 0-1

Anand - Kramnik World Championship Match (2008), Bonn GER, rd 6
Anand vs Kramnik, 2008 
(E34) Nimzo-Indian, Classical, Noa Variation, 47 moves, 1-0

208 games

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