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Katerina Nemcova
Number of games in database: 300
Years covered: 2007 to 2019
Last FIDE rating: 2315 (2276 rapid, 2361 blitz)
Highest rating achieved in database: 2382

Overall record: +105 -83 =99 (53.8%)*
   * Overall winning percentage = (wins+draws/2) / total games in the database. 13 exhibition games, blitz/rapid, odds games, etc. are excluded from this statistic.

With the White pieces:
 Sicilian (61) 
    B32 B90 B43 B33 B50
 Ruy Lopez (15) 
    C78 C98 C71 C61 C84
 French Defense (15) 
    C16 C11 C05 C18 C10
 Caro-Kann (13) 
    B12 B18 B15 B13 B10
 Sicilian Najdorf (10) 
    B90 B92
 Queen's Pawn Game (9) 
    A45 D02 A40 D00
With the Black pieces:
 Sicilian (23) 
    B22 B43 B32 B44 B27
 Ruy Lopez (15) 
    C77 C91 C78 C63 C68
 Queen's Pawn Game (12) 
    D02 E10 A45 A46 E00
 Nimzo Indian (11) 
    E40 E32 E51 E47 E37
 King's Indian (10) 
    E90 E81 E97 E92 E62
 English, 1 c4 e5 (9) 
    A28 A20 A25 A22 A27
Repertoire Explorer

NOTABLE GAMES: [what is this?]
   K Nemcova vs S Odinaeva, 2016 1-0
   C Foisor vs K Nemcova, 2012 0-1
   A Zatonskih vs K Nemcova, 2014 1/2-1/2
   A Sharevich vs K Nemcova, 2015 0-1

NOTABLE TOURNAMENTS: [what is this?]
   European Team Chess Championship (Women) (2007)
   US Championship (Women) (2015)
   US Chess Championship (Women) (2016)
   Chess Olympiad (Women) (2012)
   World Junior Championship (Girls) (2010)
   Reykjavik Open (2008)
   Women's World Team Championship (2007)
   European Individual Championship (Women) (2007)
   29th Cappelle-la-Grande (2013)
   European Individual Championship (Women) (2008)
   Chess Olympiad (Women) (2014)
   Chess Olympiad (Women) (2016)
   Chess Olympiad (Women) (2010)
   Pro Chess League (2018)
   European Individual Championship (Women) (2010)

   🏆 World Team Chess Championship (Women)
   K Nemcova vs S Wafa (Mar-14-19) 1/2-1/2
   S Swaminathan vs K Nemcova (Mar-12-19) 1-0
   K Nemcova vs V Gunina (Mar-11-19) 1/2-1/2
   L Mkrtchian vs K Nemcova (Mar-09-19) 0-1
   K Nemcova vs D Saduakassova (Mar-08-19) 1-0

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FIDE player card for Katerina Nemcova

(born Nov-14-1990, 28 years old) Czech Republic (federation/nationality United States of America)

[what is this?]

WGM Katerina Nemcova became U18 (Girls) European Youth Champion in 2008. In the same year she became Czech women's champion. In 2010 she won the Czech Women's Championship once again. Later on, Nemcova played on the U of Texas (Brownsville) team and at the 2016 Women's American Continental championship(2, 3) in Mexico.

References / Sources

(1), (2) (2016 American Women's continental crosstable), (3) (2016 American women's continental - live games), (4) Wikipedia article: Katerina Nemcova

Last updated: 2016-11-12 16:57:34

 page 1 of 12; games 1-25 of 300  PGN Download
Game  ResultMoves YearEvent/LocaleOpening
1. K Nemcova vs D Elsaca  1-03820075th Gibraltar Chess FestivalC42 Petrov Defense
2. J M Bellon Lopez vs K Nemcova  1-04520075th Gibraltar Chess FestivalA45 Queen's Pawn Game
3. K Nemcova vs J Gunnarsson  1-05420075th Gibraltar Chess FestivalB88 Sicilian, Fischer-Sozin Attack
4. K Nemcova vs D Sengupta  0-14720075th Gibraltar Chess FestivalC05 French, Tarrasch
5. D Werner vs K Nemcova  1-05920075th Gibraltar Chess FestivalA45 Queen's Pawn Game
6. K Nemcova vs R Prasanna  ½-½5020075th Gibraltar Chess FestivalC90 Ruy Lopez, Closed
7. S Meenakshi vs K Nemcova  0-13320075th Gibraltar Chess FestivalE62 King's Indian, Fianchetto
8. K Nemcova vs J Dworakowska  0-13720075th Gibraltar Chess FestivalB18 Caro-Kann, Classical
9. P Navarro Torres vs K Nemcova  ½-½2420075th Gibraltar Chess FestivalB21 Sicilian, 2.f4 and 2.d4
10. Stepovaia-Dianchenko vs K Nemcova  0-1722007European Individual Championship (Women)B47 Sicilian, Taimanov (Bastrikov) Variation
11. K Nemcova vs M Michna  0-1332007European Individual Championship (Women)B07 Pirc
12. S Petrenko vs K Nemcova  ½-½392007European Individual Championship (Women)B44 Sicilian
13. K Nemcova vs E Levushkina 1-01192007European Individual Championship (Women)B06 Robatsch
14. K Nemcova vs J Zawadzka  0-1312007European Individual Championship (Women)B88 Sicilian, Fischer-Sozin Attack
15. P Schuurman vs K Nemcova  1-0522007European Individual Championship (Women)E90 King's Indian
16. K Nemcova vs L Ptacnikova  1-0672007European Individual Championship (Women)B42 Sicilian, Kan
17. A Stiri vs K Nemcova  0-1452007European Individual Championship (Women)B44 Sicilian
18. Z Mamedjarova vs K Nemcova  1-0282007European Individual Championship (Women)E60 King's Indian Defense
19. K Nemcova vs F Velikhanli  ½-½132007European Individual Championship (Women)B08 Pirc, Classical
20. E Meshcheriakova vs K Nemcova  1-0462007European Individual Championship (Women)A15 English
21. K Nemcova vs S Gvetadze 1-0792007Women's World Team ChampionshipB06 Robatsch
22. O Vozovic vs K Nemcova  ½-½232007Women's World Team ChampionshipB25 Sicilian, Closed
23. K Nemcova vs L Aghabekian  0-1582007Women's World Team ChampionshipC81 Ruy Lopez, Open, Howell Attack
24. K Nemcova vs Le Thao Nguyen Pham  0-1422007Women's World Team ChampionshipB03 Alekhine's Defense
25. O Sabure vs K Nemcova 0-1282007Women's World Team ChampionshipB30 Sicilian
 page 1 of 12; games 1-25 of 300  PGN Download
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Kibitzer's Corner
Feb-01-07  Karpova:

from the czech republic, born in 1990

Premium Chessgames Member
  sonia91: She has just won against Elina Danielian in the European Individual Championship
Apr-22-08  slomarko: Nemcova,Katerina - Danielian,Elina

1.e4 e6 2.d4 d5 3.Nc3 Nf6 4.e5 Nfd7 5.Nce2 c5 6.f4 Nc6 7.c3 Qb6 8.Nf3 f6 9.a3 Be7 10.b4 cxd4 11.cxd4 0-0 12.h4 a5 13.b5 Qxb5 14.Nc3 Qb6 15.Rb1 Qd8 16.Bd3 f5 17.g4 a4 18.gxf5 exf5 19.Nxd5 Qa5+ 20.Nd2 Kh8 21.Rb5 Qd8 22.Nxe7 Nxd4 23.Rd5 Qxe7 24.Rxd4 Nxe5 25.Qe2 Nxd3+ 26.Rxd3 Qc5 27.Bb2 Ra6 28.Re3 Qc2 29.Nc4 Qb1+ 30.Qd1 Qxd1+ 31.Kxd1 Be6 32.Nd2 Kg8 33.Rg1 g6 34.Rge1 Bf7 35.Rd3 Rb6 36.Bc3 Rc8 37.Re7 Kf8 38.Ree3 Kg8 39.Bb4 Rbc6 40.Rc3 Rxc3 41.Rxc3 Rd8 42.Ke2 Bd5 43.Nc4 Re8+ 44.Ne5 Kg7 45.Rc7+ Kh6 46.Kf2 b5 47.Nd7 Kg7 48.Bc3+ Kf7 49.Nf6+ 1-0

click for larger view

Premium Chessgames Member
  sonia91: Another upset victory in 3rd round against IM Ovod Evgenija (2437) in the European Individual Championship; now she is leading with 3/3
Premium Chessgames Member
  whiteshark: born 1990-11-14

Sep-23-08  slomarko: interesting game yesterday, Katerina seemed to be losing by managed to save the draw after a long defense.

[Event "EU-ch U18 Girls 18th "]
[Site "Herceg Novi MNE"]
[Date "2008.09.22"]
[Round "7.1"]
[White "Ozturk, Kubra"]
[Black "Nemcova, Katerina"]
[Result "1/2-1/2"]
[ECO "E14"]
[WhiteElo "2188"]
[BlackElo "2372"]
[PlyCount "248"]
[EventDate "2008.09.15"]
[EventType "swiss"]
[EventRounds "9"]

1. d4 Nf6 2. c4 e6 3. Nf3 Bb4+ 4. Nbd2 b6 5. e3 Bb7 6. Bd3 O-O 7. a3 Bxd2+ 8. Bxd2 Ne4 9. O-O d6 10. Ne1 f5 11. f3 Nxd2 12. Qxd2 Qg5 13. Rf2 Nd7 14. Bf1 Nf6 15. Nd3 Rae8 16. c5 Rf7 17. cxd6 cxd6 18. Nf4 Nd5 19. Bb5 Rc8 20. Nxe6 Qxe3 21. Qxe3 Nxe3 22. Re1 Nd5 23. Ng5

click for larger view

<the next move is probably an error better is Re7 to get a par of rooks off the board.> 23...Rfc7 24. Rfe2 Nf6 25. Bd3 g6 26. Re6 Rf8 27. Rxd6 Bd5 28. Nh3 Bb3 29. Nf4 Kf7 30. Bb5 Rfc8 31. Nd3 Kg7 32. h3 h6 33. Ba6 Ne8 34. Bxc8 Nxd6 35. Be6 Bxe6 36. Rxe6 Nb5 37. Ne5 Nxd4 38. Rxg6+ Kh7 39. Rd6 Rc1+ 40. Kh2 Nb5 41. Rd7+ Kg8 42. Kg3 Rc2 43. a4 Nc7 44. Rd6 b5 45. b3 bxa4 46. bxa4 f4+ 47. Kxf4 Rxg2 48. Ng4 Rc2 49. Nxh6+ Kf8 50. Nf5 Kf7 51. Nd4 Rc4 52. Ke5 Rc5+ 53. Ke4 Rc1 54. f4 Ke7 55. Nf5+ Kf7 56. Ne3 Ke7 57. Rd1 Rc3 58. h4 Ra3 59. Nf5+ Ke8 60. Rd4 Ne6 61. Nd6+ Kf8 62. Nb5 Rh3 63. Rc4 Rxh4 64. Ke5 Ke7 65. Nxa7 Rh1 66. Nc8+ Kd7 67. Nb6+ Ke7 68. Nd5+ Kd7 69. Nf6+ Ke7 70. f5 Nd8 71. Rc7+ Kf8 72. Rc8 Ke7 73. Nd5+ Kd7 74. Nb6+ Ke8 75. Kd6 Rh6+ 76. Kc5 Rf6 77. a5 Rxf5+ 78. Nd5 Rf1 79. Kd6 Ra1 80. Nc7+ Kf7

click for larger view

81. Rxd8? <i was watching the game on FICS and i was very surprised by this decision because a6 Ne6 Kc6

click for larger view

seems to be winning> 81...Rxa5 82. Nd5 Ra1 83. Ke5 Re1+ 84. Kf5 Rf1+ 85. Nf4 Ke7 86. Rd2 Rf3 87. Ke4 Ra3 88. Ng6+ Ke6 89. Nf4+ Ke7 90. Rd5 Ra1 91. Re5+ Kd6 92. Re6+ Kd7 93. Rb6 Ra5 94. Nd3 Kc7 95. Rh6 Rg5 96. Kd4 Ra5 97. Ne5 Ra1 98. Rc6+ Kb7 99. Rc2 Ra5 100. Nd3 Rh5 101. Nf4 Rh4 102. Ke5 Rh6 103. Ne6 Kb6 104. Rb2+ Kc6 105. Nd4+ Kc5 106. Rc2+ Kb4 107. Rc8 Rh5+ 108. Ke4 Rh4+ 109. Ke3 Rh3+ 110. Kd2 Rh2+ 111. Ne2 Kb5 112. Kd3 Rh3+ 113. Ke4 Rh4+ 114. Nf4 Kb6 115. Ke5 Kb7 116. Rc4 Rh6 117. Nd5 Rh5+ 118. Kd6 Rh6+ 119. Ke5 Rh5+ 120. Ke4 Rh4+ 121. Nf4 Kb6 122. Kd5 Rh6 123. Rb4+ Ka5 124. Kc5

click for larger view

124...Rc6+! 1/2-1/2

Sep-23-08  VaselineTopLove: Is she related to Petra Nemcova ;)
Sep-24-08  slomarko: i don't know but she became the European U18 champion today. congratulations!
Premium Chessgames Member
  OhioChessFan: Learn from the past, look to the future, but live in the present.
May-10-14  waustad: She transferred her federation to the USA in 2013:
Premium Chessgames Member
  Gypsy: Playing for USA at the Norway Olympiad.
Premium Chessgames Member
  HeMateMe: Another Czech Nemcova:


Aug-01-14  waustad: She played or the Czech's last time:
Sep-21-14  BIDMONFA: Katerina Nemcova

NEMCOVA, Katerina

Premium Chessgames Member
  ketchuplover: 4/5 so far at the 2015 U.S. Closed Championship
Premium Chessgames Member
  Gypsy: <ketchuplover: 4/5 so far at the 2015 U.S. Closed Championship> 5/6
Premium Chessgames Member
  Penguincw: Good performance by Nemcova at the US Championships (Women) (2015). She started off on fire, going 3.5/4 and 6/7, but drew her next 2 games, allowing Krush to catch up. Then in the penultimate round, she lost to Paikidze, and finished tied with her for 2nd with 7.5/11 (+5,-1,=5), a full point behind Krush.
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