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polygamy or what's an extra Q among friends?
Compiled by rbaglini

Games in which one or both sides promote a pawn to a queen.

White has two queens-ends up Q vs N+2P
Karjakin vs D Paunovic, 2002 
(B42) Sicilian, Kan, 81 moves, 1-0

FIVE queens-no waiting!
Belov vs V Prohorov, 1991 
(E97) King's Indian, 82 moves, 0-1

white has trips on seventh,black promotes twice.
K Kokolias vs F Sigalas, 2005 
(D31) Queen's Gambit Declined, 43 moves, 1/2-1/2

extra queenz and an extraordinary finish!
A Sundin vs Erik Andersson, 1964 
(C16) French, Winawer, 29 moves, 1-0

SIX waiting QQQqqq
E Szalanczy vs Thi Mai Hung Nguyen, 2009 
(B90) Sicilian, Najdorf, 75 moves, 1/2-1/2

the SEVENTH queen will decide this one!!!!!!!
D Anton Guijarro vs A Franco, 2011 
(A17) English, 82 moves, 1-0

Two Queens couldn't combat blacks array of "lesser pieces"
R Franz vs Mayet, 1858 
(C42) Petrov Defense, 69 moves, 0-1

five ladies...need i say more?
Z Mackic vs A Maksimenko, 1994 
(B96) Sicilian, Najdorf, 51 moves, 0-1

white queens and "cavaliers" two pawns
Janowski vs O Chajes, 1913 
(C49) Four Knights, 108 moves, 1-0

S Ammerlaan vs M van der Zalm, 2001 
(B07) Pirc, 70 moves, 1/2-1/2

promotions by both players-white's pawn dies on f7
D Mehmeti vs S Soylu, 2001 
(B90) Sicilian, Najdorf, 68 moves, 0-1

White queens twice after move 160
H Wolf vs Duras, 1907 
(C77) Ruy Lopez, 168 moves, 1-0

Gud for Gud's sake-three promos in this one
G S Gudmundsson vs L Prins, 1946 
(A49) King's Indian, Fianchetto without c4, 50 moves, 1-0

queen sac,stalemate,follow promotions
V F Titenko vs J Murey, 1963 
(D19) Queen's Gambit Declined Slav, Dutch, 54 moves, 1/2-1/2

four queens...sacrificial partie!
Lutikov vs B Gurgenidze, 1957 
(E80) King's Indian, Samisch Variation, 50 moves, 0-1

four queen at move seven!
Casper vs Heckert, 1975 
(B02) Alekhine's Defense, 23 moves, 1-0

another good stalemate trap wraps it up.
J Pribyl vs A Ornstein, 1977 
(C80) Ruy Lopez, Open, 66 moves, 1/2-1/2

queen sac-ed;queen to be regained.gotd 9/7/12
Schuster vs C Carls, 1914 
(B15) Caro-Kann, 11 moves, 0-1

six shiny pawns-and mate-are better than a queen
Ljubojevic vs Gulko, 1989 
(A10) English, 72 moves, 1-0

Anand rolls after opponent promotes.
Anand vs I Morovic Fernandez, 2004 
(B46) Sicilian, Taimanov Variation, 25 moves, 1-0

seven passed pawns---after one is promoted!
A Planinc vs D Baretic, 1968 
(C18) French, Winawer, 45 moves, 0-1

most queens lose here.
C Depasquale vs P Chan, 1986 
(A45) Queen's Pawn Game, 51 moves, 0-1

black sacs 2 queens-mate with third.
V Malakhov vs Zvjaginsev, 2004 
(E97) King's Indian, 43 moves, 0-1

Queens keep coming back-a la Jason Voorhees
Serper vs I Nikolaidis, 1993 
(E70) King's Indian, 48 moves, 1-0

Petrosian places two queens on the eighth
Shirov vs A Hauchard, 1990 
(A57) Benko Gambit, 32 moves, 1-0

two promotions----and more to come
Korchnoi vs Yusupov, 1998 
(A26) English, 61 moves, 1-0

white queens twice-still needs stalemate trap.
Albin vs A Csank, 1890 
(C13) French, 89 moves, 1/2-1/2

pawn race on daytona day
Szabo vs V Mikenas, 1939 
(B40) Sicilian, 38 moves, 1-0

from queen down to two queens ahead.
J L Burden vs L Christiansen, 1992 
(B06) Robatsch, 68 moves, 0-1

Queen dies-comes back again!
Bledow vs von der Lasa, 1839 
(C53) Giuoco Piano, 27 moves, 1-0

a promoted knight instead of a queen-gains a queen.
J Mieses vs M Brody, 1908 
(C28) Vienna Game, 39 moves, 1-0

four queens beat a full house
Fischer vs Petrosian, 1959 
(B11) Caro-Kann, Two Knights, 3...Bg4, 48 moves, 1/2-1/2

Alekhine's genuine multi-queen partie!
Ed. Lasker vs Alekhine, 1913 
(A80) Dutch, 46 moves, 0-1

Bird queens and mates!
Bird vs K Pitschel, 1878 
(A02) Bird's Opening, 36 moves, 1-0

SPECIAL case:four promotions
B Belopolsky vs B M Kogan, 1984 
(B30) Sicilian, 57 moves, 1-0

both sides poised to queen at buzzer
J M Boey vs Estrin, 1972 
(C82) Ruy Lopez, Open, 41 moves, 0-1

pawn promotes in nw corner,king is mated in se corner
Van Wely vs C Hansen, 1992 
(A46) Queen's Pawn Game, 44 moves, 0-1

both sides queen-white forces mate.
A Lein vs Benjamin, 1986 
(E12) Queen's Indian, 40 moves, 1-0

extra queens do not necessarily win
D Rajkovic vs Z Jeraj, 1989 
(A40) Queen's Pawn Game, 56 moves, 1-0

black loses-his extra queen only blocks king's only escape.
Vladimirov vs D Donchev, 1976 
(A15) English, 42 moves, 1-0

one move knockout.
Karpov vs Korchnoi, 1994 
(E12) Queen's Indian, 72 moves, 0-1

Queen and two knights beats queen!! Justin thyme
Y Lapshun vs J Sarkar, 2003 
(B90) Sicilian, Najdorf, 54 moves, 0-1

black was two queens-but white has the attack
G Minchev vs K Kolev, 1991 
(A36) English, 37 moves, 1-0

two queens sac-ed so that the third can mate.
A Sznapik vs Balashov, 1990 
(C92) Ruy Lopez, Closed, 68 moves, 0-1

African queen x 3
F Mandizha vs D Amini, 2005 
(B13) Caro-Kann, Exchange, 78 moves, 0-1

white gives up queen,so he doesn't have to give up the game.
A Kristjansson vs I Brynjolfsson, 1995 
(B97) Sicilian, Najdorf, 27 moves, 1/2-1/2

a piece is exchanged for two connectors/later three
J Schwarz vs A Csank, 1890 
(C80) Ruy Lopez, Open, 50 moves, 0-1

two queens-easier to be forked
Shabalov vs Bologan, 2005 
(C67) Ruy Lopez, 76 moves, 0-1

white gives up two queens to gain material advantage
Tolush vs V Mikenas, 1950 
(D70) Neo-Grunfeld Defense, 42 moves, 1-0

four queens-no waiting
Sliwa vs O'Kelly, 1954 
(D30) Queen's Gambit Declined, 60 moves, 1-0

four on the floor-and black is felled by a bishop!
R Korsunsky vs Kasparov, 1976 
(B92) Sicilian, Najdorf, Opocensky Variation, 76 moves, 1-0

four queens in play here-ZELLER wins!
H Bastian vs F Zeller, 1996 
(B13) Caro-Kann, Exchange, 78 moves, 0-1

polygamy and underpromotion in the same game
Shen Yang vs J Zhou, 2005 
(B92) Sicilian, Najdorf, Opocensky Variation, 114 moves, 0-1

Keene gets two queens
Keene vs E J Holt, 1971 
(A04) Reti Opening, 128 moves, 1-0

conquering the Borg
G Borg vs A Kunte, 2000 
(E20) Nimzo-Indian, 40 moves, 0-1

2 queen soon equals zero queens
A Kreymborg vs O Chajes, 1911 
(B73) Sicilian, Dragon, Classical, 51 moves, 0-1

two queens sac-ed fora mate by two rooks.
La Bourdonnais vs McDonnell, 1834 
(D20) Queen's Gambit Accepted, 36 moves, 1-0

promoted queen and bishop tames two rooks
A Volokitin vs Morozevich, 2006 
(C92) Ruy Lopez, Closed, 59 moves, 0-1

two queens couldn't capture the castle!
A Kosten vs R Zelcic, 1992 
(D32) Queen's Gambit Declined, Tarrasch, 81 moves, 1/2-1/2

white loses with two queens
F Delay vs O Renet, 1988 
(B97) Sicilian, Najdorf, 46 moves, 0-1

Kaspy takes out the world!
Kasparov vs The World, 1999 
(B52) Sicilian, Canal-Sokolsky (Rossolimo) Attack, 62 moves, 1-0

white king is a poor cat,,unable to catch two mice (pawns)
M Bezuch vs V Hornak, 2000 
(C42) Petrov Defense, 60 moves, 0-1

one pawn queens-the second supports mate
Jobava vs H Wang, 2006 
(A15) English, 46 moves, 1-0

both side promote -to have a double bishop free 4 all
Evans vs Santasiere, 1946 
(C27) Vienna Game, 49 moves, 0-1

white gives up queen-to queen again---TWICE;a wild Muzio
H Schussler vs H Akvist, 1976 
(C37) King's Gambit Accepted, 87 moves, 1-0

black gives up queen with check-then forces pawn home
Henning vs K Junge, 1940 
(D00) Queen's Pawn Game, 29 moves, 0-1

black gives up two queen to stop mate-only temporarily
L Svenonius vs M Levertin, 1876 
(C36) King's Gambit Accepted, Abbazia Defense, 30 moves, 1-0

"Handy Andy"
A Soltis vs Suttles, 1973 
(B06) Robatsch, 57 moves, 1-0

three queens on the same diagonal
R Levit vs T Hamarat, 1975 
(D37) Queen's Gambit Declined, 43 moves, 1-0

Rudolph vs Santa-Santa given gift of extra queen
R Smirka vs Santasiere, 1924 
(C24) Bishop's Opening, 43 moves, 0-1

2 queens by white in 147 move game
N Pert vs M Peek, 2007 
(A80) Dutch, 147 moves, 1-0

promotion-sac sets up mate in two
Van Wely vs Ivanchuk, 2007 
(A17) English, 27 moves, 0-1

pawns race with jazz
Miles vs S Arkhipov, 1993 
(E12) Queen's Indian, 54 moves, 1-0

two queens stuck on an island
W Schmidt vs P Enders, 1981  
(E31) Nimzo-Indian, Leningrad, Main line, 29 moves, 0-1

both sides promote early in this one.
S Polgar vs V Dimitrov, 1984 
(D47) Queen's Gambit Declined Semi-Slav, 22 moves, 1-0

three promotions and nearly another
A Kashioka vs J Wanjiru Wambugu, 2004 
(C54) Giuoco Piano, 76 moves, 0-1

black sacs TWO queens to mate
U Rath vs L D Evans, 1981 
(A14) English, 42 moves, 0-1

three pawns queen-one aids in a checkmate,as a pawn
I Ivanov vs V Mezentsev, 2000 
(D02) Queen's Pawn Game, 61 moves, 0-1

white gives up TWO promoted pawns to set up mate!
Kramnik vs Leko, 2007 
(E06) Catalan, Closed, 5.Nf3, 62 moves, 1-0

a queen sacrificed ,so another is to be born
C W Vitzthum von Eckstaedt vs von der Lasa, 1853 
(C44) King's Pawn Game, 33 moves, 0-1

one promotion down-other to come
Z Kozul vs Rublevsky, 2004 
(D11) Queen's Gambit Declined Slav, 47 moves, 1-0

new queen replaces much-sacrificed queen
E Inarkiev vs Kazhgaleyev, 2008 
(C72) Ruy Lopez, Modern Steinitz Defense, 5.O-O, 50 moves, 1-0

ignore attack on old queen to gain new one
Vaganian vs Hjartarson, 1991 
(A14) English, 36 moves, 1-0

sacrifice circus ends with black's cornered calvalry
Aronian vs Anand, 2007 
(D11) Queen's Gambit Declined Slav, 48 moves, 1-0

white blunders by promotion-then saves game with Q sac!
Gelfand vs Adams, 1988 
(B17) Caro-Kann, Steinitz Variation, 50 moves, 1/2-1/2

a promotion to divert the enemy
B Katalymov vs O Kaminsky, 1969 
(C45) Scotch Game, 37 moves, 1-0

Alekhine protes twice-after giving up a back row
Bogoljubov vs Alekhine, 1922 
(A90) Dutch, 53 moves, 0-1

white sacs queen and rook-then promotes to gain a knight
Lutikov vs Tal, 1965 
(B48) Sicilian, Taimanov Variation, 34 moves, 1-0

six pieces (including two promoted queens) in ending
Azmaiparashvili vs J Ye, 1988 
(A48) King's Indian, 65 moves, 1-0

the pawn scores on a breakaway
L Schulman vs Petrosian, 1967 
(E77) King's Indian, 41 moves, 0-1

both sides have two queens-black will mate next move
Capablanca vs Alekhine, 1927 
(D52) Queen's Gambit Declined, 66 moves, 0-1

Anand's pawn promotes victory
Anand vs Kramnik, 2008 
(E34) Nimzo-Indian, Classical, Noa Variation, 47 moves, 1-0

sharp play leads to a second lady.l
K Georgiev vs Dlugy, 1983 
(D29) Queen's Gambit Accepted, Classical, 40 moves, 1-0

a new queen cannot stop rook,knight,and four passed pawns.
Anand vs Morozevich, 2007 
(B90) Sicilian, Najdorf, 56 moves, 1-0

a discovered check gains one queen and wins another.
Korchnoi vs P Bakker, 1976 
(A36) English, 52 moves, 1-0

black promotes once-with more to come!
Zukertort vs Steinitz, 1886  
(D50) Queen's Gambit Declined, 29 moves, 0-1

Tarrasch gains second lady in WC match with Lasker
Lasker vs Tarrasch, 1908 
(C98) Ruy Lopez, Closed, Chigorin, 44 moves, 0-1

This time,Lasker crowns a second queen
Tarrasch vs Lasker, 1908 
(C66) Ruy Lopez, 41 moves, 0-1

each side gets second queen in a routine draw
Alekhine vs Bogoljubov, 1929 
(D17) Queen's Gambit Declined Slav, 70 moves, 1/2-1/2

both side promote-AA wins with exchange and PP adv.
Bogoljubov vs Alekhine, 1929 
(D11) Queen's Gambit Declined Slav, 60 moves, 0-1

both sides promote-but it's still a boring draw
Spassky vs Fischer, 1992 
(E34) Nimzo-Indian, Classical, Noa Variation, 68 moves, 1/2-1/2

B+2P defeats Q+2P by queening twice!!
Morozevich vs Topalov, 1999 
(B80) Sicilian, Scheveningen, 75 moves, 0-1

both side promote in this 80 mover-AND it's Boris/Bobby
Fischer vs Spassky, 1992 
(B23) Sicilian, Closed, 80 moves, 1/2-1/2

second queen bends Bent
Larsen vs R C Balinas, 1975 
(A01) Nimzovich-Larsen Attack, 35 moves, 0-1

Petrosian promotes-has two Q's up on Spassky
Spassky vs Petrosian, 1969 
(E12) Queen's Indian, 56 moves, 0-1

white will queen with double check or a Q capture and mate!
Blackburne vs G MacDonnell, 1876  
(C45) Scotch Game, 31 moves, 1-0

black promotes to pick off rook
Gelfand vs Polgar, 2008 
(E00) Queen's Pawn Game, 40 moves, 0-1

one promoted queen with many in the hopper
Gligoric vs Stein, 1962 
(E70) King's Indian, 57 moves, 0-1

a special case! underpromotion in sucessive moves!!
G MacDonnell vs Bird, 1874 
(C39) King's Gambit Accepted, 38 moves, 0-1

a twist:black promotes to a R O O K
Serper vs C Navrotescu, 1988 
(C05) French, Tarrasch, 46 moves, 0-1

white sacs a queen-and ends a queen ahead!
H G Cole vs W Winter, 1919 
(B16) Caro-Kann, Bronstein-Larsen Variation, 33 moves, 1-0

black queen twice but ending is still Q vs RR
T M Mok vs Wynn Zaw Htun, 2000 
(B90) Sicilian, Najdorf, 90 moves, 1/2-1/2

Kasparov with an extra queen,guess who won?
Kasparov vs Lautier, 1994 
(C53) Giuoco Piano, 29 moves, 0-1

the threat of a second queen forces black to face mate
Mackenzie vs Steinitz, 1883 
(C70) Ruy Lopez, 59 moves, 1-0

a black queen will reappear.
Bird / Dobell vs Gunsberg / Locock, 1897 
(A02) Bird's Opening, 9 moves, 0-1

two q are sac-ed,the third wins it.
Van Kampen vs Timman, 2009 
(B43) Sicilian, Kan, 5.Nc3, 40 moves, 0-1

white's promotion reverses the odds
Bacrot vs Aronian, 2009 
(D44) Queen's Gambit Declined Semi-Slav, 36 moves, 1-0

both sides queen-then black will promote again
Najdorf vs D Byrne, 1962 
(A34) English, Symmetrical, 82 moves, 0-1

black can't hold back attack with TWO queens
W Hook vs J Meyer, 1979 
(A45) Queen's Pawn Game, 36 moves, 1-0

Kaspy with two queens-need I say more.
Kasparov vs Fedorowicz, 1981 
(E12) Queen's Indian, 34 moves, 1-0

jacob's ladder-promotions galore
Pillsbury vs J C Halpern, 1894 
(D00) Queen's Pawn Game, 60 moves, 0-1

each side goes all the way.
Szabo vs Bronstein, 1950 
(A90) Dutch, 71 moves, 1/2-1/2

four queens-no waiting...
I Balanel vs Larsen, 1956 
(A34) English, Symmetrical, 68 moves, 0-1

barely qualifies-but the second queen is but a step away.
V Winz vs M Czerniak, 1939 
(D70) Neo-Grunfeld Defense, 41 moves, 0-1

Fischer promotes,Petrosian wins.
Petrosian vs Fischer, 1971 
(D82) Grunfeld, 4.Bf4, 32 moves, 1-0

black sacs queen early-promotes to one later AND again
Udris vs Tal, 1953 
(A60) Benoni Defense, 34 moves, 0-1

white gives up 2 queen and ends up two rooks ahead!
M Stean vs Browne, 1974 
(B94) Sicilian, Najdorf, 32 moves, 1-0

three promotions-and the fun may not be over
C Duncan vs T Gavriel, 1993 
(B06) Robatsch, 40 moves, 0-1

no extra queens,just a few itchy pawns.
London vs Paris, 1834 
(C01) French, Exchange, 30 moves, 0-1

four ladies in this one.
M Rohde vs D Gurevich, 1990 
(A15) English, 52 moves, 1-0

fourth queen is immediate mate
Chigorin vs Blackburne, 1898 
(C00) French Defense, 45 moves, 0-1

five queens in this one,sort of.
Gipslis vs Tal, 1955 
(B30) Sicilian, 57 moves, 0-1

white can promote as much as desired.
Ivanchuk vs V Erdos, 2011 
(C03) French, Tarrasch, 60 moves, 1-0

four on the 7th lead to many queenz
F J Lee vs H W Shoosmith, 1904 
(D02) Queen's Pawn Game, 61 moves, 0-1

two queens and a come
Topalov vs Anand, 2005 
(E15) Queen's Indian, 52 moves, 1-0

each side queens-yet one more to come.
Chigorin vs Janowski, 1907 
(C30) King's Gambit Declined, 99 moves, 0-1

both sides replace their queens.
L Forgacs vs Maroczy, 1902 
(B00) Uncommon King's Pawn Opening, 27 moves, 0-1

Alekhine queens twice/yes,Alekhine!
Alekhine vs N E Schwartz, 1926 
(E62) King's Indian, Fianchetto, 54 moves, 1-0

white has trips on the 7th,but black queens first.
Janowski vs Ed. Lasker, 1924 
(D02) Queen's Pawn Game, 71 moves, 1/2-1/2

four promoted queens-on board at the same time!
Smyslov vs Keres, 1953 
(A21) English, 92 moves, 1-0

four ladies
J Rejfir vs L Steiner, 1933 
(D11) Queen's Gambit Declined Slav, 79 moves, 1/2-1/2

both sides queen-but the third pawn will decide.
Kasparov vs Vachier-Lagrave, 2011 
(B51) Sicilian, Canal-Sokolsky (Rossolimo) Attack, 59 moves, 1-0

second queen made,third soon
Efimenko vs R Forster, 2011 
(B76) Sicilian, Dragon, Yugoslav Attack, 43 moves, 0-1

queen lost,queen regained,queen mates.
V Plotkin vs V Drkulec, 2009 
(C50) Giuoco Piano, 27 moves, 1-0

queen lost,queen regained,queen lost,mate is given.
Y Hou vs M Sebag, 2011 
(B53) Sicilian, 32 moves, 1-0

Kramnik sent to the moon...
Kasparov vs Kramnik, 1994 
(B33) Sicilian, 36 moves, 1-0

a sacrificial circus and then 3 promotions.
V Erdos vs Mamedyarov, 2012 
(E62) King's Indian, Fianchetto, 74 moves, 0-1

white queens but black wins!
A Vajda vs M Monticelli, 1926 
(E16) Queen's Indian, 42 moves, 0-1

black queens...and wins,anyway
Reti vs Lasker, 1908 
(C56) Two Knights, 15 moves, 0-1

black gets two Q's,but loses to Q+R+N+B!!
Caruana vs Negi, 2011 
(B80) Sicilian, Scheveningen, 98 moves, 1-0

pawns do...and will become queens
Liu Qingnan vs Short, 2012 
(B32) Sicilian, 51 moves, 0-1

the THREAT of a queening wins it...
Khismatullin vs J Zhou, 2012 
(D70) Neo-Grunfeld Defense, 33 moves, 1-0

white misses early mate %promotion/bl pro at 12
M Papa vs J LeBon, 1987 
(B06) Robatsch, 23 moves, 1-0

white gives...and regains a queen
Gelfand vs A Graf, 2003 
(D37) Queen's Gambit Declined, 40 moves, 1-0

white gains second queen-captures ending.
Granda Zuniga vs Seirawan, 1993 
(A15) English, 56 moves, 1-0

white sacrifices TWO queens and ends a knight ahead
Zukertort vs Englisch, 1883 
(D02) Queen's Pawn Game, 68 moves, 1-0

black's triplet pawn queen-but he loses
Nakamura vs Robson, 2012 
(B76) Sicilian, Dragon, Yugoslav Attack, 49 moves, 1-0

white sacs two queens...ends two pieces ahead!
T Rendle vs G Suez-Panama, 2008 
(C05) French, Tarrasch, 32 moves, 1-0

Amos Burn in a queening chase!
Teichmann vs Burn, 1909  
(C49) Four Knights, 51 moves, 1-0

queen is sac-ed;new queen to mate.
Z Tan vs Cmilyte, 2011 
(A88) Dutch, Leningrad, Main Variation with c6, 42 moves, 1-0

both sides queen on move sixteen!
J Gurczak vs R Mercer, 2011 
(D12) Queen's Gambit Declined Slav, 22 moves, 1-0

both sides promote,black has last laff
Hort vs Keres, 1961 
(C71) Ruy Lopez, 53 moves, 0-1

both sides promote EARLY!
A Shiplay vs E Shipley, 1977 
(B29) Sicilian, Nimzovich-Rubinstein, 12 moves, 1-0

queening pawn=easy;stopping mate (?)
Kramnik vs Morozevich, 2007 
(E04) Catalan, Open, 5.Nf3, 27 moves, 1-0

black CAN take the queen...and get mated
C Van Tilbury vs A Hoffmann, 1978 
(A56) Benoni Defense, 55 moves, 1-0

black protes ALL three passed pawns,white only one!
Jobava vs Kamsky, 2012 
(C53) Giuoco Piano, 58 moves, 0-1

two connectors on 7th stop black in his tracks!
Csom vs A Planinc, 1974 
(B39) Sicilian, Accelerated Fianchetto, Breyer Variation, 43 moves, 1-0

white queens early...will queen more later.
McShane vs Kramnik, 2012 
(C67) Ruy Lopez, 94 moves, 1-0

exchange queens-add queens-etc
Ponomariov vs A Alavkin, 1997 
(B18) Caro-Kann, Classical, 70 moves, 0-1

Amos Burn and multiple queens-looks odd
Burn vs O Chajes, 1911 
(B24) Sicilian, Closed, 115 moves, 1-0

a relic from minutes in the
Morozevich vs Leko, 2012 
(A33) English, Symmetrical, 42 moves, 1-0

queens and more queens
N Lungu vs M Marder Riveda, 1990 
(C02) French, Advance, 59 moves, 1-0

a spite promotion
P Motwani vs P Rockwell, 1974 
(B21) Sicilian, 2.f4 and 2.d4, 15 moves, 1-0

white to promote twice on adverse queen square!
L E Johannessen vs Nakamura, 2002 
(D85) Grunfeld, 31 moves, 1-0

white promotes to a N,black to a queen!
McShane vs Aronian, 2012 
(C78) Ruy Lopez, 76 moves, 0-1

three preborn queens defeat two live ones.
Anand vs L Christiansen, 1991 
(B42) Sicilian, Kan, 48 moves, 1-0

first move:q-sac;2nd Q sac;3rd mate.
F Steil-Antoni vs S Johnsen, 2010 
(C28) Vienna Game, 35 moves, 1-0

black queens...and white wins!
Alekhine vs A Kaufmann, 1919 
(D02) Queen's Pawn Game, 38 moves, 1-0

white gives up 2 queens-to mate with bishop at f6!
Gulko vs Chiburdanidze, 1978 
(A45) Queen's Pawn Game, 35 moves, 1-0

two queens aside...and double pin.
G Reid vs V Avari, 1998  
(A45) Queen's Pawn Game, 72 moves, 0-1

black queens first,but white laughs last.
Swiercz vs A Leniart, 2012 
(B30) Sicilian, 62 moves, 1-0

queen comes back...a la Jason
J Cukierman vs Tartakower, 1930 
(A47) Queen's Indian, 25 moves, 1-0

two queens at Hastings!
Chigorin vs Pillsbury, 1895 
(C30) King's Gambit Declined, 51 moves, 1-0

three promotions...including an "under"
W Napier vs Marshall, 1896 
(C02) French, Advance, 75 moves, 1/2-1/2

black queens to replace captured queen
McDonnell vs La Bourdonnais, 1834  
(C33) King's Gambit Accepted, 48 moves, 0-1

white promotes twice-wins Q vs B ending
Vaganian vs Bronstein, 1975 
(E67) King's Indian, Fianchetto, 58 moves, 1-0

promotion-World Championship style.
Anand vs Carlsen, 2013 
(E25) Nimzo-Indian, Samisch, 28 moves, 0-1

rooks break through where an extra queen can't
Shirov vs I Papaioannou, 2009 
(B96) Sicilian, Najdorf, 45 moves, 1-0

two sets of ladies in this one
A R Thomas vs P N Wallis, 1959
(C01) French, Exchange, 60 moves, 1-0

the extra queen gains a rook.
Kholmov vs H Bohm, 1975 
(B02) Alekhine's Defense, 43 moves, 1-0

black queens twice, but white will win.
G Kenworthy vs J Ady, 1987 
(A07) King's Indian Attack, 41 moves, 1-0

two queens or no queens and mate!
K Klundt vs C Kluth, 1987 
(C42) Petrov Defense, 40 moves, 1-0

mean queens
A N Rubinsztein vs H Winkler, 1983 
(C56) Two Knights, 40 moves, 0-1

both sides promote, there ends with 1 Q each.
Le Quang Liem vs Nepomniachtchi, 2008 
(D44) Queen's Gambit Declined Semi-Slav, 68 moves, 0-1

both sides queen: ho hum.
Carlsen vs Anand, 2013 
(B51) Sicilian, Canal-Sokolsky (Rossolimo) Attack, 65 moves, 1/2-1/2

black wins after giving up 2nd queen.
Taimanov vs Larsen, 1970 
(E39) Nimzo-Indian, Classical, Pirc Variation, 34 moves, 0-1

a unique cross-capturing,cross promotion.
T Hillarp Persson vs J Hector, 2014 
(A09) Reti Opening, 33 moves, 1-0

Lein on me! Two Q's couldn't save black
A Lein vs J Barle, 1979 
(C28) Vienna Game, 42 moves, 1-0

white Voorheeses a new queen.
A Ivanov vs L Christiansen, 1996 
(C87) Ruy Lopez, 48 moves, 1-0

old white queen is staid- the new black queen is active as heck
P Trifunovic vs E E Book, 1948 
(D49) Queen's Gambit Declined Semi-Slav, Meran, 54 moves, 0-1

white sacs the queen...then gains another.
C A Martinez vs V van Riemsdijk, 1993 
(A48) King's Indian, 36 moves, 1-0

in one variation, black could have sac-ed two queens.
C Lange vs D Hess, 1994 
(B01) Scandinavian, 30 moves, 0-1

Spraggett puts second Q to good use.
K Spraggett vs J Berry, 1976 
(B91) Sicilian, Najdorf, Zagreb (Fianchetto) Variation, 47 moves, 1-0

HIPPO- MANIA all pawns on black's third row!!
R Nezhmetdinov vs M Ujtelky, 1964 
(A00) Uncommon Opening, 75 moves, 0-1

two promotions...two queen sacs.
Arasan vs Critter, 2014 
(A34) English, Symmetrical, 38 moves, 0-1

Black gives up three queens and wins...a rook ahead.
V Gunina vs Sevian, 2015 
(C77) Ruy Lopez, 69 moves, 0-1

white's new queen decides this.
S Ernst vs J Werle, 2001 
(A14) English, 65 moves, 1-0

queen lost,regained,mating.
Z Almasi vs Korchnoi, 1996 
(C18) French, Winawer, 33 moves, 1-0

Karpov-Kasparov WC game with two promoted Q's
Karpov vs Kasparov, 1990 
(E87) King's Indian, Samisch, Orthodox, 86 moves, 1/2-1/2

Kasimdzhanov vs Kasparov, 2005 
(D47) Queen's Gambit Declined Semi-Slav, 36 moves, 0-1

double queen sacrifice!
M Keller vs H Jaser, 1977 
(E77) King's Indian, 31 moves, 1-0

Black about to promote yet again.
Bacrot vs Aronian, 2006 
(E21) Nimzo-Indian, Three Knights, 55 moves, 0-1

Carlsen ends with a second queen.
Carlsen vs Caruana, 2014 
(C41) Philidor Defense, 38 moves, 1-0

black will queen...white will lose!
L Carranza vs Alekhine, 1926 
(C79) Ruy Lopez, Steinitz Defense Deferred, 18 moves, 0-1

the Q and R's attack, a second Q wins it.
Shabalov vs Aronian, 2004 
(C89) Ruy Lopez, Marshall, 47 moves, 0-1

4 waiting
G McCarthy vs M Kennefick, 1977 
(A23) English, Bremen System, Keres Variation, 22 moves, 1-0

both sides get extra queens.
Vachier-Lagrave vs Kosteniuk, 2008 
(C89) Ruy Lopez, Marshall, 85 moves, 1-0

three pieces win...but with new Q coming.
So vs Ding Liren, 2015 
(E99) King's Indian, Orthodox, Taimanov, 60 moves, 1-0

new queen saves the day.
M Matlakov vs B Bok, 2015 
(A32) English, Symmetrical Variation, 38 moves, 1-0

Impudent pawn WILL queen!
Avrukh vs Eljanov, 2012 
(A62) Benoni, Fianchetto Variation, 40 moves, 1-0

extra queen does NOT win.
Dominguez Perez vs Jakovenko, 2015 
(D43) Queen's Gambit Declined Semi-Slav, 36 moves, 1-0

second queen mates.
Prince Dadian vs Prince G Dadian, 1880 
(C41) Philidor Defense, 37 moves, 1-0

two queens promoted vs 4 pawns not promoted.
Gelfand vs Shirov, 2007 
(D85) Grunfeld, 54 moves, 0-1

2 promotions defeat black.
M Ragger vs S Maze, 2016 
(E98) King's Indian, Orthodox, Taimanov, 9.Ne1, 49 moves, 1-0

white adds two extra ladies to his harem!
A Shomoev vs R Mamedov, 2007 
(B33) Sicilian, 42 moves, 1-0

promotions everywhere.
Mikhalevski vs V Onyshchuk, 2016 
(E95) King's Indian, Orthodox, 7...Nbd7, 8.Re1, 118 moves, 1-0

both sides promote.
M Fette vs B Perenyi, 1985 
(B51) Sicilian, Canal-Sokolsky (Rossolimo) Attack, 51 moves, 0-1

a Klinger-Wholly Toledo!
P Garcia Toledo vs C Silva Sanchez, 1985 
(A48) King's Indian, 58 moves, 1-0

both sides promote, white's P's are stronger
Korchnoi vs Salov, 1987 
(E17) Queen's Indian, 59 moves, 1-0

white queens, then captures black's queen
J Brenninkmeijer vs A Pieniazek, 1987 
(A57) Benko Gambit, 38 moves, 1-0

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