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  1. Candidates 2013, Women's WC 2012, London 2012,

    <Candidates 2013:>

    Magnus Carlsen will play Champion Anand by winning the Candidates Tournament.

    Official Site: Chessbase Reports: Chessbase Reports: Chessgames Crosstable: World Championship Candidates (2013) Susan Polgar Report: Chessdom Reports:

    <Women's World Championship 2012:>

    Women's World Championship (KO), Khanty-Mansiysk RUS 2012: Anna Ushenina is the new 2012 Women's World Chess Champion! Chessdom Live Games: Anna: Chessgames Cross Table: Women's World Championship Knockout Tournament (2012)

    <Women's World Team Championship, Astana,Kazakhstan 2013>:

    Ukraine wins the Gold. Official Site: Chess News Report: Chessgames Crosstable: Women's World Team Championship (2013) Chess News:

    <London Chess Classic 2012>:

    Magnus Carlsen wins the 4th London Classic (+5-0=3) and achieves a live rating of 2862! Chessbase Reports: Chessgames Crosstable: London Chess Classic (2012) Official Site:

    <Wijk aan Zee 2013>:

    Tata Steel Chess: Chessgames Crosstable: Tata Steel Group A (2013) Chessbase Reports;

    <Aeroflot Open 2013>:

    <FIDE Grand Prix 2013>:

    Zug SUI: Chessbase Reports: Chessgames Crosstable: FIDE Grand Prix Zug (2013)

    <Alekhine Memorial 2013:>

    Paris and St. Petersburg: Chessbase Reports:


    <Other Tournaments:>

    World Cup, Khanty-Mansiysk RUS 2011: Official Site:

    FIDE Grand Prix London 2012: Official Site: Chessbase Reports: Chessdom Games:

    FIDE Grand Prix Tashkent 2012: Official Site: Chessbase Reports:

    72nd Ukrainian Woman Chess Championship: Mariya Muzychuk is 2012 Ukrainian Women Champion: Official Site: Chessdom Report:

    13th Karpov International Poikovsky, RUS 2012. GM Dmitry Jakovenko, RUS, wins with 6/9 Chessgames Crosstable: Karpov Poikovsky (2012) The Week in Chess Report:

    Trophee Anatoly Karpov 2012: Karpov Wins!

    <Pictures and News:>

    Judit after round two victory: Judit after round three victory:

    Indian Summer in Khanty-Mansiysk:

    Judit Polgar (Hungary) press-conference:

    Agata Bykovtsev, 13, to Represent United States in World Championships:

    Sophie Millet:

    Carole Freeman 1945: http://www.tuttartpitturasculturapo...


    Kim English 1957:

    Brazilian WFM Vanessa Feliciano Ebert:

    Judit Polgar to play in London:

    Blondes vs Brunettes:

    Natalia Pogonina:

    <Pictures from the Women's World Championship Tournament:>

    Burning Man Pictures:

    <Selected Games:>

    99 games, 2011-2013

  2. Chess Olympiad 2012/ Wijk aan Zee 2013, Others
    Chess Tournments:

    <Wijk aan Zee 2013 Tata Steel>: Chessbase Reports: Official Site: Chessgames Crosstable: Tata Steel Group A (2013) Fred Lucas Pictures:
    Fred Lucas Pictures:

    <Tradewise Gibraltar 2013>: Official Site: http://www.gibraltarchesscongress.c... Chessbase Reports: Elisabeth Paehtz:

    <Chess Olympiad> in Istanbul, Turkey 2012. Open and Women. In the Open Section, Armenia took Gold on tie-breaks with Russia, who took Silver. Ukraine followed with Bronze. In the Women's section, Russia won Gold, China won Silver and Ukraine Bronze. Official Site: Chess Base Reports: ChessGames Crosstables: Istanbul Olympiad (2012) Istanbul Olympiad (Women) (2012) Chessdom Reports: WhyChess Reports:

    <Baden Baden 2013>:

    <Moscow Open 2013>:

    <Reykjavik Open 2013>:

    <Zurich 2013>:

    <North American Open 2013>:

    <Other Pictures and Videos:>

    Huffington Post on Nakamura's new rating:

    Naka and Gata Rd.9:

    Gata Kamsky: "Now everything is in our hands!" (Link to other Why Chess articles)

    Interview with Irina Krush: http://photo.chessolympiadistanbul....

    Hikaru Nakamura, Broad One with USA: http://photo.chessolympiadistanbul....

    Kramnik and Nakamura Rd9: http://photo.chessolympiadistanbul....

    Gunina and Kosintseva:

    France vs China Rd9: http://photo.chessolympiadistanbul....

    Kazakhstan tied China Women Rd.10:

    Top Women Performer, Nadezhda Kosintseva:

    Anna Ushenina from the Ukraine:

    Closing Ceremony, The Gold Medal Team from Russia:

    Goodnight Moon:

    <Selected Games:>

    99 games, 2012-2013

  3. Favorite Games from USA Players
    Favorite games from USA players.

    March 2012:


    Western Open, Bay City Michigan 1963: TheFocus': Game Collection: 0

    Second Piatigorsky Cup, Santa Monica, CA 1966: Chessbase Report: wanabe2000's: Game Collection: Second Piatigorsky Cup, Santa Monica, CA 1966

    San Antonio 1972: San Antonio (1972)

    US Open 1986: Phony Benoni's: Game Collection: US Open 1986, Somerset

    FIDE World Cup 2007: Gata Kamsky wins:

    <Favorite Contributors:>

    JFQ: User: jessicafischerqueen

    malthrope: User: malthrope

    wanabe2000: User: wanabe2000


    Bobby Fischer: My 60 Memorable Games. Collection by Verivus: Game Collection: Bobby Fischer: My 60 Memorable Games

    KingG's: Game Collection: Robert Fischer's Best Games

    AdrianP's: Game Collection: Bobby Fischer Rediscovered (Andy Soltis)

    FSR's: Game Collection: Stalemate!

    TheFocus': Fischer's Simul Tour 1964: Game Collection: 0 Game Collection: 0

    AdrianP's: Game Collection: Bobby Fischer Rediscovered (Andy Soltis)

    isolatedpawn's:Game Collection: Fischer meets the French Defense

    <News and Pictures:>

    Seirawan at the World Team 2011:World Team Championship (2011)/Yasser Seirawan

    Bobby Fischer in LIFE Magazine:

    Bobby Fischer on 60 Minutes:

    Interview with Yasser Seirawan 2011:

    Mechanics Club:

    Interview with medallist, IM Sam Shankland By Jennifer Shahade, 2008:

    Benny Goodwin "Sing,sing,sing":

    Double Rainbow:

    Bonnie Raitt. "Million Miles":

    New York born Alisa Maric:

    FM Alisa Melekhina, 2221, USA, at Hastings 2012:

    <Selected Games:>

    100 games, 1955-2011

  4. Interesting Games from partien
    Selected Tournaments and Games

    <Norway Chess Tournament, Stavanger, Norway 2013:> Sergey Karjakin wins Norway Chess 2013

    Chessgames Cross Table: Norway Chess (2013)

    Chessbase Reports: Final:

    Chessbase Report on the Blitz Tournament: Chessgames crosstable on the Blitz Tournament: Norway Chess (Blitz) (2013)

    <FIDE Women's Grand Prix, Geneva 2013:>

    Georgian IM Bela Khotenashvili drew her final round game against Women's World Champion Anna Ushenina and won Neva Women's Grand Prix in Geneva.

    Official Tournament Site:

    Chessbase Reports:

    <US Championship, St. Louis, 2013:>

    Main Site:

    Chessgames Crosstable: United States Championship (2013) US Chess Championship (Women) (2013)

    Chessbase Report on Men's Playoff. Gata Kamsky wins. Irina Krush is the Women's US Champion: Irina Interview:

    <European Individual Championships Tournament, 2013, Legnica, Poland:> Alexander Moiseenko won the European Championship.

    Chessgames Cross Table: European Championship (2013)

    ChessVibes Report:

    <Georgia Women Championship 2013:>

    <FIDE World Championship 2007:>

    Anand becomes Champion: World Championship Tournament (2007)


    Hesam7's: Game Collection: WCC Index (Korchnoi-Petrosian 1974)

    amadeus': Game Collection: Match Tal!


    Moscow 1925. Efim Bogoljubov wins: Game Collection: Moscow 1925

    Karlsbad 1929. Aron Nimzowitsch wins. Game Collection: Karlsbad 1929

    Mar del Plata 1947: Game Collection: Mar del Plata 1947

    Zurich 1953: suenteus po 147's Game Collection: WCC Index (Zurich 1953)

    USSR Championship, Moscow, 1957. Tal wins: USSR Championship (1957)

    Riga 1958: suenteus po 147's: Tal wins: Game Collection: USSR Championship 1958

    Zurich 1959. Tal wins: Game Collection: Zurich 1959

    Bled 1961: Tal wins over Fischer:

    USSR Championship 1965: Korchnoi wins: Phony Benoni's: Game Collection: USSR Championship 1964/65 Chessgames: USSR Championship (1964/65)

    Wijk aan Zee, Hoogovens 1976. Game Collection: Wijk aan Zee Hoogovens 1976

    Novgorod 1994. Vassily Ivanchuk was equal first with Garry Kasparov. suenteus po 147's collection: Game Collection: Novgorod 1994

    19th World Junior Girls Championships, Goa IND 2002. Won by Zhao Xue: World Junior Championship (Girls) (2002)/Xue Zhao

    Wijk aan Zee 2003 B Group winner: Corus Group A (2003)/Zhong Zhang

    2005 Croatian Championship. GM Krunoslav Hulak wins: Croatian Championship (2005)

    2008 World Junior Championships. Abhijeet Gupta is champion:

    2009 Tal Memorial. GM Vladimir Kramnik wins: Tal Memorial (2009)

    2012 Czech Coal, Snowdrops and Old-hands Tournament: Chessgames Crosstable: Snowdrops and Old-hands (2012) Chessbase Reports:


    Pillsbury - Showalter 1897 match. See crawfb5's Game Collection: Pillsbury - Showalter 1897 match



    Game Collection: World's Greatest Chess Games

    uglybird's: Game Collection: Botvinnik "100 Selected Games"

    Mikhail Tal's Best Games: KingG's:Game Collection: Mikhail Tal's Best Games

    Fischer Teaches The Endgame: Game Collection: Fischer teaches the endgame

    Fischer's Best Endgames: Game Collection: Bobby Fischer's Best Endgames.

    Think Like A Grandmaster: Game Collection: 0

    Phony Benoni's: Game Collection: Bright Side of Chess

    Wanabe2000's: Game Collection: Harry Nelson Pillsbury: The Dover Book Games

    Remembering Svetozar Gligoric: ChessBase:

    Game Collection: Chess Informant Most Important Novelty winners

    koinonia's: Game Collection: Chess Informant Best Games 1

    TheAlchemist's: Game Collection: 0

    Morphischer: Game Collection: Women In Chess

    jfk's: Game Collection: Hypermodern Chess

    dac1990's: Game Collection: My Best Games Of Chess 1924-1937 by A. Alekhine

    KingG's: Game Collection: Rashid Nezhmetdinov's Best Games

    wanabe2000's: Game Collection: 2014 World Chess Championship/2015 Tournaments

    MonsieurL's: Game Collection: Alexander Alekhine Games, 1920-1924

    Verivus: Game Collection: Bobby Fischer: My 60 Memorable Games

    AdianP: Game Collection: Gazza's Greats

    jessicafischerqueen's: Game Collection: Fischer Brilliancies Appraised by Eyal Segal

    Resignation Trap's: Game Collection: Grandmaster Geller: The First Quarter Century

    cosmo's: Game Collection: Kasparov Beating Kramnik

    chocobonbon's: Game Collection: Charousek Comets

    Chessdreamer"s: Game Collection: Veliki majstori saha 20 KERES (1916-1975)

    ZHHaNiVe's: Game Collection: 0

    <News and Pictures:>

    Irina Krush in Georgia:

    Mozart of Chess:

    Susan Polgar:

    WGM Maria Kursova at the Women's World Team Championship 2011:

    Judit Polgar:

    Jennifer Shahade:

    Yifan Hou 2012:

    WGM Anatasiya Karlovich in Turkey Feb. 2012:

    Life Magazine:

    Seattle 2012:

    Judit in Brazil:

    Melanie Ohme (Germany):

    Multifaceted, Masha Manakova:

    Elizabeth Paehtz playing Team Chess in Turkey 2012: Eli at Women's Cup:

    Chess Mom, Susan Polgar:


    Muzychuk/Stefanova get ready for The Grand Prix 9.16.2012 in Turkey:

    Melanie Ohme from Germany:

    Worlds Fastest Cars:

    Judit in London: Judit plays a simul in Vienna 2012:

    Mexico Tournament 2012:

    Snowdrops Tournament 2012 with Valentina Gunina:


    Van Gogh:

    Brainy Quotes:

    Susan Polgar in Paris 2012:

    Game Collection: World's Greatest Chess Games- Nunn Emms Burgess

    <Magnus Carlsen Collection:>

    Game Collection: Match Carlsen! Game Collection: MAGNUS CARLSEN'S BEST GAMES Game Collection: Wonderboy - Magnus Carlsen, 2000-2004 Game Collection: Fighting Chess with Magnus Carlsen Game Collection: The Carlsen Chronicles Part I - Wonderboy Game Collection: Mozart of chess Game Collection: Carlsen's winning miniatures Game Collection: Magnus- the teenager collection

    101 games, 1857-2013

  5. partien's collection
    Selected Tournaments and Games

    <World Championships:>

    2006 FIDE World Championship, Elista. The reunification match between FIDE world champion Veselin Topalov and classical chess world champion Vladimir Kramnik was played in the Republic of Kalmykia.

    Chessgames: Kramnik - Topalov World Championship Match (2006)

    Chessbase Reports:

    <World Championship Candidates:>

    Candidates Finals, Moscow 1974: Game Collection: WCC Index (Korchnoi-Karpov 1974)

    Candidates 1/4 finals, Reykjavik 1977: Game Collection: WCC Index (Spassky-Hort 1977)

    <Selected Tournaments:>

    1937 GM Mikhail Botvinnik-GM Grigory Levenfish Match, Drawn 6.5/13. suenteus po 147'S: Game Collection: Botvinnik-Levenfish Match 1937

    1958/1959 US Championship, New York NY. Bobby Fischer wins: suenteus po 147's: Game Collection: US Championship 1958/59

    1959 USSR Championship. Petrosian wins over strong field. See suenteus po 147's: Game Collection: USSR Championship 1959

    1963/4 US Championship, New York NY. GM Bobby Fischer's Perfect Score: suenteus po 147's: Game Collection: US Championship 1963/64

    1972 US Championship, New York NY. GM Samuel Reshevsky, GM Lubomir Kavalek and GM Robert Byrne were equal first:

    1972 Wijk aan Zee, Hoogovens NED. GM Lajos Portsich won with 10.5/15 points. suenteus po 147's: Game Collection: Wijk aan Zee Hoogovens 1972

    1973 USSR Championship. Boris Spassky wins! See suenteus po 147's: Game Collection: USSR Championship 1973

    1973 US Championship, El Paso TX. GM Lubomir Kavalek and IM John Grefe were equal first:

    1974 US Championship, Chicago IL. GM Walter Browne wins the title:

    1975 Alekhine Memorial, Moscow. Geller won with 10.5/15 (+6-0=9): Game Collection: Moscow 1975

    1979 Montreal. Mikhail Tal and Anatoli Karpov equal first: suenteus po 147's collection: Game Collection: Montreal 1979

    1982 Interzonal. GM Lajos Portish and GM Eugeno Torre equal first. suenteus po 147's collection: Game Collection: Toluca Interzonal 1982 Standings:

    1985 Yerevan. GM Victor Korchnoi first with 9½/13. suenteus po 147's collection: Game Collection: Yerevan 1965

    1992 Linares. Won by GM Garry Kasparov. suenteus po 147's: Game Collection: Linares 1992

    1994 Linares. GM Anatoly Karpov's famous win. suenteus po 147's: Game Collection: Linares 1994

    1995 Horgen. GM Vassily Ivanchuk, GM Vladimir Kramnik, equal first with scores of 7/10: Game Collection: Horgen 1995

    1996 Max Euwe Memorial, Amsterdam NED. GM Veselin Topolov equal first with GM Gary Kasparov scoring 6.5/9: Game Collection: Amsterdam VSB 1996

    1996/1997 Deep Blue vs GM Garry Kasparov: Game Collection: Kasparov vs Deep Blue

    1997 Tilburg: Game Collection: Tilburg Fontys 1997

    1999 Wijk aan Zee, Hoogovens NED. Gary Kasparov won with 10/13 his first time out at Wijk aan Zee: Game Collection: Wijk aan Zee Hoogovens 1999

    2002 Curaco Open, VEN. GM Victor Korchnoi and GM Yona Kosashvili were equal 1st. Yona is married to Sofia Polgar: Curacao Open (2002)

    2003 US Championship: GM Alexander Shabalov and WIM Anna Hahn are the new US Champions: United States Championship (2003)

    2003 St. Petersburg, 300 years Tournament: GM Evgeny Najer and GM Alexander Lastin tied for 1st: St. Petersburg Open (2003)

    2005 74th Ukrainian Championship: Won by 19-year-old GM Alexander Areshchenko (2625):

    2005 World's Junior (Girls) Championship. IM Elisabeth Paehtz, Germany, wins the Junior Championship: World Junior Championship (Girls) (2005)

    2007 World Youth Chess Championship, Turkey: Valentina Gunina, RUS, is the U18 Girls Champion:

    2008 Aeroflot. GM Ian Nepomniachtchi wins with 7/9:

    2008 Ataturk Istanbul,Women:

    2009 World Youth Chess Championship, Turkey: Olga Girya,RUS, and Keti Tsatsalashvili, GEO, are Vice-Champions U18 (Girls):

    2009 Foxwoods Open. GM Darmen Sadvakasov beat GM Yury Shulman in a blitz tie-break to take first place:

    2009 Tenth European Women's Championship:

    2010 United States Junior Championship, St. Louis: GM Ray Robson and GM Sam Shankland equal first: USA Junior Championship (2010)

    2010 World U18 Championship, Porto Carras, Greece and FM Steven C Zierk USA, rated 2391, are the winners: 2010 World Open, Valley Forge PA. GM Viktor Laznicka 2636 CZE wins with 7.5/9 points: Chessgames: 38th World Open (2010)

    2010 Philadelphia Open: GM Gata Kamsey is the winner: Games: Philadelphia Open (2010)

    2011 Kings vs Queens Tournament, St. Louis: Chessbase Reports: This Week In Chess Report:

    2011 Malaysian Chess Festival, Kuala Lumpur. GM Li Shilong was the winner. WGM Ju Wenjun finished 6th:

    <Selected Other Tournaments:>

    2009 Blackstone Chess Club Winter Masters, Pawtucket RI.

    2011 Euwe Memorial, Amsterdam. Official Site:


    Game Collection: WCC Index (Tal-Larsen 1965)

    Mark Thorton's: Game Collection: Reti-Euwe Match, Amsterdam, 1920 The first three games.


    whiteshark's: Game Collection: 96a The Unbearable Lightness of rook endgames 1


    capybara's: Game Collection: Endgames: King & pawns

    suenteus po 147's collection: Game Collection: 150 Chess Endings

    Mating Net's: Game Collection: Endgames That Need to be Mastered

    ksadler's: Game Collection: Endgame Collection

    Resignation Trap's: Game Collection: Oh, Those Effin' Aitch Pawns in Rook Endgames!

    outplayer's: Game Collection: Best endings

    <Selected Openings:>

    Grunfeld Exchange: Grunfeld, Exchange (D86)

    Grunfeld Russian: Grunfeld, Russian Variation (D81)

    Sicilian Kan: Game Collection: Recent Sicilians, Kan

    King's Indian, Samisch:

    Sicilian Defense: Game Collection: Sicilian Najdorf 6.Be2

    <Selected Collections:>

    The Best Game Collection: suenteus po 147's: suenteus po 147's Game Collections

    Phony Benoni's USSR Championships: Game Collection: USSR Championship Tournament Index Many think 1955, 1973, and 1988 to be the strongest tournaments.

    LESTADAR's: Game Collection: Tal king of chess

    Yopo's: Game Collection: remembering Tal

    Game Collection: 0

    Game Collection: The Russians Play Chess by Irving Chernev

    AdrianP's: Game Collection: Bobby Fischer Rediscovered (Andy Soltis)

    Mikhail Chigorin beat Rudolf Rezso Charousek 4 to 3, with 1 draw:

    Game Collection: Chess Informant Best Games 03

    suenteus po 147's collection. Bronstein's Run: Game Collection: 0

    Games annotated by Bobby Fischer: games annotated by Fischer

    Anatoly21's: Game Collection: 0

    little fluffy's: Game Collection: Kasparov and his KID

    Bidibulle's: Game Collection: Nezhmetdinov's best games of chess

    koinonia's: Game Collection: Chess Informant Best Games 1

    Sneaky's: Game Collection: That Sneaky Slav & Semi-Slav

    vonKrolock's: Game Collection: ROOT OF SPAWN or Bobby vs The Youth

    WeakSquare's: Game Collection: Bobby Fischer's Road to the World Championship

    StuporMoundi's: Game Collection: 0

    Resignation Trap's: Game Collection: WCC Index (Candidates Tournament 1959) A heated race for first between Mikhail Tal and Paul Keres which Tal won.

    parmetd's: Game Collection: DA Kid

    KingG's: Game Collection: Alexander Alekhine's Best Games

    KingG's: Game Collection: King's Indian

    KingG's: Game Collection: Rashid Nezhmetdinov's Best Games

    takking's: Game Collection: GM RAM Game Selection

    BabalooMoon's: Game Collection: My System - Nimzowitsch

    Game Collection: Pawn Power in Chess by Hans Kmoch

    <News and Pictures:>

    Michail Tal 11.9.1936 Chessbase Reports:

    Elizabeth Paehtz in Nalchik 2008:

    Interview with Magnus Carlsen 2011:

    Polgar Sister's Day 2011:

    Hou Yifan – the youngest female grandmaster in history

    White Mouse Sebag wins trip to Bejing Mind Games:

    Kasparov 2011 blitz games vs Maxime Vachier-Lagrave:

    Kasparov 2011 blitz games vs Nigel Short: Kasparov - Short Blitz Match (2011)

    Interview with Judit Polgar 2011:

    Frank Brady's new Bobby Fischer book:

    Dasha Charochkina in Taganrog 2011:

    Sopico Guramishvili GEO at Isbank 2011:

    US Championship Chess history from Fischer to Nakamura :

    Nadezhda Kosintseva at Corus:

    Susan Polgar:

    World Cup 2004:

    Marlies Bensdorp on the Côte d'Azur

    Spice Cup 2011, Susan Polgar:

    Susan Polgar Simul in Fremont:

    Valya Gunina, Olya Girya, Alina Kashlinskaya:


    April Fool’s Day blitz match:

    Multifaceted, Masha Manakova:

    Saoirse Ronan Images:

    Maggie Vessey Images:

    Alice White: Mariya Muzychuk 2011:

    Susan Polgar:

    <Selected Websites:>

    <Selected Games:>

    101 games, 1887-2011

  6. Selected Tournaments and Favorite Games (2011) a
    <World Championship, Women:> Chessbase Reports: Chessdom Games: WhyChess Report: video analysis:

    <World Championship, Candidates 2011 (Kazan RUS):>

    Boris Gelfand won the final game with white against Alexander Grischuk to qualify for a World Chess Championship Match against Viswanathan Anand next year: World Championship Candidates (2011). This week in Chess Reports: Chess OK with Rybka: Chessdom Coverage: Chessbase Reports: ChessVibes Coverage: Sergey Shipov's Reports: Finals: [bad tournament link]

    Boris Gelfand Interview, 2011 (Homecoming):

    <Selected 2011 Championship Tournaments:>

    European Individual Chess Championship, Aix-Les-Bains, France 2011: Vladamir Potkin champion, Radoslaw Wojtaszek 2nd, Judit Polgar 3rd! Chessbase Reports: Chessgames: European Championship (2011)

    European Individual Women Chess Championship, Tbilisi Georgia 2011: Lithuania's Viktorija Cmilyte has won the gold medal by scoring 9/11 (+8-1=2). Official Site: Chessbase Reports: This Week In Chess: Final Chess base Report:

    United Staes Championship, St. Louis 2011: Gata Kamsky and Anna Zatonskih are champions! Chessbase Reports:

    United States Junior Championship, St. Louis 2011. Gregory Young is the new Champion: Games and Cross Table: U.S. Junior Championship (2011) Chessbase Final Report:

    China Individual Championships 2011: Women's Champion, Zhang Xiaowen:

    Ukraine Championship, Kiev 2011: Ruslan Ponomariov won the Championship with 8.5/11: Chessbase: Ukrainian Championship (2011)

    Dutch Championship, Men and Women, Boxtel NED 2011. Anish Giri scored 7.5/9 points to become the Men's Champion, and Peng Zhaoqin finished with 9.0/10 to win her 13th Women's Championship: The official site: Chessbase Report with Standings and Games in PGN:

    The 82nd German Chess Championship, Bonn 2011. GM Igor Khenkin and GM Jan Gustafsson were eqal first with 6.5/9. Khenkin is the Champion on tie-break: 82nd German Chess Championship (2011). WIM Sarah Hoolt is the Women's Champion with a score of 7.5/9 (+7-1=1). 82nd German Chess Championship (Women) (2011)

    <Selected 2011 Tournaments:>

    54th Reggio Emilia 2011-2012. Anish Giri took sole first after, Nakamura and Morozevich, both of whom had better tiebreaks, lost in the final round. Moro came second, while Nakamura took third. Guramishvili won the women's event ahead of Sharevich and Brunello. Chessbase Reports: Sopiko Guramishvili (GEO): ChessNews (RUS): This Week in Chess Report:

    London Classic 2011. Vladimir Kramnik wins: TWIC: Chessdom: Why Chess: Chess OK: Crosstable: London Chess Classic (2011)

    Tal Memorial, Moscow 2011. GM Magnus Carlsen and GM Levon Aronian equal first. Carlsen 1st on tie-break. Official Site: Chess UK Reports: Why Chess Reports: Chessdom Live Games: ChessOK Live Games: Crestbook: Chessbase Reports: Chessgames: Tal Memorial (2011)

    Aeroflot 2011. GM Le Quang Liem wins second Aeroflot in a row: Chessbase Reports, Aeroflot Open (2011)

    Russian Higher League, Taganrog 2011. GM Alexander Morozevich is the Open winner and Elena Zaiatz wins the Women's section: Chessbase Report:

    IX Gyorgy Marx Memorial, Paks Hungary, 2011. GM Radoslaw Wojtaszek, POL 2721 wins. WGM Alina Kashlinskaya, RUS 2360 is the Women's winner: Chessgames: Gyorgy Marx Memorial IX (2011) Gyorgy Marx Memorial IX (Women) (2011) Chessbase Report:

    The King's Tournament. Romania, June 2011: GM Magnus Carlsen wins on tiebreak: Chessbase Reports: Bazna King's Tournament (2011)

    Berkeley International, California Jan 2011. GM Loek Van Wely wins with 8/10 (+6-0=4): Berkeley International (2011).

    National Open, Las Vegas 2011: GM Loek Van Wely and GM Var Akobian are co-champions of the 2011 National Open.

    Tata Sreel, Wijk aan Zee 2011: GM Hikaru Nakamura wins with 9/13 (+6-1=6): Tata Steel Group A (2011). Chessbase Reports:

    Gibraltar Masters 2011: GM Vassily Ivanchuk wins with 9/10 and 2968 performance: Chessbase Reports:

    Nakhchivan Open 2011 (Nakhchivan AZE): GM Anton Korobov won with a score of 7/9:

    <Other Tournaments:>

    Groningen Chess Festival 2011. Alexander Kovchan edged out Robert Hess on tie-break after both scored 7/9: Groningen Chess Festival (2011) TWIC: Chessbase Report:

    Dubai Open 2011, UAE: GM Abhijeet Gupta won with a score of 7.5/9.

    46th Capablanca Memorial 2011, Havana: GM Le Quang Liem and GM Vassily Ivanchuk equal first: Chessbase Report:

    2nd Danzhou Tournament, May 2011 (Danzhou CHN): GM Yu Yangyi was the clear winner with 7/9:

    Chicago Open May 2011, Illinois: Won by GM Timur Gareyev (2610) from Uzbekistan with a score of 7.5/9: Chessdom Picture:

    UT Dallas Spring Invitational 2011, Texas: Won by GM Valentin Iotov, BUL, with a score of 8/12: Games:

    Kings Gambit Tournament 2011, Radom Poland: Won by Polish champion GM Mateusz Bartel:

    Airports Authority Tournament 2011, New Delhi, IND. GM Fabiano Caruana won with 7/10 (+5-1=4): Airports Authority of India (2011) Chessbase Report:

    Eforie Nord Festival Tournament 2011, Romania. GM Sergey Tiviakov wins:

    World Open 2011, Philadelphia. GM Gata Kamsky and GM Michael Adams equal first with 7/9. Kamsky wins the Armageddon playoff between the current USA & British Champions. Official Site: Kamsky's games: 39th World Open (2011)/Gata Kamsky Chessgames: 39th World Open (2011)

    Max Euwe Memorial 2011. Peng Zhaoqin was clear 1st in Group 1. Robin Van Kampen won Group 2:

    Dutch Open 2011. Won by Maxim Turov: Dutch Open (2011)

    <Selected Match Play:>

    Nakamura-Ponomariov, St.Louis Match, 2011. GM Hikaru Nakamura beat GM Ruslan Ponoamriov 3.5-2.5: Chessgames: Nakamura - Ponomariov Match (2011) Chessbase Report:

    Finegold-Robson, St.Louis Match, 2011. GM Ray Robson beat GM Ben Finegold 4-2: Finegold - Robson Match (2011)

    Anand-Shirov Match 2011: The Torneo Magistral de Ajedrez Ciudad de León June 2-6 was a 6 game match of quick games (45m + 30s/move). Vishy Anand won with a score of 4.5 to 1.5: All the games: XXIV Magistral de Ajedrez Ciudad de Leon (2011) Chessbase Final Report:

    <Team Championships:>

    Women's World Team Championship, Mardin Turkey, 2011: Official Site: Chessbase:

    Russian Team Championship, Olginka 2011. Shsm-64 and Tomsk-400 equal first with Shsm-64 getting the gold medal on tie-break: Russian Team Championship (2011) Results:

    Russian Team Championship (Women), Olginka 2011. SHSM-RSCU (A. Kosteniuk, V. Gunina, M. Romanko, O. Girya, A. Kashlinskaya) places first: Russian Team Championship (Women) (2011) Results:

    World Chess Team Championship, Ningbo CHN 2011. Armenia was undefeated (+5-0=4) winning the 8th World Team Championship. China wins silver and Ukraine wins bronze. Chessbase Reports: Chess UK: Official Website: Chessgames: World Team Championship (2011) Player Standings: World Team Championship (2011) WhyChess Report:

    <Other Team:>

    Snowdrops vs. Oldhands – Czech Coal Chess Match 2011

    <Rapid, Blitz, and Blindfold:>

    <News and Pictures:>

    The Turkish Isbank Chess League:

    Frank Brady's new Bobby Fischer book:

    US Champions 2011:

    Pictures from the European Individual Women's Championship:

    Hikaru Nakamura in St. Louis:

    Ruslan Ponomariov at the Ukraine Championship 2011:

    Boris Gelfand Interview, 2011(Homecoming):

    Anne Haast at the Dutch Championship 2011:

    Nadezhda Kosintseva at the WGM Tournament, China, July 2011:

    Tatiana Kosintseva at the WGM Tournament, China, July 2011:

    <Selected Websites:>

    <Selected Oollections:>

    notyetagm's: Game Collection: Gelfand's Best Games

    Runemaster's: Game Collection: Ponomariov - Don't Under-estimate Him

    kyenny13579.ken's: Game Collection: ruslan ponomariov- one of the greatest players o

    <Selected Games:>

    97 games, 1913-2013

  7. Selected Tournaments and Favorite Games (2011) b
    <Selected 2011 Championship Tournaments:>

    Russian Championships Super Final, Moscow RUS 2011. Peter Svidler wins with a score of 5/7 (+4-1=2): Chessbase Reports: WhyChess Report: Chessgames: Russian Championship Superfinal (2011)

    61st Russian Women's Championship, Moscow RUS 2011. Valentina Gunina is the Champion with a score of 6.5/9 (+5-1=3) : Games: Chessgames: Russian Championship Superfinal (Women) (2011)

    98th British Championship, Sheffield ENG 2011. GM Michael Adams wins the title with a playoff victory over GM Nigel Short. IM Jovanka Houska British Womens Champion. Official Site: Chessbase Reports: Chess UK Report: Chessgames: British Championship (2011)

    The World Junior Chess Championships, Chennai India 2011. GM Robert Hovhannisyan (ARM) and GM Dariusz Swiercz (POL) are equal first with 10.5/13 (+8-0=5). Swieres wins the open title on tiebreaks. WGM Deysi Estela Cori Tello (PER) with an undefeated score of 11/13 (+9-0=4) wins the Girls U20 title. Official Site: Chess UK: Chessbase Reports: Results: Round 8 Report: Final Report: WhyChess final report: Chessgames: World Junior Championship (Girls) (2011) World Junior Championship (2011)

    <Selected 2011 Tournaments:>

    15th Unive Tournament, 2011 Hoogeven NED. GM Vladimir Kramnik wins with a 4.5/6 in the Crown Section. GM Sergei Tiviakov wins on tie-break with 7/9 in the Open Section: WhyChess Report: This Week in Chess Report: Chessbase Reports: Chessgames: 15th Unive (Crown Group) (2011) 15th Unive Open (2011)

    Governor's Cup, 2011 Saratov RUS. GM Alexander Morozevich wins with 8.5/11 (+6-0=5) and a 2917 performance: Chessbase Report: Chessgames: Governor's Cup (2011) Why Chess Report:

    FIDE Women's Grand Prix, 2011 Nalchik RUS. GM Zhao Xue CHN wins with an incredible 9.5/11 (+9-1=1): Official Site: Chessbase Reports: biker60 Report: Chessgames: FIDE Women's Grand Prix Nalchik (2011)

    Chigorin Memorial, 2011 St Petersburg RUS. GM Dmitry Bocharov took first with 7.5/9 points: This Week In Chess Report: Chessdom Report: WhyChess Report: Games from the Official Site: Chessbase Report and Endgame Analysis:

    Chess Masters Final, 2011 São Paulo, Brazil and Bilbao Spain. Magnus Carlsen wins blitz playoff over Vassily Ivanchuk. Grand Slam Chess Final (2011) Chessbase Reports: ChessDom Games:

    US Open, Orlando FL 2011. GM Alex Lenderman won the title after a blitz playoff against GM Alejandro Ramirez. Five others equal first, including GM Nakamura but lower tiebreaks:

    Politiken Cup, Denmark 2011. GM Igor Kurnosov won with 8½ of 10. Official Site: Chessdom:

    Baku Open, AZE 2011. Won by GM Sergei Zhigalko with a score of 7/9 (+5-0=4): Baku Open (2011) ChessUK:

    FIDE Women’s Grand Prix, Rostov RUS 2011. Women's World Champion GM Hou Yifan (CHN) wins with a score of 8.0/11 (+6-1=4). Official Site: Chessbase Reports: Chessdom Games: Chessgames: FIDE Women's Grand Prix (2011) Chessbase: ChessNews: biker60 report:

    Dortmund, Dormund GER 2011. GM Vladimir Kramnik wins with a score of 7/10 (+5-1=4).Chessbase Reports: Chess UK: WhyChess Report:

    Biel Chess Festival, Biel SWZ 2011. GM Magnus Carlsen wins with a score of 7/10 (+5-1=4). Chessbase Reports: Chess UK: WhyChess Report: Official Site: GM Hua Ni CHN won the Masters Tournament. Notable was WGM Nazi Paikidze GEO with an IM norm.

    Lake Sevan, Martuni Armenia 2011. The tournament was won by GM Baadur Jobava on tie-break over GM Hrant Melkumyan. Chessbase Reports:

    1st Hangzhou WGM Tournament, Hangzhou, Zhejiang province, CHN 2011: Ju Wenjun wins, Dronavalli Harika becomes GM. Chessbase Reports: 1st Report Final Report. Games in PGN. The winner Ju Wenjun: biker60 report: Chessgames: 1st Hangzhou Women's GM Tournament (2011)

    First Radzikowska Memorial, Warsaw POL 2011. Equal first were WGM Karina Szczepkowska-Horowska and IM Iweta Rajlich, Official Site: Chessbase Report:

    FIDE Women’s Grand Prix, Shenzhen, China 2011. Women's World Champion Hou Yifan took clear first place as she did in the first. She scored 8/11 undefeated a point clear of Anna Muzychuk. Official Site: Chessbase Reports:

    <Other Tournaments:>

    Rilton Cup 2011-2012, Stockholm.

    15th Offene Internationale Bayerische Schach Meisterschaft, Bad Wiessee GER 2011. Won by GM Alexander Graf, on tie-break with 7.5/9 points: 2011 US Open Champion, Alex Lenderman, was equal 2nd (14th overall) with 7/9.

    Oslo Chess International 2011. Won by Matthew Sadler. Chess Games Report: Oslo Chess International (2011)

    5th Spice Cup Tournament, Lubbock TX 2011. Le Quang Liem wins with 6.5/10 (+4-1=5): SPICE Cup (2011) This Week in Chess Report: GM Anatoly Bykhovsky wins Group B. GM Benjamin Finegold wins Group C.

    Magistral Casino Barcelona Tournament 2011. Won jointly by GM Ivan Salgado Lopez and GM Yasser Seirawan both with 5.5/8: Magistral Casino Barcelona (2011) This Week in Chess Report:

    1st Metropolitan International, Los Angeles 2011: GM Michael Adams wins with 7.5/9 (+6-0=3). Games in PGN. USchess Reports: Official Site: ChessUK report: Chessdom Report:

    Manhattan Open, New York 2011. IM Vladimir Romanenko and GM Alex Shabalov finished tied for first with unbeaten scores of 7/9: USchess reports:

    Botvinnik Memorial Open, 2011: GM Denis Khismatullin first on tie-break: Botvinnik Memorial Rapid 2011: Botvinnik Memorial (Seniors): Botvinnik Memorial (Seniors) (2011)

    L. Rudenko Memorial, Saint Petersburg, Russia 2011. The winner was 13-year-old Alexandra Goryachkina. Chessbase Report: Official Site:

    5th Mediterranean Open Tournament, Rijeka Croatia 2011.


    European Teams Championship, Halkidiki GRE 2011. Germany, Russia take gold medals at the European Team Championships: WhyChess Reports: Chessbase Reports: This Week in Chess Reports: Official Site: Chess News:

    Schach Bundesliga, Muelheim GER 2011:

    Chinese League, Ningbo CHN 2011: Chinese League (2011)

    <Selected Collections:>


    jack rabbit's: Game Collection: Rook v. Two Connected Pawns

    josembk's: Game Collection: The Best Games In King Indian Defense

    eXodus: Game Collection: Master the endgames

    <News and Pictures:>

    Interview with Elisabeth Paehtz 2011:

    Deysi Estela Cori Tello U20 winner 2011.

    Sergei Shipov on draws:

    Daniil Dubov, Grandmaster at fourteen:

    Wenjun Ju at Hangzhou 2011: At Nalchik:

    Sophie Milliet at the French Championship:

    Russian Women's Champion 2011:

    Magnus at the Botvinnik Blitz 2011:

    <Selected Games:>

    95 games, 2011

  8. Selected Tournaments/Favorite Games (2012-3)
    Selected Tournaments from 2012:

    <World Championship:>

    Moscow 2012: World Champion GM Vishy Anand, from India, retains the title he has held since 2007. Official Site: Chessgames: Anand - Gelfand World Championship Match (2012) Chessbase Reports: Chessdom Games:


    2012 Russian Championship. GM Dmitry Andreikin (Open)and GM Natalia Pogonina (Women) are the new champions. Chessbase Reports: Final Reoort: The Week in Chess Report:

    US Chess Championships, St. Louis 2012: GM Hikaru Nakamura and IM Irina Krush win US Championship: Chessbase Reports: Chessgames Cross Tables: United States Championship (2012) US Championship (Women) (2012) Pictures of the Champions: Chessbase Report on Nakamura:

    United States Junior Championship, St.Louis 2012: IM Marc Arnold is the Champion: Chessbase Report:

    9th Georgian Women Championship: Chessbase Report: Results: Bela Khotenashvili wins:

    13th European Individual Championship, Plovdiv Bulgaria 2012. GM Dmitry Jakovenko is the European Champion: ChessBase Reports: Chessgames: European Championship (2012)

    European Women's Championships, Gaziantep Turkey 2012. IM Valentina Gunina equal first and wnning on tie-break: Official Site: Chessbase Reports: Nazi Rd.5: Rd.7: Dress Code: The winner!: Kosintseva Sisters:

    Chinese Chess Championships, Xinghua 2012. GM Ding Liren completes hat trick. WGM Huang Qian won the women'stitle on tiebreak: Chessbase Reports: Zhang Xiaowin:


    <FIDE Grand Prix Series 2012-2013, Thessaloniki, Greece>

    Chessgames crosstable: FIDE Grand Prix Thessaloniki (2013)

    Chessbase Reports:

    <Sao Paulo/Bilbao Masters 2012>: GM Magnus Carlson wins playoff blitz games 2-0: Official Site: Chessbase Reports: Chessdom Reort and Games:

    <Women's Grand Prix, Ankara TUR 2012>: FIDE Official Site: Chessgames Crosstable: Women Grand Prix Ankara (2012) Chessbase Reports: Anna Muzychuk Rd.9 leader: Chessdom Games:

    Biel 2012: Chessbase Reports: Chessgames Crosstable: Biel Chess Festival (2012)

    ACP Golden Classic and Dutch Championship 2012: Chessbase Report: Chessgames: ACP Golden Classic (2012)

    Dortmund 2012: Chessbase Report: Chessgames: Dortmund Sparkassen (2012)

    Russia Higher League 2012: WhyChess Reports: Chessbase Report: Chessgames Crosstable: Russian Championship Higher League (2012) Russian Championship Higher League (Women) (2012)

    Tal Memorial, Moscow RUS 2012. GM Magnus Carlsen wins with last round victory. Interview: Chessbase Reports: Chessgames Crosstable: Tal Memorial (2012) Chessdom:

    Tata Steel Tournament, Wijk aan Zee, NED 2012. Levon Aronian wins Group A. Pentala Harikirshna won Group B, and Maxim Turov took Group C. Official Site: TWIC: Chessbase Reports: Chess News: Huffington Report: Elisabeth Paehtz:

    Reggio Emilia ITA 2011/2012. Anish Giri wins: Reggio Emilia (2011) Chessbase Reports: WhyChess Report:

    Gibraltar 2012. GM Yifan Hou wins 1st place on tie-break with 8/10, but GM Nigel Short wins Rapid Playoff for the Title and Trophy: Official Site: http://www.gibraltarchesscongress.c... Chessgames Standings and Games: Gibraltar Masters (2012) Chessbase Reports:

    Areoflot 2012. Reigning Polish champion GM Mateusz Bartel won the 2012 edition of Aeroflot Open: Official Web Site:

    Reykjavik Open 2012. GM Fabiano Caruana wins Reykjavik 2012: Chessbase Report:

    FIDE 2012 Women's Grand Prix, Kazan RUS. Humpy Koneru and Anna Muzychuk share first: Chessbase Reports:

    ACP Golden Classic, Amsterdam NED: ACP Golden Classic (2012)

    Dortmund 2012: Dortmund Sparkassen (2012)

    <Other Tournaments:>

    40th Annual World Open 2012, Philadelphia, PA:

    Edmonton International, CAN 2012:

    National Open, Las Vegas 2012. Alex Lenderman wins: Chessgames Crosstable: National Open (2012)

    Chicago Open 2012: Official Site:

    Chess Match: Blondes vs Brunettes in Moscow:

    Georgia Championship: GM Baadur Jobava, rated 2721, won the title in Tbilisi.

    VI Georgy Agzamov Memorial – Tashkent Open 2012. GM Maxim Turov of Russia (first on tiebreak)7/9:

    Northern California International: Official Site: Susan Polgar Site:

    Games from the Moscow Open 2012:

    ACP Rapid Tournament 2012 Tbilisi, Georgia. GM Nana Dzagnidze beats GM Pia Cramling in tiebreak game: Official Site: Chessbase Reports: Leader after 5 rounds. Anna Muzychuk. Chessdom Report:


    Seirawan-Karpov, St.Louis, MO 2012: Karpov - Seirawan Match (2012) Videos:

    Aronian-Kramnik, Zurich 2012. (+1-1=4): Chessgames Crosstable: Kramnik - Aronian (2012)

    <Team Championships:>

    Turkish Team:

    Russian Team Championship:


    <Rapid and Blitz:>

    Blitz Exhibition, Biel 2012. Nakamura wins. Biel Blitz (2012)

    World Blitz and Rapid Championships, Astana, Kazakhstan 2012. GM Sergey Karjakin wins Rapid. Carlsen second: Chessgames crosstable: World Rapid Championship (2012) Chessbase Report: Grischuk wins Blitz:

    Chessbase Reports: Women's World Rapid and Blitz in Batumi GEO: GM Antoneta Stefanova wins the rapid tournament. Chessgames Crosstable: World Rapid Championship (Women) (2012) Chessbase Reports: Official Site:

    Tal Memorial Blitz:


    Resignation Trap's: Game Collection: The Princess of Chess - Judit Polgar

    notyetagm's: Game Collection: GIRI'S BEST GAMES

    2nd Ferdowsi International Chess Open: Game Collection: MAGNUS CARLSEN'S BEST GAMES

    <Photos and News:>

    Moscow Open:

    Women's World Champion GM Hou Yifan and 2011 European Women Champion GM Viktorija Cmilyte match will be held on 21st and 22nd May in Porti Vechju.

    Wijk aan Zee 2012:

    Championship of Turkey 2012:

    The latest Women Grand Master, Anna Muzychuk:

    ACP Women Tournament 2012:

    Anna Zatonskih tops US women's active ranking March 2012:

    Grape Celebration with Judit Polgar:

    Dress Code:

    Regina Porkona to play in Switzerland Tournament 2012:

    Wenjun Ju is playing in the Chinese Championships 2012:

    WGM Nino Maisuradze GEO. Placed 2nd in 2012 Grand Pacific Open Chess Championship - 6th Annual:

    Women's World Rapid Championship, Batumi Georgia 2012: GM Antoaneta Stefanova won with 8.5/11. Chessgames Crosstable: World Rapid Championship (Women) (2012)


    Anna Muzychuk breaks 2600:

    Russia v China Match, V. Gunina:

    Women Grand Prix in Jermuk, Armenia:

    Natalia Pogonina at the Russian Super Finals:


    Game Collection: Fawn Pawns

    <Selected Games:>

    94 games, 2012-2013

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