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2020 The Big New Yorker Won't Last Long
Compiled by fredthebear

Go to McAlister's Deli (national restaurant chain) and give this beefy sandwich a try. Don't forget the pickle! (The more you chew, the less you say, and that can keep a person out of trouble! A person does not need to tweet out their every mood either.)

This quote fits the American mainstream media malpractice...

"When the debate is lost, SLANDER becomes the tool of losers." - Socrates

Note that many of these games are fast time controls.

* $1 Billion isn't chump change:

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* 2018 Magazine: Game Collection: # American Chess Magazine 7

* 2019 Moscow: 17th Aeroflot Open (Group A) (2019)

* 2019 Women's World Team: World Team Chess Championship (Women) (2019)

* 2019 Men's World Team: World Team Chess Championship (2019)

* 2019 Prague Festival: Prague Chess Festival (Masters) (2019)

* St. Louis Spring Classic: Spring Chess Classic (A) (2019)

* US Championships in St. Louis: US Championship (2019)

* GRENKE Classic: GRENKE Chess Classic (2019)

* 10-player Tour: Grand Chess Tour Cote d’Ivoire (Rapid & Blitz) (2019)

* Norway Blitz: Norway Chess (Blitz) (2019)

* Women: Asian Continental (Women) (2019)

* GCT Elite Dozen: GCT Croatia (2019)

* Riga Knockout: Grand Prix Riga (2019)

* Dortmund, Germany: Dortmund Sparkassen (2019)

* Biel, Switzerland: Biel (2019)

* Hometown Winner! GCT Paris Rapid & Blitz (2019)

* Changsha, China: Belt and Road Hunan Open (2019)

* Abu Dhabi, UAE: Abu Dhabi Masters (2019)

* Liren 1st, Carlsen 7th?! GCT St. Louis Rapid & Blitz (2019)

* St. Louis, MO: Sinquefield Cup (2019)

* Near Moscow, Russia: Grand Prix Skolkovo (Women) (2019)

* 128-player knockout tourney: World Cup (2019)

* 11 rounds, Isle of Man: Isle of Man Grand Swiss (2019)

* 9-round Swiss: European Team Championship (2019)

* Theater chess: Grand Prix Hamburg (2019)

* Country Club chess: GCT Bucharest Rapid & Blitz (2019)

* Oh dear! Poor Levon?! GCT Kolkata Rapid & Blitz (2019)

* Tie-breaker: Grand Prix Monaco (Women) (2019)

* Too many rules and regulations: London Chess Classic GCT Finals (2019)


English Opening: Agincourt Def. K's Knight (A13)0-1 67 aint old
I V Kovalenko vs Sveshnikov, 2017 
(A13) English, 24 moves, 0-1

English, Anglo-Indian Def. Flohr-Mikenas-Carls (A18) 1-0Stockfi
Ding Liren vs S Press, 2019 
(A18) English, Mikenas-Carls, 18 moves, 1-0

English, Symmetrical (A33) 1-0 Can u finish what u start?
Ganguly vs Wei Yi, 2019 
(A33) English, Symmetrical, 16 moves, 1-0

Trompowsky Attack: General (A45) 1-0 blitz battle
Mamedyarov vs Ding Liren, 2018 
(A45) Queen's Pawn Game, 25 moves, 1-0

Torre Attack: Fianchetto Def. Euwe Var (A48) 1-0 23.Qh4 will #
Mamedyarov vs Svidler, 2018 
(A48) King's Indian, 22 moves, 1-0

Scandinavian Def. 3.Bb5+ Modern (B01) 1-0 Search & Seisure
Julian Martin vs M Lammers, 2016 
(B01) Scandinavian, 23 moves, 1-0

Caro-Kann Advance. Van der Wiel Attk B Hunt (B12) 0-1mixed up Q
S A Jones vs Borna Derakhshani, 2019 
(B12) Caro-Kann Defense, 19 moves, 0-1

Sicilian 2.Qf3?! (B20) 0-1 Founder's bishops fly in
NN vs D Freeman, 2018 
(B20) Sicilian, 24 moves, 0-1

Sicilian UnClosed f4, Nf3 Bc4 (B23) 1-0 Blitz outnumbering, pin
I Nepomniachtchi vs M Vachier-Lagrave, 2019 
(B23) Sicilian, Closed, 22 moves, 1-0

Sicil Def: Nezhmetdinov-Rossolimo Attk (B30) 0-1 Another f3 blu
A Giri vs Carlsen, 2019 
(B30) Sicilian, 23 moves, 0-1

Old Sicilian. Open (B32) 0-1 minor piece "mate No. 19A"
Leo Xiang Yu Li vs R Taylor, 2017 
(B32) Sicilian, 17 moves, 0-1

Sicilian Defense: Canal Attack (B51) 1-0 20.?
D Mastrovasilis vs A Volokitin, 2017 
(B51) Sicilian, Canal-Sokolsky (Rossolimo) Attack, 22 moves, 1-0

Sicilian Def: Scheveningen. Keres Attack (B81) 1-0 16.?
M Antipov vs Y Schwartz, 2018 
(B81) Sicilian, Scheveningen, Keres Attack, 17 moves, 1-0

Sicilian Defense: Najdorf. Adams Attack (B90) 1-0 Lolli's Mate
N Borge vs D Leal, 2018 
(B90) Sicilian, Najdorf, 24 moves, 1-0

French Def: Tarrasch. Morozevich Var (C03) 0-1 It went South...
J Vilarnovo Caamano vs M Swayams, 2018 
(C03) French, Tarrasch, 22 moves, 0-1

P-K4 Parham Attack (C20) 0-1 Castlemate by two unknowns
NN vs Eric, 2017 
(C20) King's Pawn Game, 19 moves, 0-1

Scotch Game: Mieses Var (C45) 1-0 The minors are coming up next
Hracek vs Jergus Pechac, 2018 
(C45) Scotch Game, 12 moves, 1-0

Spanish, l'Hermet Variation Berlin Wall Def (C67) 0-1 Discovery
Grischuk vs Carlsen, 2017
(C67) Ruy Lopez, 22 moves, 0-1

Slav Defense: Quiet Variation (D11) 0-1 Greco's Mate next
R Bates vs J Houska, 2019 
(D11) Queen's Gambit Declined Slav, 23 moves, 0-1

QGD: Barmen Var (D37) 1-0 Undeveloped
Grischuk vs Vitiugov, 2019 
(D37) Queen's Gambit Declined, 23 moves, 1-0

Queen's Gambit Declined: Ragozin Defense (D38) 1-0 Tactics
M A Tabatabaei vs C Aravindh, 2018 
(D38) Queen's Gambit Declined, Ragozin Variation, 25 moves, 1-0

QGD: Semi-Tarrasch Def (D40) 1-0 Add to the King's EAD
A Sarana vs S Drazic, 2019 
(D40) Queen's Gambit Declined, Semi-Tarrasch, 23 moves, 1-0

The Game of the Year (New In Chess Magazine 2017/8)
J Bai vs Ding Liren, 2017 
(E21) Nimzo-Indian, Three Knights, 32 moves, 0-1

KID: Makagonov Var (E71) 1-0 Invading Ns, different results
T B Nielsen vs Adesh Easwaralingam, 2017
(E71) King's Indian, Makagonov System (5.h3), 20 moves, 1-0

Sveshnikov Sicil1.e4 c5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.d4 cxd4 4.Nxd4 Nf6 5.Nc3 e5
Karjakin vs Carlsen, 2019 
(A00) Uncommon Opening, 39 moves, 0-1

Sodium Attack Na3 (A00) 1-0 A good place to spend the knightf6
Carlsen vs S Grover, 2018 
(A00) Uncommon Opening, 35 moves, 1-0

Anderssen Opening/Sicilian Dragon (A00) 1-0 29.?
Carlsen vs K Holm, 2018 
(A00) Uncommon Opening, 34 moves, 1-0

Hippopotamus (A00) 1-0 25.? Treat it like a Dragon?
G Quillan vs D Dubov, 2018 
(A00) Uncommon Opening, 31 moves, 1-0

Nimzo-Larsen Attk: Modern Var (A01) 1-0 Risky play by the champ
Carlsen vs S Grover, 2017 
(A01) Nimzovich-Larsen Attack, 20 moves, 1-0

Nimzo-Larsen Attack: General (A01) 1-0 Notes by Stockfish
M Antipov vs V M Mikhalevski, 2018 
(A01) Nimzovich-Larsen Attack, 26 moves, 1-0

Zukertort Opening: Queen's Gambit Invitation (A04) 1-0 Blitz
W So vs Carlsen, 2017
(A04) Reti Opening, 32 moves, 1-0

Dbl Fio Ret vs Polish Def (A04) 0-1Black has lengthy initiative
Ravi Rakshitta vs S Maze, 2020 
(A04) Reti Opening, 37 moves, 0-1

2...b5 It's no KIA, it's strange (A05) 1/2-1/2 Stockfish notes
Ding Liren vs Carlsen, 2019 
(A05) Reti Opening, 32 moves, 1/2-1/2

Nimzowitsch-Larsen Attk/Dbl Fio Reti (A06) 1-0 Back rank issues
R Rapport vs Carlsen, 2017 
(A06) Reti Opening, 33 moves, 1-0

Nimzowitsch-Larsen Attack/Dbl Fio Reti (A06) 1-0 Q+ & fork
Nakamura vs Anand, 2017 
(A06) Reti Opening, 52 moves, 1-0

Zukertort Dbl Fio Q Pawn Baltic Def (A06) 1/2-1/2 Trade offs
Mecking vs J F Cubas, 2017 
(A06) Reti Opening, 32 moves, 1/2-1/2

Zukertort/Reti/White Hippo vs Bg4 (A06) 1-0 Eventual passer
Kamsky vs S Lobanov, 2018 
(A06) Reti Opening, 52 moves, 1-0

Nimzowitsch-Larsen Attack: General (A06) 0-1 Stockfish notes
S Agdestein vs K Holm, 2018 
(A06) Reti Opening, 34 moves, 0-1

1.Nf3 d5 English (A06) 1-0 Bishops playground
Nakamura vs Topalov, 2019 
(A06) Reti Opening, 44 moves, 1-0

King's Indian Attack (A07) 1-0 NxNf6+ Remove the Guard
Ameyalli Avila Fraire vs S Logothetis, 2019 
(A07) King's Indian Attack, 11 moves, 1-0

50 moves rule successfully applied for a draw.
Javokhir Sindarov vs G Jones, 2018 
(A07) King's Indian Attack, 122 moves, 1/2-1/2

KIA vs Reversed Botvinnik System (A07) 0-1 Blitz
B Amin vs M Vachier-Lagrave, 2019 
(A07) King's Indian Attack, 36 moves, 0-1

KIA: Symmetrical Def (A07) 0-1White N for 2 Black Ps insufficie
A Triapishko vs A Esipenko, 2019 
(A07) King's Indian Attack, 40 moves, 0-1

Vienna Game, Symmetrical Def (A07) 1-0 40.?
B Adhiban vs D Andreikin, 2017 
(A07) King's Indian Attack, 46 moves, 1-0

K's Indian Attack: Sicilian (A08) 1-0 Reversed Gruenfeld Exchan
M A Tabatabaei vs Axel Smith, 2019 
(A08) King's Indian Attack, 61 moves, 1-0

Reti Opening: Advance Var (A09) 0-1 Arabian mate is coming
J C Pigott vs D Dvirnyy, 2018 
(A09) Reti Opening, 27 moves, 0-1

English Opening: Anglo-Slav (A11) 0-1Hand-to-hand in the center
D Harika vs A Rudolf, 2017 
(A11) English, Caro-Kann Defensive System, 33 moves, 0-1

English Opening: Agincourt Def. Catalan Def Accepted (A13) 1-0
O Brendel vs T Chapman, 2017 
(A13) English, 26 moves, 1-0

English Opening: Agincourt Def (A13) 0-1 49...?
Egor Filipets vs A G Aleksandrov, 2018 
(A13) English, 52 moves, 0-1

English, Agincourt Def. Neo Catalan Declined (A14)1-0 B outpost
Jobava vs Short, 2017 
(A14) English, 47 moves, 1-0

English, Anglo-Indian Def. KID Formation (A15) 1-0 Ingenious
Aronian vs A Giri, 2017 
(A15) English, 27 moves, 1-0

English Opening: Anglo-Indian Def Flohr-Mikenas-Carls (A18) 1-0
Khalifman vs Kirill Shevchenko, 2018 
(A18) English, Mikenas-Carls, 24 moves, 1-0

Anglo-Indian Def. Flohr-Mikenas-Carls (A18) 1-0 Stockfish notes
J Gustafsson vs T Duong, 2019 
(A18) English, Mikenas-Carls, 25 moves, 1-0

English, Anglo-Indian Def. Zviagintsev-Krasenkov Attk (A18) 1/2
A Indjic vs B Socko, 2019
(A18) English, Mikenas-Carls, 50 moves, 1/2-1/2

K's English. Kramnik-Shirov Counter (A21) 0-1 Late Discovered+
I Nepomniachtchi vs Anand, 2019 
(A21) English, 77 moves, 0-1

K's English. 2Knts' Smyslov Sys (A22) 1-0Armageddon; So Stunned
Aronian vs W So, 2019 
(A22) English, 47 moves, 1-0

K's English. 4 Knights Botvinnik Line (A28) 1/2-rogge called it
Carlsen vs A Giri, 2019 
(A28) English, 36 moves, 1/2-1/2

King's English. 4 Knights Fianchetto (A29) 1-0 Stellar attack
Anand vs Caruana, 2017 
(A29) English, Four Knights, Kingside Fianchetto, 29 moves, 1-0

K's English. Four Knights Fianchetto (A29) 0-1 e3 cramps White
Nakamura vs Aronian, 2017 
(A29) English, Four Knights, Kingside Fianchetto, 54 moves, 0-1

K's English. 4 Knts Fianchetto Lines (A29) 0-1 Stockfish notes
M Vachier-Lagrave vs Caruana, 2018 
(A29) English, Four Knights, Kingside Fianchetto, 36 moves, 0-1

K's English. Four Knights, Fianchetto Lines (A29) 1-0 Stockfish
Carlsen vs A Giri, 2019 
(A29) English, Four Knights, Kingside Fianchetto, 38 moves, 1-0

English, Symmetrical. 3 Ns (A34)0-1 Q-less MG; Black in control
Carlsen vs M Vachier-Lagrave, 2017 
(A34) English, Symmetrical, 71 moves, 0-1

English, Symmetrical. Fianchetto Var (A34) 1-0 2 mating squares
Ding Liren vs Jakovenko, 2019 
(A34) English, Symmetrical, 42 moves, 1-0

English Opening: Symmetrical. Three Knights (A34) 1-0 Stockfish
Radjabov vs M Vachier-Lagrave, 2019 
(A34) English, Symmetrical, 45 moves, 1-0

English Opening: Symmetrical (A36) 1-0 35.?
L Rogule vs A Avramidou, 2019 
(A36) English, 45 moves, 1-0

Modern Defense: Bg7 Fianchetto (A40) 1-0 Raking Bishops conquer
J Krassowizkij vs M Kill, 2017 
(A40) Queen's Pawn Game, 37 moves, 1-0

Modern Def: Beefeater Var (A40) 1-0 Blitz; Stockfish notes
Carlsen vs Svidler, 2019 
(A40) Queen's Pawn Game, 25 moves, 1-0

Polish Defense: General (A40) 1-0 B-last rounder
N Bradbury vs D H Fernandez, 2019 
(A40) Queen's Pawn Game, 39 moves, 1-0

Rat Defense (A41) 1-0 Her best thus far
A Kashlinskaya vs S Sevian, 2018 
(A41) Queen's Pawn Game (with ...d6), 37 moves, 1-0

Rat Defense (A41) 0-1 No admission
Akobian vs Nakamura, 2019 
(A41) Queen's Pawn Game (with ...d6), 47 moves, 0-1

Indian Game/Sarratt Opening dxc5 (A45) 1/2-1/2 Unscripted
Aronian vs Kasparov, 2017 
(A45) Queen's Pawn Game, 42 moves, 1/2-1/2

Indian Game: General (A45) 1-0 White Queens rule
S Williams vs Shane Melaugh, 2019 
(A45) Queen's Pawn Game, 35 moves, 1-0

Trompowsky Attk: General (A45) 1/2-1/2 Blitz sac for perpetual
Carlsen vs W So, 2017 
(A45) Queen's Pawn Game, 47 moves, 1/2-1/2

Trompowsky Attack: General (A45) 0-1 Now that was some finish!
J K Duda vs R Rapport, 2019 
(A45) Queen's Pawn Game, 41 moves, 0-1

Stonewall Attack (A45) 1/2-1/2 OCB cluster on K's wing
Cedric-Vianne Ngackossi-Ngoulaka vs Wadmilson Lourenco de Lima, 2018 
(A45) Queen's Pawn Game, 56 moves, 1/2-1/2

Barry Attk vs NY System (A45) 0-1 Remove the Defender!
E Danielian vs A Matnadze, 2019 
(A45) Queen's Pawn Game, 38 moves, 0-1

Indian Game: Yusupov-Rubinstein System (A46)1-0 Nxg7 allows Bf6
Karjakin vs Caruana, 2019 
(A46) Queen's Pawn Game, 31 moves, 1-0

Hou Sacs a Queen, Wins, No Problem
B Ider vs Yifan Hou, 2017 
(A47) Queen's Indian, 52 moves, 0-1

Zukertort vs Indian Dbl Fianchetto (A48) 1-0Smooth, sure-footed
Kramnik vs Grischuk, 2018 
(A48) King's Indian, 48 moves, 1-0

Benko Gambit: Accepted. Fully Accepted Var (A58) 1-0 27.?
J Bentley vs S Tavares, 2018 
(A58) Benko Gambit, 30 moves, 1-0

Benoni Def: K Pawn lines (A65) 1-0 Tricky Tom does not castle
Sawyer Tom vs K Bateman, 2018 
(A65) Benoni, 6.e4, 40 moves, 1-0

Benoni Def: Taimanov Variation (A67) 1-0 Two hangers
B Esen vs Thomas Bauer, 2017
(A67) Benoni, Taimanov Variation, 33 moves, 1-0

Benoni Def: Classical. New York Var (A70) 0-1 Baffling, Blunder
V Keymer vs F Vallejo Pons, 2019 
(A70) Benoni, Classical with 7.Nf3, 36 moves, 0-1

Dutch Defense: Staunton Gambit (A83) 0-1 Bxh2+ Discovery
A Petursson vs Lynda Roberts, 2017
(A83) Dutch, Staunton Gambit, 28 moves, 0-1

Cntr Cntr 3...Qa5 ML. Mieses 9.Nd5 Qd8 (B01) 1-0Caught in centr
M Ragger vs J L Chabanon, 2018
(B01) Scandinavian, 39 moves, 1-0

3...Qd8 Ilundain Var (B01) 0-1 Immediate N sac, precarious Ks
Fareed Ahmed vs F Mohannad, 2018 
(B01) Scandinavian, 19 moves, 0-1

Alekhine Def: Four Ps Attack. Trifunovic Var (B03) 1-0Stockfish
J Xiong vs J K Duda, 2019 
(B03) Alekhine's Defense, 32 moves, 1-0

Modern Def: Standard Line (B06) 1-0 Qless MG, Black retreats
M Vachier-Lagrave vs S Chanda, 2018 
(B06) Robatsch, 45 moves, 1-0

Modern Defense: Bg7 Fianchetto (B06) 1-0 Blitz
Aronian vs Carlsen, 2019 
(B06) Robatsch, 37 moves, 1-0

Modern Defense: Norwegian Defense (B06) 0-1 Blitz
Anand vs Carlsen, 2019 
(B06) Robatsch, 43 moves, 0-1

Modern Def: Norwegian Def. Norwegian Gambit (B06) 0-1 Blitz
Caruana vs Carlsen, 2019 
(B06) Robatsch, 38 moves, 0-1

Modern Def: Two Knights. Suttles Var (B06) 1/2-1/2White had a W
M Vachier-Lagrave vs D Andreikin, 2019 
(B06) Robatsch, 57 moves, 1/2-1/2

Pirc Def./Philidor Exchange 0-0-0 vs 0-0 (B07) 1-0 Fast paced
Sutovsky vs L Draskovic, 2018 
(B07) Pirc, 26 moves, 1-0

Lion Defense: Lion's Jaw vs f3, 0-0-0 (B07) 1-0 Remove the Def
Tingjie Lei vs F Peralta, 2019 
(B07) Pirc, 35 moves, 1-0

Pirc, Classical. Quiet System Parma Def (B08) 1-0 Minors EG
I Seitaj vs J Garcia Almaguer, 2018 
(B08) Pirc, Classical, 107 moves, 1-0

Game Changer: AlphaZero' Matthew Sadler & Natasha Regan
Stockfish vs AlphaZero, 2018  
(B09) Pirc, Austrian Attack, 89 moves, 1/2-1/2

C-K Defense: Two Knights Attk. Mindeno Exchange Line (B11) 1-0
N Paikidze vs A Sharevich, 2018 
(B11) Caro-Kann, Two Knights, 3...Bg4, 27 moves, 1-0

Caro-Kann Defense: Advance. Botvinnik-Carls Defense (B12) 1-0
A Muzychuk vs A Stefanova, 2019 
(B12) Caro-Kann Defense, 29 moves, 1-0

Caro-Kann Def: Advance. Botvinnik-Carls Def (B12) 1-0video link
Anand vs Mamedyarov, 2019 
(B12) Caro-Kann Defense, 29 moves, 1-0

"Reasoning the AlphaZero way", p. 268 in Sadler's Game Changer
AlphaZero vs Stockfish, 2018  
(B12) Caro-Kann Defense, 71 moves, 1-0

Caro-Kann Def Exchange 6.Na3 a6 (B13) 0-1 Remove the defender
Kramnik vs V Fedoseev, 2017 
(B13) Caro-Kann, Exchange, 29 moves, 0-1

Caro-Kann Defense: Exchange (B13) 0-1 Blitz
Carlsen vs W So, 2017
(B13) Caro-Kann, Exchange, 22 moves, 0-1

Caro-Kann Def. Exchange (B13) 0-1 B trap, R pin
Aronian vs D Howell, 2019 
(B13) Caro-Kann, Exchange, 29 moves, 0-1

Caro-Kann Def Exchange. Rubinstein Var (B13) 0-1Invade 3rd rank
E Zanan vs S P Rahul, 2019 
(B13) Caro-Kann, Exchange, 28 moves, 0-1

Caro-Kann Defense: Karpov Var (B17) 1-0 Big ratings upset
L Aslan vs K Delaney, 2017 
(B17) Caro-Kann, Steinitz Variation, 28 moves, 1-0

Caro-Kann Def: Classical. ML (B18) 0-1Rob the Back Rank Defendr
U Weisbuch vs N Krishna Teja, 2019 
(B18) Caro-Kann, Classical, 19 moves, 0-1

Sicilian Defense: Chameleon (B20) 1-0 Rook sacrifice
M Dann vs A Bezemer, 2017
(B20) Sicilian, 38 moves, 1-0

Sicilian Def: McDonnell Attk (B21) 0-1White gives up the center
H Wagner vs Baklan, 2017 
(B21) Sicilian, 2.f4 and 2.d4, 36 moves, 0-1

Sicilian UnClosed 0-0-0 vs 0-0 (B23) 1-0 W sacrifices 4 pieces
A Neiksans vs D Paiva, 2018 
(B23) Sicilian, Closed, 34 moves, 1-0

Sicilian, Closed (B23) 0-1 Allergies to castling
D Andreikin vs M Vachier-Lagrave, 2019 
(B23) Sicilian, Closed, 36 moves, 0-1

Sicilian O'Kelly. Delayed Wing Gambit (B28) 1-0 Ns kick up a s
J Yohan vs P Rout, 2017 
(B28) Sicilian, O'Kelly Variation, 36 moves, 1-0

Old Sicilian. 3.Nc3 e5 (B30) 0-1 Sac and mate by a pawn roller
Svidler vs Carlsen, 2019 
(B30) Sicilian, 33 moves, 0-1

Old Sicilian. General 3...e5 4.Bc4 Be7 (B30) 0-1 Easy Peezy
Karjakin vs Carlsen, 2019 
(B30) Sicilian, 35 moves, 0-1

Sicil Nezhmetdinov-Rossolimo Attk (B30) 1-0 Armageddon first
Caruana vs Carlsen, 2019 
(B30) Sicilian, 52 moves, 1-0

Sicil Nezhmetdinov-Rossolimo Attk (B30) 1-0 Pin, Remove the Def
Caruana vs Carlsen, 2019 
(B30) Sicilian, 39 moves, 1-0

Sic Nezhmetdinov-Rossolimo Attk. Fianchetto (B31) 1-0Brilliant!
Anand vs Grischuk, 2018 
(B31) Sicilian, Rossolimo Variation, 30 moves, 1-0

Sicilian, Rossolimo Var (B31) 1/2-1/2 Missed wins
Caruana vs Carlsen, 2019 
(B31) Sicilian, Rossolimo Variation, 56 moves, 1/2-1/2

Old Sicilian. Open (B32) 1/2-1/2 Crazy, Rampant Rook & link
A Kazarian vs A Haast, 2017 
(B32) Sicilian, 86 moves, 1/2-1/2

Sicilian Lasker-Pelikan. Sveshnikov (B33) 0-1 27...?
L Dek vs Bacrot, 2017 
(B33) Sicilian, 29 moves, 0-1

Sicilian Defense: Kramnik Variation (B40) 1-0 Stockfish notes
Carlsen vs Caruana, 2018 
(B40) Sicilian, 51 moves, 1-0

Sicilian Defense: Delayed Alapin (B40) 1-0 Discovered +
B Adhiban vs P Maghsoodloo, 2019 
(B40) Sicilian, 31 moves, 1-0

Sicilian Bg2 (B40) 1-0 Interesting possibilities w/Ns lurking
Aronian vs A Dreev, 2019 
(B40) Sicilian, 26 moves, 1-0

Sicilian Def: Paulsen. Normal Var (B45) 1-0 Q sac w/windmill
L'Ami vs Van Wely, 2017 
(B45) Sicilian, Taimanov, 45 moves, 1-0

Sicilian Defense: Canal Attack (B51) 1-0 Devastating ++
O Kanmazalp vs A Karason, 2017
(B51) Sicilian, Canal-Sokolsky (Rossolimo) Attack, 25 moves, 1-0

Sicilian Def: Canal Attack (B51) 0-1 Sally's tip --
M Gorodetzky vs S Kosmo, 2018 
(B51) Sicilian, Canal-Sokolsky (Rossolimo) Attack, 35 moves, 0-1

Sicilian Defense: Canal Attack (B51) 1-0 Sally reports
Adams vs S Gordon, 2019 
(B51) Sicilian, Canal-Sokolsky (Rossolimo) Attack, 30 moves, 1-0

Sicilian Def: Canal Attack. M.L. (B52) 0-1 Not much of a bind
V Kovalev vs V Artemiev, 2019 
(B52) Sicilian, Canal-Sokolsky (Rossolimo) Attack, 38 moves, 0-1

Sicilian Def: Canal Attack. Main Line (B52) 1-0 Stockfish notes
A Giri vs R Mohammad Fahad, 2019 
(B52) Sicilian, Canal-Sokolsky (Rossolimo) Attack, 47 moves, 1-0

Sicilian Dragon (B70) 1-0 Theft from the overworked pawn
Sasikiran vs S D Swapnil, 2017 
(B70) Sicilian, Dragon Variation, 49 moves, 1-0

Sic Dragon. Yugoslav Attk Modern Line (B76) 1-0Overcomes blundr
Carlsen vs G Jones, 2018 
(B76) Sicilian, Dragon, Yugoslav Attack, 42 moves, 1-0

Sicilian Dragon. Yugoslav Attack (B78) 0-1 Notes by Stockfish
Robson vs Nakamura, 2019 
(B78) Sicilian, Dragon, Yugoslav Attack, 10.castle long, 55 moves, 0-1

Sicilian Dragon. Yugoslav Attack (B78) 0-1 Dramatic defense!
A Brkic vs N Djukic, 2018 
(B78) Sicilian, Dragon, Yugoslav Attack, 10.castle long, 29 moves, 0-1

Sicilian Najdorf. Adams Attack (B90) 1-0 Strange capture
Anand vs I Nepomniachtchi, 2017 
(B90) Sicilian, Najdorf, 40 moves, 1-0

Sicilian Defense: Najdorf (B90) 1-0 Dodgeball
Carlsen vs R Wojtaszek, 2017 
(B90) Sicilian, Najdorf, 44 moves, 1-0

Sicilian Def: Najdorf. Adams Attack (B90) 0-1
Javokhir Sindarov vs A Firouzja, 2019 
(B90) Sicilian, Najdorf, 48 moves, 0-1

Sicilian Defense: Najdorf. Adams Attack (B90) 1/2-1/2
Caruana vs I Nepomniachtchi, 2019 
(B90) Sicilian, Najdorf, 35 moves, 1/2-1/2

Sicilian Def: Najdorf. Poisoned Pawn Accepted (B97) 1/2-1/2
Wei Yi vs I Nepomniachtchi, 2019 
(B97) Sicilian, Najdorf, 70 moves, 1/2-1/2

French Defense: Chigorin 2.Qe2 (C00) 0-1 Pawn roller, N sac
Joao Nuno Baptista Valente vs M Percivaldi, 2017 
(C00) French Defense, 30 moves, 0-1

French Defense: La Bourdonnais Var (C00) 1-0 Stockfish notes
Yu Yangyi vs Vitiugov, 2019 
(C00) French Defense, 40 moves, 1-0

French Exchange 5.Bd3 c5 (C01) 0-1 Very agressive Black pawns
V Gunina vs A Gupta, 2018
(C01) French, Exchange, 37 moves, 0-1

French Def: Advance. Main Line (C02) 1-0 blitz positional Q sac
M Vachier-Lagrave vs R Rapport, 2019 
(C02) French, Advance, 50 moves, 1-0

French Advance 6.Be2 Paulsen Attk (C02) 0-1 N sac offer
L'Ami vs Shirov, 2019 
(C02) French, Advance, 39 moves, 0-1

French Def: Tarrasch. Closed Var (C05) 1-0 Attack & Recoil
Nisipeanu vs A Parvanyan, 2019 
(C05) French, Tarrasch, 39 moves, 1-0

French Def: Tarrasch. Closed (C05) 0-1 "I Double Daria"
E Diakonova vs D Voit, 2018 
(C05) French, Tarrasch, 42 moves, 0-1

French Defense: Classical. Steinitz Var (C11) 0-1 blitz
L Shytaj vs Short, 2017
(C11) French, 39 moves, 0-1

French Def: Classical. Steinitz Var (C11) 0-1 Video link
Vitiugov vs J van Foreest, 2020 
(C11) French, 62 moves, 0-1

French Defense: Winawer. Poisoned Pawn (C18) 1-0 find the mate
J van Foreest vs Alisher Suleymenov, 2019 
(C18) French, Winawer, 38 moves, 1-0

French, Winawer (C18) 1-0 2700s battle. See video link.
Anand vs J Xiong, 2020 
(C18) French, Winawer, 43 moves, 1-0

K Pawn Game: Parham Attack (C20) 0-1 Undermine Q as defender
Carlsen vs S Vokhidov, 2018 
(C20) King's Pawn Game, 36 moves, 0-1

Center Game: Normal Var (C22) 0-1 Batteries battle
G Barrenechea Bahamonde vs D Kollars, 2018 
(C22) Center Game, 44 moves, 0-1

Bishop's Opening: Blanel Gambit (C23) 1-0 Switcharoo
N Mitkov vs S J Breckenridge, 2018
(C23) Bishop's Opening, 33 moves, 1-0

Bishop's Opening: Berlin Def (C24) 1-0 Notes by Stockfish
Carlsen vs Caruana, 2018 
(C24) Bishop's Opening, 77 moves, 1-0

Vienna Gambit. ML (C29) 0-1 Blitz; Kside attack misplayed
S Khader vs Y Kryvoruchko, 2017 
(C29) Vienna Gambit, 24 moves, 0-1

Vienna Gambit. Kaufmann Var (C29) 1-0 R rocks the 6th
C De Seroux vs A C Taylor, 2019 
(C29) Vienna Gambit, 27 moves, 1-0

Latvian Gambit 3.d3?! (C40) 1-0 Black had a queenside advantage
M Cornette vs O Ajibola, 2017 
(C40) King's Knight Opening, 46 moves, 1-0

Russian Game: French Attk (C42) 1-0 Reminds of Age of Empires 2
Anand vs Yifan Hou, 2017 
(C01) French, Exchange, 53 moves, 1-0

a boring 5.Qe2 Petroff a drunken Irish Donnybrook broke out.
Kramnik vs Caruana, 2018 
(C42) Petrov Defense, 66 moves, 0-1

Petrov, Damiano. Kholmov Gambit (C42) 0-1 N sac->Boden's Mate!
NN vs F Rhine, 2017 
(C42) Petrov Defense, 14 moves, 0-1

Russian Game: Nimzowitsch Attk (C42) 0-1 30...Bg5 zwischenzug
Robson vs Caruana, 2018 
(C42) Petrov Defense, 39 moves, 0-1

Russian Game: Nimzowitsch Attk 0-0-0 vs 0-0 (C42)1-0 OCB ending
Carlsen vs Caruana, 2018 
(C42) Petrov Defense, 55 moves, 1/2-1/2

Russian Game: Nimzowitsch Attack (C42) 1-0Exchange sac, outpost
Karjakin vs Caruana, 2018 
(C42) Petrov Defense, 48 moves, 1-0

Russian Game: Modern Attack (C43) 1-0 Stockfish notes
W So vs Yu Yangyi, 2019 
(C43) Petrov, Modern Attack, 38 moves, 1-0

Russian Game: Modern Attack (C43) 0-1 25 pages kibitz
Grischuk vs Caruana, 2018 
(C43) Petrov, Modern Attack, 69 moves, 0-1

Russian Game: Modern Attack. Center Attack (C43) 1-0 Ng5 threat
Y Shvayger vs V Plotkin, 2017 
(C43) Petrov, Modern Attack, 29 moves, 1-0

Russian Game: Modern Attack. Center Var (C43) 1-0 R ending
J Xiong vs J K Duda, 2019 
(C43) Petrov, Modern Attack, 55 moves, 1-0

Russian Game: Modern Attk. Center Var (C43) 1-0 Instructional Q
Carlsen vs Shirov, 2019 
(C43) Petrov, Modern Attack, 43 moves, 1-0

Scotch Game: Malaniuk Var (C45) 0-1 So left the pawn hanging
W So vs Carlsen, 2017 
(C45) Scotch Game, 29 moves, 0-1

Scotch Gambit. Advance Vari (C45) 1-0 Control the promo square
Lagno vs M Swayams, 2018 
(C45) Scotch Game, 99 moves, 1-0

Scotch Game: Scotch Gambit. Advance Var (C45) 1/2-1/2 Blitz
Carlsen vs W So, 2019 
(C45) Scotch Game, 26 moves, 1/2-1/2

Four Knights Game: Scotch. Accepted (C47) 1-0 Blitz
Karjakin vs R Rapport, 2019 
(C47) Four Knights, 71 moves, 1-0

Italian Game: Italian Var (C50) 1/2-1/2 Rapid; Mate in 60?!
Carlsen vs Karjakin, 2017 
(C50) Giuoco Piano, 66 moves, 1/2-1/2

Italian Game (C50) 0-1 The Black N gets away w/the R
Anand vs Aronian, 2017 
(C50) Giuoco Piano, 39 moves, 0-1

Giuoco Pianissimo. Italian Four Knights (C50) 1-0 puzzle 37. ?
Kramnik vs Aronian, 2018 
(C50) Giuoco Piano, 37 moves, 1-0

Both Petrosian & Anand got to play this Qh8+/Nxf7+ tactic twice
Anand vs Mamedyarov, 2019 
(C50) Giuoco Piano, 63 moves, 1-0

editor's pick as Best Game of Volume 139 of Chess Informant
A Goganov vs Abhimanyu Puranik, 2019 
(C50) Giuoco Piano, 51 moves, 1-0

Italian Game: Italian Variation (C50) 1-0 csmath annotates!
Carlsen vs W So, 2019 
(C50) Giuoco Piano, 43 moves, 1-0

Giuoco Pianissimo. Italian 4 Knights (C50) 1-0 rapid exchanges
Karjakin vs Anand, 2018 
(C50) Giuoco Piano, 53 moves, 1-0

Read keypusher's notes on the Evan's Gambit
AlphaZero vs Stockfish, 2018  
(C52) Evans Gambit, 77 moves, 1-0

Italian Game: Classical. Giuoco Pianissimo (C53) 0-1 Tactics
A Giri vs Karjakin, 2019 
(C53) Giuoco Piano, 34 moves, 0-1

Italian, Classical. Giuoco Pianissimo (C53) 1-0 Q sac for pin,
I Nepomniachtchi vs Grischuk, 2019 
(C53) Giuoco Piano, 36 moves, 1-0

Italian Game: Classical. Giuoco Pianissimo (C53) 1-0 Slugfest
Kramnik vs Carlsen, 2017 
(C53) Giuoco Piano, 40 moves, 1-0

Italian Game: Classical. Giuoco Pianissimo (C53) 1-0 Blitz fun
Leko vs N Abdusattorov, 2019 
(C53) Giuoco Piano, 66 moves, 1-0

Italian Game: Classical. Giuoco Pianissimo (C53) 1-0 An idea
M Vachier-Lagrave vs Aronian, 2019 
(C53) Giuoco Piano, 30 moves, 1-0

Italian Game: Classical. Giuoco Pianissimo (C53) 1-0 10...Kh8?
J K Duda vs W So, 2019 
(C53) Giuoco Piano, 25 moves, 1-0

Italian Game: Classical. Giuoco Pianissimo (C53) 0-1 Exch Sac,
W So vs Aronian, 2019 
(C53) Giuoco Piano, 33 moves, 0-1

Italian Game: Classical. Giuoco Pianissimo (C53) 1-0 No Trade
W So vs Anand, 2020 
(C53) Giuoco Piano, 26 moves, 1-0

"Blood on the Trax" (game of the day May-25-2018)
Team White vs Team Black, 2017 
(C57) Two Knights, 55 moves, 1-0

Two Knights (C59) 1-0 and Two Rooks!!
Zeng Chongsheng vs Motylev, 2019 
(C59) Two Knights, 28 moves, 1-0

Spanish Game: Berlin Defense (C65) 0-1 Vigorous attack
Aronian vs Kramnik, 2018 
(C65) Ruy Lopez, Berlin Defense, 27 moves, 0-1

Ruy Lopez, Berlin Defense (C65) 1-0 Remove the Defender
Caruana vs Aronian, 2019 
(C65) Ruy Lopez, Berlin Defense, 53 moves, 1-0

Spanish, l'Hermet Variation Berlin Wall Def (C67) 1-0 Exch Sac!
Aronian vs Karjakin, 2019 
(C67) Ruy Lopez, 55 moves, 1-0

Spanish Game: Exchange. Normal (C69) 0-1 Q grabs b-pawn later
Naiditsch vs Svidler, 2019 
(C69) Ruy Lopez, Exchange, Gligoric Variation, 39 moves, 0-1

Spanish Game: Exchange. Normal (C69) 1/2-1/2 Missed Zugzwang
Naiditsch vs B Adhiban, 2019 
(C69) Ruy Lopez, Exchange, Gligoric Variation, 55 moves, 1/2-1/2

Spanish Game: Exchange. Normal (C69) 0-1 luzhin is correct!
G Meier vs Caruana, 2018 
(C69) Ruy Lopez, Exchange, Gligoric Variation, 37 moves, 0-1

Spanish Game: Morphy Def. Anderssen Var (C77) 0-1The Wrong Rook
Jakovenko vs Wei Yi, 2019 
(C77) Ruy Lopez, 33 moves, 0-1

Spanish Game: Morphy Def. Anderssen Var (C77) 1-0 Armageddon
Carlsen vs Ding Liren, 2019 
(C77) Ruy Lopez, 52 moves, 1-0

Spanish, Morphy Def. Archangelsk (C78) 0-1 Notes by Stockfish
R Pruijssers vs R Praggnanandhaa, 2018 
(C78) Ruy Lopez, 40 moves, 0-1

Spanish Game: Morphy Def (C78) 0-1 Stockfish 8 analysis
Caruana vs Carlsen, 2017 
(C78) Ruy Lopez, 35 moves, 0-1

Spanish Game: Closed. Martinez Var (C78) 1-0 Bxh6!
V Gunina vs B Khotenashvili, 2019 
(C78) Ruy Lopez, 48 moves, 1-0

Spanish Closed. Martinez Var (C78) 0-1Blitz; interference fails
Carlsen vs Ding Liren, 2019 
(C78) Ruy Lopez, 40 moves, 0-1

Prolonged sequence of threats/counter-threats reminds of Lasker
Carlsen vs Aronian, 2017 
(C84) Ruy Lopez, Closed, 70 moves, 1/2-1/2

Spanish Game: Closed 8.a4 Anti-Marshall (C84) 1-0 Extra pawn
Aronian vs Svidler, 2019 
(C84) Ruy Lopez, Closed, 38 moves, 1-0

Spanish Game: Closed Var (C84) 1-0 Qs & pieces, passers ending
I Nepomniachtchi vs Aronian, 2019 
(C84) Ruy Lopez, Closed, 72 moves, 1-0

Spanish Game: Closed Var (C84) 1/2-1/2 Bishop pairs & pawns
Nakamura vs Ding Liren, 2019 
(C84) Ruy Lopez, Closed, 47 moves, 1/2-1/2

Spanish Game: Marshall Attack. Modern (C89) 1-0 Stockfish notes
Radjabov vs Ding Liren, 2019 
(C89) Ruy Lopez, Marshall, 46 moves, 1-0

P-Q4 Krause Var (D02) 1-0 Sally's secret of the Swiss Gambit
B Steinthorsson vs S Danielsson, 2018 
(D02) Queen's Pawn Game, 35 moves, 1-0

London System/Barry Attack (D02) 1-0 Intermezzo Knight
T Nabaty vs R Hovhannisyan, 2018
(D02) Queen's Pawn Game, 50 moves, 1-0

Rook Trio: Underpromotion prevents Q sac for Stalemate
D Dordzhieva vs Kosteniuk, 2018 
(D02) Queen's Pawn Game, 117 moves, 0-1

Rubinstein Opening w/Ne5 (D05) 1/2-1/2 Q+ Perpetual
Karjakin vs Yu Yangyi, 2019 
(D05) Queen's Pawn Game, 44 moves, 1/2-1/2

Colle System 5.b3 w/open c- & d- files (D05) 1-0 Rs, Ns, Ps EG
Aronian vs Karjakin, 2019 
(D05) Queen's Pawn Game, 56 moves, 1-0

Colle System (D05) 1/2-1/2 The wrong-colored bishop
Carlsen vs A Giri, 2017 
(D05) Queen's Pawn Game, 123 moves, 1/2-1/2

QGD: Austrian Def (D06) 1-0 Doubled Outside Passers
M Mchedlishvili vs K Shanava, 2017
(D06) Queen's Gambit Declined, 73 moves, 1-0

Slav Defense: Quiet Var (D11) 1/2-1/2 Missed it
Aronian vs Yu Yangyi, 2019 
(D11) Queen's Gambit Declined Slav, 81 moves, 1/2-1/2

Slav Defense: Quiet Variation (D11) 1-0 Notes by Stockfish
Grischuk vs J K Duda, 2019 
(D11) Queen's Gambit Declined Slav, 60 moves, 1-0

Slav Defense: Soultanbeieff Var (D16) 1-0 Pun explanation notes
A Esipenko vs M Mikadze, 2018 
(D16) Queen's Gambit Declined Slav, 35 moves, 1-0

Slav Def: Czech. Carlsbad Var (D17) 0-1Dark-squared B delivers!
A Zatonskih vs Jennifer Yu, 2019 
(D17) Queen's Gambit Declined Slav, 33 moves, 0-1

QGA. Central Variation. Alekhine System (D20)  ·  1-0
Le Quang Liem vs Caruana, 2017 
(D20) Queen's Gambit Accepted, 53 moves, 1-0

QGA. Central Variation. Alekhine System (D20)  ·  0-1
Navara vs Caruana, 2017 
(D20) Queen's Gambit Accepted, 38 moves, 0-1

QGA. Central Var. Rubinstein Def (D20) 1/2-1/2 Fast Actin' Ps
Ju Wenjun vs Tan Zhongyi, 2018 
(D20) Queen's Gambit Accepted, 63 moves, 1/2-1/2

QGA: Classical Def. Main Lines (D27) 0-1 Pin the Def., x fork+
B Bok vs J Xiong, 2019 
(D27) Queen's Gambit Accepted, Classical, 37 moves, 0-1

QGD: Traditional Var (D30) 1-0 multi-purpose 19.0-0-0!!
D Dubov vs A Giri, 2019 
(D30) Queen's Gambit Declined, 36 moves, 1-0

Tarrasch Defense: Symmetrical (D32) 1-0 Kside assault!
V Artemiev vs Hracek, 2019 
(D32) Queen's Gambit Declined, Tarrasch, 29 moves, 1-0

QGD. Exchange (D35) 1-0 Svidler plays superbly!
Svidler vs Yifan Hou, 2017 
(D35) Queen's Gambit Declined, 31 moves, 1-0

QGD Exchange. Positional (D35) 1/2-Qless MG, dbld Ps, no penetr
Kramnik vs Nisipeanu, 2018 
(D35) Queen's Gambit Declined, 46 moves, 1/2-1/2

QGD: Exchange (D35) 1-0 Raking Bishops, Exchange Sac
Ding Liren vs W So, 2019 
(D35) Queen's Gambit Declined, 35 moves, 1-0

QGD Exchange. Reshevsky Var (D36) 1-0 Castle opposite
Caruana vs Kramnik, 2017 
(D36) Queen's Gambit Declined, Exchange, Positional line, 6.Qc2, 67 moves, 1-0

QGD: Three Knights. General (D37) 1-0 Back ranker
Nakamura vs Radjabov, 2019 
(D37) Queen's Gambit Declined, 41 moves, 1-0

Queen's Gambit Declined (D37) 1-0 QxP?
Caruana vs Nakamura, 2019 
(D37) Queen's Gambit Declined, 40 moves, 1-0

Stalemate worth seeing
Carlsen vs Karjakin, 2019 
(D37) Queen's Gambit Declined, 47 moves, 1/2-1/2

Q's Gambit Declined 5.Bf4 & BxBa6 (D37) 1-0 Bishop-less MG
Ding Liren vs Caruana, 2019 
(D37) Queen's Gambit Declined, 57 moves, 1-0

QGD. Ragozin Def. Alekhine Var (D38) 1-0 Kside Shootout!
Radjabov vs V S Gujrathi, 2019 
(D38) Queen's Gambit Declined, Ragozin Variation, 36 moves, 1-0

QGD: Vienna Variation (D39) 1-0 Notes by Stockfish
V Keymer vs G Meier, 2019 
(D39) Queen's Gambit Declined, Ragozin, Vienna Variation, 81 moves, 1-0

Semi-Slav Defense: Anti-Moscow Gambit (D44) 1-0 34.?
Yu Yangyi vs Wen Yang, 2017 
(D44) Queen's Gambit Declined Semi-Slav, 35 moves, 1-0

Semi-Slav Def. Botvinnik System (D44) 0-1 Roiling Rooks
B Brinck-Claussen vs S M Andersen, 2017
(D44) Queen's Gambit Declined Semi-Slav, 29 moves, 0-1

Semi-Slav Defense: Stoltz Var (D45) 1-0 Answer the threat
V Keymer vs Gelfand, 2018 
(D45) Queen's Gambit Declined Semi-Slav, 49 moves, 1-0

Semi-Slav Defense: Stoltz Var (D45) 1/2-1/2 Unbeaten Streak
Mamedyarov vs Carlsen, 2019 
(D45) Queen's Gambit Declined Semi-Slav, 68 moves, 1/2-1/2

Semi-Slav Def: Stoltz Var (D45) 1-0 Raking Bs, Pin, Spearhead
L Unuk vs M Sebag, 2018 
(D45) Queen's Gambit Declined Semi-Slav, 43 moves, 1-0

Semi-Slav Defense: Stoltz Var (D45) 1/2-1/2 video link
J K Duda vs V Artemiev, 2020 
(D45) Queen's Gambit Declined Semi-Slav, 52 moves, 1/2-1/2

Semi-Slav Def Meran. Wade Var (D47) 1-0 He's a GM now!
A Esipenko vs Shirov, 2018 
(D47) Queen's Gambit Declined Semi-Slav, 31 moves, 1-0

King's Indian Defense (E60) 1/2-1/2 Promotion wins
F Hand vs J C Pigott, 2019 
(D70) Neo-Grunfeld Defense, 41 moves, 1/2-1/2

Naka missed the win? -- N screens P from B will promote
Nakamura vs Kasparov, 2017 
(D80) Grunfeld, 77 moves, 1/2-1/2

Gruenfeld Def: Exchange. Classical (D86) 1-0 Pin and Pawn Mate!
Karjakin vs M Vachier-Lagrave, 2019 
(D86) Grunfeld, Exchange, 51 moves, 1-0

Gruenfeld Defense: Three Knights (D90) 0-1 Rs & Ns ending
G Meier vs M Vachier-Lagrave, 2019 
(D90) Grunfeld, 94 moves, 0-1

Gruenfeld Def: Russian. Byrne (Simagin) Var (D97) 1-0 Q pickins
I Nepomniachtchi vs M Vachier-Lagrave, 2019 
(D97) Grunfeld, Russian, 36 moves, 1-0

Catalan Opening: Open Def (E04) 1-0 Women's WC; Stockfish notes
Ju Wenjun vs Tan Zhongyi, 2018 
(E04) Catalan, Open, 5.Nf3, 27 moves, 1-0

Catalan, Closed, 5.Nf3 (E06) 1-0 Ns nab Qs, bring out the Ks
Grischuk vs Nakamura, 2019 
(E06) Catalan, Closed, 5.Nf3, 54 moves, 1-0

Indian Game: Anti-Nimzo-Indian (E10) 0-1 Black penetrates
E Kanter vs R Yanchenko, 2019 
(E10) Queen's Pawn Game, 47 moves, 0-1

Bogo-Indian Def: Grünfeld Var (E11) 1-0 Kibitz for R ending
B Roselli Mailhe vs G Cerda Albornoz, 2018 
(E11) Bogo-Indian Defense, 66 moves, 1-0

QID Fianchetto. Check, Intermezzo (E15) 1-0Sac, sac, Kside attk
Aronian vs Navara, 2017 
(E15) Queen's Indian, 31 moves, 1-0

QID Classical. Traditional (E17) 1-0 B outposts, passer
A Goganov vs I Frolov, 2018 
(E17) Queen's Indian, 57 moves, 1-0

Queen's Indian Defense: Opocensky Variation (E17) 1/2-1/2 Long
AlphaZero vs Stockfish, 2018 
(E17) Queen's Indian, 255 moves, 1/2-1/2

NID: Kmoch Var (E20) 1/2-1/2 Heck of a game!
Mamedyarov vs Karjakin, 2019 
(E20) Nimzo-Indian, 27 moves, 1/2-1/2

Nimzo-Indian Def: Classical (E32) 1/2-1/2 Qside sorties
Yu Yangyi vs Vitiugov, 2019 
(E32) Nimzo-Indian, Classical, 47 moves, 1/2-1/2

Nimzo-Indian Def. Classical. Noa Var (E34) 1/2-1/2 Cat & Mouse
Kasparov vs Karjakin, 2017 
(E34) Nimzo-Indian, Classical, Noa Variation, 44 moves, 1/2-1/2

Nimzo-Indian Defense: Normal Var (E46) 1-0 Exchange sac attack
Carlsen vs B O Birkisson, 2017 
(E46) Nimzo-Indian, 37 moves, 1-0

KID: Normal. K's Knight Var (E60) 0-1 Black looked like Bobby F
Mamedyarov vs I Nepomniachtchi, 2019 
(E60) King's Indian Defense, 32 moves, 0-1

King's Indian Defense: Smyslov Var (E61) 1-0 Black backpedals
Akobian vs S Mihajlov, 2017 
(E61) King's Indian, 36 moves, 1-0

Indian Game: West Indian Defense (E61) 1-0 Blitz Q vs R ending
Carlsen vs M Vachier-Lagrave, 2019 
(E61) King's Indian, 90 moves, 1-0

KID. Fianchetto. Yugoslav Variation (E65) 1-0Notes by Stockfish
Mamedyarov vs Carlsen, 2018 
(E65) King's Indian, Fianchetto, Yugoslav, 7.O-O, 57 moves, 1-0

KID: Makagonov Var (E71) 0-1 Game of His Year
A Firouzja vs M Karthikeyan, 2019 
(E71) King's Indian, Makagonov System (5.h3), 52 moves, 0-1

KID: Averbakh. Benoni Def Advance Var (E75) 1-0
Wang Hao vs A Firouzja, 2019 
(E75) King's Indian, Averbakh, Main line, 36 moves, 1-0

KID: Six Ps Attk (E77) 1/2- 6 is afraid of 7, because 7 ate 9!
M M Kazhgaleyev vs G Guseinov, 2019 
(E77) King's Indian, 32 moves, 1/2-1/2

KID: Orthodox. Bayonet Attk (E97) 0-1 Sir Gawain & the Black N
J Werle vs G Jones, 2019 
(E97) King's Indian, 49 moves, 0-1

KID: Orthodox. Bayonet Attack (E97) 0-1 Opera Mate on Kside
S Pogosyan vs Carlsen, 2018 
(E97) King's Indian, 29 moves, 0-1

KID. Orthodox. Classical System Kozul Gambit (E99) 0-1
P Maghsoodloo vs Chopra Aryan, 2017 
(E99) King's Indian, Orthodox, Taimanov, 53 moves, 0-1

morfishine: Game of the tournament!
V Gunina vs M Sebag, 2019 
(B90) Sicilian, Najdorf, 30 moves, 1-0

Sicilian Def: Modern Var (B50) 1-0 Sac attack on 7th!
A Firouzja vs M Zarkovic, 2019 
(B50) Sicilian, 22 moves, 1-0

Sic Lasker-Pelikan. Sveshnikov, Novosibirsk (B33) 0-1 Stockfish
Topalov vs Carlsen, 2019 
(B33) Sicilian, 28 moves, 0-1

Russian Game: Cochrane Gambit. Center Var (C42) 0-1 Pin & fork
Carlsen vs Yu Yangyi, 2019 
(C42) Petrov Defense, 25 moves, 0-1

Spanish, Morphy Def. Anderssen Var (C77) 1-0 Damiano's Mate!
Ganguly vs Axel Smith, 2019 
(C77) Ruy Lopez, 32 moves, 1-0

Benko Gambit: Declined. Quiet Line (A57) 0-1 28...?
N Morozov vs A Minasian, 2018 
(A57) Benko Gambit, 31 moves, 0-1

QGD: Three Knights. General (D37) 1-0 Notes by Stockfish
Nisipeanu vs Nakamura, 2019 
(D37) Queen's Gambit Declined, 30 moves, 1-0

QGD: Traditional (D30) 1-0 Unique Bxf7; Stockfish notes
Mamedyarov vs Kasimdzhanov, 2019 
(D30) Queen's Gambit Declined, 32 moves, 1-0

QGD: Ragozin Def. Alekhine Var (D38) 0-1 Stockfish notes
Xiangyu Xu vs Grischuk, 2019 
(D38) Queen's Gambit Declined, Ragozin Variation, 39 moves, 0-1

QGD: Exchange. Positional (D35) 0-1 Dbl N sac for Kside attack!
A Moiseenko vs K Korley, 2019 
(D35) Queen's Gambit Declined, 25 moves, 0-1

London System (D02) 1-0 Women's world blitz
G Nakhbayeva vs Marta Garcia Martin, 2018
(D02) Queen's Pawn Game, 27 moves, 1-0

London System (D02) 0-1 Q+ & fork of LPDO B is next
Graham J Moore vs L Trent, 2018
(D02) Queen's Pawn Game, 21 moves, 0-1

Russian Game: Classical Attack. Staunton Var (C42) 1-0Stockfish
I Nepomniachtchi vs Li Chao, 2017 
(C42) Petrov Defense, 29 moves, 1-0

Center Game: Berger Variation (C22) 0-1 kicked by a horse
R Kulkarni vs Carlsen, 2017 
(C22) Center Game, 28 moves, 0-1

King's English. General (A20) 1-0 Exch Sac cracks P shield
I Nepomniachtchi vs Anand, 2019 
(A20) English, 22 moves, 1-0

London System, Poisoned P (A45/D02) 1-0 Hog on the 7th
Wei Yi vs B D Deac, 2017
(A45) Queen's Pawn Game, 22 moves, 1-0

Bird Opening: Gunsberg Defense (A02) 0-1 Blitz
O Kobo vs M Demidov, 2018
(A02) Bird's Opening, 27 moves, 0-1

Grob Gambit. Fritz Gambit (A00) 0-1 Pins & Batteries
F Libiszewski vs O Ajibola, 2017 
(A00) Uncommon Opening, 29 moves, 0-1

Russian Game: Kaufmann Attack (C42) 1-0 Exch Sac, Unpin+
B Adhiban vs L Wu, 2019 
(C42) Petrov Defense, 26 moves, 1-0

Spanish Game: Berlin Defense (C65) 1-0 video link
Wei Yi vs Karjakin, 2017 
(C65) Ruy Lopez, Berlin Defense, 31 moves, 1-0

Scotch Game: Potter Var (C45) 1-0 Common Q&N#
Oskar Oglaza vs Vsevolod Timofeev, 2017
(C45) Scotch Game, 26 moves, 1-0

Scotch Game: Mieses Var (C45) 1-0 Unpreventable Back Ranker
J S Christiansen vs D Makhnyov, 2017
(C45) Scotch Game, 25 moves, 1-0

Caro-Kann Defense: Classical. Flohr Variation (B18) 0-1 18...?
Y Zherebukh vs Nakamura, 2017 
(B18) Caro-Kann, Classical, 21 moves, 0-1

288 games

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